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Days: 121.1
Mean Score: 8.37
  • Total Entries484
  • Rewatched2
  • Episodes7,047
Anime History Last Anime Updates
Eizouken ni wa Te wo Dasu na!
Eizouken ni wa Te wo Dasu na!
Jan 7, 10:05 PM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 10
Gear Fighter Dendoh
Gear Fighter Dendoh
Nov 12, 2020 5:58 PM
Completed 38/38 · Scored 8
Baki: Dai Raitaisai-hen
Baki: Dai Raitaisai-hen
Sep 23, 2020 4:14 PM
Completed 13/13 · Scored 8
Manga Stats
Days: 40.8
Mean Score: 8.55
  • Total Entries257
  • Reread3
  • Chapters6,457
  • Volumes789
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Onanie Master Kurosawa
Onanie Master Kurosawa
Jan 7, 10:04 PM
Completed 31/31 · Scored 9
Getter Robo Āḥ
Getter Robo Āḥ
Jan 7, 10:04 PM
Completed 14/14 · Scored 9
Shin Getter Robo
Shin Getter Robo
Jan 7, 10:04 PM
Completed 9/9 · Scored 9


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Sasha_AT Jan 8, 7:12 AM
Agree and I agree.

Again, is not "sad". But yeah, I totally get your point.
(you need to watch BANANA FISH)

Oh, sorry... for some reason I supposed that you already watched it. It is ok, actually, watch 50 episodes took me around 3 years HAHA But this year I decid finished it.

Nice words. I going to took note about.

Lol. Not really, is just than HQ is close to finished and final anime seasons is going to be truly great! (I already read all manga)

In general HQ have a wellplayed character´s deploymed considerent the HUGE range of them. My fav seasons (2, 4, and final arc that is not animated yet) are my favs because into them we gonna to watch many esscential turning points
Sasha_AT Jan 7, 7:32 PM
Happy New Year JoHou! I am very sorry for been a so bad online friend. I have regular offline seasons :,v

Hey... I been in MAL for 11 years. In first 9 I logged almost daily for editing Lol But now I have responsibilities :,v Is just than you and I beocome friends too late, lol. (NEVER IS TOO LATE... well, yeah can be)

What you say is interesting. I haven't really dedicated myself to reasoning "why" I like certain characters. I suppose I have many reasons, but now that I think about it I think I like characters who are true to themselves regardless of their way of thinking.

Exact! I think it is very painful how even though Joe is surrounded by people who love him, he feels so lonely. (btw I put AnJ2 in Hold :,v)

I want to finish Ginga Eiyu Densetsu. Actually, I am very mad with Ginga, Yang Wenling is too OP... TOO. Is almost like "I am Yang Weling, I and Know than this is an anime, also know you actually watching me." Come on!

Industry is always creating so many characters focus on popular arquetipos and forget deployment. Is sad saw to many characters have potential but authors/directors just cant handle. Well... Be writer is a very hard work too, I cant blame them.

btw... You plan to try Haikyuu some day?
gfsdfgsdgsdfgs Nov 1, 2020 4:47 PM
Best of luck. (☆▽☆)
gfsdfgsdgsdfgs Oct 25, 2020 6:31 PM
Not at all, I only became interested due to my friends taking the iniative. As for the group, it's small! 3-4 people depending on who can come, close friends at that. The opposite of your experience in that way. I'd be a little stressed out too. Maybe more than a little!
gfsdfgsdgsdfgs Oct 20, 2020 12:28 PM
Thanks again ^_^

Having a trusted group is probably important. People I play with are childhood friends so that trust is pretty innate.
gfsdfgsdgsdfgs Oct 14, 2020 11:36 PM
Thank you for the extensive list, when I am moving on from Mobile Suit Gundam, I will pull this message up again to figure out what's next!! It's very helpful.

I think DnD is so fun and cool because, like you suggest, the game and story which is created has a sense of freedom which I have only ever seen while playing DnD. If you want to do something, you can! like anything... You may die but you can do it. I really like that. I'll probably be DM for my friends next campaign!
gfsdfgsdgsdfgs Oct 9, 2020 12:25 AM
Well in that regard we are opposites. I am only now getting into mecha, and Gundam 0079 is my first Gundam series. I plan on watching through some of Tomino's stuff and some Super Robot anime like Getter Robo. In fact, any mecha recommendations would be appreciated.

Yeah, having people that are better than you, worse than you, and equal with you is the way to go. If you get that kind of a group to play something with you can improve really fast. But often it can feel like everybody you play is way better than you which can be a little disheartening. I know the feeling especially well having tried to learn some fighting games with small but dedicated communities.

When it comes to writing, I sometimes wonder if some people are just cut out for it and others aren't in the way our brain works. As you say, I'm sure it's hard for everybody but when I try to write stories, like create rather than analyze, words struggle to come out at all. I do plan on being a dm for the first time for my dnd group however and that should be a true test. Creating a world and characters and puppeteering them on the fly.
gfsdfgsdgsdfgs Oct 3, 2020 5:40 PM
I am enjoying Gundam so much it's hard to stop myself from watching it whenever I have free time when I would like to do some other things as well.

Well, I did spend a bunch of time in training mode to use their unique mechanics and that's what I found rewarding so you could call that enjoying their playstyle. Opposite to those complex little guys, in games I don't want to put a bunch of time in, I like to play whoever is simple and hits hard. Aka I play Donkey Kong and Ganon in Ultimate. I have fundamentals so as long as the hits count, I can do alright! I guess I either go all in, or invest as little time as I can to still be effective. 0 or 100.

Ahhh yes muscle memory is the term.

That's super cool to hear you write, even if we are always our harshest critiques. I have had ideas for stories but the moment I sit down to type them out I can't get anything down.
gfsdfgsdgsdfgs Oct 1, 2020 2:22 PM
I played with my friend on random and got Ice Climbers and something clicked. I liked how intricate they were, it was rewarding to spend time in training mode to understand the ins and outs of both characters and what I could do with them.

Funny enough, before double checking my initial message I had assumed your comment about subconsciously remembering was applying to fighting games. It made sense in that respect too, no matter how little I play, it comes back in moments. Subconscious memory space is so crazy, I suppose it serves for good and bad.

Cool idea.. do you write stories??
gfsdfgsdgsdfgs Sep 25, 2020 3:50 AM
I mained Ice Climbers in Project M(the one without the infinite). I played that game so many times over the course of a few years. I attribute a lot to it being one of the first skills I learned which taught me that I can actually learn or improve at whatever I put my mind to. A real confidence booster, I also met many of my best friends through the game.

I think it's a great thing to go back to the works that you love and even if you forget the details, I think it's hard to forget what you learned. Even if at some point it becomes subconscious.

And I suppose if you get down to it, all we can know is our own existence. We are not humankind, we are a human. So, like you suggest, it would have to be worked on by an infinite amount of people if this theoretical work could actually exist in my opinion.
gfsdfgsdgsdfgs Sep 18, 2020 8:37 PM
I have played many fighting games, but the only one that I went out to competition for frequently was smash bros. Specifically Project M.

I need to go through Kaiji again, despite it getting me into Fukumoto, it is the story of his I am the most cloudy on. All I know is I was so into Brave Men's Road... The whole season 1 was actually just freaking crazy.

There's no way any work could explore all of what it means to be a person, but I'm glad that Fukumoto can tap into an essence I feel everyone can deeply connect with.
gfsdfgsdgsdfgs Sep 14, 2020 6:51 PM
No tennis, only played some competitive video games and used it for reference to the competitive mindset! So, I'm more like you, interested in how sports relate to non-sports. The mindset the book speaks about definitely influenced the way I think.

I guess all stories and ideas can go back to Aristotle and like.. myth. Perhaps, although not a huge difference, we should view lying to get yourself moving as acting. Putting on a character. Lying sounds harsher. It's funny you speak of Brave Men's Road because I just read a chapter in Gambling Emperor Zero which reminded me of this conversation. A character adamantly stated "MY HEAD IS MADE OF STEEL!" to gain the will to face something incredibly frightening. So cool, so freaking cool, the way we can struggle, but the way we can overcome and find courage and fulfillment. Being a person is pretty cool.
gfsdfgsdgsdfgs Sep 2, 2020 3:52 AM
It's excellent for there to be characters who are close to us, the everyday person, but excel regardless. They are easy to root for and inspire. I also think we can see Usopp's methods in some of the most stand out people. I recall, in 'the Inner Game of Tennis', a passage recommended when playing tennis, to pretend you are your favorite player in your head. It's something I would do when playing competitive games in the past too. Changing your frame of mind and trying to be something you are not has been advocated since, well, earliest I know is Aristotle and his virtue ethics. To be brave, if a coward, one should try and be rash and, because they won't be able to go that far, they will fall in the middle of cowardice and rashness and reach the bravery they want to achieve. One could read Usopp's 8'000 men or Sogeking as just that, putting on the face of the greatest to get moving- even if he struggles, it gives him the push he needs. It's freaking effective to change your state of mind like that, and once the ball gets rolling, it can end up feeling easy!
gfsdfgsdgsdfgs Aug 27, 2020 9:17 PM
As long as we are inspired we can live on... Anime characters are great at giving us ideas to live by.

I love Usopp!!! Although Luffy gave me broader lifestyle philosophies to look into, Usopp is the boy who affected me most in a practical way. I deal with some pretty nasty anxiety myself, and having a character like him who I could relate with and look up to was so beneficial. I would even imitate his coping mechanisms, lie to myself and act like I'm a freaking pirate captain or a superhero who is unstoppable. It really helped and seeing him fall and rise back up throughout the series, especially in Water 7, was an empowering message!! Because of that, when I think about the Usopp that I care most about, it is pre time skip Usopp- but I do love that he's a character who constantly develops and grows. Even early on in the series you could see him succeeding in bigger and bigger feats and I don't think that ever stopped.
gfsdfgsdgsdfgs Aug 25, 2020 2:47 PM
Best of luck in chess and any future endeavours!

Fictional characters were such an important part of my life, inspiring me in many ways. It's part of why One Piece was so meaningful for me with Luffy, Usopp, and Zoro all playing that part. At this point I have formed a somewhat solid foundation for how I want to be moving forward so fictional inspirations have started to come less often. In a way Dio Brando is my new one; but only as a way to channel my negative emotions in tenacity and pushing forward, not actually hurting others.