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Days: 18.1
Mean Score: 7.88
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Boku no Hero Academia
Boku no Hero Academia
Jul 20, 8:53 AM
Watching 3/13 · Scored -
Love Live! School Idol Project 2nd Season
Love Live! School Idol Project 2nd Season
Jul 15, 6:17 AM
Completed 13/13 · Scored 8
Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 2
Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 2
Jul 11, 8:19 AM
Completed 10/10 · Scored 8
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Days: 9.6
Mean Score: 7.88
  • Total Entries23
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  • Chapters1,576
  • Volumes191
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Yesterday, 3:27 AM
Reading 263/? · Scored -
Cheese in the Trap Season 1
Cheese in the Trap Season 1
Jul 22, 6:12 AM
Reading 10/27 · Scored -
Jul 21, 7:50 AM
Reading 402/705 · Scored -


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yernnytengs Jul 20, 2:18 AM
i enjoy blackpink, twice, seventeen, exo etc but i stan BTS. <3 i basically listen to everything and everyone, wby?
-Lorraine- Jul 19, 1:20 AM
I've been doing ok! School just started and I'm kinda bummed out about it tbh lmao, how about you?
Oh btww, I'm currently watching W and finished ep.7 last night, I had a major sob fest. xD
sakura_dairiseki Jul 13, 7:43 AM
Yeah ^o^
yernnytengs Jul 12, 11:29 PM
hey no problem, thanks for accepting too ^^
im doing fine, not much is happening either. what about you? watching/reading anything good?
sakura_dairiseki Jul 11, 11:33 AM
Good to hear! Maybe you should rest a bit.
Izarapaw Jul 11, 10:47 AM
I got 15/24 xD only just over half. Nvm, I guess there are more opportunities to improve it later on.
Yeah same here but yet it's the only place I excel since my strong point is essays. I have to constantly keep clicking my wrist because my bone sort of half dislocates if I write for too long.
Oh, I'm pretty sure about what I want to be - I have been since I was really young. I guess that spawns from my organized personality so I have sort of set up my whole life plan at this point xD I won't keep to it though but I like to think I am loyal.
When is your next break after this one?
Mikoto Jul 11, 5:10 AM
YEEESSSS LUKA IS SO GOOD SHES THE BEST VOCALOID FOR MEEE along with gakupo i actually ship gakuluka a lot HAHAHA
and omg yes kaito really has such a nice voice!! and i've just listened to what you linked and omfg tHAT WAS BEAUTIFUL YESYES
and tbh same but all we can do is use paint or that dinosaur game when there's no internet HAHAHAH
and oMG YES I JUST YELLED YES CHEESE IN THE TRAP!! yes seol is actually my fave character and i love her very much ~ she motivates me a lot and i wish to be as hardworking as her lol. and yes! jung has like a dual personality but he's a lovable character most of the time! and i very much ship them !!!! and i just realized i said yes too many times HAHAHA
sakura_dairiseki Jul 11, 1:23 AM
Hey, thanks for accepting my request! :) Im good you?
-Lorraine- Jul 10, 5:22 PM
Thank you sm for the birthday wishes! We haven't talked in a while, I had a pre good day!
Izarapaw Jul 5, 10:00 AM
Yeah I've done it now xD It went okay but I know for certain that I got a lot of the factual questions wrong but I think I did decently on the questions worth more marks that require more wordy answers with analysis; that's my strong point. I'm a ranter ^-^
I misjudged the date so I ended up taking the exam without doing any revision xD Turns out quite a few of my guesses were correct so I might have got lucky this time around.
Yeah, studying with friends is useful but not many of my current friends actually study xD they're too lazy so I actually often get online friends to help me since quite a few of them are older than me anyway.
Ah okie ^-^ only a two week break?
Mikoto Jul 4, 6:54 AM
yes! i was a very big fan of them back then, but not so much now. well my favorite vocaloid is luka, but some of my favorites are the emo songs like lie - luka, seasonal feathers - kagamine rin & len, last night good night - miku, witch - luka, and a bunch others. im assuming your fave is kaito? HSJSHJS
oh wow i see! well thats still lucky bc we arent allowed to use any gadgets at all except for library computers, but well we arent allowed to do anything non school related stuff there >.>
and yEEESSS cheese in the trap is so worth it and yes that guy is jung, and he is very handsome HJDSJHKH
Mikoto Jul 3, 6:13 AM
sAME?? like mine ranges to vocaloid to kpop to traditional chinese music like. i just dont know anymore HAHAH
also same!! they were pretty popular here back then in my country. i love many of their songs theyre just so gooddd
and waahh lucky you! i just started school last month. also lucky for you since phones arent allowed in my school sobs..
oh i see!! well it's also another pretty good webtoon, my favorite webtoon actually hshjhshs
Mikoto Jul 3, 2:56 AM
my favorite songs are always sad and emotional ones. but i tend to love happy songs sometimes as well! really depends on my mood lol
i don't really know bands bc i've always just liked groups, so day6 is very refreshing for me! a k-band i also like is cnblue!
hahah i see! noblesse is really good though, if you have the time you should check it out!
oooh~ i really wish i had more time so i can read more webtoons sobs. btw have you read cheese in the trap? :0
Mikoto Jul 2, 3:27 AM
i know!! my other faves are letting go and i smile. tbh all of their emo songs are my fave HAHAH
and yeah!! they also caught my attention bc there really arent much kpop bands, and im so happy that theyre such a good band!

ahhh i've been reading cheese in the trap and noblesse recently!!
i also wanted to read that but never really got to, is it good?
Mikoto Jul 2, 2:14 AM
thanks for accepting!
hahah thanks, it's my favorite day6 song. i see you're a myday as well! and you also read webtoons, which is great!