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Princess Tutu
Princess Tutu
Sep 28, 11:55 AM
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Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Movie: Hoshi wo Yobu Shoujo
Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Movie: Hoshi wo Yobu Shoujo
Aug 14, 3:28 PM
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Enen no Shouboutai
Enen no Shouboutai
Aug 14, 11:03 AM
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Youmu_Konpaku Sep 8, 1:37 PM
Sup' Jixte !
How's it going ?
I thought about you recenty because I finally came back to FFXIV !
Do you still play the game ?

Other than that, how's life going ? 'u'
LunarTreat Aug 25, 3:02 PM
Ahh I didn't play FFXIV for very long but it definitely was one of my favorite MMORPG i've played in my life - Everything was so wonderful in that game. Also I made a character with the cat-ears (can't remember the name) and they were so cute!! I stopped though because I could only play for an hour or two per day, you have to invest a lot of times to be good in a MMORPG so if you're able to do it, you're good!
MurasakiNoChou Aug 20, 6:03 AM
Yeah, Windows Update can be really problematic! (Which is one of the reasons why people prefer to use Linux or other operating systems as long as it's not Windows, but I still prefer Windows because most games are available on Windows haha XD)
Oh nooo... why does that happen? ;-; Maybe you needed to update the program for the lights thingy?

I guess, I bought it in 2015 for the sake of being able to do my assignments in peace without the need to share a PC with other family members XD Yeah, I guess my PC ain't that bad haha, as long as I'm not addicted to doing heavy stuff like gaming then my PC is still okie dokie :')

LMAO! I think this is how the simulation conspiracy theory appears XD But please though, use the motherlode cheat on us XD

I'm currently taking Computer Science :3 It's fun, it's just that the school is boring imo. Also that's true! Sadly for us, the 'fortunate' ones are 'fortunate' because they make a business out of important things like education and healthcare.

Nah I'm not good at singing haha and thank goodness I didn't sing my lungs out at that time hahaha XD I'm so grateful now that my singing habit is the chill style :') It was a song with a light upbeat tone XD True! I've made a lot of that kind of mistakes sadly, I'm so wary whenever my phone screen is on. ;-; FML indeed!

I wish that too! XD That's nice! My quiet time is only during midnight and onwards because during the day, people would call me whenever I try to listen to songs... ;-; And then they'd get mad at me for not hearing them haha. Really? I hope you're better by now! Infection is really a horrible thing. I recently had an infection too, sinusitis to be exact. It was the worst experience I ever had so far. :O I had to see the doctor thrice during that time. First time it was just a cold. Second time, horrible flu. Finally the third time, sinusitis. Sinusitis was the main cause of it but it didn't appear until the 3rd week of me being sick. In short, it's really horrible. I also wished to go outside during that time (which is a weird wish for an introvert like me hahaha). Also, I thought that I was going to die or something. It just feels like that to me.

They are definitely a chill movie! XD I was like that tbh when I watched the movie haha :'3
Oooh they sound really cute! XD I feel like I'd be incredibly happy if those cute floofs were to surround me XD

I don't know haha, I haven't been around cats or dogs much so I'm not really sure XD Plus, I've been asthmatic since I was young so I'm not really allowed to go near cats or dogs in case my asthma got triggered (maybe it's because it's 2019 where everything including asthma gets triggered easily hahaha XD)

You'll win it :P

Hagaru Aug 19, 6:58 PM
Must have been difficult. I'm glad you caught up.
I plan to watch it too, probably after I catch up.
Yes, it takes a lot of determination though. Sometimes, I have to recite to myself "No Manga No Manga" to keep myself motivated.

Unfortunately no, I'm done with my hero but there are tons of other shows I still have to catch.
Yes, things seem to be taking an interesting turn.
Here, I feel left out since all of my fellow anime classmates have caught up with the manga.
EmilioX Aug 19, 12:37 PM
Haha good to know in case the anime wasn't enough XD
Schools Rumble sounds pretty interesting, might give that one a go someday. I do like a good romantic story.

No, I never heard of it, I do have an idea what it is though. Well I don't really like series with real actors. Movies are okay, but there are so many good anime's I still want to watch I don't have the need for other series. Although I doubt I will ever watch Kdrama, I find it harder to be touched by real people than anime or animals. ^^
I see if you finish it let me know what you thought of it. I might watch it as well.

So you like Phoenix Wright? I've never played his games, but they do look interesting. I was thinking of buying 'Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy' on steam wen its on sale. Yeah there are plenty good ones, you just sometimes have to go through some bad one first. I feel you, I don't have anyone I know personally that shows any interesting in anime, that's why I came to this site, to speak with people that share the same love for anime. ^^
I've play Lol a little bit, but never PvP, so I never really experienced it firsthand, but I've seen enough to know what some people are like. Well those are found in every game where competition plays a role. In Overwatch they are also very present if you play competitive, Which is why I never play competitive, I rather play with people that seem to enjoy the game.

Thank you very much, it means a lot to me! I really have become happier last years, I don't want to say I had depression or so, but I've been feeling down for a while some time ago, but that's behind me. And likewise of course, you can have all the happiness in the world, well if you leave a little bit for me. ^^

Well no not really, it's full with my bed, desk, wardrobe and some other things one needs in his bedroom. So I only have little space left for some decoration. I don't have figurines or something yet, they are pretty expensive and I already spend to much money on games. So when I move out I will buy them all. Haha good, I love people that dare to their self, whatever others might think. :)
Yeah agree, I wasn't prepared for something so soon in the first season. And yeah I hope the other Key anime's are also good and sad.
Yupp that goes for a lot of things, except 100m sprinting at the Olympics. :P

Yupp I have so many gif/pictures of those adorable characters.

Nice, Angel Beats wasn't bad, it just wasn't Clannad, which I also saw very shortly before watching it.
I don't know, I hope so. Sadly I don't know any, so we can only hope for the future. ^^
Futagokoro Aug 18, 8:31 PM
i got my creds because i wanted to escape my father haha
he wants me to take over his business eventually and i thought if i got a proper degree i wouldn’t have to but i think either way i won’t be happy

that rhino is so precious! how did you get to look after not one but two rhinos?!

my thesis was about criminology how similar personality traits in criminals commit similar crimes
it wasn’t too interesting in my opinion but it’s something i knew a lot about already so i took the easy way =.=||

i’m divine 4/5 usually which is the same as diamond i think for league
i don’t really play anything else, i deeply appreciate dota way too much
have you always been into ff series?
Viewed Aug 18, 4:52 PM
I have to get into that series! I've just been putting it off, over and over. I'm glad that they didn't let that one person affect them too much. Much sadness for the all creative artists they need to replace.

I'm not sure how the manga is like. I would try to start it but I've always had something else more interesting to occupy my time. I think I'm gonna delay it as much as possible just because it's gonna end with "One Punch" XD

That's very understand if you've always been depicted as someone evil, of course you would want to have your glorious moments to shine. It's too bad you couldn't show that other side, those big meanies! D: Whaaa, you could outscare the ghost of a mere reflection of itself o: I think the american version isn't as scary as I thought since I watched the Japanese one. That one gave me very spooky vibes. If something came out the tv i'm running and spraying salt, holywater and maybe a cross. Tho, then again i'm not religious at all so I would just be like it's just a dream or something. XD

When I had crunchy roll that show was always on my to watch list it just never got around. If it's about a card game I might pick it up. Card games are usually fun unless you get very op power cards or severe plot armor of heart of the cards. x.x

Yeah... I want more and more of that it's no wonder people now call it "Hiatus x Hiatus" even the author put that as his title in his twitter name. I need more! D:<
TheBlockernator Aug 18, 3:40 PM
Yeah, about the notes, i didn't even notice that feature either. Most people never use the tag section. It wasn't until someone else i friended, i saw their list and they had a quick blurb about the show. I decided i'd do the same, in case someone stumbled upon my list and was wondering why Your Name got a more average score, or why Abunai Sisters is my only 1 score. But yeah, i'll keep doing them. I think i'm about halfway done.

But yeah, Abunai Sisters, it was on Crunchyroll strangely enough. It looked really weird. But i chose to skip it at first, because they only had one episode. Then i searched YouTube and found it. I couldn't believe my eyes.

Now, Recommendations. Well, my list is mostly Slice of Life and Shorts. And a few other things kind of mixed in. So, if either of those is your thing, then i'd suggest picking anything i've rated an 8 or higher.

But anyway, you like Azumanga Daioh. I suggest:

Strawberry Marshmallow. It's a lot like Azumanga, but a little more grounded. It's really good, my all time favorite anime actually.

Speaking of Cute girls doing cute things, Locodol is another good one. It's like K-On.

I'm recommend more, but, i'm not really sure what kind of anime you're into. Because a lot of the stuff on yours is kinda foreign to me, too. Lol.
EmilioX Aug 17, 11:03 AM
Haha well If I watch it, I'll see. ^^

School days is something I also want to see someday, the ending was spoiled for me already so I know what I'm getting into. But I don't know what caused the ending to happen, well maybe I have a good guess. I actually don't know School Rumble, but looking at it it's a little bit different than School days indeed. XD

I like Romance/Comedy as well, although I like Romance/Drama even more. I'm a sucker for some drama sometimes.
How do you like DR.Stone I've heard good things about it.

No worries, I'm happy it had a good ending. And you are right people here are so nice to eachother. this is one of the first places with forums where I haven't seen people swearing at eachother and such. This community all shares the same love for anime and even though people can have their differences and disagreements, everyone is so cool about it, unlike the children or those behaving that way on some other mediums XD

And to answer you question, yes you deserve to be happy, just like everyone that is nice ^^

You do, I also want push toys of Dango's. Shame my room is so full already, maybe when I move out and can finally built my own anime/game room. And I was already broken on the Fuuko story, but the after stories moments left me crying for about half the anime. I binge watched the last part, because I needed to know how it ended.
Yeah it's interesting how Kimi ni Tokoke stays so interesting while being slow, the first season of Clannad is also pretty slow though. I always think, better something slow but good, then rushed and not good.

Damn Ushio is so damn cute. :o

Haha it did help, I know now that I need to watch them all eventually.
Angel Beats was good, but the hype killed it for me. It was the first time I found out how hype can kinda ruin ones experience. People said it was like Clannad and that raised the bar far to high sadly. So that is why I'm very wary right now for hype. >w<
Hagaru Aug 17, 8:15 AM
Ohhhh, that's sad. I hope you watched/caught up
I have only seen the latter two and trust me both are amazing, I'm holding back my urge to read the manga.

Yes I did Thank you!
I had to catch up on My Hero Academia since I had gone on a looong anime Hiatus. And some seasonal anime from, uhm, 3 seasons ago...? I think...?
Futagokoro Aug 16, 7:41 PM
oh that sounds really interesting, what kinda career path will you choose?
tell me your random anime facts!

i studied psych and finished my phd is forensic psych but i haven’t done anything with it yet

dota is fun, in sorta good at it. i do play it a lot though. do you play other games?

jix is a cute nickname c:
Viewed Aug 16, 4:59 PM
Yeah I know! That really is a shame. I really liked what they produced made very key anime's when I starting out. At least they are getting back to their feet and still have things in the work.

For J.C staff to pick up One Punch Man Season 2 made me not want to watch it all since I've read it was terrible and that it was better off for me to just read it instead of watching.

That's sooo awesome! I wished I could do all those things. Seemed so fun and interactive. Playing with props and scaring people. At least you have an idea of what is going on behind the scenes. It seemed like the Grudge or something! XD would you be terrified if a tv turned on and static popped up in the middle of the night? I think i'm good with jump scares. Usually the really random ones that get me but I try my best to brush it off. It's nice to watch how things turn out as long as the situation isn't shifted to you. The anxiety would be too much.

Yeah i'm always hoping it's just now-a-days studios usually only work with on-going manga, to help sales of both things, which is ashamed. Since everyone want's money over making a hit show.

Same, I just want to be in suspense to see what's going to happen but also keep guessing like it's a mystery or something. Is Chihayafuru that good? At least after 7 years you got what you wanted for that one. o:
Viewed Aug 14, 10:11 PM
Just hope none of the current shows we like, would end up like that. Would be terrible! Tho what's even worst is when another company picks it up and the adaption is terrible, like uhhh. Using an original anime style ending and stuff instead of using the source. Hurts many fans.

Ahh, yeah I totally get that. Sometimes I sit out a few episodes just so I can binge it. Lucky you got the best episode. I'm still late on that show. D:

That's awesome! What kind of things did do? Work out the scenes and how they were carried out? Must be some gruesome stories. Hmmm I like it to a certain extinct. I think the Conjuring 2 got me a few times with the jump scares XD I enjoy more things related to the mind. Making life or death situations, making the correct decision to save yourself.

Hmmm, it get very political but the protagonist is so bad ass. It's a hit or miss. If you like it you will be hooked. This manga actually came out a year before death note. I feel death note took a few pointers from it. If only it could get an anime adaption as well.

Just need the great story tellers to come in and change our perspective of things. At least there's something to look forward to. I like sequels a lot. XD
Hagaru Aug 14, 5:54 PM
That's great! Watching anything interesting?

It's a holiday today and I plan to catch up on a few animes.
EmilioX Aug 14, 5:10 PM
Haha, well I'm not really quick to find some character annoying. ^^

I know what you mean that's why I use MAL and they have a pretty clear overview of all anime's and their prequels and sequels. I never read the summary though. The less you know the better. I love to be surprised by an anime.

Not really sure, I've seen some action, so maybe some drama/romance or comedy or so.
What do you plan on watching next?

Nice, it's releasing very soon, so we indeed have something to watch soon. :)

I know Sawako is adorable.
I see not the most happy story, but I'm happy everything is all good now. School can be harsh and classmates can be unkind people unfortunate. Luckily most will see their errors later on and become better people.

Yeah me too, I don't think I ever cried more for something not real. It was such a powerful story, with one of the best romances I've ever seen. I love how the subtle approach only made it more powerful. I must say I was also really impressed with Kimi Ni Todoke. A story that had so much focus on romance. Lot's of romance stories always have other things they need to make a good anime, like some drama, action or whatever. I love how Kimi Ni Todoke was just a plain romance story, that was so well executed. And Sawako was actually pretty funny to watch, such a sweet girl unaware of almost every situation. ^^

Well I bought the virtual novels of Clannad, but I'm waiting a bit until I play them, because Clannad is still fresh in my mind.
As for Key, Angel Beats! was okay, And I've heard Charlotte, kanon and Little Busters! where also beautifully sad anime.
After seeing your list, you have seen them all, so you are have more knowledge on Key then me. ^^
Maybe I watch one of the three I named above next.