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Soul Eater
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Ao no Exorcist
May 8, 2012 7:00 PM
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Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai.
Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai.
May 8, 2012 6:59 PM
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Apr 18, 2012 11:55 AM
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Kimi ni Todoke
Kimi ni Todoke
Jan 27, 2011 2:22 PM
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CrazyClown May 31, 2015 10:15 PM


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KreuzKross May 4, 2010 5:25 AM
...Oh wait >_< when did you get so smart
Zephiroth-Strife Sep 14, 2009 9:36 AM
Yeah I told someone on MAL that I needed to redo my profile but I was too lazy and she gave me some link to mput in my profile (didn't bother to tell me it would screw up my pics) and I got curious and put it in my profile and it screwed up all of my pics. So I'm mad and sad about that. But I don't have time to fix it do to school, hopefully soon I can.

Yup! I write fictional stories and poetry. ^^ But I'm working on my very first novel, haven't gotten very far in it thoyugh.
Zephiroth-Strife Aug 25, 2009 10:02 AM
Just judging by your profile ^^

Nice to meet you btw.
Zephiroth-Strife Aug 21, 2009 11:37 AM
Hi, ^^ you're an interesting person
wonpie_ Jul 2, 2009 1:22 AM
Sorry about not replying! Haven't been coming back to MAL, might probably quit for good :/

School is scarily pressurising and busy, never did I expect it to be this tough, but it's still all good since I have rather helpful and fun classmates :) How's everything going for you?

F.T. Island visited Singapore last week, I heard, but it's quite rare for Japanese or Korean artistes to come here ): Mostly Hongkong or Taiwanese idols. I did manage to see one of my favourite Taiwanese bands promoting their album once though, that was fun!

There are some pretty strange old Chinese notions XD Yeah, I don't think so either, some of the stuff in rice probably adds to the nutrition but I think growth is still more related to a balanced diet maybe?

I kind of dropped the After Story, though I might probably pick it up again when I'm in the mood to continue it. Some of my friends have spoilt me a little :X Ah yes, I saw some clips of Ushio, she's adorable!

Ah, you don't have anyone around you who frequently uses Cantonese?
XD I guess when you're out of a country for sometime and you return people will regard you as a foreigner. I have some friends who are born in foreign countries but spent most of their lives in Singapore, but when they return back to their hometowns they are treated as foreigners too.

Nah, we have our local TV channels here which sometimes buy dramas from TVB I guess but they usually buy it after TVB has aired it for many years.

Do agree, it's not really much of an impressive drama though I liked the food (and Maki). Have you watched Atashinchi no Danshi? Maki's in it too ^^
wonpie_ Apr 19, 2009 2:24 AM
No problem~ I was away to camp too.

DD: good luck, work hard! school's starting tomorrow for me, just came back from orientation two nights ago. I worry about fitting in xP

:DD I hope to be able to visit the concert of my idols sometime soon too. But first I'll need to save up ^^;;

haha, similar situation ><
exactly D: I always tell my mum that all my food will just go down and not anywhere it's supposed to fill, but she insists that if I eat enough I will grow anyway.

oh, was the ending good? I put it off for awhile for fear that it'll be a bad ending.
ushio it's really cute xDD loved her <3

:/ he's good for that I suppose, and his beautiful art complements it very well. makes people feel kinda depressed though.
I absolutely agree -.- it's so.. bleh now.

ack, I know the feeling. it's like your head has the words all there but your tongue doesn't form it right >_> have to keep using it somehow I guess ):

ahh, that's still a bit better than my local channels though. if you don't subscribe to cable some of the dramas can be as old as a couple of years.
yup, it's a pretty famous k-drama ^^ got a lot of people crazy about it.

there was one I watched that Maki acted in, because of her drama I wanted to learn how to make teppanyaki XD
o: what was the error? I went back to mysoju lately since my television somehow went bonkers too.

XD It sure works, sounds happy on its own ^^
wonpie_ Apr 2, 2009 11:00 AM
XD Sorry for the long absence, really.

Mmh, not too well, some stuff happened with the family lately and parents are pretty upset, things aren't going too well with friends either, and I'm pretty nervous about school.

Oh, they visited your country? So lucky ^^ I've tried out some of their songs on youtube lately, it's not bad, but I've yet to find one that makes me remember the song ><;;

O: Do you have a very slim face then?
Haha, my mum is always doing it openly D: And since I have no resistance to good food it works ):
Well I'll definitely be waiting for them eagerly P:

Ugh, it's just awful, it burns the eyes ;_; The one I saw was extremely graphic..

Do agree D:
Oh, I've tried Byousoku 5cm, and managed to watch about 1/4 of Voices of a Distant Star when my Internet disconnected and the next day Crunchyroll removed it >_> I've still yet to find any other sites that work for me.

Hmm I think we've somewhat talked about it before xP
I can understand it a little and used to be able to speak it, but now my vocabulary has dwindled miserably after not using it for more than 8 years or so.
Ah, why? Does the UK air HK dramas? O:
Goong is a pretty good starter, it's very romance-based though :X But my friend who hates romance still loves it.
Ah, I haven't tried any of the gameshows yet since none of the TV channels here broadcasts it D:
I've been meaning to watch it, since there's Erika Toda in it and the story sounds so interesting but ah.. busy busy D<

O: Hm doesn't mysoju have it? I vaguely remember watching the series there, though I think their video quality has dropped a lot now. That series makes me so hungry >:

Oh I've tried So Hot ^^ Very addictive! Seems like they are good for catchy songs, I'll go check out the ballad too :)

O: What's that? XP
wonpie_ Mar 26, 2009 9:04 AM
Sorry for the late reply! I'm taking time off MAL and stuff so that I can tend to rl more ><;;

I've heard of the name but never really listened to their songs much :X

{S}in{G}apore =x

Lucky you ^^ My weight seems to go in the places where I don't want them to go, when I do gain any.
Haha yes, it's pretty helpful when I grow really old, but at the moment it's more of a disadvantage at times.
Hm.. eternity of beauty eh. Might be true, if I actually have beauty in the first place :X

:X It's true! She sounds that anyway.
Haha yeah, trying to read more now ^^
.. I've accidentally stumbled on a hentai/yaoi manga once. D: The horror, I will not forget.
Mmh, true, I guess I need to train my patience more ^^;;

:X Key is just too good at making its audience tear.
Hm, kinda yes I guess. Tomoyo's arc was also pretty realistic too.. so maybe people can relate more to it.
Mmh, a lot of people say that ^^ I didn't really notice in the beginning but after people pointed out the similarities I guess I get it.

XD I guess she totally forgot that she was supposed to be a guy, and that as a normal guy he wouldn't be jealous of her.
She watches occasionally, mostly because I'm watching it in the same room so she got interested :X She prefers Hongkong dramas though.
Yeah, loads of Korean dramas seem to have ridiculously tragic ending x_x But most of the ones I've watched are comedies so no such problem ^^. I've only watched one so far that made my eyes hurt, the rest all have happy endings. True, Jdramas are usually more inspiring and uplifting imo, even 1 Litre of tears even though it was very sad too.

Hmm, do you like dramas related to food? If yes maybe Osen? :X

I'll go test them out XD If my head hurts I'll stop the song ;3
Oh haha, her Do You Know was the song that made me notice her though.
Sorry, mis-typed, I meant Wonder Girls XD I've listened to Wonder Girls' Nobody, pretty catchy, but I've yet to try other songs yet, any to recommend?

wonpie_ Feb 21, 2009 1:39 PM
D: Spend it well!

Oh, I think I have a collection of those that belong to my mum since she's a Snoopy fan ^^ Not sure if it's the same though.
SG = short form for Singapore =x
Yeah kinda, asking me to act friendly even to the people I don't like and such x_X
Oh hm.. to me I think maybe sometimes people aren't sure what to reply? I do get that sometimes though :/

Aw people can be pretty insensitive sometimes eh >_> But now you can show them that you've shed it off now,right? :D
Ugh, same, my relatives like to discuss how immature I look.
Nah I think I can relate ^^ Some things just can't be forgotten by praising.
Oh xP ..sadly I'm still the shortest in the family.

Haha, your sister sounds so cute XD I do get confused sometimes too x_x Guess I still need more manga practice :D
I like both yuri and yaoi D: *hides face* Both are kinda cute to me, but not when yaoi gets too ..mature though. Those I can't take x_X
D: I don't dislike it, but I'm not good with anything that's too long. Though that may be because I watched the anime, haven't tried the manga.

>< Unexpectedly yes, when I saw the scene at her sister's wedding I kinda teared. /embarassed
Oh oh, then yes it was really sad >< But it ended all well, didn't it? Mmh, 'that guy'? I'm not sure if I know who you're referring to.. D: Though Tomoya never really striked me as a delinquent.. he seems too nice and helpful to be labeled one o_O
Mmh yes the teddy bear XD But the process was pretty sad though, or maybe it's because I like her a lot so I felt the pain for her :P

Hm, I guess that would make sense ^^ I did get annoyed by her in the beginning but she grew on me I guess.
Heh, that's one of the biggest reason ^^ Ah yes xD The conversation was hilarious. I was kinda surprised at Maki's boldness, too.
Yeah D: My mum and I was joking about how that's going to be the ending everytime we watch a kdrama. Yup, it was one of my first few dramas ^^ It was pretty inspiring and also very sad :/

XD but that means she's a great actress right?

Ah D: But it did sound good though, I expected my head to start hurting but it didn't :3 Maybe I'll try out some other of their songs to see if it'll all have the same effect.
Ah I'm not sure if I've tried that. I did love her Do You Know album a lot though :)
Oh really? I've never heard her sister's song hm.. only seen her in a movie before.
Yep ^^ Oh I've heard of them but haven't listened to their songs, are they good?
wonpie_ Feb 19, 2009 6:27 AM
Oh xD Have any plans for your holiday?

Hmm I'm not too fond of the ones here x_X They seldom have very interesting stuff, all hard and plasticky. The only good batch I can remember was probably several years back where they sold Hello Kitty plush toys along with the set meals.. that created quite a bit of news in SG xD
That's true :/ My mum is always telling me to be a bit fake sometimes.
Mmh, it doesn't seem so to me unless the person is faking interest in a subject he/she isn't interested in? Just talking is a way of making friends, I feel =x

^^ Must be nice to be called tall~ I've been called short even by kids who're 3-4 years younger than me T_T
O: How tall is your sister?

Haha she didn't know how to read it? How come? It wasn't in a language you guys knew?
Slap her O_O Why? xD
Yup yup, and the ending in the anime was similar in a sense to me..
Hmm One Piece eh, I've tried it before, liked the characters but it's so long T_T

Yeah I found that kind of..blah. It's like our tears have been cheated or something D<
I felt that Tomoyo's arc was kind of rushed :/ Not given enough exposure. Though they did make it up more or less in the extra episode all about Tomoyo and Tomoya. Kotomi's arc felt pretty sad too, but I'm glad they didn't make her go overseas like it was supposed to happen.

Erm, like how the guy plays with the girls' feelings and make them all crazy over him, in a sense.
Haha I just don't like cases of multi-pairings I guess, it annoys me a little.
Yup I did try the Taiwan version before I tried the Japanese but it wasn't that good to me, I didn't finish it. The Japanese seemed much better, I also watched the special recently, it was hilarious xD
D: If they do, that would be pretty screwed up somehow. My friends are all raving about how good the Korean version is though.

Yes xD It's impossible not to laugh P: Maki has quite a lot of classic scenes to me.
Oh, I haven't tried those two yet >< Planning to watch Last Friends after I try Ryusei no Kizuna though, it seems quite interesting.

It actually sounds good to me o.o I'm surprised ^^;;
Ah yes I've heard some of her songs some time ago, she has a pretty strong voice. I quite like Cantonese songs, have you heard of Janice/Wei Lan?

Yeah same for me too. My friends have started celebrating together in the recent years but it's still not a significant event for me.
True )< Singles should deserve some attention as well, V-day is too focused on couples.

wonpie_ Feb 16, 2009 8:34 AM
O: Half-term, it's a holiday too?
Aw.. make many mini-snowmans! xD

Hm the portion is slightly lesser I guess, but it's more than enough for a single person with normal appetite most of the time.
xD I seldom order kiddy meals either, I've always felt the adult ones seem more delicious, but now that I'm no longer within the age limit I want to order kiddy meals x_x Ah, contradictory..
Yeah I don't get them either, isn't it more tiring to be fake anyway? Ah I get quite snarky when people talk down to me xD But most people find me scary so it doesn't happen that often.
Ah don't worry, your height is probably considered tall among Asians xD Plus 1.8 is..more than a head taller than me ;_;
Hm.. I'm about the height of the first 3 levels of an average supermarket shelf. ....If that makes any sense at all xP

Oh, your sister reads manga too? I'm envious~ My brother only ever read Naruto x_X I agree, S.A. is really good. Some of the plot did remind me of Ouran though.
Hmm.. I don't specifically pay attention to the genre but I don't think I've tried any shounen manga. But that's partly because I haven't read many manga anyway, do you have any recommendations? =x
True ^^ Sometimes the jokes just don't come out the same way when animated, and some of the story too.
DDD: NUUU. But you don't know exactly know what the spoiler is about! >3 So it was only a hint.
Ack, I kind of don't like what they did to Fuko in the end. Forgetting her is bad enough but turning her into some random character that pops out at the worst possible time got kind of annoying )<
Haha, I guess Key is pretty famous for sad anime.. I just hope the ending doesn't turn out to be too bad :/ I can't really handle unhappy endings either, it's okay for me if it's sad in the process but does end up happy.

Winsomesauce :DD

D: Hm I guess Clannad is kinda harem, but I'm more of referring to those where all the girls are crazy about one guy and the guy has the time of his life making the girls hang in mid-air for him.. not just in an ecchi way, but in a I-will-screw-your-mind way too.
Ahh Makino? The main girl? Hm.. I guess that part is a part only girls will like xD
In the Taiwan version there was a group called F4 that played the part of the F4 ^^ They were the first live drama version of HYD.

I loved it when she did the 'Baby' thing, it was so unexpected. I also loved this little 'dance' thing she did in Nobuta. Bah, I'll smack them even if you didn't say xP But their tastes are pretty different from mine so I'm not really surprised.
Hmm Ueno Juri.. her name sounds familiar but I can't place my finger on where I've heard it, which dramas have she been in?

I've only been exposed to the Gazette and An Cafe so far, they are okay to me but still quite loud >< I guess it needs getting used to :X
Hmm, my personal favourites are definitely F.I.R and Mayday (a.k.a Wu Yue Tian).. there's this rather underrated all-girl band called Cherry Boom that's pretty good too, their songs are rather quirky.

Haha, I'm dateless too, so V-day was never much of a big event for me though I did celebrate a little with my friends early in the week. V-day itself was just rotting away in front of the computer T_T
wonpie_ Feb 14, 2009 7:19 AM
O: So you basically had a 5-day holiday? xP
Build a huge snowman! =x

No way D: I'm sure it'll look good :3

In most restaurants here you'll have to be 12 and below to order the kids' meal. I guess it's because the kids' meal are cheaper than adults' meal despite having the same kind of food :X
Hm, the shopkeepers don't really so much as act it.. people just seem nicer to kids somehow? Some of them do fake it then it annoys me though, or when they talk down to me.
D: *pelts marshmallows at you* Tall people, evil tall people!
I'm only 156. Haven't grown at all in 3 years.

Haha I've forgotten about Special A because of that but now I'm back to it though, since they updated again.
I didn't like to read manga actually in the past, since I felt that animated is better than black and white, but now I'm kinda hooked.
D: Ah I'm sorry, I think that was a joke from After Story if my memory doesn't fail me. Some kind of prank Tomoya played on Sunohara, it was hilarious.
Oh, that little kid is cute xD I think After Story has gotten pretty sad.. I stopped watching x_x
I'll never forget that awesome classic xD I keep a gif of it so I can spam my friends with it sometimes.

I'm a fan of Ryuuji x Taiga as well ^^ Hm.. *can't remember whether I watched episode 19* Shall go check again P:

Haha I watch anything as long as it's not cliched/cheesy and no harem.. no mecha too. ><
It was quite romance-based since it's mainly about the difficulties Domyouji and Makino have to overcome for their relationship.. though it's not really very obvious and in your face like a lot of Taiwan dramas happen to be xD
Same, I was always awed by how they seem to be able to make anything happen >_>
Ah I see :X I'm not a fan of all her songs though she does have a handful that is good.
I don't know either! Personally I think Maki is awesome because she's so adorable and she can fit into any role she's put into, whether it's that tomboyish girl in Hana Kimi or the timid role in Nobuta. But my friends either say she's not pretty or that she's just not very interesting D<
Haha why not? Cutest is a nice word >D
I first knew of her through Nobuta but it was Hana Kimi that caught my eye too ^^ Both her role and the drama itself was fantastic. I'm rewatching currently as it is xD

Ah I see :X My friends want me to try J-rock but overly loud music tend to give me a painful headache so I didn't dare ><
Tenjochiki is quite underrated since they have been lying quite low for quite awhile already, but SNSD/Girls' Generation was quite popular awhile back. Not sure whether they still are or not since I'm not familiar with K-music either ><

Happy Valentine's Day to you! Doing any celebrations?
wonpie_ Feb 12, 2009 6:28 AM
Wow O_O Did you get snowed in or anything? xD

If you do make any post some pictures up! So I can have a good look even if I can't taste pixels..

^^ That'll be cool, if possible! Though I'll definitely need to hone my graphics skills before I even collaborate with anyone. :X

Haha don't worry, it's not offensive. I guess I do get some perks out of it.. I can probably order a kids' meal if I dress the part, though I don't try ^^;; Shopkeepers do treat me somehow nicer and I do get discounts out of it from time to time too. Hm, I'll say we're average for Chinese I guess, most girls are around 1.6, guys around 1.7-1.8.
What about your height? xP

Ack, I remember waiting for a manga update after a cliffhanger and it didn't update for nearly a month. Nearly killed me D<
I like to read the manga version after I watch the anime xD Allows me to spot details that were left out in the anime.
Yes I love the cracks.. and a toilet seat cover XD Have you watched Afterstory too?
My top favourites of the girls are Kotomi, Tomoyo and Ryou. I quite like Sunohara too, the jokes wouldn't have been quite the same without him.

Ah, that might be possible :/ Though I still hope to see a pairing I'll like ^^

I did pity him in the beginning.. but as the series dragged on I just got annoyed by him ><

Loads of people, especially guys don't much fancy romance-saturated dramas like HYD :X So I'm surprised that you watched it xD Did you like the drama though?
Oh you disliked Utada Hikaru previously? How come?
<333 Maki Horikita!! She's my favourite too, unfortunately none of my drama-fanatic friends like her at all ): Her freakiness was kinda cute to me xD And something I can relate to.

Ack, I need to widen my knowledge of Japanese music T_T What category do they fall into then?
Sorry for my ignorance xD
I like Tenjochiki and SNSD's songs, though I'm not too sure about their personality. My friend got me hooked on one of SNSD's songs after she dedicated it to me.
Hmm, I'll go check them out ^^ Thanks for the recommendation!
wonpie_ Feb 9, 2009 3:46 AM
*envious* I've never seen snow in my life T_T

Hm, my family don't really have a tradition of eating nian gao so we don't really get to eat them unless we happen to have seen them and wanted to buy. This year I didn't go out with my parents to do the CNY shopping so none of the yummy new year goodies ):
Woah, sounds nice ^_^ My grandma used to make desserts too but she doesn't anymore.

Yeah, after seeing the way teachers had to handle the kids I gave up xD
Ah, I'm sure free time is still possible depending on how we manage the time... I guess. :XX

^^ The look-young-when-old thing is a perk I guess, and it's kind of an advantage to be mistaken for a kid at times. I used to find it annoying but I'm mostly used to it now. I have some friends (..mostly guys D<) who like to call me dwarf or mini. Evil people, bah D:

Yup, I don't mind cliffhangers in marathons but if you have to wait say, a week (or more if the subbing team is slow) to see what happens after the cliffhanger it can get horrible D: Though I do like the wait for some good series since it prolongs the end of the series P: I fell in love with Key ever since Kanon.. I'm what some of the MAL people call Kyoanitard I guess :X I adore scary stuff, but in manageable doses since too many can make my face look like this -> @_@

Ah yes I watched that and throughout the entire episode I was cringing and wishing he'll go back to his normal self. That look is just .. not him.
That's one thing I love about Toradora ^_^ They are not just all good and all bad.. they all feel very human.
Ryuuji sure has no end of female attention xDD

Hmm, I didn't mind Okawari I guess, but I didn't like that little kid.. I forgot what's his name, the Minami sisters' neighbor.

I checked out that song and really loved it <3
Ah you watched HYD?! I'm surprised xD Hana Yori Dango made me fell in love with Planetarium and Utada Hikaru's Flavor Of life xP
Ohh Nobuta wo Produce.. I need to rewatch that soon, I forgot most of it since I rushed through it.
Haha I know what you mean, one of my favourite bands I used to hate them a lot since I felt they were a copy of my other favourite band.
I still remember I first heard of Mai Kuraki through blog-hopping and got interested in her voice immediately xP
Oh, I've vaguely heard of those.. are they J-rock, or did I make a mistake? ><
Loads of friends have recommended me Big Bang but I don't really know which of their songs to start of :X I like some Korean female groups though.