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lorraxne Yesterday, 8:46 AM
thank you sm, i will! you take care of yourself too.
lorraxne May 17, 7:33 AM
Kaito! I'll reply around next weekend, exams are next week as well as reports are due so tests were all over this week, so I've been rather busy as of late. I wish you luck in your exams as they come and we'll talk again soon! ^^
tooru May 12, 7:15 PM
Thank you!! My birthday was alright, fairly laid back. Which was good.

Oh yes, I used to want to be a doctor cause I was super fascinated by the human body. In particular the brain. It’s the coolest computer ever, honestly hahaha. Oh yeah forensics is interesting, I almost went to forensic psych, but at the moment and in the clinical route. Still not 100% decided though, there are so many off shoots in the field… I assume you’re not decided where you want to go then?

And yeah I currently have my provisional psychologist license so I can practice under a supervisor who is a registered psychologist while doing this degree. It’s a placement I guess. And I guess my interest in human behaviour led that way, but then as I started learning it. It became more interesting. I mean psych is not so much about reading people and stuff (which many assume it is not sure why). But about listening to people and having the knowledge of what is going on and then tools to help them help themselves (if that’s what they want). But that’s all only achievable if the client is honest and WANTS to be there and change etc I mean there is a number of other things involved, and different branches require different stuff, but that’s the basic summary hahaha. But, I enjoy learning about all the different disorders, how they can overlap and stuff with others making diagnosis difficult at times.

I know, giving out assignments around break or close to end of break is a sin honestly. These past few weeks its been one after another because first semester ends mid June. But I am running out of energy hahahah

AHHH, no I do get what you mean with moths. They seem hard? Like the big ones when they hit windows sound like an actual solid object hahaha but butterflies seem soft and delicate?


Ahaha, yeah I suck at rhythm games, they truly show my lack of co-ordination hahahaha

Again: sorry for my slow reply…
Tarable May 3, 9:10 AM
I just want to say that I really like your profile picture, and highly approve of your forum signature. Kaito x Meiko is the best vocaloid ship, lol
tooru Apr 29, 4:49 PM
SORRY I WAS SO SLOW. I was at an intensive school for my class for a week, then I had like 3 assessments due when I got back.

You enjoy science and maths? Haha I wish I even got maths tbh. There is a lot of stats in area I study, and it’s a struggle, definitely my WEAKEST subject honestly haha…

Yeah, assignments honestly, I hate them. They’re always like 3,000 words. That may not seem much, but for someone who procrastinates like me, it’s hell. As for breaks, yeah, I am on one now, but we actually have an assessment due in one (wtf I know), so it doesn’t feel like much of a break at the moment hahaha

Ahh, no spiders are good to me. They need to be as far away from my house and my shit as possible tbh hahaha. What makes moths worse than butterflies for you?? But I do totally understand crickets and ants. Crickets creep me out with that long stick thing on their butt hahaha

Oh that sounds interesting, I don’t think I have really played many or any text based games online. Unless you could Danganronpa on the PSVita. Tetris is great. But as for games I usually play, I am usually on console like PS or xBox. I like horror survival games best, like silent hill and resident evil. But most god RPG games interest me. And they’re doing a Spyro remastered of all 3 games like they did with crash bandicoot, and tbh, I am living. What about you? I assume it’s mostly these laptop and mobile ones? I am sorry if I already asked this, but Im pretty sure I didn’t. My memory can’t be that fried right now, surely…
yuzutop Apr 24, 6:28 PM
The PVs look beautiful, as expected from KyoAni, haha

yeah, maybe i'll just put a simple about me, and list down interests. that's what i see here most of the time, anyway lmao
yuzutop Apr 24, 4:54 AM
yeah, i really love everything about Hibike! I really want to watch Liz to Aoi Tori soon.

Ah, thank you! I'm still wondering what other info to put in my profile other than the obvious, "i like anime", though haha
yuzutop Apr 24, 4:04 AM
ahh thanks! i'm glad you think so, haha. I think your profile looks clean, I really like it! :>
tooru Apr 19, 2:54 AM
Hey! Just a quick message to let you know I am going to reply to you by Thursday, I am currently not at home and only have my phone so things are difficult, sorry :(
lorraxne Apr 16, 8:03 AM
Sorry for the overdue reply Kaito! The last two weeks of term one were intensely hectic and just to make things worse, our internet has been terrible (iinet sucks ;-;)! But, happy holidays! Hope the hard work is paying off… Got any plans?
SO RELATABLE. It’s concerning how I can easily relate myself to bad habits;; I said I would change my sleeping schedule this year, and I was pre serious about it for two weeks until it just went back to the usual again. My bad studying habits are haunting me, but I’m determined to make a comeback next term. I’m trying to be optimistic about my chances if you can tell lol. Do you like anything from English? The only thing I find somewhat enjoyable and doable are essays. More specifically, take-home essays with topics I’m interested in. Rn we’re doing an essay on rhetorical canons?? of a text we chose and haHA I haven’t done shit. :’) We did history all throughout HASS this term, and I didn’t really catch what we’re doing next term. Do you enjoy geo though?
Also! Great news; I got into a BHP Career Pathways program! It’s where we get to spend a week in the work area of BHP and I’m really excited to have a look in there. None of my family members have ever worked there so I have little knowledge in what goes on in BHP and mining in general. Lol it’s just something I wanted to tell you about ahh, I’m actual so interested. Have you ever considered BHP as a future career? I’ve never because I really know nothing about what goes on in there.
Oh! What about Lookism? Fav character? I’m pre sure I was meant to say it instead of Noblesse. I caught up to it so quickly. Let me know what you think of it! One of these days I’ll make sure to read Cheese in the Trap; v tempted to watch the k-drama actually. Tales of the Unusual is literally as the title says; it’s a collection of stories about unusual things. Nothing scary I swear, some actually find it funny bc of the author’s creations like Beauty Water. I got hooked into it pretty fast!
That’s kinda cool to hear the reason why you like vocaloids! I don’t listen to it a whole lot, but I did have a short phase where I was obsessed with Hatsune Miku and those yellow twins I don’t remember the name of. It’s a really unique music genre and I like how upbeat they tend to be. Have anymore song recommendations? Oh, I’m just your casual kpop listener. I don’t really stan a group, like I’ve never stayed up on a group for too long. Recently, I’ve been into Freaky Friday by Lil Dicky (first English song in so long!! Jk but I didn’t expect to like this; its idea and lyrics are pre funny), Everyday by Winner and Galaxy by Bolbalggan4! Previously, I really liked Baby Don’t Stop, Boss, Whiplash and Fire Truck from NCT haha. Pretty much 80% of the kpop songs ik are from my friend who updates me on everything going on in kpop - she's up to date w everything i swear!
Oh! We did geometry for the last two weeks of school and I hate it. It’s not that hard I believe but I have the least interest in proving why a triangle is congruent or similar lol. What a sight it would be to see you tearing up over a maths problem haha. I can never put my thoughts into words either, I feel you. It’s difficult to explain things when you just kinda get it in your head. Usually you would be able to explain well if you know what you’re doing but not in my case!!
Ah, I get that too. Idk how to answer when people or adults ask what I’m passionate about; anime, manga, journaling hell yeah!! But it’s not something you can so easily get a job in, you know? And it’s more like a hobby rather than something you’d wanna go professional with. The music industry sounds interesting; did you want to play an instrument or something like a producer? Sorry if I’m being a bit too forward about this!
Jealous! We’re all in our separate little groups, in all classes. I’m in good terms with everyone (at least, I hope so!?) so it’s not all that bad. There were like four fights the last week of school and!! Two of them were right in front of us so woohoo front seats!! My school’s incredibly problematic. That’s true though; as long as I’m not that one cringey weeb then I’m fine with how open I am about in school lol. Everyone’s gotta stop it with their hentai assumptions; it gets so annoying. Ik I’m into yaoi but that’s a bit more like private preferences so please stfu. :) That would be so nice! So far I’m the only one who’s into yaoi besides one of my friends, but she’s pre bare of it. ;;
I intend to have quicker replies now that it’s the holidays! But don’t pressure yourself to reply asap either.
tooru Mar 28, 6:18 AM
Hey! No problem, that's alright. I understand, life gets busy ^^
YaoiMaster Mar 22, 7:17 AM
YaoiMaster Mar 22, 5:21 AM
How did you get the Discord thing on your profile?
MintySuga-r Mar 22, 4:58 AM
wow omg, no I haven't O_O thx!!!
it looks AMAZING!!

how have u been? :)
tooru Mar 20, 4:35 PM
Ohhh yeah. About the same. What are you studying? I have an assignment to do, but I have NO motivation. So Pushing myself through it is painful. It takes me forever just to get a paragraph done then I deem myself a reward ahaha. So, I guess that answers no to anything interesting going on here.

REALLY? MOTHS? Though, I can get it in a way. I have seen super huge ones, and that's pretty much a nightmare on its own. But what makes them scarier to you? The fact they can fly at you, I guess? I have known people to be scared of butterflies too. Though I saw a cicada the other night outside my window and that was a dinosaur honestly.

A browser RPG, I haven't heard of anything like that before. Maybe I'll try it. What do you do?? If you don't mind explaining : D. The only RPGs I am used to are hand held or console ones. But a text based one sounds interesting. Man, I didn't even know you could play Tetris with other people. I feel extremely sheltered right now, ahahaha.