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Ani ni Tsukeru Kusuri wa Nai! 2
Ani ni Tsukeru Kusuri wa Nai! 2
Yesterday, 2:06 PM
Watching 2/24 · Scored -
Free!: Dive to the Future
Free!: Dive to the Future
Yesterday, 2:06 PM
Watching 2/12 · Scored -
Yesterday, 2:05 PM
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Shokugeki no Souma
Shokugeki no Souma
Jul 14, 2:46 PM
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One Piece
One Piece
Jul 14, 2:46 PM
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Jul 14, 2:46 PM
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Frostbytes 5 hours ago
Well looks like MAL staff heard you lol, still salty forums are not back but at least it's something
Frostbytes Yesterday, 9:40 PM
What makes me sad is how with that mal apocalypse some of my old friends here went inactive too. :/ Huh I see lol, Vinland should be fun although idk how you will feel about catching up with it for its monthly release and I mean going for good completed/completely translated novels are very rare in the first place,and *MoL has actually regular updates unlike all ded tl there since it's a web serial so that's less of an issue actually. Still yeah you need to get invested in that premise first tbh as it's a heavy read with its world building.
Xzzie Yesterday, 4:10 PM
Great then. I don't really like Okita alter that much(i haven't looked at her skills), yeah she's cute and all, but i still prefer normal Okita better tbh. Ex-lancer luck indeed, and that maxed Sieg though lol. Let's hope he comes out and you get him with the least amount of quartz possible.
Frostbytes Yesterday, 3:41 PM
Almost two months ded and still no news about features for two weeks, already given up any hope lol. Should just leave anime and read good manga or ln to get back your interest kek
Xzzie Yesterday, 3:36 PM
Lol, it's nice to hear it still has the touch, and man congrats on the Tamawaifu roll, i hope you pull her(and Muramasa) on your main too. I completely forgot FGO even existed tbh.
Frostbytes Yesterday, 3:20 PM
>mal is ded so is my profile

Ah finally joined us kek, nice song though
Frostbytes Yesterday, 2:41 PM
Hmm yeah I can agree with that.

If you are not interested in the premise you should probably avoid it, yep.
GonSama1 Jul 17, 9:58 PM
Concordo que não é a mesma coisa. :D
Já agora, sabes o que se passou? Isto foi um ataque de alguns hackers que se armaram em engraçados ou algo do género?

No que toca às 2 temporadas anteriores, obrigado pelo feedback.
Tenho de pôr muitos animes em dia e sempre me ajudas com as prioridades. As maiores dúvidas eram em relação ao Kokkoku (que ao que parece foi um flop), ao Golden Kamuy (que também não é bem o meu género, mas agora até ando interessado no tema...) e ao 3D Kanojo: Real Girl (que tinha visto 2 episódios e achado piada apesar de ser bem genérico, mas depois deparo-me com um hate sem igual pelo anime em tudo o que é site).

O Oliver e Benji confesso que fui vendo 2 episódios de cada vez e ia-me entretendo, mas acabei por perder um bocado a nostalgia e paciência nestes últimos tempos. O remake está muito bem feito, eu é que se calhar perdi o interesse (com as carradas de jogos do Mundial já tive a minha dose).
Como vão ser 50 e tal episódios, devo ficar-me pelo 15 (ou à volta disso).
A ver se um dia mais tarde volto a pegar nele.

Pois, realmente foi um ano complicado. Irrita-me pois podia perfeitamente ter feito mais cadeiras se me tivesse aplicado mais, mas realmente há alturas em que a saturação já é muita e acaba por ser complicado estar a conjugar 5 cadeiras diferentes.

Só vais tirar 1 semana em Setembro? Não sei como aguentas.
A ver se consegues mais algum descanso. xD

Mesmo assim ainda vês muitos. :D
Eu para ver 5/6 por temporada já é complicado, mas tenho que admitir que ultimamente tenho sempre 10 que me interessam e a lista vai aumentando de tal maneira que está a tomar proporções ridículas.

Desta temporada, depois de ver uns 2 episódios de uns 10 animes (e ainda faltam alguns...maluquices) lá fiquei com esta lista:

E a tua? Algum destaque?

Abraço! ^^
Frostbytes Jul 16, 3:14 PM
I think it depends, I won't generalize since there are corrupt practices, neglect of duties in every section, even professional jobs like doctors(there is an interesting manga on this, Say Hello to black jack, try it out someday) but yeah these matter more since these jobs are really crucial for proper functioning in society itself.

I see.

Yeah I can understand that since also interestingly there is a manga based on it which is apparently less horrifying, but I don't have the mind to go and read it anymore

Anyway enough of that, I just watched hataraku saibou(cells at work) and it's kind of interesting presentaiton of body mechanics which will spawn a lot of memes, not sure whether you will like it though.
Frostbytes Jul 16, 2:42 PM
What makes me feel awful, as a law student, is how when justice isn't served properly, the crimes continue in a vicious cycle. Just read this

I am always of the opinion that in rare or exceptional cases like these to set up a precedent, Capital punishment should be always considered. And juvenile punishment, if the nature of the crime is barbaric, in those cases always should be treated as normal(adult) punishments. Yeah I can see your point of view.

Here until a few years ago too juvenile laws were somewhat lax but after some awful incidents it was changed and was made more strict.

I think this, along with Sylvia Likens(this is another frightening one, idk if you have read it but quite a famous case) are probably the two most shuddering incidents I have ever heard.
Frostbytes Jul 16, 1:26 PM
That's some serious family drama right there, trying to complete with KnS2 xD

Yeah that case description makes you really wonder if truth is stranger than fiction sometimes, and I saw quite a few messed up cases in these articles. I mean yeah, if not for juvenile law it would have been probably life imprisonment, but that's some really tame punishment for a crime of that nature.
I think many Asian countries(including ours, yes) have lax laws for various cases.
Frostbytes Jul 16, 12:57 PM
I mean that's true, Mother of learning is also released in and it's one of the best rated web novels so yeah fanfic is complimenting it kek. I will laugh hard if it's a love rival introduced who wants to hook up with Erina, will be hilarious lmao.

Btw on an unrelated note, have you heard the incident of Junko Furuta?(look up in wiki if you want, a seriously messed up irl case) I was going through some of the articles on the topic of bullying in Japan, mainly referred from the higanbana and subahibi vn topic discussions since they handle that subject(and I thought before sometimes they get too far), but seriously after reading those and especially that case, it made me really realize how far or to how extent bullying can go there, due to the lax laws. You learn something new everyday I guess
Frostbytes Jul 16, 12:12 PM
>builds whole manga about surpassing his dad
>he gets rekt 5-0 by a long lost brother or maybe a protege

this is fanfic level writing lmao, heard they changed editors after the last arc but this made worse
Frostbytes Jul 15, 3:11 PM
Well a sprite for hating would be good :P

Well there is always that 4min thing for the ultimate fanservice kek. Yeah I heard about the edge in Happy sugar life manga, the synopsis kind of gives it away lol.

Btw did you read sns chapter
Frostbytes Jul 15, 2:47 PM
Honestly I was a bit salty Georges and Didier didn't get sprites.

well cute grills are a bonus I guess I see, that sounds good but maybe I will check out Harukana receive for that matter lmao