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Masou Gakuen HxH
Masou Gakuen HxH
Oct 19, 2017 7:08 PM
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Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai
Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai
Oct 19, 2017 6:26 PM
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Absolute Duo
Absolute Duo
Oct 19, 2017 12:18 PM
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Nabari no Ou
Nabari no Ou
Jul 16, 2017 7:02 AM
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Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria
Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria
May 13, 2017 9:52 AM
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Malicious Code
Malicious Code
May 13, 2017 9:44 AM
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SunlitSonata Sep 12, 2016 3:11 AM
Probably will happen something like this
SunlitSonata Sep 12, 2016 2:10 AM
I'll rewrite it today after school to prove it, if I can remember all I had originally
SunlitSonata Sep 11, 2016 12:17 PM
You'll see it on your profile when I'm ready to paraphrase what I had initially.
SunlitSonata Sep 10, 2016 7:22 PM
I'll post as close to what I had originally, if possible. You'll know if/when I do.

On a completely different note, ever seen Steven Universe?
SunlitSonata Sep 10, 2016 6:44 PM
Also, even though I highly disagree with a lot of your reasons for insisting both seasons are 1/10
(even with Mother's Rosario being really well done in season 2, more in my review on that), I'm sure that special thing is worth nothing even to fans
SunlitSonata Sep 10, 2016 5:42 PM
I gave the show a 6/10. At best. Best thing since sliced bread moreso applies to shows like FMA Brotherhood, Steins;Gate, Cowboy Bebop, Hunter X Hunter 2011, Gurren Lagann, Berserk and a few others. The Progressive book series is much better and fixed nearly every flaw I've had with it. At the very least SAO is very nice to look at and succeeds pretty well in the action and design aspect. There are some pretty good shots and beautiful backgrounds throughout the series. And no I won't insult you for not having my views, only the arguments. Like, for Kirito being alive, totally agree with you, but for Asuna it didn't bug me because Kirito asked Kayaba that he wouldn't allow Asuna to kill herself before they fought, and if you ask me, running into a fatal sword strike not meant for you counts as killing yourself in my book.

I know it's not perfect, but it's not the worst thing I've seen (check my profile for things I gave a lower score) and I wouldn't say it's a show with no merits or no flaws. And not Twilight bad.
SunlitSonata Sep 10, 2016 4:03 PM
I seriously had a super duper long response responding to basically everything you said, why characters helped for the story, how the romance wasn't shallow in the slightest, how Asuna wasn't a bad character and actually showed a cute moment from episode 2, how the designs and animation really help sell the drama, no lie, for why the show isn't totally terrible, but I didn't want to splatter it all over your profile, so I tried to put it into a PM, but when it turned out yours was disabled for non friends, about an hour of work in a response went down the toilet. I wrote reviews for both series of SAO. And also Mahouka for something basically irredeemably awful and universally considered worse.

All I'll say here regarding the whole "Kirito and Asuna don't care about their families" part is that escapism had been a major theme in both series for almost every character, and actually helps some characters. For instance, Kayaba. He's the anti-Kirito and anti-Asuna. He is a person so obsessed with the virtual world that he wanted to escape, so much so to the point where he didn't care about the consequences of his actions, hence why all those who died didn't shake him at all. Kirito and Asuna on the other hand, are similar, but different. Kirito and Asuna escaped to SAO because they were running from something, something they have in common as well- a family that they feel they didn't fit into. However, in spite of their struggles and escape, they put others before themselves
(they only went on their little honeymoon because they had a temporary leave of absence after one of their Guild members turned traitor), the exact opposite of what Kayaba would have done. Because of this, he's a worthy opponent for the two of them to face. He's on the same level of love for the virtual world and of the same mindset for leaving reality behind, but it's the care of other people and other players that makes them different. I love that approach because it makes him more realistic of a character- although he's the GM, Kayaba is still a player like everyone else, but he's just so caught up in his world that he's lost sight of his goal, and that's why I believe he forgets his purpose for making SAO what it was. Kirito and Asuna showed him that.
SunlitSonata Sep 10, 2016 12:26 PM
I'd still argue you're being WAYYYYYYY too harsh to SAO for things that aren't faults. While the show is by no means perfect, I can understand a good deal why the show made some of the decisions that it did, and why Asuna did NOT regress in character by any means. Just didn't get as much main focus, and like Kirito had down to earth moments. It comes to them learning that life in SAO is still life, something to be cherished. Hell, she was the one who attacked the Gleam Eyes monster first, convinced Kirito why leaving her behind to fight alone would be a BAD idea, and play dumb in Arc 2 so she could get a key card Kirito couldn't save her without.

And while other characters were certainly not fantastic, most had nice looking designs or contributed somewhat to how Kirito became the person he would be. Even Suguha actually had something of a character arc to her feelings about her cousin rather than just being there to fill a quota (watch Mahouka for that).
Ryuzaki Sep 8, 2016 8:03 PM
Now that is a comparison I can agree with although Boku no Pico is shorter so it gets the slight edge lol
Ryuzaki Sep 8, 2016 7:32 PM
It's pretty disrespectful to compare a gem like Utsu Musume Sayuri to SAO.
Hammerfest Aug 16, 2014 3:59 AM
Aha. Well I see how you feel about the part where you'd rather listen to it. Music have always been my biggest passion so I thought I'd end up playing instruments, composing songs or some stuff like that, but in the end trying to make music myself was never as fun and exciting as I thought it would be, I got pretty easily bored. But to me it was actually quite a surprise, because I still love music more than anything else. :c I even tried making AMV and trailers, because there you would use epic music that already exist and make it fit with something you love watching. I didn't come very far with that either. xP
Hammerfest Aug 15, 2014 6:09 PM
Ahhh. How long did you play the violin for? :O And woah, law school, that sounds like a lot of hard work. I'm more the kind of guy that wants a job that revolves around my hobbies, and if I can't get that, I'll end up as a store clerk or cleaning toilets. x) I don't think I've ever been productive several days in a row without taking breaks to do other random stuff. :/
Hammerfest Aug 13, 2014 10:15 AM
Ooh, I never tried any of those. But yeah, that's pretty much the same reason I feel I can't play either, takes up way too much time. :O But usually around 6 months after I quit I look at some pictures or watch a video and then suddenly I know I can't keep not playing forever, it's just too sad. q_q I have a lot of friends that play LoL, but I've never really tried any moba games. Idk, I guess I'm actually very picky when it comes down to which MMORPG I'm gonna play. :o

Do you play any instruments now, or did you give up on all of them? And what else are you doing now, if you don't play MMORPG's anymore?
Hammerfest Aug 11, 2014 2:19 PM
So many instruments. o.o I want to learn them all! No but atm I'm really only focusing on piano, but I really want to make it this time so I'm not gonna give up yet!

My other hobbies would be more like "hobby". I have done a lot of hardcore gaming in different MMORPG's and even competed for real life cash prizes etc. but I feel it's taking up way too much time of my spare time so I kinda quit around a month ago. But my life feels so incomplete without it, so I want to start gaming again. Maybe even start making videos for YT or something. @_@

And ofcourse I also watch a lot of anime and movies. But that's probably not a surprise seeing that this conversation is going on in a anime community. xP
Hammerfest Aug 11, 2014 6:39 AM
Sounds like you have a lot to do. :O I'm good! Atm I'm just trying to figure out what to do. I've started getting more and more hobbies lately and it's becoming too much. I'm one of those people who can't concentrate and get good on one thing, so I do a little bit of everything and suck at all of it. xD I recently bought a keyboard and started learning how to play the piano, but I can't even be bothered learning how to read notes, I just want to play, but I also want to do other stuff. I'M SO CONFUUUUUSED.