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This show is just absolutely incredible. All of the emotions and action that they put into such a small amount of time in each episode (only 1 so far out of a total of 13). I love the two women of Zwei Wing, Tsubasa (blue hair) and Kanade (red hair). They're like the musical version Panty & Stocking (who are both so amazing).
The story for this show consists of various elements to achieve a sense of loss but then of gain from the viewer. It does seem to be a bit confusing at times with how much it jumps around the time line from present read more
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Jan 11, 2012
Ano Natsu de Matteru (Anime) add
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Ano Natsu de Matteru is a very strange show. It contains elements that have been done over time again and again. The story seems quite standard: mystery girl from space appears, main character falls in love with space girl leaving behind the short blue haired girl to uselessly follow the main character. You can tell quite a bit about the show from the first episode giving you a clear insight and understanding for this 12 episode series.
It's obvious that even though there is to be a love triangle going on, Kaito will fall in love with the blue haired girl (because the red haired read more
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