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sweetangie Jun 16, 8:01 PM
I'm no one to talk, even I keep repeating myself HOW ADORABLE ARATA IS, HIS CUTENESS HAS NO LIMITS THAT NEVER STOPS TO AMAZE ME, ALWAYS GETTING OVERLY EXCITED FOR HIM, SO MUCH THAT I'M GREEDY TO SEE MORE, LOL!!!! ( OMG, I LOVE YOUR AVATAR PICTURE: the picture Setsugu-sensei illustrated for his birthday, DAISUKI!!!!!! <3
Arata always thinks about Chihaya concern before his own, he'll never do something that will discomfort her nor doing something without her consent, ( he's a true gentleman who thinks the best for his beloved) I truly believe when the moment comes when Arata finally gets to EMBRACE CHIHAYA WILL BE BECAUSE OF THEY BOTH DESIRE TO SHARE THEIR WARMTH TOGETHER WHERE THEIR HEARTS SETS THEM ON FIRE!!!! Just by them holding hands GOT ME EXCITE, I CAN'T IMAGINE HOW I WILL REACT WHEN THEY FINALLY HOLD TOGETHER AND HAVING THEM TO KISS EACH OTHER, I BET I WILL GO SO WILD: AN ECSTASY THAT WON'T BE ABLE TO CONTROL MYSELF, OH PLEASE SUETSUGU-SENSEI BRING CHIHAYA AND ARATA'S HAPPINESS TO THE FULLEST, THEY BOTH REALLY DESERVE THE VERY BEST!!!!!!

That's true, that's Taichi's way of moving on his rejection towards a new start, that's good Taichi won't hold the grudge nor living his life of despair, that way Chihaya should be peace at herself as well for holding a guilt that wasn't her fault, it so happens she's in love with someone else and no one can't take that away from her. When you see and compare the difference from both of the boy's confession, it spotted Arata towards the light while Taichi sends himself towards the darkness, brought Chihaya down in the process and in Arata case brought sunlight to her world. Since this story is about KARUTA, it will make sense to bring elements that of the game to express their affections: exactly how Arata did his, and I'm positive Chihaya will give Arata her reply through karuta she where also desire to spend the rest of her life with him ( THEY WILL BE PARTICULARLY BE ENGAGE WHEN IT HAPPENS, OMG, HOW EXCITING IF THAT HAPPENS!!!!!) XD
sweetangie Jun 6, 12:22 AM
I'm feeling much better now Thank you.
OH YES, The latest chapter (ch 216) is GOLDEN JUST LIKE OUR BOY. Have you noticed what Arata said in the latest? OMG,OMG, ARATA ACTUALLY WANTED TO HUG CHIHAYA AFTER HE FELT RELIEF FROM HIS DOUBTFULNESS: but he first wants to become someone worth hugged by her: YES Arata is worthy of her love and his actions prove it!! Arata's feelings for Chihaya brought him courage: the encouragement no one else can bring to him where he's always heading towards the light of his given destiny, his feelings makes himself stronger Arata would never let himself doing something without Chihaya's consent ( she truly cherish her with all his SOUL): comparing each of boys actions, this proves who loves Chihaya more; and yes I'm positive Chihaya will give Arata a passion hug will symbolize their love they have for each other which will carry much more meaning than what Arata hoped for. I really love in how Suetsugu-sensei already starts given us the love element to the story again, especially when we are getting closer to the climax, oh yes CHIHAYA X ARATA MOMENTS HERE WE COME!!!!!

About the Taichi thing, I'm not worried about it, Chihaya saw the image of Taichi praying for her luck, something he said to her after she won the qualifiers *plus she remember in how she and the rest of the team bowed the temple for their good luck" it just for luck it has nothing to do about her having romantic feelings for Taichi: let's not forget Chihaya blushed on Arata after their just had shaken their hands in this chapter, Arata's presence always brings the greatest for Chihaya, by Chihaya to keep Arata waiting surely explains everything, she actions speaks on its own I mean all the wait she put Arata through will have a purpose. Come to think about it, both Chihaya and Arata are thinking the same way, for them to be worthy of their love, they both start want to become someone worthy of returning their feelings: in how Chihaya wants to become #1 strongest of karuta: in Arata case he wants to achieve his dream of becoming Meijin and the thing is they both say to each other their dreams they both want to acconplish and together they are walking toward the path where their happiness just awaits them: living their dream and finally seeing themselves worthy for eahc other's love to one another ( even if they both lose their matches, together they will become stronger and always have each other: winning is not always the answer, just like what Arata did ch 119 after his defeat against Harada he doesn't have to win his match for Arata's encouragement to say his feelings and I hope Chihaya will do the same to finally say her response towatrds Arata's love confession that she also desire to spend the rest of her life with him ( interpreting of karuta where she always wants to play karuta with Arata always and forever): that's how they will end up as a couple, in the end, LET'S ENJOY IN WHAT'S TO COME, I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

It's sad really in how some people dislike Arata ( he's such a kind guy, he doesn't deserve it.. -_-) ; but I'm happy to see more Arata fans are being active in the forums again, ARATA BANZAI!!!!!!!!
sweetangie Apr 28, 7:16 PM
Right now I feel under the weather with a fever, sorry for this short comment. -_-
So yes THE NEXT CHAPTER IS COMING UP THIS TUESDAY AND YES I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully, I'll feel a lot better by then so I can really feel the enjoyment and all the exciting fun that only awaits us. Oh yes Arata's presence always affects Chihaya in a positive way: just by hearing his voice she even dropped her phone from all the excitement: I can't wait what Arata will do more for Chihaya even though he's extremely nervous from all the attention, he managed to calm Chihaya: that's so cute: especially seeing Arata's adorable blushing face is so priceless. ;)
Yae_Sakura Apr 22, 8:50 AM
how r u?
sweetangie Apr 17, 11:54 PM
Hi Maria,
Well, as long the third season will have high-quality animation it will be worth the wait: I can't wait for Oct 2019, MORE CHIHAYAFURU ANIME HERE WE COME!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yup, Chihaya's jealousy is showing at least, that's what Chihaya needs actually, seeing another girl having interest in Arata to unleash her deep feelings of love towards Arata once and for all: surely Arata is very dense and unaware what's happening behind the screen, lol: HOPEFULLY by the next chapter we will see CHIHAYA X ARATA MOMENTS FOR SURE: if you read ch 214 you will see what I mean: Arata really bring the best for Chihaya, he's the best remedy Chihaya can ever have: and yes Chihaya and Arata phone conversation was very sweet: it brought them confidence and spirit for them to walk forward towards their dream TOGETHER: ALWAYS BRINGS THE BEST FOR EACH OTHER!!!
Well, Taichi has to learn for him to drag his feelings for Chihaya is not getting himself anywhere ( and he has to accept Chihaya's feelings for Arata at one point), just brings more depression: it's for the best for Taichi to move forward, just like Sumire did: please don't remind me of that force kiss scene between Taichi and Chihaya, that scene still irritates me even now... it was selfish and terrible.
Right now I reading Chihayafuru, Anonymous Noise ( another love-triangle shoujo manga: I decide to pick up the story again after I read a certain spoiler about my favorite couple from this series, YES!!!!): PLEASE CHIHAYA X ARATA (MY FAVORITE SHIP) MAKE IT CANON!!!!!: Now where were we, oh yeah: the manga title I'm reading, I'm also reading Angel of Death, After the Rain, Mizutama Honey Boy, and Blue Exorcist.

Oh, I just noticed by going to your account you already watched Anonymous Noise anime just recently: I wonder who's your favorite pairing? Mine is definitely is Nino x Momo: that's the only pair that got me very emotional while I was watching this anime and yes I'm looking forward to how this manga ends. :)

Sorry for the late reply, I have been very busy lately.
Yae_Sakura Apr 16, 6:56 AM
Hi ^_^
Thx for accepting
Nice to meet u :)
Cloe900311 Apr 15, 7:27 PM
I seem nice? xD Where? How? I don't remember seeing you in forum posts either, so I got curious about whether we met before :P
Cloe900311 Apr 9, 11:53 AM
Hi, it's nice to meet you :) I saw that you sent me a friend request. Just curious about why you added me?? :)
sweetangie Feb 14, 11:59 PM
Hi Maria, it's been a long time since we last chat: it's nice hearing from you again, I'm been doing fine: it's good to hear you're doing alright as well, take it easy and good luck on your studies.
Oh yes the new season of Chihayafuru is only two months away: I'M SO DYING TO SEE ARATA'S LOVE CONFESSION BEING ANIMATED: HEARING HOSOYA VOICE IN ARATA'S CHARACTER BENDING WITH ARATA'S ADORABLE BLUSHING FACE MAKES ME SUPER EXCITE: OH YES I'M SO LOOKING FORWARD TO IT. So far I read up 'til ch 205 ( ch 206 & 207 is already out translated, I'm going to read them soon: I have a backlog of chapters of manga titles I'm currently reading right now, I follow up 'til date by the raw scans: we left off in ch 212: hopefully based what I saw from the latest is a sign where Chihaya will start to reveal more of her deepest feelings she has for Arata: I'm seeing jealously in Chihaya's eyes* PLEASE GIVE US MORE CHIHAYA X ARATA SOON!!!!!! see the latest chapter for more details.

The anime I'm so hyped over right now other than Chihayafuru is Angels of Death ( I can't stop chatting about it: Zack especially at work to some of my co-workers I get along with, lol): this anime is already aired all the episodes but the manga it's still ongoing: I really love Zack he can be very adorable at times even though it wasn't intentional ( ALWAYS GETTING CANDY EYES FOR HIM, LOL!!!!!!!!!), even though he's a serial killer he revealed he does has a heart after meeting Rachel: who wanted to be killed by him: fate brought them together by a crazy promise so they can meet and recognize what's love for the first time: for the first time of their lives they were needed by someone they care about: please don't mind me I START TALKING CRAZY ABOUT ZACK X RACHEL: I SHIP THEM TOGETHER SO BADLY!!!!!!!!!! Here's the link about Angel of Death if you're interested in watching it:

Take your time replying my comments: and take care. ;)
sweetangie Apr 7, 2018 12:13 AM
KoiAme discussion

To make us feel a little better, I just finish editing my first AMV of KoiAme I made focus on Kondo x Tachibana under Kondo's point of view: I really enjoy myself editing this AMV so much that I was even in tears while I was editing their cute encounter moments: I hope you enjoy it:

Well yes I did read DNAngel a few years ago, now that we know the creator will continue the story again I have to re-read those chapters again to get a flashback.

I don't read webtoon, I only read manga titles.
sweetangie Mar 22, 2018 8:15 PM

sweetangie Mar 15, 2018 8:04 PM
Well so far I only read the spoiler summary from the latest chapter (ch 197): I haven't seen the raw scans yet, we still have to wait once the Chinese website share the scans... here's button to read the summary:

Our discussion of Chihayafuru and KoiAme:
sweetangie Mar 15, 2018 12:26 AM

Do you still remember when ch 119 first came out, you were the first one who spread what happened in that precious chapter to us fans at MF that meant SO MUCH FOR US CHIHAYA X ARATA SHIPPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
: OMG, I REALLY MISS THOSE DAYS WERE ALL ARATA FANS WERE SO ACTIVE AT THE FORUMS, REALLY WANT TO BRING THOSE DAYS BACK THIS TIME IN HERE AT MAL IF IT'S POSSIBLE: let's hope by the third season Arata fans will gather together and bring back all the joy again we really enjoy from coming to the forums.

OMH,OMG, YESS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy to hear you really enjoy this anime I REALLY LOVE TACHIBANA X KONDO SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: Kondo is totally awesome, TOTALLY LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!! XD Despite he's 28 years older than Tachibana ( he's 45 years old while Tachibana is 17 years old), he's the right man for Tachibana who totally understands and gives her a lot of compassion when she feels troubled who knows how to make her happy when she feels down: the perfect man for Tachibana. OH YES, he's a megane too when it comes to reading ( I really love that trait too, lol!!!!!!), wow, I haven't thought of that, nice one Maria, LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait for tomorrow's episode, IT WILL BE SO CUTE: I already caught up with the manga ( ch 56 is the last chapter being translated: REALLY LOVE THAT CHAPTER SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3, ch 57-81 just in raw scans: EARLY NEXT WEEK THE VERY LAST CHAPTER ( ch 82) OF THE MANGA WILL BE PUBLISHED: I'M SUPER NERVOUS IN HOW THE STORY WILL END, don't worry, I won't spoil you what happened in the latest, all I can say I really hope the creator will bring the best outcome for our favorite pair: WHICH IS TAHCIBANA X KONDO: that's the only pair I REALLY CARE in the story, they really deserve the very best.

I already bought the latest three volumes of Koi wa Ameagari no You ni manga (vol 07-09) and I do want to buy the last volume: which will be vol 10): I can't wait for my manga to arrive in my mail box.
sweetangie Feb 28, 2018 2:06 AM
Well when you think about:

About the spoiler you mentioned to me about Chihayafuru:

Me too, I'm not against in huge age-gap love relationship as long the man is truly kind ( and you'll see he's the one who I really ship with the heroine in this story) and trust me you will like Kondo as a character in how he is and how he treats Tachibana so kindly, SO CUTE: really explains why Tachibana is overly heels in love with him, I don't blame her, even I would fall in love with a man like him, LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
Let me know what you think KoiAme after you watch the first episode: trust em , I even told one of my co-workers at work to watch this anime: one of them really likes it and one of my shrift manager got interest of watching it too, that's amazing, LOL!!!!!!! :)
sweetangie Feb 25, 2018 7:08 PM
Yesterday's news IS SO AMAZING, I even had a hard time getting to sleep from all the excitement: we I hope the third season will adaptation in what's left of the story, since I predict the manga will end around next year, it will make sense the director to decided to adapt teh next season next year instead towards the end of the year: let' hope so. I can't wait to see

Well After the Rain (KoiAme) is an anime I really high recommend for you to watch, I really love the drama from this series, and seeing the main couple chemistry is really something else: SO PASSIONATE AND ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL ( even though they are 28 years apart, I really ship them together so bad, THEY REALLY BELONG TOGETHER: I even ignore that fact while I'm watching/reading the story, they are meant for each other even though Tachibana was born a lot later compare to Kondo: well, once you decide to watch the anime we can chat a lot more about it and YES, I REALLY SHIP TACHIBANA X KONDO TOGETHER SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD.