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3-gatsu no Lion
3-gatsu no Lion
Nov 11, 7:23 PM
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Boku no Hero Academia 2nd Season
Boku no Hero Academia 2nd Season
Oct 23, 6:57 AM
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Kekkai Sensen
Kekkai Sensen
Oct 23, 6:57 AM
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Nov 13, 9:30 AM
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SQ: Begin W/Your Name!
SQ: Begin W/Your Name!
Nov 11, 7:24 PM
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Nov 10, 6:58 PM
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AnikuGuroshima Nov 11, 1:08 PM
That's ok I don't mind messaging ^~^
I just finished my exams Friday morning so i'm good for another three months ^~^
I love romance anime but i hate when it is overly cliche
GlowingAura Nov 11, 5:32 AM
Thank you ^^
I definitely recommend the manga! It may be long to people who read one-shots or manga with around 7 chapters but it's worth it.
I don't know much of their music or personalities, but I really like the style of their songs that I've heard. They're also really talented.
GlowingAura Nov 9, 6:43 PM
I really like your forum set! I also see that you have Tsuyoshi in your favourites, you like Nijiiro Days? My favourite couple is probably Nozomi and Keiichi (sadist guy).
sakura_dairiseki Oct 31, 9:19 AM

fujiwara_ayano Oct 28, 10:00 PM
Thanks,that's what I'm looking for!

Light- Oct 28, 1:00 AM
No problem. Nice taste in music :P
ituhata Oct 17, 3:10 PM
Happy Halloween!

AnikuGuroshima Oct 17, 4:30 AM
Ah i get it my accent varies from American to Scotish to Irish~
I'm back at school too so my replies might take a while to come through and I travel a lot so I disappear for a bit at a time ~
Romance genre is good in Julia Quinn novels but not so much in other that I've read so i guess your point.
Maybe we can talk on discord sometime because i like to talk to people over the phone to get a better feel for the person i'm communicating with ^^
Brooke Oct 16, 11:28 AM
basically we pick 3 subjects which i do philosophy, drama and english and then we get free periods and physical education, pshe (basically helps us with uni stuff) and enrichment where we do like volunteering and stuff like that. and our lessons all give us loads of homework and "independent studies" as they like to call it because we have so many frees at school it's only fair in their defense.
literally day6 are so aesthetic in all their videos i r8 i r8 and yes! that's them they're all like 17 and i'm 17 and that's just weird like i never thought the day would come where kpop idols are my age but it has come and i couldn't feel any older.
Brooke Oct 8, 3:19 PM
ah you're literally the sweetest i can't even
aw thank you! it's become so hectic at school in this new year, they told me that it wouldbe a big change but i didn't expect it to hit so early! aww kaitooo!! thank you!! day6 are still my faves but theres that new jyp band that released a song and it's strange cause they're all around my age range and it's lke dang that could have been me
AnikuGuroshima Oct 8, 5:27 AM
I like anything really, I don't have a specific taste in one particular type of music and I'll listen to anything, to be honest.
Haha, I know what you mean by 'Connection' since every time I stumble upon a Ukranian show or Ukranian person I get this sense of 'yeyyy we come from the same place so naturally, I like youuuu' You know?
I'm sure your accent sounds great even without the "g'day" part :D
It's ok not to be good at binge watching, I'm just a piece of poop and like to get stuff finished up as quickly as I can ^^' So you could actually be a person who likes to take their time and enjoy good things ^^
I'm glad you enjoy talking to me as much as I enjoy talking with you ^~^
I hope you don't mind that I added you on discord some time ago >~<
I struggle to force myself to read even when I do have spare time so don't worry about not reading too much, it's only natural in the progressing world~
What do you enjoy reading?

Aidan Oct 8, 12:30 AM
Most of my friends use Discord but I just don't keep an eye on it. I'm not too big of a phone user either. I really prefer face to face contact but a lot of people like texting more. They just don't text me because I rarely respond </3
Huh, I didn't realize you'd been in for 10 weeks already. For most of us, school started only 2 months ago or less. lmao I have pretty crappy memory too. My best test grades come from classes where I can use basic logic to get rid of the majority of the answers :^) I don't believe you're quiet in real life. >:^( That's a bunch o' baloney. You look pretty talkative and are talkative on vcs.
Neither do I. I still watch quite a bit but compared to my past self it's only about 1/2 </3 You should really watch Tsuki ga Kirei. It's amazing. Just, everything (except the animation) is near perfect and I absolutely loved it <3 Like, the sound (music + implementation) is spectacular. That's the first 10 for sound I've ever given. The story is pretty cliche but at the same time unique and the characters are so loveable and cute + well written <3 But the animation can be meh. It comes through when it needs to tho.
What I liked about Alice to Zouroku is the extra stuff I noticed/believe that I don't feel a lot of people noticed about the show. If I hadn't noticed those themes, it would have been absolute trash. I haven't seen Dragon Maid tho. </3
Lol I used to read that. I got bored p. quickly tho RIP. I don't like reading comics online that much (though I've been getting better at following series online <3 ).
lol dw you're all good.
Brooke Oct 5, 7:36 AM
aw thank you kaito!
im so sorry that i havent got back to replying to you i know it's been so long
but i shall reply to you in my break which is from the 20th to the 30th school is taking over my life and i've become such a busy person ahh but i hope you've been well and i've missed our conversations :c <3
AnikuGuroshima Oct 4, 9:17 AM
Oh! I really like this song too but I think I live the other one just a little better ^^'
Math never made sense to me but I love writing about anything and everything. Its the only thing I'm good at... And maybe binge watching anime *~*
I believe you will be great at anything you put your mind to because you come across as a very nice and genuine person, and that kind of people always prevail! I have to admit I don't read as much as I'd like to either but that's because things get in the way and in order to read and actually enjoy what you are reading the mood and atmosphere have to be there. Most kids write odd stories, mostly because that's when their imagination is at its peak :3
I was born in Ukraine but I'm currently living in Ireland. Australia is a cool place to live in. Does that mean you have one of those cool Australian accents? :P (I'm sorry if that's offensive in any way I'm just a fan of the accent is all)
Aidan Oct 3, 7:32 PM
I feel most of it has been resolved physically but it's still a mess internally. :< Thanks and yeah, it really is less of a hassle. Besides, I have a tendency to read a text/message or the notification and then forget to respond whereas it's much harder to do that on here. You can take your time too. No pressure. :)
A break already? That was fast </3 How'd you do on those tests? Honestly, I hate tests since, in the real world, when a lot of that stuff is applicable, you just end up googling it because 1) you don't know it or 2) you want to check your facts and make sure they're correct. You always seemed like a pretty talkative guy to me lol. Especially w/ Angel ;3
It is nice when you have time to watch anime (as long as you're in the mood for it). Right now the only shows that have really stood out to me are Tsuki ga Kirei and Alice to Zouroku (though I don't think you'd like the latter as much as I did). Aside from that most of the anime I've watched have been the same old same old. :< What about you? Anything interesting/good?