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Sep 9, 2017
I honestly dont know why MAL allows reviews to be made when the entire show has not finished airing. Its basically tolerating people to judge prematurely. As of right now the show just has one episode left, so I shouldn't be writing a review yet either but my intention is really to just combat the other negative reviews from individuals who have seen only 4-5 episodes.

Re:Creators is a show that was completely over shadowed upon its release with other huge hits such as the second seasons of Attack on Titan and Hero Academia. Its quite sad really because if nothing else the show has read more
Jan 31, 2017
Not going to say much but this was a pleasant surprise amongst a multitude of other generic titles. The plot is obviously quite bizarre since it revolves around an mc with a girl as a hand. However it provided a light hearted romance with a conclusive ending with resolutions to both the relationships and the dilemma (something hard to come by in anime now days). Its not something to get excited about but it is a good watch that I recommend.
Art and music are mediocre at best, its not something very memorable. And though music makes a huge difference in any anime or form read more
Dec 19, 2016
Just finished watching the movie and it was pretty dope. Dont let the poor MAL score fool you, as its seems to be bullshit a lot of the time anyway. Not really much I want to say except that One; Its pretty OG and gives you that "badass anime made before you were born" feeling. Two; its got romance. I dont know why its not listed on the genres (again faulty MAL) but it most definitely has romance. Some might say its basically a romance. Three; there are some weird "wtf" moments so be prepared. Overall enjoyment was an 8. I would give it a read more
Jul 7, 2016
Well I decided to write a review for this one because it actually exceeded my expectations which is hard especially since I went in being very skeptical of the all to typical shounen. I even put it off till episode seven came out because of my skepticism.

As everyone knows shounens are usually never to original in fact most follow a similar formula. However Boku no Hero Academia reminded me that its not a complex story that gives shounen its appeal but the feelings it inspires in you. Like some of you, I grew up with DragonballZ and Naruto, both of which arent master pieces but read more
Jun 28, 2016
Redline (Anime) add (All reviews)
Before I write my review, I guess it would be fair to inform that I am a sucker for racing movies. Cars is my passion and hobby which I place even above my passion for anime. That being said I was biased in my ratings because I felt the movie deserves higher score than it currently does however I will try to be fair in my review and give my actual scores throughout.

Simply put Redline was a blast. The story couldnt have been more fun and enjoyable. The plot was simple enough, taking place in a universe were space ships and travel through the read more
Jan 29, 2016
Well I just recently watched this series and this review will be on both seasons. I wanted to write something because this anime came off as surprisingly entertaining. When I first saw the cover-art of Tetsuwan on anime sites, I wasnt very intrigued and didnt feel the slightest interest in it, one reason being it looked somewhat childish, I mean birdy's outfit is kinda, how do you put it colorful? Anyway it looked more like a shoujou and not that shoujou's arent good but im a guy so they usually dont appeal to me. Another reason I didnt feel interest was because from the description read more
Jan 14, 2016
Just recently finished watching the series again after more than 3 years. It was among some of the first anime shows I watched when first getting into anime. Watched it on Netflix in dub and decided to watch in Japanese this time since Ive grown to like subbed rather that dubbed. I was very entertained even after a second watch and came to MAL to check its rating and was disappointed to discover its low rating.

Basilisk is a pretty good watch. Yes it has the cliched Romeo and Juliet plot going on but Ive watched 2 versions of Romeo and Juliet and I would read more
Jun 22, 2014
I was just thoroughly entertained by this TRIGGER masterpiece.

There is much that can be said of this anime I will utterly fail trying to explain it.

That being said I attempt to do my best to persuade you that this is a piece of work that I strongly suggest you consider.

First the story. Its awesome, sure it has some familiar aspects but that's what makes it perfect when added to its creative and absurd center. I mean one of the center themes is clothing/uniforms and even though that is not a completely new idea the way that KLK uses it, is. The director read more