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May 5, 2009
If you liked Pani Poni Dash, you don't even have to bother reading the rest, you'll likely like the show. If your a fan of Negima the manga, your probably not gonna like this and you might want to delete any episodes you have on your harddrive (I mean return the dvd you bought, of course that's what I meant). I walk a middle ground here as a fan of both of those series, however, it did get boring for me as it continued on.

Now, if you think you knew the characters from the series, you'll only be half right (for the most part) read more
May 4, 2009
If your here for story or plot, you chose the wrong media (check the manga for that, it has plenty). If your here for mindless humor, jokes that can make you laugh and be disgusted (especially on episode 26) at the same time, you came to the right place.

Quack and Experimental are appropriate words for this show, a work of Nabeshin (nick name of Shinichi Watanabe) more than the Koshi Rikdo (the manga-ka). The series loosely follows stories from the manga, using it as a jumping off point to a parody on a genre of anime. This leads to its greatest strength and flaw, read more