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Nov 1, 2009
After reading the first skyhigh, one can't stop reading
Where the first series was more a combination of independent stories, this one is telling 1 more profound story.
in general it's a quite obscure story, and once you start to read, it's allmost impossible to stop.

as allways Takahashi Tsutomu is capable of bringing a very dark atmosphere in his drawings.
very sharp drawings, good eye for details ...
you really "feel" the story when reading

the characters all seem tormented, but they all handle their burdon in another way...
In this story there are no "shallow" characters

in general this is a very intelligent written manga, with amazing art.

I really recommend read more
Jul 7, 2009
vampire juuji kai / record of fallen vampire,

This manga has an extraordinary storyline. if you think of vampires, dhampires, humans AND aliens, it seems too much to be good. but to my surprise, this manga turned out to be really a masterpiece.
The characters have very profound personalities, nothing is just black-white.
The plot releases it's mystery slowly, which gives a very good vibe of curiosity and the urge to continue reading enormous.

I really enjoyed this manga, and I would recommend this as a must to read.