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Sep 24, 2014
Defend Love (Anime) add
In Defend Love, Amuro fights against tyranny. There is so much to defend, but Gundam got an ogre's fist. POWWW I have just defended love.
Sep 22, 2014

Battlefield robot series. Cutting to the cream of the crop. Here at Daioja. Egyptian robots with their samurai warriors are on the move. Breaking apart the kingdoms of Kings and Queens, "Can anyone stop me?" Sharp look on their eyes, they run the battlegrounds. I think somewhere around here, there are more awesome mecha shows like this, excuse me while I think about Egypt.
Sep 14, 2014
Jayanti's history lesson will now commence and how Machine Robo: Butchigiri Battle Hackers came to be that anime of the year. Please enjoy the story. This was back in 1987 before there were any real technology. Thinking about the past, it was treacherous. In a small part in Asia, I was about to leave the country. There was no passport control, it was a isolated town where merchants did trade. The main port was overcrowded, everyone was desperate trying to get out. The only access in and out of the town were the boats the town provided. Outsiders would drive the boats out the town ...
Aug 27, 2014
Memories of the past give birth to darkness. The former concealed behind the shadow. With never before touched, never before seen footages and pictures from the original UEDA Shoji, he pierces through WW2 through the power of writing. With accumulated funds and allocation of resources, he delivers the film titled "A Drop of dew" Taking the constraint, he waves his hand behind the shadow, good luck he says in a soft voice. First and foremost, I have presented the sudden world with my masterpiece, I've opened the door to the bank. The vault that held the burden for too long. Encased are the documents I've ...
Aug 10, 2014
Freeman is crying. Freeman does not want to kill but binded by a brainwashing force, Freeman leaves tears every time he must assassin someone. A 29 year old virgin witnessed Freeman assassinate the yakuza. Will Freeman shoot her too? She is completely innocent. Seeing the face of Freeman, the virgin knows a killer face that will shoot even if crying and she will die a virgin, The person in charge of Freeman left an order to shoot the virgin and the yakuza still at large also want to shoot Freeman. If the yakuza shoot Freeman, then they will shoot the virgin too. Freeman at the ...
Jul 22, 2014
Ok I may be wrong on this, It will be one of my Jayanti reviews and I pledge to be helpful, but I do not take blame for the information presented. Childish version of Goldran. Whacky brats that are naughty followed by a robot that follows their naughtiness and do naughty. In Ganbaruger the bad kids will drive around in a toy racecar caring only about playing and cause problem for people followed by their robot flying behind that lets them do whatever creating all sort of terror for the people. OH NO, it's those kids, Let me spank those naughty brats, Yeah let's get ...