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May 30, 2021
CGI the only reason this isn't a 10 is because the use of CGI was really distracting and felt out of place with the frame rate of the models. It looked stiff and almost laggy especially next to the beautifully drawn 2d backgrounds and trying to mesh the two types of animation together just does not work.

That said what a ride this series was, it grabbed my attention and never let it go until the ride was over. I loved the characters and their voice actors and how they somehow made fan service lewd and wholesome at the same time was just a perfect blend. read more
Apr 25, 2021
This series is pretty good, it won't drop your jaw or reinvent the wheel but it is something very easy to jump into even if your new to anime.

One thing that really stood out to me and hurts the rating I'm providing is the use of CGI which really destroyed some of the scenes where consistent animation would have had a much bigger impact and been far more impressive. That said it is still a beautiful series with vivid colors and great environments.

To follow up on things that stood out I very much enjoyed the sound and characters. The world felt alive and the people read more
Apr 6, 2021
They are fairly good at staying consistent with this season and the last. The overall feel of the world and characters are just as good as the last season and they even started building on the world and organizations working in the background so I enjoyed that a lot.

The characters felt great and their interactions are just as enjoyable as the last season, everything has a good flow to it and feels natural. They handle lewd scenes very well too and even creating comedy that made me laugh more then a few times within those scenes and that is always a bonus.

One issue that carries read more
Apr 5, 2021
I can't rate this series a 10 because some episodes are rushed unfortunately and I can't rate this a 5 because its well above average so an 8 is the only one that really felt right.

This series does a wonderful job with its characters and their interactions with each other even making you feel like part of the group at times. Their conversations flow well and feel natural and this along with some exceptional voice acting brought the characters to life. The only thing I would like to see more however is main character growth. The main constantly lets other people risk their lives while read more
Mar 27, 2021
Ben-To (Anime) add (All reviews)
While I was watching this series I smiled and laughed but never did I expect to be moved emotionally from something as silly as fighting over food. It just goes to show that passion and action speaks and I really enjoyed this unique series because of that and the many unexpected emotions they were able to build up throughout this series.

It has some really charming art and the lewd side is just wacky fun that made me smile most of the time as the main character constantly embarrasses himself yet he still gives off this honest guy vibe. You add in some very impactful sounds read more
Mar 26, 2021
I apologize for my poor writing.

At the start you are immediately thrown into this world which clearly has an anchor tied down to reality because of the main characters previous life which will play a major role in how he acts and changes over the course of this season.

Our habits don't just fade away because we say we want to change and I believe this story does a good job at reminding us that who you are now will affect who you are in the future. This is something shown a lot because the mains previous lifestyle will sometimes come through in moments and read more
Feb 2, 2021
*Spoiler Free*

I miss this series already. The best way to describe this series is as a wholesome story about someone discovering the world created here and learning about it and its people. A journey like this is sometimes taken in the direction of action and focuses on that to keep the attention of the viewer however for this series its focus is on the people in it and the mind, essentially the core of what makes any story good.

Keeping its goal in mind I'm able to tell that there is a solid foundation for a long and branching story about growing up in a read more
Jan 29, 2021
*Spoiler Free*
13 Episodes is all it took to make an impression on me. In 13 Episodes I realized how much potential anime still has in these new years and I believe it will be a good ride if more series like this pops up.

After watching both the dub and sub I believe its time to put my thoughts out there and this is a series I am clearly giving high praise for. While My writing here will certainly lack this series is quite the opposite. In 13 episodes it was able to build up a world with elaborate connections to its lore, people, and read more
Jan 26, 2021
Now this is a series with an interesting start so don't be fooled, the first episode is meant to be the way it is and will make sense later. I really enjoy the focus on a time and a place that this series looks back on because history is something everyone should learn from and the obvious lesson here is that no matter where in the world you are from pain is the way for your body to tell you something is wrong, it is not a good thing and there is no way to justify it from any angle.

This series is very good at read more
Jan 24, 2021
This season has just as much energy if not more then the first one in the series. The writer loves to tease romance and other emotions and does an outstanding job making you feel all the emotions he wants to express. Another thing I really enjoy is the characters, almost every single character is written so well to the point they could take over the screen for entire episodes and be just as fun to watch as the main character and it just shows the talent that went into this.

One thing I really enjoyed figuring out is that the original author actually made the main read more