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tooru Jan 27, 9:26 PM
OKAY WOW. I am sorry, I will reply now. I honestly thought I did reply. SORRRY.

Oh yeah, scholarships are a god send with private tuition. Do you like it? I actually applied to Bond for my masters, but i cry because they're private so I am kinda like...maybe. But it's location for me rn is handy....

Oh yah, one note. I haven't actually used that, but it sounds handy tbh. I have gotten into using my ipad for work related stuff now, now that you can use a pencil with it.

Wow, haha can't focus until 11pm...does that mean you are one of those who stay up all night to study when you do? I still haven't found anything effective for me...i am a procrastinator though, i leave everything til the last minute, stress heaps, and get it done in stress. NOT EFFICIENT.

And hey, that's really good with the piano! And sorry, I don't know what sight reading is aha...I tried to google it, but also didn't quite get it. Maybe it was the explanation i it just reading the sheet music or something else, sorry?

Oh btw were you able to perform for the primary schools as you said?

Sorry again for my super delayed reply, idk why i thought i replied haha...

Btw, your new profile layout looks really nice!
ownitlikeaboss Jan 21, 5:12 PM
No problem!
I love your layout btw! ^-^
ownitlikeaboss Jan 19, 11:22 PM

Brooke Jan 8, 4:15 PM

wait they have heated toilets wtf, by toilets do you mean the actual toilet where u do your shits and pees or like the bathroom as a whole!?!? omg if you do, hit me up, ill show you all the bestest places to go in englando owo asia and australia seem lit, especially asia, thats like my number one priority place to visit. i usually suck at sleepovers cause i find it really hard to sleep in new places and with people surrounding me because i always get worried that they're gonna like do something to me while i sleep cause friends be like that, but i actually had a sleepover at the weekend and i was like the first to sleep because i went to bed at 7am the night before and had 5 hours sleep and then had work for 6 hours so i was pretty worn out LOOL!! did you get to go in the end, i'm praying you did
i find most my art on pinterest and twitter, i have really big boards, sometimes if i really enjoy an anime ill literally search for hours on art that is cute and is from that anime and other times i just am inspired by twitter artists cause i have a whole ass twitter just for art, IM SO EXTRA!! most of my quotes in my sets come from songs though as do the quotes on my profiles hehe xd bet you can still edit like a massive pro though, i'm jealous. i remember at school we had a photoshop term and it was the best time ever in ict, i was lowkey a quick learner, but i forgot it all now :c
i been drifting in and out recently, but i havent fallen asleep fully for so long, EVERYONE SAYS THAT but my mood changes throughout the day, i go from being sleepy-chan and then energetic-chan
i always check but they never are :'(
cause im freaking dumb as shit, i honestly thought they were japanese for so long, omg you lil weeb ass, what japanese rhythm game was it
my friends like that, she always sits next to me and then be like "im blind i gotta move to the front and im like haha OKAY" omg i did that before, in like year 7 my friend was like you should do this bit in a whisper so i did and we had a cover teacher and he was like hella mad and went "why would u do that" hella shouting at me and im like sad girl hours, but i was strong and was just like "it even says in the book to whisper"
lorraxne Dec 25, 2018 2:38 AM
omg Kaito, did you draw that T_T ITS ADORABLE I STAN UR WORK
but aight, merry christmas to you too Kaito! thank youu, hope you're having a good one too! <3
lorraxne Dec 24, 2018 1:53 AM
tooru Dec 23, 2018 2:53 PM
....I still have your comment on my profile...but, did i reply to you?

If I haven't i'll reply now...and apologise again ...

But also, I hope you have a great Christmas!!
ownitlikeaboss Dec 2, 2018 7:41 AM
You're welcome! (ノ^∇^)
ownitlikeaboss Nov 30, 2018 11:22 PM

Micsupreeme Nov 26, 2018 3:58 PM
Thank you for requesting cards from the VCTLD November Birthdays Edition series - Looks like they're done!

lorraxne Nov 2, 2018 7:59 AM
ever since finishing zelda, i haven't touched my switch;; I'M LITERALLY BROKE, like it's not even a joke anymore smh. so i haven't bought any new games. idk how i'm gonna pay for two copies of pokemon let's go next month but hey i've got my ways. >> so that's another game i'll be playing; pokemon let's go eevee! i'm buying the pikachu one for a friend for her birthday. otherwise, i'm keen as to get skyrim on switch! and i want to get super mario party as well bc i reckon it'd be SO MUCH FUN to play with friends. have you ever thought of purchasing a switch? do you play on any other console?
god, i'm barely hanging in there. honestly, i've reached an all new low in terms of academics. i've been struggling to find the motivation and reasons to get things done, and it feels worse when people have high expectations of you. my best friend's also the same in a way and we're literally support systems for each other at this point, and we keep telling each other "oi, we gotta pick ourselves back up". do you and your friends sometimes end up saying the same thing at the same time? everytime my best friend and i do that we're like "ayyye our wavelengths have been on point lately" haha. oh oh and do you guys have some sort of tradition, for example, hanging out every friday?
lucky that you have your exams week 7 btw! i don't understand why our reports are due so early.. but i'm sure you've got a pile of assessments and tests to work through, so good luck in those Kaito! i have my transition to year 11 the week after next, so that's something to get excited about. when is your transition?
i had a look at a gameplay and Bandori looks fun! the only rhythm game i'm playing rn is beat fever.. literally just started playing that one. speaking of anime, do any of the new anime series from this season stand out for you in particular? i haven't watched in a while, so if you've got any recommendations let me know! oh right, you're taking physics next year, meaning you get to learn about space as well? we were learning a lil about space last week, not gonna get graded on thankfully so i didn't keep up. the videos we watch are interesting though, are you familiar with the cosmos series? we watched those. haha, if anything, come for the food!
Kaito speaking facts out here. >> mate i'm like a vampire in the holidays! i sleep during the day and stay up at night. can't give a specific time bc it changes everyday lol. Kaito... why can't you do that for school nights? it's so weird how you can't but let's be honest; i'd do the same. i wish i had your holiday mentality during my holidays! i love how you're so split between actually doing work and watching anime that you end up doing nothing at all, i find it funny even though it's gotta be an annoying habit;;

"I can barely speak in English" uHM SAME?? how does a speaking exam go? i can imagine it being v awkward. Kaito, i think you're pretty good so you best acknowledge yourself a little more haha. oh you would? i mean if you ever do and actually want to send some then sure i'd love that! i wonder how your handwriting looks, actually..
"the more you get to know me the more stupid i become" you're deadass so relatable. i think you meant that for me tho, and you're more like "the more you get to know me the smarter i become" you may have made some stupid mistakes but let's be honest, you still got a hell high grade. u.u also don't say you're not special without maths omg, you're better than you think. how would a combined yr11/12 class work? won't you have a different course outline kinda thing? ikr;; i struggle so much with chemistry, i actual hate it so idk if i'm gonna last, but it's highly recommended so i'll give it another go at least. i'm sure you don't have to memorise the periodic table anyway? it's always given to you during tests. i don't memorise it either haha. otherwise i also think you'd do well in chemistry if you're good at math. still shook at your choice of maths specialist.. damn
here, if you're doing atar, it has to be 5 plus a cert. idk if you can do 6 atar, but tbh that sounds suicidal ;-; the only class i'll be able to have a breather in is my cert two business - apparently we can finish that course real quick and the remaining classes of the year will just be a free study period. i'm happy that i went out of accounting and finance through side, bc that's also a lot of maths and i don't think i'm someone who can self-study.. there's this room in the library for side students, and honestly i can only see myself playing games and watching animu if i chose a side subject ;-; yeah, engineering's recommended to anyone who enjoys maths! i can imagine that happening for you, but you've still got time to think about it. idk much about engineering, but do you know what type you have any interest in? every asian's all about being a doctor or nurse, but honestly i don't think i can do it. at least, not the way i am rn lol. i genuinely don't have one clue what i want to be in the future and it keeps me up at night smh. oh dear, i don't have a favorite subject but i know at least this much; i'm gonna like psychology! it's a popular subject. just interested in human behaviour and all that.. tbh i've been thinking that maybe someday i'll take criminology in uni just for the fun of it. why'd you decide to go into a religious school then? idk how you're handling it; i'd lose it if i had to learn religion. i've always been really out of it even tho my parents are strict catholic.

ooo, was that your desk? idk why but i'm always interested in what people's room and desks look like - i promise, not in a weird way lol. you didn't ask but here's the corner of my desk. btw, do you ever think about your outfits when going out? and do you draw a lot? i noticed a lot of pencils. i'm sure you told me before, but my memory's not recalling much..
this is probably a obvious question at this point of our friendship, but is Kaito your favorite vocaloid? oh and who are your favorite characters from bnha? i have so many bnha charms from that time i was really into the fandom and some of my favorite artists were releasing charms of them and... part of the reason why i'm broke now smh. i should send you a couple someday. i wish i had a few anime shirts aye! is your sister into anime as you are?
lmao i can't help but laugh sm at your struggles with your crutches at school;; "as i wheezed walking into class" "weights are overrated, if you want to get solid arms, crutches are the way to go" you probably got them gains after being in those crutches for a few weeks. shoulda had your friends help you carry your bag! IM PRE SURE YOU TOLD ME THIS BEFORE, but what instrument do you play? smh lorraine.. nah Kaito, it doesn't work that way! you should have a journal for every year hmph. maybe consider something like a planner or bullet journal? it could help next year to organise your time. i guess looking back at our PMs is one way to see how we've changed over the past two years.. '16 march 22's our friend anni omg. looking at what photos i've saved from 2015-2016... 90% anime wallpaper ><" I STILL HAVE THAT KINDA PROBLEM. it's bc the butter's not soft enough, but i'm too impatient lol.
YOU LUCKY B! congratulations on getting into an exchange problem aye! you gotta send me pics and updates maate, and pls use your journal haha. i'm actual so keen for you. can't wait to hear how it goes. what else do you think you'll be doing? i'm glad we feel the same way on that; i hope our friends are also keen on an exclusive trip after graduating. <3

Kaitooo, i never guessed you'd be twins! that's kinda cool aye. do you guys hang out a lot together in school or smthing? i have three brothers, and i'm closest with my bro studying in Perth! they're all older than me, and each of us are 6 years apart from youngest to oldest;; WII SPORTS HAHAHA. you pro. do you enjoy cricket too? i like playing volleyball and badminton aye. i'm seriously considering changing one of my subjects to HPE bc i'm gonna miss playing volleyball n all with the class, as much as i hated majority of the other sports lmaoo. why didn't do you sports for the entire year? again, i feel like this is something you told me about;; how are you doing in volleyball now? back then, i'm pre sure you were into it as well. honestly so confused how you get into these kind of situations, Kaito.. like how does on just "step to the side" and then by the next hour or so they're at the doctors, needing crutches. you're just a fragile soft boi i guess
i mean hey, you can completely compare driving to playing an instrument hahaha. but i get your point ;-; can't see myself being a responsible driver though.. Kaito, we got into mal when we were like 14 two a couple years ago, we can't judge these youngies lmao. but i still think the same thing, like wyd here you're still children!1!1! thank youu, as of this message, i've only got two more assessments and one more exam! watch me fail those bc i'm completely drained and planning to waste away my weekend in rest~~ good luck again with your exams as well Kaito, i'll support you over discord too hehe.
you foooollll hahaha, any plans on making a new profile though?
lorraxne Oct 24, 2018 8:34 AM
Kaito! do you have a discord? in case you do, you can add me at @lorraxne#8940. i'll try to reply to your message here soon, but the past week's been so hectic and next week is exams so it's been difficult to put together a good reply;; just want to know how you've been doing since.
Brooke Oct 20, 2018 11:08 AM
omg i kinda wanna host someone cause it would be fun to get to know someone of a different culture and show them around england, oh damn thats not a lot given but at least it's still something ayee!! wait for real? have you never been to like a sleepover or what?!! i'm so shook wtf! i bet you're gonna have a fabulous time and i honestly am so excited for you to tell me everything you better send me like a book of all the events cause i want all the deets!
oof i wish i could like make my sets more properly in a way, all i do is crop and border, some people make them all fancy with ps and i'm like idk how to execute that at all
i actually loved tanaka-kun, i've been really listless recently i fell asleep in my philosophy lesson the other day but i think i'm more of miyano than tanaka LOOL
LMAO I DON'T THINK IT WORKED I THOUGHT I DID JOIN BUT I JOINED AGAIN NOW WTF I'M SO DUMB!! wait did i seriously think they were japanese this whole time WTF I JUST GOOGLED THEM AND FOUND OUT THEY WERE KOREAN WTF IM SHOOK!?!?! oh really? that doesn't surprise me though cause of all the cool anime openings
LMAO i always sit in the back row, i actually don't think i'm front row for any class now, yikes. i sometimes wonder how invested the teachers are in all our gossip and the drama and relationships of our year, it's like they probably do talk about us behind our back, i defo have had teachers i've never spoken to before say i'm "odd" LOOL yeah since i only have 3 classes it's pretty chill so i can relate
lorraxne Oct 10, 2018 1:50 AM
I recently finished zelda: botw on switch a week into the holiday! it was my first open world rpg game and it was amazing, an easy 10/10. i'll be sure to play similar games in the future. rn i'm replaying mystic messenger haha, otherwise i'm taking a break so i can actually focus on school starting again. we've got exams week three or four, how bout you? what is bandori? ooo, what kind of event? mate, sleeping at 1am on the holidays is good as! now, if we could sleep by even 1am during school.. that calls for a celebration lol. that's more than enough sleep you get! there were times i pulled all nighters during the holiday, sometimes i sleep like 7am and wake up at 5pm. i was an absolute mess. i wish i had your mentality to get motivated like that!
ohh, so you're pretty far into learning it at least! i wish they taught a language in my school.. this damn rural school haha. tell me bout it! i'd still love to hear about how your studies are going in your subjects next year. thank you so much! i'll definitely take up your suggestions and books.
daaamn, smart kid on the block! i only know one person in my year doing maths specialist. i still find it cool that you enjoy maths so much. i wish i had a subject i felt even a little passionate about. can't you change your subjects still? you're doing a good few of hard subjects! chemistry would be a good choice bc it's gonna be useful in lots of courses when you go to uni and jobs. i still have no idea what i want to do either, so you're not alone! i chose math apps, english, chemistry, human bio, psychology and certificate two business (a cert two was required hngh). at first i was gonna do accounting and finance through side, but i changed it to chemistry after being bribed convinced by my teacher and brother. oh yep my life's gonna be hell next year i am so excited! also i'm ashamed of myself myself rn lol, i struggled sm to remember the fifth atar subject i chose so i had to go through my folders.. it was psychology! and it was literally the one subject i was absolutely certain of taking next year afaskfk how could i forget it. do you enjoy physics then? i find it ridiculous that taking religion is required in year 11 and 12 in your school! it should become optional since it's crucial to take the students' preferred classes instead. is it like four periods a week?

i highly doubt she judged you for your anime merch haha. at least she's got something familiar around. actually, what merch do you own? it's been a while since i went to said touristy spots myself, i remember going to a chocolate factory and kings park when i was way younger. it sounds super fun! how does it feel to be on crutches? i tried them at one point, and it seems like i'd get tired quickly while on it. but that could just be me; i'm so weak. ;-; ahh it would've been nice to look back on if you wrote on the journal but it seems you remembered enough. :') oh god the og snags, fairy bread and tim tams, that's whats Australia is all about. so jealous of the gifts your exchange student brought over. it does sound like a great experience even for the people around the exchange student. you ever plan to go to japan for a holiday or the like? my best friend and i are hoping to go to japan or south korea after year 12 lol which would be amazing, i like to think we're serious about it and make it work when the time comes. otherwise, i hope i can still go to japan before then bc it's still two years!
is your sister older or younger than you? i think you said this detail already at one point but i obviously don't remember;; second highest score in bowing, in CRUTCHES? m8 how good are you! what sport are you doing for pe? omg i'm so sorry hAHA i find it hilarious you sprained your ankle in the athletics carnival, not in a proper event but just by slipping hahaha.
yeah i want to drive auto too! everyone in my class says they already know how to drive manual and i'm just... auto only pls. right? i'm already worried enough on the road, i don't want to have to concentrate more than i would on an auto. ooo 2003 then? you youngie! haha jk, we had a joke in class at one time where 2002 and 2003 kids had to separate into two groups and us 2002 kids were like, we're too good for these babies. *kool emoji w the sunglasses*

edit: noticed your different profile pic and- Kaito, how did you mess up so hard to accidentally delete your profile? hahaha nooo
Brooke Oct 5, 2018 2:27 PM
one of my pals apparently got offered a japanese exchange programme for £900 but had to offer a room in their house for an exchange student to stay in, so had to decline it :( i bet it would be awkward af, but you'll get used to the family in the end i suppose. OMG IM SO JEALOUS AHH, i really want to go to the disneyland in tokyo it looks sickk. you better do, i can't wait to hear all about it and you better get some cute pics i'll be waiting uwu
thats true, i really like the effort put into something so small sometimes
are you listless like tanaka-kun?
omg you dummy you literally could have gone and made my ass the most jealous, bts came to uk this year but i didn't go, i'd only really spend the amount they were asking if it were day6, got7, the rose, seventeen or pentagon i'm probs forgetting some but bts aren't my fave faves YAY i love last dinosaurs, they make me chill hype
i'll join RIGHT NOW!! i really only know one band, drug restaurant who are japanese i'll give these a listen uwu
oh yikes, i did that before i said a teacher was better than my teacher incidentally to her face in conversation and you can tell how that went... at least she's more friendly just TAKE IT