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Jan 8, 2021
This is a story you must read!!! Just to have some real life love story references in your Yaoi stories shelf!

*There is a prequel story! It is about their past, it's not bad to read it afterward but I would really suggest to read it first! ^^ ❤

So, this story is so real that you can't even compare to a cute and sweet love story. It starts with love and difficulties along with love from the beginning. I think it depends on everyone point of view if it's just heartwarming or heavy and difficult love story but it shows for sure how important is to read more
Jul 31, 2020
I believe it was my first Manhua and BL story I read and I instantly fell in LOVE with it!
The story is absolutely SWEET! All the characters are just charming, cute, unique and hot by the way, especially the main characters!! The expressions and personalities of these two are just adorable, you just can't fall in love with them!

Like mostly you will see the past love/life stories of all the characters in the story, so, it's amazing to see how they are evolving in their own ways. The main story is long but that's what is so good about it!!! Seeing characters past and present read more