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oldjian Mar 15, 10:24 AM
oh, its already night there. have a good night and sleep well! i did read claymore a few days ago and it was really good and now i'm reading kuroko no basket and it's been interesting so far. what about you?
oldjian Mar 15, 9:56 AM
hey, no problem! thank you for accepting.
nice to meet you too. how are you?
-Lorraine- Mar 4, 9:29 AM
Oh same!! What's the topic on? My research's about the atomic bombing in nagasaki and hiroshima. Interesting enough but the research questions and such is quite extensive. ;; My main subjects are pretty difficult tbh. Last year I was pretty out of it so to understand this year's stuff, I'm also revising what's from last year. ;-; Ahhh sorry all I do is complain about school, yikes. I'll have to check out Habitica!
Have you got the webtoon app downloaded into your phone? I've been pretty well into webtoon and lezhin recently. What songs have you been into? Idk if it's good or not, but I listen to music while I study too - not instrumental, but like kpop and the heathers musical soundtrack lol.
That's a good start in choosing your subjects. You enjoy maths right? Me neither; I have no idea what I want to do in uni. I considered the medical field but really, I don't know how much determination I have in me to get into such a competition field. :/ Nice! Who doesn't want to learn the reason for emotions n all? Ik that's not all there is to psychology haha, but it's what peaked my interest.
That's kinda nice?? Tbh in my school we all just stay within our groups and not get to know others as much. I'm in some extension class for all main subjects with the same people everytime so even if there were new faces in my year, I wouldn't really get to know them or their name. ;-; There's been some fights that often involve even teachers getting hit n slammed. Like, it's totally a regular thing if the police come patrol around the school during recess and lunch after a fight. >>

Congrats on 2 years on MAL!?? lol, how about commemorating by looking at your old messages. >:) Idk if it works with you, but looking at my messages from the past make me cringe intensely. Maybe in another years time I'll also find this message cringe lol
-Lorraine- Mar 1, 8:04 AM
HeeeCK SAME. I missed a couple days of school and suddenly I've got a science report, hass research, english essay and science test coming up. I took yr9 for granted. ;; Starting to stressss bc I don't have as much time anymore due to work. My friends don't believe at all lol but I'm getting determined to get my stuff together this year. We can do it!! What have you been doing besides studying? Reading anything?
You mean ATAR subjects? You intend on taking ATAR? I still have no idea tbh. However I will definitely take psychology!! That subject's had me interested since forever. Darn, we'd be lucky if my school ever got a decent new kid in school. My school's pretty problematic, you see. We've been on the news a few times by now. :/
-Lorraine- Feb 24, 5:27 AM
Psst, I'm still procrastinating but a lot less compared to last year. I reckon you're much better than me at that though! Good luck to you too! Year 10 as well right? Oh, I've gotten more active here in a way; but, really just to update the list and see if anyone comments. I hope you'll be able to stick around! How's school for you rn?
-Lorraine- Feb 22, 8:11 AM
hnnghh still pre busy but procrastinating less, and if possible i'd like to reconnect w ppl who I used to chat w a lot! ;;
Sonal1988 Feb 10, 7:59 AM
Yes, 5 main characters - 4 guys and one girl.
Later on, two more guys were added to the main cast.
Sonal1988 Feb 10, 7:07 AM
Oh :p
Dude's kinda sorta a dick, especially to his secretary, so I'm not a fan.
Sonal1988 Feb 10, 6:56 AM
Oh? You a Zen fan too?
Sonal1988 Feb 10, 12:05 AM
Very cute profile!
Setagawa Jan 2, 12:10 AM
Yay, thanks for the request *bows* I'm happy to make a new friend in 2018, haha.

What about dancers? Do you have any favorites? Mine are AIZE, MIUME and ARS MAGNA. They have some nice choreos right here
Yup, that must be it. They're too damn funny. Especially the Asian vines.. damn.. I can't hold on my laughter when I watch them..

Setagawa Jan 1, 12:57 AM
Brooke Dec 29, 2017 2:52 PM
yeah a load of my friends wanna be doctors and dentists and all that jazz, but some are oblivious to how much work it takes and have literally been dossing their way through life so i kinda wouldn't want them as my doctor or dentist, i hope they get a reality check soon. you literally do though just the way you convey yourself on here and you always seem to know what i'm going on about, makes me shook. my music taste is so diverse, i mean it used to be top 40 radio shizzle then i was like anti radio and went into the emo phase too then i became super indie and now i'm like a mix of everything i would say but still mainly indie based since that is my main jam. she didn't even seem to care i gave in a day late so i'm all gucci i got a grade A as well so my essay didn't get ripped! literally! i didn't realise how quick this year went until i was looking back on it recently and i was like jeez that all happened this year, to be fair 2017 has been a pretty good year for me but everyone else has been saying its like the shittest year for everyone and im like eh nooo!! well i have a few things planned, i'm going to my friends house tomorrow to play video games and watch films and catch up, then new years eve having a little party with the family staying up to midnight drinking and playing board games and then new years day i'm going to my familes for lunch which is a tradition and then i'm going to my friends house for a birthday get together which reminds me i really need to buy her a present and i'm too poor right now and it's peak! have you got anything coming up? i didn't mind uniform when we had to wear it, but i really like expressing myself through fashion and i always do out there stuff with bright colours and hawaiin t-shirts in winter like i need to be stopped. yeah i usually highlight everything and i have erasers that are in shapes of milk bottles and a cute pencil case, like i need to be stopped cute stationary is an addiction. oh i used to do maths in pencil cause i would always make mistakes that needed to be corrected, maths is just that subject you have to do in pencil. omg literally some of those study videos have like stationary that i don't even know what it's needed for?!?! those videos are just tryna show off how they classy af. whenever i find a free pen at school i get so happy FREE STUFF IS GREAT. literally true like it's not that weird?!! why everyone gotta be so judgemental these days goshhhhh. that reminds me of my brother he was going gym then injured his leg and hasnt gone in ages cause he's worried he'll injure it. that's totally like all my friends, they don't get how i cope and they stress for me literally yelling at me to do my work sometimes, but i just never do and i don't get why it would be so much easier if i actually did the work early on. i love the little jokes you put in as well, always gives me a good ol chuckle. oh really? it's like some popular slang here in the uk and all the boys started like ganging up on us saying back the boys back the mandem so we started going back the gals back the wombdem with some triangular symbol for it, we've become so extra this year at school but i'm living for it. omg that'so so cute! branches always remind me of my friend who would go outside and find a branch to give to me every year for my birthday though which he has done since the first year we met in 2012, but i love how you call it an 'ecosystem'

aw merry christmas to you too, even though i'm a lil late STILL BETTER LATE THAN NEVER I HOPE YOU HAD A GOODUN AND GOT OBESE WITH THE CHRISTMAS FOOD!!
Setagawa Dec 29, 2017 2:49 AM
I started with Kaito and Gumi, then Ren, then I evolved to 96neko, glutamine, hanatan, amatsuki, hashiyan, nqrse, reol and finally discovered mafumafu and soraru. This is how my utaite evolution went, haha.
Yup, indeed. Their energy is amazing. I like how they're so different from what we see everyday on TV like those choreographies and to not forget about the unity and how funny they are in diversity shows. Ever watched thos eon YouTube? They're so funny, haha. Especially when Boy bands copy girl bands dance. My favorites so far are: Exid, BTS, Bigbang, blackpink, 4minute, girls' generation. (That moment when you love a band but see it disbanded a while ago) being new sucks haha.

Yup, indeed. I follow his channel on youtube and damn those videos.. so funny.. Idk but when I watch typical funny videol I just have a straight face.. but when I watch asian videos, damn, I can't stop laughing. Idk if it's just me, being asian obsessed or they're just too funny.
He's great tbh. Being able to express his many personalities like that.

Aww D: It's never too late for an "extended favorite list" blog post.
Btw do you wanna be friends? After all we talked I think we have a lot in common.
Idk, it's up to you if you want, haha.
Mikimooo Dec 28, 2017 1:07 AM
So sorry I wasn't able to reply!
Hope you had a great Christmas :)