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Tsuki to Laika to Nosferatu
Tsuki to Laika to Nosferatu
Yesterday, 2:17 PM
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Mushoku Tensei: Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu Part 2
Mushoku Tensei: Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu Part 2
Yesterday, 2:17 PM
Watching 4/12 · Scored -
Yesterday, 2:17 PM
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Ori no Naka no Soloist
Ori no Naka no Soloist
7 hours ago
Completed 20/20 · Scored 7
Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon: Kanna no Nichijou
Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon: Kanna no Nichijou
8 hours ago
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Uncivilized 10 hours ago
And no, when I asked for the screenshot for one of these messages, they showed me a screenshot of when I called an anime "overrated" lmao. What is wrong with anilist
Crow_Black 12 hours ago
7.8/10 too much of this.

Uncivilized Yesterday, 4:18 AM
Uncivilized Yesterday, 3:16 AM
I got a warning from an anilist mod :/ how many more warns are given before a ban?
Crow_Black Oct 23, 6:53 PM
samashi20 Oct 16, 10:17 PM
I'll check them out, thanks for the recommendation!

As an anime-only, Blue Period has a decent pacing, and I don't have any issues with it. It's an enjoyable show. I might check the manga too since the manga-readers keep praising the art, they also prefer it over the anime art. It'd be nice to see.

As always, it's very nice talking to you!
samashi20 Oct 16, 5:33 PM
Sorry for late reply again, I was just really busy with work stuff.

Dude, seriously, no worries at all! Feel free to reply whenever you feel like it or whenever you have time.

I'm a fan of Blue Period. I like the story. It's the first anime in a while that's about following one's passion told in the most realistic way. It's not just "Oh, I want to be an artist, Imma follow my dream". It's about the struggles, the barriers such as the financial barrier, the uncertainties that come with starting a new journey, etc. Just from watching the first episode, you get hooked on. Yaguchi and his acquaintance/friend are both interesting to me, and I can't wait to see what kind of relationship they have or how they know each other. I'm expecting a lot of life lessons to be taught and character development to happen. Though, it's a shame that an anime about art looks that poorly animated. The animation is not fitting to the show, it's average at best. It's a bummer because the PV looked a lot better, but oh well. I'm glad the story compensates for the lack of effort in the animation.

Yeah, Komi-san is healing. It's the kind of show I'd watch to unwind.
samashi20 Oct 15, 1:20 PM
Yeah, Platinum End is a 4-5/10 for me too. It's just whatever, but I'll keep watching. I guess watching it is bearable compared to TR or other trashy shows.

I LOVE Takt. Op. Ever since I moved out for college, I haven't had the chance to play the piano. I'm an amateur, but the instrument draws me in, and I just love the choice of the pieces they're playing and the instrument choice too. The idea isn't bad at all either. A quiet, dull and sad world without music, and musicarts (That's what they referred to them as, right?) are trying to change that. It's maybe cliché, but I fuck with it. The action is good, the direction is phenomenal. Simply put, an artistically beautiful show. I'm kind of worried about Cosette's character because after watching episode 2, it looks like she's going to be a a lifeless doll and a mere weapon, but I'm hoping to see more than that. I like Takt as a character. He's arrogant, confident with his skills, a bit childish and an overall likable character in my opinion.

Takt. Op, Komi-san, Kaizoku Oujo and Blue Period are the 4 shows that I look forward to every week. And yes, I went ahead and watched the first episode of Komi-san because I was curious, and I loved it. But I'm waiting for the weekly broadcast to start on Netflix. It just sucks that I'm behind because I can't engage with the forums, but I'd rather watch it on Netflix uninterrupted and with a better quality.
samashi20 Oct 15, 11:24 AM
I love how the mentality that only minors should watch anime, is still the same even after the pandemic. I guess that's something that'll never change. Watching Netflix series makes you cool and shit, but somehow watching anime means you're a child that can't grow up, or an adult that has no life. Maybe when those kids start paying for their subscriptions and watching anime on legal websites, instead of using mommy's and daddy's money, we can talk.

Dude, don't even get me started on AnR. It's just gaslighting.

One thing I disliked a lot about 86 is that contrast they made between Milize and the squad. They, the oppressed, call her pig, but she, although not an oppressor herself, but part of their race, draws cute pictures of them and wants to get to know them even if it's completely vile. That kind of depiction really rubbed me the wrong way. Milize being a good person and aware/conscious of the doings of her country and their discrimination doesn't change the fact that they're eradicating people of color.

Moving on. Platinum End first episode was intense dude and super rushed. They crammed in so much for a first episode. The pacing of the second episode is much much better. I'm not really into game-like anime, but I don't hate it. I don't like this word because it gets thrown around a lot, but the first episode was kind of edgy. The second episode didn't feel as edgy because the MC kind of regained his senses, but they introduced another character who's basically a freak. It somehow reminds me of RoR, but with more story and better animation. I'm neutral about it, but I'm interested in seeing how it'll end up like, and who the other "god" candidates are. I'm curious about their definition of god I guess, but I'm not expecting much.

How did you find it?

Also, I know we talked about the obsession over the studios working on Takt. Op, but we never discussed it as an anime. How do you like it so far?
samashi20 Oct 14, 8:27 PM
I mean considering how a great portion of the fandom is actually made of impulsive teenagers, it's not surprising that they hate Gabi. Though, I would say many are trolls too. I'd become a hater if the go for an anime original ending. It does not matter to me how terrible and disappointing the ending is. I want whatever it is that Isayama ended up writing. It's also very unlikely to have an original ending since the anime has been faithful to the source material since the very start. I don't understand the Historia ship either dude. People are so obsessed with Eren that they want him to be a king or I don't know. It just doesn't make any sense to me. There's no relationship between them. After the Reiss family arc, they just stopped interacting as characters. Why would they end up together? Also, I don't know if it's just me, but I actually think that Eren is an anti-natalist. Him and his brother suffered and were burdened by their father ideals, though they did not receive the same kind of treatment. I believe that Eren wants to end it all before his term is over so that no one else has to experience his suffering or carry his memories with them. However, I don't think he's a heartless character uncapable of loving or showing emotion. It doesn't matter how prepared he is to accept his faith, but in the train scene, it's obvious that he's hurting, but trying to hide it. Anyway, you get my point. The fandom really likes to blow his character out of proportion and interpret his character in a way that fits their own narrative.

NGL, 86 has such a beautiful animation and music, I could cry when I watch it. But, I totally agree with you on Milize. Her goody-two-shoes character is such a turnoff. Her existence in the show makes it feel very pretentious. Shin is a much better character, but I don't know if his character will get developed anymore than that. I feel like at some point 86 will just become a shoujo anime, and I don't mean that in a disrespectful way to the genre.

Shit, they can get copy-righted for using a design without crediting the original creator.
samashi20 Oct 14, 12:51 AM
HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAH, OMG, I'M DEAD!!!!!!! That's so true though, people do be theorizing about how the show will end and imagining all kinds of logical scenarios and possibilities, but can't understand that Gabi is a brainwashed kid that believes what she sees. Damn.

AoT literally thrives on story and mystery more than characters, and that's what I personally love the most about it. I don't give a damn about the characters because the takeaway is WAAAAAAAAY more important, though I can't deny that I'm emotionally attached to the characters, and that some of them grew on me.
86 basically ignores the core idea just to focus on romance, talk about melodramatic. They got it reversed.
samashi20 Oct 14, 12:28 AM
I agree, Gabi too. She's just a younger version of Reiner and Eren at the same time. Her character is proof that the cycle of hatred never ends. It's just insane how the show also proves time and time again how brainwashing and propaganda lead to extreme levels of irreversible damage.

The level of writing in 86 and Attack on Titan is very different, and it's somehow hard for me to believe because one author has access to more words, while the other uses less words, yet has a better ability of conveying an idea/message.

It's a bit sad to know that Isayama drove himself into a corner with all the foreshadowing and complexity of the story to the point where he had to leave stuff unexplained, but as long as the main idea is still there, and that there will be a closure, I'll take it.

I really look forward to having that conversation with you, I'm excited. HYPE. I'm sorry I can't stop blabbering when it comes to Attack on Titan.
samashi20 Oct 13, 11:57 PM
You have no idea how betrayed I felt when Reiner made the reveal. I trusted him the same way the scouts did, and that betrayal scene is now more meaningful than ever. Despite that, I didn't hate Reiner because there were always signs of him being burdened by something, and it showed in his speech and split personality disorder. Then season 4 explained all of it: it unveiled his trauma, the guilt he carries with him daily, the shock of being lied to and manipulated, the reality of having to hide the truth, etc. It all made me appreciate his character even more, and his vulnerability in Declaration of War made that episode my favorite of season 4. I fail to choose between it and Hero, but Declaration of War introduced a new height to the series. The "war is bad" idea wouldn't have reached the audiences or resonated with them that much if not for Reiner's development. His character contributed a lot in delivering that message. The execution of the idea among other themes of Attack on Titan are what makes it my absolute favorite show. If anything, this conversation reminds me again of the reasons why I love this show so damn much.
samashi20 Oct 13, 10:04 PM
YUP! That's the word, disturbing. Jeez, every time I see Zeke in ANYTHING, I realize how much I actually hate him. I just can't bring myself to even admit that he's a good character because of how much I hate him lol.

I think Reiner is a truly well-written character and an example of good characters. He's definitely one of my favorites in AoT, and I especially liked his character in season 4 after learning his backstory. This scene ( hits different after season 4, and to think that Isayama thought this through beforehand is mind blowing.

I read that article about MAPPA hiring a new team and newly-graduated animators for CSM. I remember deg made a thread about it too. They're trying so hard to save their reputation and stay in sales. To think the same people who quit their jobs at Madhouse, created MAPPA just to end up exactly like Madhouse is ironic. What's even more ironic is that Madhouse is slowly coming back and trying to stand up on its feet again, while MAPPA is starting to fall apart. Someone already quit because of the horrible work conditions and that's a bad sign. For me, MAPPA will always be the studio that made Zankyou no Terror and Banana Fish. So it'd suck if they end up going bankrupt or with a disaster like someone dying from the burnout.
samashi20 Oct 13, 8:16 PM
I basically rolled on the floor laughing at the first half, but when I got to the MAPPA overworking its staff part, my face dropped.

I actually find Monke really weird, and I dislike that he looks like a monkey lol. I was traumatized by him since the first or second episode of season 2, and I have been ever since. Hange is the best unconventional character. All the characters looked good in that preview. They added more eyelashes to Mikasa's eyes and also changed the shape of her eyes. It's really not a big deal, but that'll keep nitpickers at bay.

I'm really starting to believe the memes that say Reiner is Isayama's son LMAO.

Isayama really dipped. The dude is rich, he made a fortune out of this work. I bet it's taken a toll on him mentally, and he wanted to get a break from it all, especially with such a negative reaction to the ending. I wonder if he's still working closely on the final part, or if he cares at all.

MAPPA.. One thing I know for sure is that the teams and directors working on AoT, JJK, CSM and Takt. Op are different. They also hire MANY freelancers. JJK movie has probably been in production before the first season ended because it was announced immediately after its end. I'm almost positive that CSM has a separate team dedicated just for it. It's also been in production for a long time now, and they haven't announced a date yet. So, it doesn't look like the production committee is pressuring/rushing them the way Kodashna did with AoT. The biggest concern here is AoT. I keep trying to evaluate whether the time they have for it is enough or not. On one hand, they have CG models they'll use and which will save them a lot of time, but on the other hand, all manga readers agree that the second part will be a nightmare to animate. Besides, their CG models aren't perfect and need improvements. The animators there are suffering, they probably hate it. I feel bad just thinking about the conditions they work in.

MAPPA is slowly turning into Madhouse. Whoever's running that company needs to open their goddamn eyes and learn from other studios mistakes. They used to make 5 shows a year when they first started, the average is 8 now, and their shows have high production value. In 2020 alone, they produced 9 anime without counting AoT. And it looks like they're keeping this rate, but also trying to take up more and more popular shows. I hope after finishing AoT, they'll just work on JJK, CSM, and other originals or adaptations of modestly popular mangas.