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Gintama.: Porori-hen
Gintama.: Porori-hen
Yesterday, 2:17 PM
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Mahoutsukai no Yome
Mahoutsukai no Yome
Yesterday, 2:17 PM
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One Piece
One Piece
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Ballroom e Youkoso
Ballroom e Youkoso
Yesterday, 4:14 PM
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Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata: Koisuru Metronome
Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata: Koisuru Metronome
Dec 15, 5:19 PM
Reading 42/? · Scored 5


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Meshiagare 2 hours ago
Thanks.I downloaded it from a site called "APKPPURE'. Did 3 rerolls and didn't get any good servants, but on the 4th one, i got Carmilla, Marie Antoinette, Lu Bu and David so i decided to stay on this one. Ofc, i'll send my ID once my phone finishes recharging.

The layout looks great.

I'm never gonna forgive Ishtar for what she did though.
Frostbytes 3 hours ago
Yeah siscon/lolicon both, already hinted a number of times lol. Although the plot speeds up a bit towards the end of the route, it's pretty much predictable and nothing out of ordinary. I am just glad that the next chapter doesn't have him as the mc and Aqua instead(and a new guy who is much better than him lol). He probably has a fetish of seeing her wearing his shit

Ah yeah, in the novel that scene came out of nowhere wew, I actually can't wait how the anime makes it comical. Don't think anime onlies will even care about Schreiber lol.

True, if only he did that, maybe he could have taken the chance instead of just making a Gudou take the throne and killing himself. Kek yeah maybe Reinhard got the hint of it or even jealous when he saw Ren flirting with her lol, since Ren had a part of snek soul and had to "take care" for his bishie friend. xD

Oh you changed your profile layout again huh, fate/waifu in full force Nice Ishtar/Ershkigal layout. You lack love for true Tohsaka
Meshiagare Yesterday, 3:04 PM
Np. I'm probably gonna download the JP version now, but first i gotta find a way to do so, as that version isn't available in the play store.
Meshiagare Yesterday, 2:50 PM
Yeah i know. I was just saying that i don't like tsunderes and their voices. But yeah there's no questioning her talent, and she deserves more roles. It's a shame that her only big is Rin. Yep, King Hassan and Nitocris appear in it.

I think that the game won't let play quests, or that the drops you get in that quest get burned, don't quote me on that though. But what i do know for sure is that the daily rewards can't be received and you can't do a summon untill you've cleared the inventory or moved it to your second archive.
Frostbytes Yesterday, 11:40 AM
I have a feeling that the mc is secretly a lolicon

Oh you didn't like it huh, I see. Kek I already saw it xD Haha yeah, hope he hasn't forgotten about his responsibilities by now, a big duty after all lol.

Hope so at least, can't wait to see Shirou getting all angry over him when Snek reveals it lol

Ikr, h scenes in these VNs are always weird, and Acta est Fabula is missing side stories too.

He probably ingrained it in her soul lol since she could do it naturally but didn't know what she was doing xD Ren cucked him hard when he was preparing for the grand event someday. Or maybe his bishie friend Reinhard taught her when he pierced her lol, poor Merc

Also about the golems lol https://myanimelist.net/forum/?topicid=1692553#msg53382679

Meshiagare Yesterday, 11:23 AM
lol, nice.

Ehh, i'll have to pass on that one, as i usually don't like tsunderes in general, but yeah her voice is good,and she does a pretty good job of getting her characters on point(especially when a characters blushes, i like those moments of hers lol). I really dig her NP.
Frostbytes Yesterday, 11:01 AM
Yeah, I just completed part of my project so wanted to get a breather, that's why tried to read Himawari, but fuck I am already bored and went over to /a/ instead lol.

Oh you won't? I still need to watch the original tho. We have to wonder how much he evolved tho, maybe doesn't feel it's worth to talk to mere mortals.

Yeah, think most people won't even notice it lol and confused again saying what is "deja vu and stuff". Wonder if we will have his monologue, miss the Snek here. Oh right, people are already thinking that one ep is left lol

Indeed, I mean it was kind of funny lol. Nah I just skimmed over those scenes so don't exactly remember that, those tsundere banging competition talks on the roof tho lol, pls Kei. At least Marie didn't have a clue wtf she was doing.

Meshiagare Yesterday, 10:55 AM
Oh, that explains it then. I haven't watched Kimi no Todoke but it's on my list. Kugimiya's voice just destroys my eardrums tbh, it's so annoying, but then again i loved her role as Alphonse Elric.

I haven't thought about it until you asked me tbh. Nice list. I especially like the Ohara Sayaka pick(the Ara ara~ queen). How could i have forgotten to put Kamiya Hiroshi in my list...He's also a favorite on mine.
Frostbytes Yesterday, 10:22 AM
Yeah just hope that they finish with these ridiculous games asap lol, they don't seem to stop.

Someone has to tag him saying that we are interested in his intelligent responses lol. Oh right, there will be a lot of salt for that too.

lmao, Trifa is Reinhard XD Let's wait for Shirou asspull reactions in next ep first, and people getting lost over what he is saying lol.

Eh it was alright, mostly moans and stuff the footjob torture scene was much better with Rusalka's cackling.
Meshiagare Yesterday, 7:58 AM
Sorry for the late reply. I couldn't get online yesterday.

Can i ask what happened?

Hmm, let's see. My favorite seiyuu list would probably be something like this(in no particular order):
Females: Sawashiro Miyuki(my favorite seiyuu of all time)- Sakamoto Maaya- Inoue Marina- Hayashibara Megumi- Kayano Ai- Kana Hanazawa- Hayami Saori- Aoi Yuuki- Horie Yui- Noto Mamiko- Koboyashi Yuu.

Male seiyuus: Yamadera Kouichi- Ishida Akira- Nakata Jouji- Seki Tomokzau- Miki Shinichiro- Miyano Mamoru- Ono Daisuke- Wakamoto Norio- Koyasu Takehito.

What about you?
Frostbytes Dec 16, 9:47 PM
Yeah ikr, hopefully this common route or whatever is short. And I see.

Hopefully :P Oh right LoGH, hope we see some quality posts like that I linked you a month ago lmao

Idk lol, they are always confused about something, think golem monsters are confusing them kek. Anyway sometimes the presence of many characters showing up with less attention span and you get posts like these, like I remember that Shirou post lol

For save files, you will always get it from sagaoz.net, tell me if you still need it. I already went through it lol, only two Rusalka scenes are worth a read. That Tubal Cain scene tho and tentacle scenes
KotaxLuc98 Dec 16, 3:32 PM
Who is Eresh? She looks like a blonde haired Rin. Asking because I have 2 FGO accounts that I used to play but hardly ever touch nowadays and I've been seeing recent hype over her
Frostbytes Dec 16, 9:56 AM
I will quote what that guy said

"It gets interesting near the end of the common route and becomes very good on the prologue chapter, just bear with it and it'll get better. "

SO idk. Man I miss my mystery VN drug smh I am at that part where tehy stole the missile or something lol and went to visit the prez

Yeah at least next year Gintama is ending, so it will be a bit of breather then. Yeah I think CG will be a bit of late release like s;g 0. Sao and OPM threads will be gold indeed, fuck FT and TG.

Wow needs to time travel and see that then I see lol, I also used to watch a lot of seasonals back when I joined MAL. I see.

There are really some funny posts in DI thread these days lol, some people are clueless, some people are ranting by quoting those guys, lol.

also DI 18+ "patch" is out, gonna give it a try? I GB Acta Est Fabula version but they said that you need to clear one route of Amantes to play it XD This campaign has gone horribly wrong lol, there are rants in that kickstarter page
Frostbytes Dec 16, 6:53 AM
Same, heard that the real plot will kick in after the Aries common route lol, just hope I can somehow slog through this :(

Yeah.....I guess? kek

I mean it's split cour so funny how MAL added Shi no sara for that lol, we will know all the Japanese number equivalents by this way> Yeah I someone making a list of those, not really hyped about many, maybe Code geass and Steins gate 0 I guess.

Quite a big list you got there, Dagashi was boring af so I remember dopping it. Oh right there is Evergarden too, afaik it will be episodic but will keep an eye coz eye candy.

I see.

Haha that's some way to troll XD