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Feb 20, 2015
Yes, it’s kids’ anime. Why it’s so enjoyable to watch? Let’s see!
(Note: English isn’t my 1st language and anime is still running so I don’t know what’ll happen in the future)
I was really surprised to find out Sanrio is making a long running anime. Well, it’s very cute anime. Character designs are really lovely and stylish, especially boys are good looking and fresh. Girls are a bit of mainstream, the main protagonists are shy (Karon), outgoing (Momona) and boyish (Mizuki) girls.
Momona is at his cousin's wedding where she meets his beautiful wife and then she suddenly is wandering near the Jewel read more
Mar 11, 2013
Yuuta starts new high school. He wanted to get rid off from his past, which includes "eight-grader syndrome." It causes that you life apart from reality and have imagination fights and so on. There´s one girl in the class who´s having serious syndrome. Rikka is wearing and eye patch and lives in the same house than Yuuta. Yuuta tries to help Rikka to get off the syndrome while hanging out with other characters. They´re having a unofficial club. While the story goes on, Rikka and Yuuta fells in love and also Rikka´s past is revealed.
There´s also some nice side stories around the main one and read more
Feb 24, 2013
I was expecting a little more from the story. Since Erio dont remember anything,
Niwa was thinking in the start to help her. It created a image that he´ll solve the mystery what happened during the 6th months. There was also some hints what happened before she fell from the bridge.
Sometimes the space and alien theme annoyed. The ending at the temple was interesting thou. Actually it feels like there isnt any story, yet there is. The characters are mainly hanging out having fun.

Art was pretty thou pretty simple at the times. Overally very beautiful, especially liked the water elemenst and shining around hairs.

Music was read more