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Yakusoku no Neverland
Yakusoku no Neverland
Oct 10, 11:12 PM
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Carole & Tuesday
Carole & Tuesday
Sep 9, 8:56 AM
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Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru
Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru
Sep 4, 7:05 AM
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Meowla Today, 4:23 AM
Yes I agree, some manga are weird like that and make me lazy to read them too XD
I don't know why they are waiting for so long to announce the ne new season, probably will be soon.
I'm glad you like my new username :)
Izuru_Kamukura10 Today, 2:21 AM
Ahhh yes. Manga SnK readers can be just freaking awful. Similar to what I said to a friend of mine, the next manga reader who spoils me loses an eye lmao. I am -50 tolerant of spoiler babbling fools. Hence I am 110% careful when doing anything related to SnK content because manga readers just cannot help but run their mouths too much.

Aha yes yes I do. She's simply amazing ^^ I've loved her for years. She is my ideal woman and everyone one of my friends knows how much I love her and how I fanboy her XD XD. My waifu and all. I shall forever be grateful to Ufotable for animating her the way I see her now XD And I do get ticked off when someone disses her lol And P.S. unlike probably others who like Saber

And yes I do :) Chuuya is just great. Him and Dazai in a buddy cop style thing would be something XD

Ohhh. I am awful with horrors XD XD Tend to avoid them lol You are another one I know who likes them :) and Christian Bale I know of him. That because of his Christopher Nolan Batman movies and his MC role in Equilibrium. I recognize him anywhere now XD
UhOhSPAGET Today, 1:00 AM
Ayyy nice. I haven't seen that one yet, I should do that sometime. Yeah I feel that xD I've had Steins;Gate on my list for probably at least a year now but I only just got to watching it a couple of weeks ago :') (And it's now the latest addition to my favourites list :) )

I will admit, while I am super super hyped, I do get slightly sad these days when I think of Haikyuu cuz I have a suspicion that the next chapter of the manga may very well be the last one D: Ahh well, there's still enough content for another season or two of the anime at least :D

Heheh in other news, I am currently going through a full-blown BNHA phase xD (which I'm blaming on A. the new season, B. I recently bought the video game and have been playing it a lot, and C. I've been reading the manga a lot lately too :D)
Izuru_Kamukura10 Oct 12, 12:31 AM
Ahhh I understand :) See to it that you do your best and that no calamities befall upon you.

XD Well unless you plan to join the people who would just read the manga like a friend of mine, then you're still on this side of the fence like I am. Still not touching the manga and awaiting the anime on this side XD I'm dedicated to my policy and I'm just waiting for the anime goodies to delight me.

True enough. I guess for people like us, that way of life is just not for us at all. I personally do not like the idea of it and have seen how works out irl and honestly the results of it does not seem pleasing whatsoever and against who I am as a person. When you have a friends to me, you have a responsibility to care and invest time with them. If you can't do any of that and leave them behind to me, you are the worst kind of friend.

Why yes I have although cinema style XD Since the last time we've talked, I've Rambo: Last Blood, The Joker and Gemini Man and if the MCU is going to pull out another movie then I may watch it too depending on the movie.
Meowla Oct 11, 7:21 AM
Same here, I have so many shows on hold and in my PTW list XD
Oh yeah I have that show on my plan as well, I think it's something similar to Made In Abyss anime,
I agree it seems interesting! :)
UhOhSPAGET Oct 8, 3:35 AM
Yahalloooo! (^ o ^)/" Welcome back! :D

Hahaha yeah can relate xD My PTW list just forever ever-growing :') It's like whenever I think to myself "Ok! Now I'm gonna watch this!" something else comes up and gets in the way...

I reckon you should definitely watch KnA at some point :D I finished it a while back and I absolutely loved it. So I read the manga lol.

Speaking of, I finally managed to catch up with the Haikyuu manga and aliuhdfruailgd I'm so hYPED for season 4 now :D

Oh! And I just realized you put Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru on your PTW list! Great choice, that one's a real hidden gem :)
Meowla Oct 5, 3:14 PM
Im okay thanks, I wanted to tell you how I liked The Count Of Monte Cristo anime and I think you would too,
it kind of helped me get over Monster a little (YET I STILL MISS IT XD ) but it was a really nice anime,
Izuru_Kamukura10 Oct 5, 1:18 AM
Yes it has like a month and how many days I think but at least you came around. Had me worried tbh ^^; But I'm happy you're around. Just a couple of days ago, I wanted 2 people to come online and talk to me and you being one of them and here you are XD Funny how that works out.

And I get what you mean there with SnK O.O Gotta do the work justice after having us watch through it all and enjoyed it to now. It would just be robbery if the very last season to conclude all of the good ones was not good >.<

That makes two of us ^^ I am also not someone who befriend others for the sake of it either. I honestly have a prejudice against people who have far too many friends because at times, I feel like because they have so many that they end up leaving others behind and not caring or even knowing how those they left behind feel. To me, a person who does not value their friends enough does not deserve them. And I do treasure them and that's why I go out of my to stay in contact with them and I hear you when you talk about people preferring relationships with benefits than connections with people who really care. I personally cannot envision living a life with those kind of relationships and find them truly fulfilling. And thanks ^^ especially coming from someone who is also careful with who you befriend.
neslytherin Oct 1, 11:47 AM
clc devillll
AnimePixelz Sep 30, 3:03 PM
oooh i see. yeah im pretty sure that's how most of bts fan's came into the fandom lol.
ooh no, i havent. what's their comeback song?
Yorozuya-no-Yume Sep 28, 7:28 AM
Hello, how have you been? My reply is again super late and I apologize, although real life is what keeps me really stressed out and busy. Yeah, it's still not something that's mainstream, but yeah you're probably right. I know many metalheads, both in real life and online, though metal seems pretty big here in Eastern Europe, so I assume that's why.

Fair enough, in case you ever need some recommendations, feel free to hit me up :)
By the way, you've got a beautiful profile.
Meowla Sep 25, 5:43 PM
Hi how are you?
I miss watching Monster (◕︿◕✿)
kloxy Sep 23, 3:23 AM
hehe thank u <3

Your profile is so aesthetic!
UhOhSPAGET Sep 12, 6:24 AM
Haha don't sweat it. As you can see, my replying-in-a-timely-manner skills are just as bad if not worse :')

Yamaguchi is the sweetest cinnamon roll who deserves the world and everything in it and no one can tell me otherwise!

Ah yeah that's fair enough. I'll admit I do find that it's a lot easier to follow the plot/get attached to the characters if I can watch multiple episodes at once. Thankfully Nakanohito and Kanata no Astra both had five episodes out already. With those I could easily slot into the story and get properly attached to the cast, whereas with EnStars I had to rewatch it once a few episodes were out to really understand what's going on (haha I still enjoy it tho :3)

I actually really like pretty much all the Kanata no Astra mains at the moment (although if I really had to pick one favourite, it'd probably be Kanata tbh :3) So far they've all been likable people (for the most part) and they've all gotten a good dose of character development. Of course, it could also be that I'm a lil bit biased cuz I really love space stuff :) Haha you can imagine how excited I was to hear that there was a series being released that was set in space WITHOUT mecha for once :D Haha I'm a little sad it's finishing next week tbh :')
Izuru_Kamukura10 Sep 12, 2:46 AM
An argument is only as useful and productive I feel as the other person is willing to listen otherwise it just becomes a back and forth argument with no conclusion or worse an argument which becomes just insulting and making the other person look stupid. And logically anyone who feels insulted or made to look stupid is less inclined to reason. So when insults or making the other person look stupid element comes in, it is becoming a sure sign that it's going to end with nothing concluded.

Apparently so :( Tho I cannot confirm it but the fact that Wit Studio is not confirm as the one making it is giving signs that it's not going to be them anymore. Gets you worried if the new one to be in charge will be able to keep up the quality that has been produced with SnK anime.

I think he's just trying to justify his actions and believes he's on the right there which is ludicrous. I mean like imagine if someone you've been around with for a while suddenly just dropped in and did that then justified it by saying 'Hey I've been spending time with you a lot so I am going to start ditching you.' He might as well go ahead and give me the real reason why he ditched me. I was never that important and the guy he befriended was more fun and interesting to him than I am. I get that a lot tbh so I would not find the least bit surprising if this was the same too.
It was like spending time with me was torture and he had enough of it lmao. Spending time with your friends and people you care about is torture lmao Yeah I don't buy that. Some friend that guy turned out be. I can tell you right now that I would never in a million years ditch anyone of my friends for a such crappy reason.
My life has been filled with such people ^^; and people tell me in grade 8 of my school year that I was anti-social lmao. Who the hell can blame me if the time I do care then people just end up ditching me because they think I am not important and that it's all about the fun so as soon as they find someone more fun than me then it's ditching time. Anyways I don't consider myself as anti-social as much as socially selective.

And anyways that crappy reasoning is fucked up in itself anyways. Spending time with people you care about is a privilege you should be happy with and cherish. Being someone who spent a lot of time in the past without people outside his own family that he cares about, I know how valuable it is and how important and a privilege it is which people seems to think so lightly of. There's no 'spending too much time' metric to it. Everyone one of the people you care are important not some of them or even almost all of them but all of them. You treat them anything less than that then you don't deserve them.
Mind my idealism rant there XD