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Chuan Shu Zijiu Zhinan
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Da Li Si Rizhi
Aug 30, 8:49 AM
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Sidonia no Kishi
Sep 14, 7:09 AM
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Sep 14, 7:09 AM
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Tsuki to Suppin
Tsuki to Suppin
Sep 14, 7:09 AM
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Jirash Sep 17, 12:57 AM

━━━━━ no replies for some time ━━━━━

TONY2Phones Sep 5, 6:26 AM
daddy's got terrible wind i tell ya
Suanke Sep 2, 11:22 PM
haha it took me a while to reply again (⊃‿⊂)
well something weird happened so i dont wanna learn that anymore and i don't even remember why i wanted to learn that in the first place and whaa broken english? bitch where?? and shush just call yourself multilingual~ ╮(︶▽︶)╭
wait what there's a manga!?!? why would anybody wanna make an anime out of that!?!?!? ლ(ಠ_ಠ ლ)
aah so you have taken the safe route huh?
ever heard of floods son?? eugh fine get ready for boring chats then ヘ(-.-ヘ;)…
you give me evil vibes~
stay calm jii san, the motivating/new beginnings arc has started (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ care to elaborate =͟͟͞͞( •̀д•́)))
whatttt no lol its a very low effort one, i straight up used paint3d for that (*>艸<) yeah its kinda weird it would look better in higher res but im obviously not gonna do that, i should straight up ask someone to do all this fancy stuff, the picture quality just looks like turd when its expanded so it looks weird on smaller screens, enh now im just ranting all the demerits like you're an examiner or something (つ﹏<)・゚。
so what are you upto these days?〜(><)〜
izumaa Sep 1, 2:40 PM
How is it worse? Like format or community? I didn't like the way it looked but that's mostly because i got so used to how MAL forums work.
Oh okay, that's awesome then.

Yep, i'll get em' as soon as they go on sale for i've got some money to spare. Things have been pretty tight but managing nonetheless.
Fall guys is pretty overhyped, i played it for like 3 hours and got bored of it. Just not my thing. But, i can understand why people like it i guess.

I see, that seems shitty on their end. If they're not confident in going home, same with the family, they shouldn't have to. Unless the doctors or whatever are 100% confident that they'll be fine.
I'm not sure why she was in such a rush, but the first couple days really sucked. But yeah, she's completely okay now, like, not healed completely obviously, but she doesn't need to be waited on hand-in-foot.

LMAO i hope not man, next year better be a breather. Tho, i don't think this covid thing is going away anytime soon.
But, the world is slowly making progress towards being smart so maybe it'll get a bit more controlled...and well, tbh i say the world but i mean the U.S. AHAH

Took me awhile to reply, so just gonna ask how u doing? Anything interesting happen these past, like, 2 weeks?
amanitvam Aug 29, 9:52 AM
offtopic, but earlier today (actually just now) was the first time i checked your animelist, did click on it and- i like your theme t-t why is it so prettyyyyyyyyyy i wanna cry looking at it. did you code it yourself? why is your whole profile so pretty t-t

what movie was it.. keeping it hidden like that won't work. if it's one of those good recommendations, do share onegai :)
MDZS is a whole different story... close to season 2 i realized what season 1 was about.... so there is a drama adaptation? also chinese? i sort of was relieved at least at the end of the sequel that anime made more sense. and considering how pretty it all is t-t as a mild fujo im still upset there was no touchy squishy scenes between wuxian and wangji. and btw, i've been reading somewhere, don't remember, was it wiki? that wangji is actually head over heels for wuxian- now... on a serious note... WAS THAT EVEN SLIGHTLY VISIBLE IN THE ANIME? .___. because after having a bit of experience with shounen ai's i couldn't tell AT ALL......... like .... aside of him trying to protect wuxian- or wait.. what if he was the shy type, bcs he did seem frustrated most of the times, to me it looked more like he's constantly pissed and would really avoid bumping into wuxian. but maybe im just bad at reading characters (and people lol)

hahahaha did you re-watch it that day?
talking about exceptionally good scenes or animes, tried checking if you watched this one anime (apparently you haven't, so i will recommend it!!! even added to my favs). i've watched it today, it's called Children of the Sea.... the art is on a whole different level, not sure what it reminds me of.. hmm Paradise Kiss has a similar art i feel like. Maybe Nana does too. there was a time when i got hooked on this art style, but this movie has it tons times better. so check it out, please :')

so.. the right order is manhua, movie, ona. lol why did i start with the movie then... what a mess :v thanks for the detailed trivia. so ill travel a bit in the future and then get back to the origins lmao (that's how i see it)

it's indeed more mature.. more slow paced.. more real? nothing dramatic, like nought, not a single thing. im bewildered they've made an anime out of it and not a 3D movie, it looks more like sth real people would deal with and not characters. did you give it a try?
Suanke Aug 22, 4:32 PM
i hate you :)
haha right?? ok it's kinda not that hard, maybe i should listen to some songs or watch shows to get used to it (⁰▿⁰) thanks for the link ^^ btw do you know any other languages?
jii chan...(;ŏ﹏ŏ) nah i'm usually okay with it, its actually entertaining, i just dont like how they rely on pointless jumpscares, which is like 90% of the english movies and idk any good horror anime, half of them turn out to be hilarious like pupa. i remember watching another because there was such a big hype about it and it kinda disappointed me so i didnt really thought of exploring that genre :/
its not that great so i guess you didnt miss anything, but damn how did you dodge that weird phase where any popular YA book was turned into a movie (°o°:)
the heavy rains left my cardboard house in shambles (-﹏-。) hah you wish, unfortunately i have a shit ton of work so my parents dont mind my horrible circadian rhythm i just quiet them down with fancy food when they do
yeah right ╮(╯▽╰)╭
i guess its gotta be a yankee with unfulfilled dreams and aspirations, idk stay tuned✧*.◟(ˊᗨˋ)◞.* killer bean forever is an amazing action movie.
oh man this just reminded me that i forgot to update my signature eughhhh ahh thank you so much (●´□`)♡ i kinda half assed it and messed up here and there but now i dont have the motivation to rectify it anymore (´-﹏-`;)
amanitvam Aug 22, 4:07 AM
silence means... i was right :v
you tell me you don't cry when there is a happy ending? but like, it took them a whole 11 episodes to reach that happy ending and then you get 30 seconds of delight at the end of ep 12 (ofc just exaggerating but you know what i mean.. you gotta drop that tiny tear at the corner of your eyes, deshou??)
talking about plot holes... 3d movies have that too, then you're placed in the ever-guessing-position "what happened in between minute 36:45 and 36:47 while the screen was dark" and i can assure you a whole novel happened lol so i know what you mean

the one where they entered the spiritual home of xiaohei? the black ball one. i always knew the tinniest creatures possess the strongest powers… the animation was great ngl

lol what??????? i thought xiaohei was the mc... reality stroke hit me hard… hmm makes sense, so who is in the manhua? wait, true.. wuxian is an old geezer.. so it makes more sense for him to appear than xiaohei that's just a kiddo. this is so confusing. so manhua takes place in an era, while ONA has half of the cast other characters and then movie which is basically situated in the far far future. i think i got it now

well, after finishing it i can say there is a happy ending. but the anime itself isn't joyful at all. and idk how much the anime has covered, do you think they adapted the whole manga? bcs i really don't keep up with that stuff. worth it? honestly depends, as i said is very down to earth story and mostly rolls around romance and relationships. do you like that? do you like seeing people exposing their raw emotions or how they hide them? (it's that sort of story)- the enormous plus point is that at the end they sort of make up their minds and acknowledge their true feelings which you know takes courage. ill leave it up to you, the decision that is

p.s. thanks for the recs, ill see what i do about them :D
Suanke Aug 21, 1:00 PM
jii chan, i didn't know your dementia kicked in already (。ŏ﹏ŏ)
yeah i guess i gotta stick to french and japanese for now, i'm sorta overwhelmed and i just don't know where to start from and everything kinda seems like gibberish, like no offense but even dziencyna seems like a word in your language ( ³⌓³) also he's actually not a great teacher, so i asked him where i should start from, like is there an alphabet and he said google translate would help me understand the pronunciations and i guess that would help me but yeah if i'm more serious about it then i'll just join a language server but idk why im scared woof that was a lot
the kid just frantically ran-danced towards the screen and i sorta dont like shit that runs towards you like that except for doggos, doggos are okay ig
my bad, i assumed you'd know him idk if this helps but he was in the hunger games, and oh no he wanted to show how atrocious it is >.<
oof nah my mom would prolly disown me for not doing anything productive
hey only i can dig at my mental health, back off Σ(゚∀´(┗┐ヽ(・∀・ )ノ
a lot can happen in a week j, a lot(~~~)i'm sorry mr. bean, you didnt seem like that ( ´ д ` ;) this oddly reminds me of killer bean
Bunille Aug 18, 5:08 AM
Yep, it's the same.
Ah, I must've got confused lol. 15.6".
Bunille Aug 18, 3:53 AM
Yeah, 80% for me as well, although I also fidgeted with some laptop settings to scale everything, I think.
It's not that big haha, only big enough to break the display. xD It's 1920x1080.
Suanke Aug 17, 2:50 PM
yeah let's do just that (。+・`ω・´)
lol yeah this one guy said he can teach me polish but then he later said his grammar is bad so i don't know how that'll go ( 。・-・。`)
that ending in the last episode (((╹д╹;)))
shuddap (._+ )☆\(-.-メ)
righht, i think moistcr1tikal said it smells horrible (*≧艸≦)
ngl some of them sound incredibly boringi went into hibernation after reading that (- o – ) zzZ
gah, i'm a good citizen, i don't have any shady history or activity ໒( ͡ᵔ ▾ ͡ᵔ )७oh lmao help for yourself i thought you meant i need some help which is sorta true
ah man i sorta get you aww that emote looks like a smol bean (^~^)
amanitvam Aug 17, 2:20 PM
you can always check the conversation though… or wait- was that a joke.. and i naively got baited t-t
yeah i did tear up a bit, i've always had this thing for master-teacher situations, so i was bound to experience some deeper feelings once that scene were to show up
really?! i just assumed all chinese animations are good, given this one (see how strong of a mark the first impression can leave?)

hahahahaha those were indeed funny moments, especially while sailing on water, xiaohei trying to escape but then when he saw that big wave coming, instinctively got closer to wuxian (and many more like that)- yeah just the right amount of comedy like you told me in the beginning

but i noticed how the manhua has entirely different characters than the movie, well xiaohei is still there as the mc but then wuxian isn't, which really saddens me :<
spirits and legends are my soft spot hehe i saw it having 3 seasons or so. will wait for the right moment to dig into it

i've been binging yesterday wo utatte today. like the tag says it's a sol but man.. so heart-wrenching.. or maybe it's just me. idk if you've watched it, it's a seasonal from spring 2020 but the closer i get to the end the sadder it is.. maybe bcs i was rooting for another person than the one that seems to be winning (couple related)- it's just super super sorrowful, sigh.. well i still got the last 2 episodes, plot twists can always occur but who knows.. i didn't sob or so, but you know this "it sucks" feeling? knowing stuff like that happens irl too really made me ponder. it's not utterly complex, barely reaching the minimum standard, but realistic
im not gonna rec bcs it's rather specific
izumaa Aug 17, 12:37 PM
Yeah, would be quite nice for ya i imagine. Well, long road ahead, and i could definitely see more contenders coming along in the near future.

12 hours ain't bad, that could be done, theoretically, in one sitting. Depending how much it sucks me in. I'll keep you updated as soon as i'm able to get both the games. I did just purchase that Fall Guys game xD, just cuz it's so popular and might try to convince a few friends to get it. It's kinda goofy but hell, something u can play without trying, and just listen to music.

Damn, sorry you had to go through that with your Grandmother. I don't understand why hospitals are like this. Tho, this one was entirely on my own Grandma. She wanted to be discharged really early and was in a rush to get home. She's doing okay now, but the first week or so was horrible. Pretty much got no sleep, just helping her 24/7 aha.

For real man. At least there is plenty for the history books this year lmaooo
Bunille Aug 17, 8:20 AM
Yeah, older versions are more difficult. I'd suggest you stay with your free PS though, or use both if you can. No point in not making use of it lol.

My new laptop has a larger screen so not everything scales correctly. I had to change the size of the display to get as close to the actual size of a normal screen as all images ended up being blurry and enlarged out of Gimp. Then I had to install a font size extension to reduce the text size back to normal, but even then, the icons of Gimp ended up being extremely tiny, so then I had to try and resize them as well. It was too complicated, I want a regular-sized screen next time. .-.
amanitvam Aug 17, 4:40 AM
half a decade later comes my reply lol
you can tell i watched the movie, right right? :D my profile picture can't keep secrets it was around 3 weeks ago that i jumped into it, on a rainy evening, sobbing at that tear-jerking moment at the end (not sure how it's with other chinese anime, but from the 2 i've wathed, noticed how chinese put strong emphasis on spiritual dialogues, which is a personal preference of mine tbh)- when xiaohei decided to remain with his master wuxian t-t did you cry too or was it only me?
my favorite moment was that spiritual home each of us has inside their heart (time has passed you can tell i forgot lots of details), made me think how cool it'd be to just hop in there whenever the world is overwhelming you
i have the manhua tab opened, but given how im on break rn, didn't really check it out, yet

so thank you for the movie rec :)
p.s. i spotted this one "Fei Ren Zai" long ago in your watching list too, the plot is up to my taste so i keep it close in case i feel like watching sth. tell me, did you enjoy it?