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Jan 30, 2017
All the way from the beginning the show told us that It's important for maester and the weapon to work in synergy, with deep enough connection they can overcome everything, absolutely everything. There wouldn't be a maester without a weapon and vice versa.
(Sound body, mind, soul etc...)

Maka and Soul had constant relations development but for what? In the end Maka did the courage asspull and oneshotted the omnipotent kishin with a single punch without any assistance from Soul, except the whole squad was cheering for Maka from their weird positions. Ending the series with a very unsatisfying note, not giving any closure.

Mind you, this wasn't read more
Jan 3, 2017

So JoJo..

basically It's a story about the most ripped and upset japanese teenager going around the globe into Egypt to punch multiple times a 120 year old british vampire who has stolen his great grandfathers body from the neck down after sleeping in a coffin under the sea for 100 years. (Wryy~)
During his journey he's also punching frenchmen, pedophiles, orangutans, cowboys, steamrollers and various other things.
He's accompanied by his ripped vampire hunter grandfather, cherry licking guy, african on fire and the most based frenchman you're ever going to see.

It's pretty good!

Oh and I forgot to mention that read more
Oct 20, 2016
Shelter (Anime) add (All reviews)
It's quite hard to review music videos, and in this case it's anime related and went viral instantly. Leading all the masses to watch it since It's only 6 minutes long.
So the problem with it going viral quick means It's going to get Perfect scores because of the following points:

a) It's from a known EDM artists known as Porter Robinson and Madeon
b) It's well animated and has quite a pretty artwork and a moe girl
c) It's short and viral so more people with lower standards are going to rate it high
d) "feels"

After going through these points I'm going to give my own opinion about read more
Jul 20, 2016
I recently decided to watch Tatami Galaxy and after finishing the first episode I marathoned the whole thing. I looked into who was the director and it was Masaaki Yuasa. His work was so phenomenal, I checked what other anime he’s directed and Ping Pong the animation was one of them.

Many people have been recommending me to watch Ping Pong for a while now so I thought it’s two flies with a one swat if I watch it now. Oh boy that was one of the best decisions I’ve done.

Ping Pong the animation tells us a story of multiple high schooler ping pong players and read more
Jul 7, 2016
Hundred (Anime) add (All reviews)
Hundred, more like Hundred % in to the trash it goes.
When you make a fusion of Light novel adaptation and every single harem trope you get this kind of abomination.

It was painful to finish this series and I actually dropped it at episode 7 but one weekend I had this extreme hangover and decided to punish myself for it by finishing Hundred. During that day I actually enjoyed puking more than watching Hundred and that says a lot.

+ It was only 12 episodes but it felt like a 2 cour
+ It made puking seem like a nice activity
+ I'm never going to drink that read more
Apr 7, 2016
Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch R2 is a very ambitious anime. The first season was brilliant but season 2 introduced a lot of new subplots and at first I hesitated if It's really able to deliver satisfying conclusion to Lelouch's struggle ?

Turned out I was quite wrong.
S2 was very similar to S1 and It seemed to do everything bigger and better than the prequel. There are a lot of heartbreaking and ridiculous events that NO ONE expects but that is what makes Code Geass so lovely and a breath of fresh air.It doesn't follow the script of other similar shows and does It's own read more
Feb 27, 2016
*Spoiler free-ish review*

Silver spoon is the very definition of "Don't judge the book by It's cover"

Silver spoon is a anime/manga from the Author of the famous Fullmetal Alchemist and tells a story about Hachiken, a smart guy who doesn't know what he wants from his life.
He is cornered by his parents who want him to join boarding school for his destined university.
Finally he has mental breakdown and says screw it and joins a agricultural school far away from his home.
Lesson by lesson he begins to understand the lives of the people who live on the countryside and how they life from hand to read more
Jan 18, 2016
**spoiler free review**

"Wait for it, I'll make you clearly say "It's Good" with that mouth of yours, even if I have to exhaust my cooking to its limit..."

Shokugeki no Souma is on of those anime series you start watching without any expectations because "hey It's anime about guy who apparently can cook and joins a cooking academy that's supposedly pretty challenging".

In reality It's much more than just a cooking show. It's outrageously funny and well illustrated how they depict every cooking session as some kind of battlefield or orgy of multiple "foodgasms" (as the fans of the series call those scenes) where the tasters gets read more
Dec 27, 2015
**spoiler free** slightly altered re-upload**

Kotonoha no Niwa is a rare piece of anime these days. It's a simple and fairly short movie about two ordinary people who meet each other by chance in ordinary garden during rainy season in ordinary circumstances. There are no grand schemes or other major events, It's just a simple story about love.
You may notice I used a lot of words like "simple" and "ordinary". Those words describe this movie in a good way and why It's so wonderful.

That's where It's magic lies. Through beautiful artwork, sounds and relatable characters they turn this simple story into something way different.

I absolutely loved read more
Dec 10, 2015
**Spoiler free review**

Nagi No Asukara is one of my all time favorites. I got inspired writing this review while re-watching the series. Now that we're close to Christmas It's perfect time to watch this series.

While It might sound silly, in Nagi No Asukara there are two races of people; surface and sea dwellers. They're practically the same but sea dwellers got this mysterious "ena" that allows them to live underwater.
I'll tell a little about the beginning of the story so you'll get some kind of picture what this anime is about.

There's 4 childhood friends who live under sea in the village of Shioshishio. The read more