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Eyeshield 21
Nov 12, 2:02 AM
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Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Nov 10, 11:02 PM
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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
Nov 10, 5:00 AM
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Black Clover
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Jujutsu Kaisen
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Spy x Family
Nov 7, 10:38 PM
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mshitsugaya10 Nov 11, 12:25 AM
Hey there! No problem ^_^
Zenet Oct 27, 5:13 AM
Zenet Oct 27, 3:48 AM
"i'm only at the Skypiea arc".Why do you even argue about something, when you are just at the beginning of the story?I've watched almost 400 episodes, watched summaries for next arcs and now I'm reading manga and I still find it average shounen with a lot of power of friendship, fan-service, plot armor for main characters(it's 1% chance for some important character to die, even if his heart gets destroyed, he will most likely survive, especially Luffy who got saved by plot so many times) and super slow pace(imagine you're waiting for a very important chapter to explain everything and then BOOM manga starts telling a story of some known pirate who is not related to main story and it's not just for 1 chapter, you just completely lose interesting in main story and then manga goes to hiatus for 1 week and continues main story after it's end).
Zenet Oct 27, 3:33 AM
Well, it's chapter 960 and there's still no info about One Piece...Author built a vast world with thousands of characters, places and events.It's progressing super slowly.
Zenet Oct 26, 3:29 PM
I was interested why is this manga being so hyped and I still didn't find an answer.Yes, world society with all this political things,bounties, mass media is a good thing, but it seems more like a distraction from main story and main story is kinda average(sorry if I hurt your feelings)with all of this dragon ball style fruits containing power able to destroy islands, power of frienship, main character being super dumb and kind, main characters consistently shouting at each other, Nami turning into fan-service character more and more, etc.It's just a super long adventure shounen not worth reading(still like a manga version more though, because 50+ ep. arcs consisting of so much memories, reactions of other characters is super hard to watch, same with Dragon Ball).
Zenet Oct 26, 2:53 PM
I've only read the latest chapters(50 or 60).I've started almost every manga in my list from post-anime chapters, so most of my manga scores don't mean too much, they are mostly for myself.
RebelPanda Sep 29, 8:11 PM
Thaaanks, your review was fun to read man, your voice came through and it was funny. Though I'm still not sure if you like Asta or not :o
RebelPanda Sep 25, 8:04 AM

1. Firstly, I liked My Hero, for the first two seasons. The narrative was very conventional but very functional, and the art was consistently good. Kimetsu no Yaiba has fantastic animation and breathtaking fight scenes, however, the premise is cliche and the storytelling is abysmal. The villain of the week structure helps to distract from the lack of plot or character writing, but only for so long.

2. Yes

3. Definitely Vinland. Hopefully I can persevere through Fire Force's bad parts if it gets better.
Karhu Sep 25, 1:08 AM
4chan has its autists but at least you can have/see (mainly see from my part) a unique conversation there unlike in most communities where any input is just a reflection of social prejudices you've heard million times before. AKA there are fewer "normal" people around.
Karhu Sep 25, 12:53 AM
It's the season of sequels. Will be watching in total of 10 different sequels. Other than that, all sports series since am fan of the genre. + MadHouse and Geno Studios' works since I trust them. Beastars and Salaryman out of curiosity. And finally Blade of the Immortal to see how it compares to the manga. Might also end up trying Babylon and Rifle girls. Not sure which I will follow weekly and what to left for end-season marathon.

I don't like Plebbit. It's such a one opinion site. Everyone has the same opinion and all they do is circlejerk. Only few good subs I participate in, mainly related to memes and alternative media. 4chan is cool because people act human there.
RebelPanda Sep 24, 10:06 PM
Going good. For fall I'm going to watch Beastars, Dr. Stone, Psycho-Pass 3, Fate, Kabukichou Sherlock, No Guns Life and probably everything else for at least one episode. Cool, could you link it to me when you post it? Will catch up Dr. Stone manga soon...
Karhu Sep 19, 1:24 AM
I see. One Piece is a comedy-heavy formula that relies on the power of friendship. While it has its charm and entertainment value, at least during the first 200 episodes until the series pacing slows down by 900%, it ultimately relies on superficial quality traits and rarely offers anything more. HxH is highly unusual as its character depth and world building work in layers that far exceed the significance of any other shonen series or most anime in generally.
Karhu Sep 18, 5:56 AM
Are you watching the og HxH or Madhouse's 2011 remake? The og might have bit weird start, but 2011 beginning is incredibly strong and as a whole it's my favorite anime of all time.~ The following arcs, especially power control, are weaker, but then it becomes godly again until finally becoming the best ever during the later episodes with Chimera Ant. The og doesn't cover the best arc, and also has some filler characters that do not appear in 2011.
Karhu Sep 17, 2:13 AM
Dr. Stone and Fire Force I am done with for now. Will drop and either marathon in the future or let them play in the background when multitasking. Neither deserves my focus any longer/currently.

Vinland Saga's first 8 episodes are stronger than the ones that have followed, but they might actually seem exactly as good for anime only watchers. Their nature doesn't really serve manga readers, at least not me personally, but it should pick up soon again. Thorfinn is enraged for realz, lel.
RebelPanda Sep 15, 6:09 PM
Still the same, Fire Force can be really good but it has a lot of not so good in between.