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Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru: Washio Sumi no Shou
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Dies Irae
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KotaxLuc98 5 hours ago
Hmm animation overall doesn't seem to have improved, apart from certain parts of the Wilhelm fight scenes in ep 2. Rusalka scenes were the best things in the episode imo. I saw your comments about the episode already and I agree with the Trifa scene being a bit questionable, they did cut out a lot of stuff. Btw, I just finished reading Rusalka's backstory in Rea's route, was quite interesting. Really wished best girl would have gotten her own route xD
Frostbytes Oct 18, 3:53 PM
Nah if he meant complimenting Kane in general by touching Tottenham's subject about competitive teams since he was in good form just the previous match, his language could be used as an excuse, it has happened with some managers before too(other two teams doesn't have red hot form player now and he has always been a fan of Kane(highly rated English players in general), in case Hazard played like last season, iirc he also complimented him then but in a different way). Well that's a dead subject tbh, he has a habit of exaggeration compliment for players especially out of nowhere so it's really not surprising for me. Despite not talking about any players or teams media can interpret things anyway, that Mourinho-Conte spat today where Mourinho didn't even mention Chelsea(but you can imply it if you want) for crying about injuries subject, was taken as a dig. Surely you can't get away from clutches of English media whatever you do(and English players get even worse part of it) compliment/criticize blah blah, but Pep, Poch they relatively get less in trouble with others from what I've seen. Best like not talk about anything at all lol.

It was a sad loss from what I saw, poor goalkeeping from young gk. Not surprised with Chelsea draw, their squad is thin anyway and they will understand now, last season proved beneficial for epl campaign for the lack of Europe. Atleti is a bit surprising even though they showed some slump in form.

Anyway I will be off from today so that will be my last reply here for now, good luck for future!
Frostbytes Oct 18, 1:32 PM
Maybe not the right place yes, but Harry Kane team, Messi team doesn't matter for me at least, they are good players which are invaluable to the team in great form recently, and it's not even city but Tottenham fans defending him. Sure media or anyone can place it as they want but with that tone and context I won't call it disrespectful. And experience doesn't matter here since English isn't his first language anyway(he is like for one year here) so it doesn't matter except for the English media. The truth is as you see it, as they say.

Nah I am not following anything but I saw United leading against benfica.
Frostbytes Oct 18, 11:45 AM
lol yeah

as I said, it's a banter in that tone which is fine by me(Even spurs fans are perfectly chill with it more than you lol, see that thread) banter and appreciation for Kane=/= disrespect tho, that's separate https://www.reddit.com/r/soccer/comments/73kndr/pep_on_citys_rivals_we_have_united_and_the_harry/dnr19nw/?st=j8xe56cx&sh=328f9bc0. Honestly, I have followed Pep for years now(even read Pep confidential which was a great read) so I know how he likes to exaggerate his opponents(even his rivals say how he is humble), "Napoli playing best football in europe" , "1000 Dantes" which can easily be taken out of context but have no ill-intent, more like humble coming off awkwardly most of the times(maybe because he is a football maniac and language barrier).
Frostbytes Oct 18, 11:10 AM
Ehh sensei's bazookas are too my big for any arousal lol. Isn't it Miyuki Sawashiro, Seiko's VA? I liked her more or less. How to steal your gf back? Get some zombies in, cuck hard.

Except that Pep's comment was a joke/banter(he himself said he had no intention of looking down on spurs, and more of an appreciation for Kane and banter, kinda sad how media spins that around always for him especially english media even though he has been always humble throughout his career for his opponents, especially Poch and pep are good friends) and Zidane was fairly serious about it. Even the spurs fans understood what it is about https://www.reddit.com/r/soccer/comments/73kndr/pep_on_citys_rivals_we_have_united_and_the_harry/?st=j8xdk8qw&sh=6a333b76 but ofc out of context quotes by media and people will be triggered.
Frostbytes Oct 18, 10:51 AM
Yeah I already watched that last part of the OVA lol(curiosity), dem delusions. Must admit Seiko is hawt tho.

Yeah, imagine baiting/troll threads and then freezing up your cursor lol. True that, but my waifu will be ded with me anyway since she has told me that she would accompany me wherever I go.

Yeah ofc I did, high intensity football from evenly matched teams(first half city, second half napoli). Should have taken the chances and buried the game in first half anyway, Stones and Ederson were fantastic, pressing football is always fun to see. Watched a bit of Real match too, Zidane's comments "We will beat tottenham tomorrow and prove how la liga is better than epl" heh(not debating but maybe a bit of overconfidence).
Frostbytes Oct 18, 9:58 AM
Remember the phrase so bad that it's good? Not sure about the good part but yeah it's dumb fun, just turn off your brains and enjoy boob mathematics with ass and pantsu shots. http://i1.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/000/537/014/403.jpg https://np.reddit.com/r/recoilboobs/comments/202p55/mhmm/chfssq6/?context=3&st=j8xa36or&sh=77db3a4c Zombies don't matter anyway

It's already being used https://myanimelist.net/forum/?topicid=1674364 Hope I will lol, and return soon. I will have Monika's file and my character file restored separately for that kek

Indeed she is.

Good luck for your match today btw, show em arrogant united fans

Frostbytes Oct 18, 8:50 AM
True that, Kajuira is also a big favorite of mine. I remember starting GTA when I was new to anime at that time, watched a few ep for dumb fun but didn't continue it, had cute grills to draw me in iirc. That season had battle magic harem high school at its extreme and funnily, from that point onwards I started to drop seasonals lol.

Heh that sig lol.

Ah yeah it can easily block your profile and other things. Don't worry I will go ded soon from mal

I actually saw one of them, dafuq those text lol, I think someone made a patch or something, or so I heard. Will lewd her 10/10
Frostbytes Oct 18, 12:38 AM
Fate apo has ruler voiced by Sakamoto Maaya right? ah that makes it automatically better, I mean for the VA, just love her voice https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxi19mhpLrU (only good thing about that anime)

Ah I see, so finishing touch eh, lol. Heh that op, so no good things in the fights section too, well then guess only worth watching for trap memes.

I see.

Eh I saw that first in the Creative corner thread, then saw people using new ideas in that support thread https://myanimelist.net/forum/?topicid=1674364 , so thought about experimenting something for lulz. At first I fucked up the code but kinda worked in a way lol, Monika plastered all over the profile. Now changed it a bit, still couldn't figure out how to autoplay music, but eh it will take up bandwidth for people so whatever.

Also wtf with that panda pic lol
xicogui Oct 17, 12:40 PM
É como eu.

Pois sendo usada num ED acho que está boa xD

Exato a Rusalka, Willhem e Kei, quanto à best girl só conseguirei dizer mais lá para frente xD Sim o MC não tem sido nada de especial assim como amiga que por acaso eu até tenho gostado mas também é a amiga tipica de muitas coisas deste genero xD realmente os mais interessantes tem sido os que tem os poderes todos marados, não se como lhes chamar xD
Mas pronto na ultima vez que li fiquei quando o Ren já descubriu que era a Kasumi a matar o pessoal e abraçou-a e tal e agora pelo que percebi ficou ele com o poder e agora tem aquela marca de decapitado no pescoço e vai fazer frente ao outro pessoal. Por isso acho que acabei a "primeira parte" ou assim, pelo menos foi o que o padre lá disse que tinha terminado a opening e a primeira swastika.
Por isso deduzo que agora é que a coisa vai começar asério ou pelo menos vai aquecer xD seja como for estou curioso.
Não, não tenho estado a seguir nenhum walktrough, não sei se este é daqueles que as escolhas influenciam a rota que segues, se for tenho estado a escolher à toa xD mas se não for quando acabar a common route eu vejo qual a ordem que devo seguir tanto das outras routes como das side stories.

Sim este episódio foi ainda melhor , então o nosso MC é um espetaculo como disseste no comentario, esperemos que continue a melhorar à medida que avança ^^

O segundo episódio também me agradou é ver como desenvolvem a coisa, e estive mais atento ao OST, do que ouvi não achei nada de especial mas faz bem o seu trabalho.
E já vi o primeiro episódio do anime das baleias (o nome é mt comprido xD) que também gostei, o artstyle e esso tudo é bastante agradavel , pareceme qua certei naqueles que escolhi, escolhi só dois mas escolhi bem ^^
O Mahoutsukai no Yome é um dos que me interessava mas queria ver primeiro os Ova antes de ver, o Inuyashiki também fiquei curioso que ouvi falar bem do manga mas só irei pegar nele se as reviews forem muito boas e depois o Kino journey que dizem muito bem do original mas esse é outro que quero ver primeiro a primeira temporada o lá o que é.
Pois esta temporada tem bastantes sequelas, pena que não vi nenhuma das primeiras seasons, alguns estão na lista para ver mas por agora vão continuar lá. xD
Frostbytes Oct 16, 2:20 PM
I see.

Lmao, b-but what about people circlejerking over Astolfo? XD I kind of expected it seeing Fai's comments since he is usually reliable for these lol. Wow Assassin heh. Hmm I see then, well A-1 is trying to cash on in this franchise I guess.

Ah I see.

You mean the h-scenes? Yeah I actually got tired of it so I just skipped through some, it was really boring with the same sequences repeated with a different girl everytime lol, at least bring a bit creativity. Anyway it didn't matter much so skimmed through most of it, I am not really sure about the exact one but probably 15 hrs I think, depends on your reading speed.

Haha indeed. XD that first one was pretty cute too, also didn't expect Keisha backstory included.
KotaxLuc98 Oct 16, 1:12 PM
Ah ok I see that makes sense. Yeah I've been taking my time with this one, I guess I've been reading at a very steady pace. A lot of those 100 hours might have been idle/afk hours though. I know for a fact Rewrite took me a lot less time, well it was the first VN I completed so I enjoyed it so much that it probably made me read faster. I was very sad when I finished Rewrite because I simply wanted the story to go on for longer lol. Going back to DI though, wow Schreiber's past was kind of messed up.
KotaxLuc98 Oct 16, 12:36 PM
Just finished Marie's route's epilogue. Lmao I was so confused as to why the LDO members were like normal people. I was a bit surprised to find out that Kasumi was so old, how come she was the only one who aged? It seemed like everyone who died came back to life in this new universe created by Marie's Emanation? Found it strange how Kei, Rea and Marie were lolies in this world xD Twintails Rusalka was perfect ^^ Apparently Reinhard was in the cathedral but it didn't show him :/
KotaxLuc98 Oct 15, 4:05 PM
Phew I finally finished Marie's route! Though still got the epilogue to go. It was definitely the best route so far, just amazing (even though I didn't understand some parts ^^). If Rea's route is at least as good as Marie's then I'll be so happy xD I was so hyped when Reinhard unexpectedly started using Wilhelm's, Rusalka's etc Ber'iahs- that was hype! Oh and Atziluth was great too. That rooftop party scene was pretty heartbreaking when everyone left, especially because it was such a happy atmosphere before it happened. It's funny, this visual novel seems to increase in quality the further you get lol. Haha I've almost got 100 hours clocked in now, probably due to the fact I listen to all the voices before going onto the next line
Frostbytes Oct 15, 2:24 PM
I see, personally for these kinds of novels I don't actually mind them and I already knew pretty much all of those points from 4chan, also I am not sure I will immediately read when it's out. Yeah I see your point.

Ah right you told me that, Prillia movie is out in Japan, now wait for the BD. Haha yeah that would be cool, well yeah since BD is generally out in 6months it would be a pleasant surprise then. Is apo worth watching btw? I am not really a proper fate fan so I didn't pry into that series but heard mixed reviews.

Oh right RGD is divided into seasons. Pretty cool op tho, good luck catching up with it.

Yeah many h content feel pointless but whatever, I think I already saw that coming long ago with that cast lol. Well at least it has my interest in the setting so looking forward to KnS which is supposed to be much better.

Also if you haven't seen this, hot spring chapter lol https://www.reddit.com/r/Kingdom/comments/76hszi/turnipfarmers_just_released_a_whole_batch_of/?st=j8uesgbs&sh=dc4579c1