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Oct 29, 2019
I'm not a Kogami fanboy, despite the fact that he is probably the most/the 2nd most representative character of the whole PP. Having this in mind, what raised my curiosity and interest for this movie was the great enjoyment I had watching the first 2 movies from the Crime and Punishment series and how the last movie might relate to S3.
I consider this one the worst out of the 3, but it still remains an interesting movie, worth of recommending. As a PP movie, I think it deserves something close to 8. Why?

I will start off with the consistent fact that all 3 movies have read more
Oct 27, 2019
It is very difficult to rate this as a stand-alone movie since what it does is simply to enlarge the PP universe by offering the viewer some insight on some characters (thus developing them) --> The whole package heavily relies on PP background.
The overall mark should be close to a 9. Why?

Considering the apparent purpose of the movie (developing characters), I'll start off with them. Most of First Guardian takes place prior to S1, thus we'll have a different suite of figures. The one's that stand out the most are Masaoka, Teppei and Aoyanagi, especially since this movie reveals in detail the tragedy behind their read more
Oct 8, 2019
As a stand-alone (what this should be regarded as - theoretically), it gets a 7.5/10.
As a movie within a more complex anime, it gets an 8/10. Why?

The animations are on point, pretty much on the same par with anime itself. Although colors shouldn't matter as much as in S2, you can observe a darker tone in most scenes. I can't address the CGI part itself, since I'm not knowledgeable, but it doesn't seem overused, unlike for example: the movie adaptation of the original Berserk anime, or any modern mech-anime.

Most characters returning from S2 live up to their expectations. What probably annoys most people, including read more