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Amagi Brilliant Park
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Eikoku Koi Monogatari Emma
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FLCL Alternative
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Back Street Girls
Dec 12, 2:18 PM
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One Piece
One Piece
Dec 7, 12:13 PM
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Blarey Dec 6, 8:39 PM
Nice, well if you can afford a Vita then P4G is the best version of the game. I prefer to play JRPG’s with Japanese voices and that’s impossible to do with English text unless you own a hacked Vita. I plan to do it someday, but like you said, it’s not really worth buying one just for a single game. If it’s something you see yourself doing in the future then the wait is worth it. Better graphics, a new social link and more gameplay (although, I read it’s only about 6 hours worth of extras). I played the PS2 version on my PC and my graphics card was able to run the game looking really smooth, probably not as pretty as Golden though, but definitely a lot better than how it originally looks. Also, I don’t really like gaming on handheld devices because marathons can strain my neck after a while and there’s also the battery life to be taken into account which can get annoying.

Ann is so sexy haha, glad I’m not alone on that one, most people tend to prefer Makoto... I really wish Futaba got introduced a bit earlier in the game though, I was already so close with Sojiro by that time that it would have felt weird dating his daughter all of the sudden XD
Blarey Dec 6, 12:18 AM
Thanks! Persona 5 didn’t just become my favorite JRPG, but one of my favorite games of all time. I loved everything about it, the Persona series as a whole is amazing, I don’t know why I put it off for so long. It’s basically everything I love about JRPG’s put into one game. The persona fusion is incredibly addicting, it has the best game soundtracks I’ve ever heard, and most of all the social links and relationships go so in-depth that playing these games feel almost like a second life. It is a little sad knowing I only have Persona 3 left to play, it’s like all I’ve done this past month is go to work and I can’t wait to come home and play Persona.. I’ve gotten so behind on current anime and manga, but it was worth it lol.

I haven’t played Nier Automata, but I plan to whenever it goes on sale. I’m definitely hyped to play Xenogears though, hopefully I can find another game to bring back the same level of immersion I felt playing Persona 4 and 5. That’s dope if the story’s really like Evangelion, NGE is one of my favorites.

Futaba was best girl for sure, but I thought she was better as a best friend/imouto. I nearly teared up during her palace (the feels palace) and hanging out with her in Akihabara was quite touching. I only romanced Ann though, which was very satisfying and I was most attracted to her from the beginning. I plan to replay it, so I can see what Makoto’s romance is like since I really liked her as well, plus I thought the game was too easy on Normal compared to P4. I want to try the game on a harder difficulty. Persona 4 was actually quite the challenge even on Normal mode, some bosses I had to grind to beat or I was stuck in battle for up to an hour using two-three healers because the bosses are strong enough to one-shot your entire party, especially if the RNG is not on your side. I’m not sure how anyone can beat it on Expert lol...

You have played Persona 4 right? If not, I couldn’t recommend it any higher. Great game.
27_Seconds Sep 29, 11:52 AM
Hey, so now that we're three episodes into FLCL Alternative, have your thoughts changed so far? I'm still enjoying it, but I do wish it could have the over-the-top craziness that the original series had. While I still like this season more than Progressive because I find the characters more fun, it still doesn't feel like FLCL to me. It doesn't have the trippy visuals or confusing dialogue that made the original series so iconic. It's still enjoyable in its own right, but man, I feel like I'm just watching a slice of life comedy with Haruko in it. Do you feel the same way?
27_Seconds Sep 9, 8:13 PM
I felt the same, it reminded me way more of the original series than Progressive did. The randomness, humor, pacing, and soundtrack were better in my opinion as well. Also liked the cast much more too, they actually seem like fun characters unlike Hidomi. Hell, I even liked how Kana had moments were she would monologue over different parts of the episode just like how Naoto did in the original series. That was something I enjoyed about his character and was something I missed in Progressive, so I'm glad that did it for Alternative.

I'm surprised that Alternative still has gotten a mixed response from other fans though. Looking back, Progressive was kinda lame, but this seems more promising.
27_Seconds Sep 9, 7:49 AM
Hey Jiffybone, did you watch the first episode of FLCL Alternative last night?
Blarey Sep 6, 6:00 AM
Awesome, you sure are burning through those episodes like crazy haha. Make sure you let me know what you think of the ending! The last 12 episodes are the best of the series and when things start really coming to a close.

You have convinced me to read Ranma 1/2, I never knew how much filler the anime had. The artwork is better than the anime already so I might just have to go and read Maison Ikkoku and Urusei Yatsura as well after this lol. Thanks for the info.
Blarey Sep 3, 7:34 AM
Glad you are enjoying it. There is just something so heartwarming about it, how Godai starts off with nothing but his dreams for a better future and how Kyoko becomes motivation for him, but then you don’t know if they will ever actually get together. The way the series evokes emotion with such subtlety really stuck with me, even though it was dragged out, I didn’t mind at all. True love does not develop overnight. The music is scored by Kenji Kawai who also did the music for Ranma 1/2, tbh I think the music is a big part of what makes it such a masterpiece and I’m glad you are also so appreciative of it, you really don’t see music that good in anime nowadays imo. It really starts getting good once you hit episode 40 or so, enjoy the rest of the ride!

Quick question about the Ranma 1/2 manga, would you recommend reading it? I already watched the anime, but if you think the manga is a must-read then I will have to check it out.
Blarey Sep 2, 8:14 AM
Hey there, just wondering what do you think of Maison Ikkoku so far?
27_Seconds Sep 2, 5:51 AM
I'm well-aware of LOGH's slow pacing and the fact that it can be considered "elitist-bait" lol. I don't really think those two things would be an issue as long as I can get invested. I mean, I loved Monster and that series was pretty long.

I have debated on just watching the more recent adaptation of LOGH, since it's a bit shorter. I doubt the whole story has been covered in the new adaptation, but there could always be another season.

I see, personally I'm not a big fan of using torrents either. I actually do use online streaming for most of my anime (watchcartoononline is usually my go-to site). I'm just careful with other sites I use since I once tried using a site called ryuanime awhile back and it tried to download spyware onto my laptop. I know KissAnime has the original LOGH, but again, I'm just concerned about weird pop-ups.

For the time being, I think I'll still put off LOGH. I already have enough shows I wanna work on already, so adding a longer series would just be too much lol.
27_Seconds Aug 30, 3:03 PM
Still been enjoying Michiko and Hatchin, it's a really good show. At times, it's a little bit more focused on the drama than the action/adventure aspect, but I think it works given how grounded the series is supposed to be. It does remind me a lot of Samurai Champloo, simply because of the art style, OST, and character interaction. It's a shame that I've been a little slow at watching anime recently, but I really hope to watch more of Michiko and Hatchin soon (as well as the other shows on my list).

Oh yeah, I've heard of Maison Ikkoku, I heard it's considered a classic by people who enjoy old school anime. I thought of watching it before, but I'm not so great at watching long anime. I always end up getting distracted by shorter series. Didn't realize that the director also made Inyuyasha. Haven't seen much of it other than a few random episodes on Adult Swim back in the day.

To be honest, I'm not too familiar with 80s anime other than the first two Gundam seasons, Akira and some random OVAs. It always seems like most 80s anime are very long, which makes it difficult for me to want to pick one up. I wanna watch LOGH one day, but given the length and the fact that I'm worried about using shifty websites, I keep putting it off. Where do you find more old school anime to watch online?

Hope you like the Cammy picture I just added to my profile, lol.
YoungChigga Aug 9, 5:21 PM
les be friends?
27_Seconds Aug 6, 1:58 PM
I see, it's really a shame when a show that receives a lot of hype ends up not delivering in the end. Seems to happen every season, a show is considered a masterpiece in the beginning, but then is seen as the worst thing ever by the time it ends. Remember when Kabaneri and the Iron Fortress was a highly rated show here? Now it's rating is significantly lower and nobody ever talks about it. At times, I wonder if these sort of shows were never that great when they first started, but people were just so distracted by the hype that they just never noticed.

It's a shame when certain series end up becoming hidden gems, but not receive much discussion. Michiko and Hatchin is a series that should stand out more that I'm surprised more people don't talk about it as much.

Oh yeah, I haven't watched the new season of FMP yet since I just finished the Second Raid recently. I would pick it up, but I haven't had too much time to watch anime recently due to work. I'll probably watch it after I'm done with Made in Abyss.

FLCL Progressive was enjoyable, but I agree that it didn't have the same impact as the first season. It didn't feel as surreal or crazy, plus it felt a little too tropey at times. I would be okay with that if it was done in a way to be more of a parody, similar to the first season, but it didn't really do that. I still found it easy to watch though and thought it was entertaining. I'm hoping FLCL Alternative will be a bit better.
27_Seconds Aug 5, 6:44 AM
That's what I've heard and apparently something happens around episode 14/15 that pissed a lot of people off. Sounds similar to what happened with SAO to me, where everything after episode 14 started to change things too much lol.

How similar is Darling in the Franxx to Evangelion? I always assumed it would be more similar to stuff like Gurren Lagann or Kill La Kill, but mainly because of the art style. I'm asking this since I love Evangelion, but don't want to go into Darling in the Franxx with weird expectations.

I am getting Bebop/Champloo vibes from Michiko and Hatchin, I'm surprised it wasn't made by Shinichiro Watanabe. It feels very similar to the shows he usually makes.

Glad to hear you enjoyed Outlaw Star, I agree that it's a classic. Even though I didn't watch it on Toonami/Adult Swim growing up, it made me feel really nostalgic as well. It just has a great adventurous feel to it that made it so fun to watch.

Watching any shows this season? Only other one I picked up was the third season of Attack on Titan. I don't really watch airing anime that much other than titles I really want to see.
27_Seconds Aug 4, 6:50 AM
Hey, I noticed that you finished Darling in the Franxx and gave it a 6/10. I was waiting for the show to finish before I started it and I'm planning on picking it up after I finish Michiko and Hatchin. How was Darling in the Franxx overall? I heard people loved it when it first started, but that people started to have mixed feelings about it by the end. Given your score, I assume that you felt similarly?
27_Seconds May 23, 7:14 AM
How is LOGH, btw? I want to watch it, but I might just check out the remake since I seem to only find the original on "shifty" websites with a ton of pop-ups (even with adblocker).