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May 21, 2008
As a 4 episode OVA, Kyou no Go no Ni, or Today in Class 5-2, provides large doses of adult humor from child characters in a fashion that will have most people rolling on the floor. Although it lacks much of a story, the high point of this series lies in it's flavor of comedy.

Story: 6
The story is told in an interesting way that mimics a school day, dividing an episode into five periods, each containing a short story in different classes or times. Similar to a standard day at school, not much happens, and the same can be said of the read more
May 19, 2008
As a three chapter story, 7th Period is a Secret is obviously very short and intended for just a quick read. It portrays a common struggle of fitting in that many teenagers face in today's society, and teaches a little lesson while it's at it as well. 7th Period is a short and sweet manga that doesn't delve too deep, but gives enough of a story to satisfy.

Story: 6
The story is very slice of life, and the inner struggles and actions of the main character, Shun, to fit in is something that many people would easily go through in their real life read more
May 18, 2008
The first thing to note before watching Baccano! is that the story starts off by introducing you over 20 characters at once, and can be very confusing. However, don't let this deter you, as Baccano! offers a rather interesting take upon storytelling, giving the same story from many characters' point-of-view at once, which ties together by the end in a highly satisfying and well executed manner.

This sort of thing has been done quite often; a studio comes up with a great plot that makes sense, interesting and likable characters, a way to present the story in a way that pushes the bar; they start read more
May 14, 2008
As a sequel to the highly entertaining Zero no Tsukaima, I had expected a continuation of the first season with more fleshed out stories, more character development, and just overall better material than what Futatsuki no Kishi provided. Don't get me wrong, the second season doesn't fail, it still provides a decent story with plenty of comedy and lplenty of fan service to back it up, but what Futatsuki mainly lacks is consistency. I feel as though Futatsuki could have stood alone as an entirely different series, as it seems as though if the characters were placed in a situation where they met read more
May 14, 2008
R.O.D the TV soars above it's manga equivalent, Read or Dream, in terms of strong story and well developed characters, even bringing back several popular characters from the past. While the two host the same primary characters, the plot line of the tv series takes on a whole different path from the manga, and I must say that it was a brilliant choice. Although the series overall is rather slow to develop, it all results in an amazing ending climax and resolution that is well worth viewing for oneself.

Do note that it is not necessary to know anything about the Read or Die read more
May 12, 2008
Kodomo no Jikan. Ask any well-versed anime/manga fan about this series and they're likely to respond in either amusement or disgust. I won't attempt to sugar-coat it, if you find even the slightest allude to children being the target of sexuality to be absolutely disgusting, then you should probably keep your distance from this anime. Of course, I'm sure that no one is particularly fond of the subject, however, this series doesn't merely exist as a shallow loli-con's dream world; beneath it's humorous, light-hearted (although often inappropriate) surface lies a compelling story that questions morality and today's society as a whole in read more
May 5, 2008
Naruto fans, rejoice. What Gekijouban Naruto Shippuuden offers is a healthy dose of your favorite Naruto recipe. Of course, that also means it's nothing new or groundbreaking. Simply put, if you like Naruto, then you'll probably like the movie. If you're not particularly fond of the show, then don't expect too much.

Story: 5
The plot behind the movie is one that is highly unoriginal and rather rushed. The story lacks much depth, and consists of the usual, ultimate evil threatens the world, Naruto & co. get assigned to bodyguard work, they face other ninjas, almost face defeat, but then Naruto read more
May 4, 2008
Elfen Lied could, quite easily, be called one of the most graphic anime series out there. If you find excessive blood and gore (as in numerous body parts being cut off), nudity, and to a lesser degree, suicide, animal cruelty, and scenes of child molestation (it is just alluded to, of course the actual act is not shown), to be highly offensive and not to your taste, then don't watch Elfen Lied. Of course, no sane person would find any of these particularly desirable, but if you can get past these characteristics that make Elfen Lied one of the most controversial (in terms read more