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Sad Dec 28, 2020 4:25 PM
tfw browsing through my old screenshot album and find a synctube poll from when we started watching giant killing

Low_Ki Aug 8, 2019 4:31 AM
I'll miss it when its gone. Jojo is unique and rocks, hell of a gift to the world.

FIFA, the gamer where a 99 finishing player with a 5* weak foot gets the chances to hit crossbars or posts exponentially increased. Can't wait for the season to start soon to get my fix from a good place. Though this transfer window looks rocky for us...I'm going to have a Deadline Day tab open while I'm working tomorrow lol.

It's pretty safe during peak hours, too many people to get robbed. Even when we pass through the dodgier areas.

Yeah Todd Howard always struck me as a more successful CliffyB. Definitely a walking meme. Feels like everyone's trying to crack the microtransaction code for he most part though and all top studio's need to get with the program or be left behind. Even DMC was selling red orbs aka XP on the PSN store. I definitely feel hunting for quality games has slowed down these past few years the way they churn out releases so fast though. Cyberpunk 2077 looks like it nailed it though. Every vid looks amazing...reminds me of how GTA went from a top down to open world game with so many RPG elements in there. CDPR is still synonymous with quality but I'm worried how much longer they can last before they end up like the rest.

I've gone back to FFXII Zodiac Age of all games as it was on special. Still the best. But people keep saying FFXIV has come a long way since launch and it's worth the effort...but I feel so far behind :(
StyleF1re Aug 5, 2019 3:32 AM
I will be in California for a week with my family, so don't expect any responses until later this month. First time I've been off-island in over a decade, believe it or not!

The Warriors were probably not the sole reason, but likely the primary reason because of what Steph was doing earlier this decade. Back then it was just disrespectful and unbelievable to see someone shooting from 35+ ft. with no regard for human life. But even before that Ray Allen was that dude and the Orlando Magic in the late 00s were extreme in their offense based around Dwight Howard and wing shooters. The emphasis on 3-pointers was then bridged by Dallas in 2011 and those Miami and San Antonio teams that met in the Finals before GS blew the whole thing out the stratosphere in 2015. And yes, that particular Lakers team was very boring to watch. The scheme was effective, but man did they slow the game down to a crawl and really keep the numbers (score) down! And yes, I continue to be baffled by what is consider offensive or derogatory in today's world. I miss when I used to "go hard" like this song I listened to back in the late-00s.

Maybe that other race was not much of a fluke, unless we're talking about Ferrari. They are eating not just Mercedes dust now! Still, I'm intrigued with what has become of Verstappen and how much he's stepped up from his previous mistakes in previous years. Mercedes just has it together with their strategies and Hamilton is still top-class. Idk. Maybe F1 could be turning the page on boring races and such, but I still have my doubts because of what we discussed before.

Not really anything that tall on Oahu compared to Mauna Kea on the Hawaii island. There's a crazy protest going on over there now though regarding the building of a Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT). The Native Hawaiians consider the planned area a sacred site, whereas supports see it as good for the economy and for research regarding space. I don't know too much about this myself, but it's on the local news feeds almost every day like Trump on the national news. Anyway, that is pretty disappointing to hear about your government caving in to these new standards (or double-standards) of our modern society. Hopefully Trump or somebody can keep this crap at bay because I think there's still more in the tank for the combustion engine and the idea of quiet or even soul-less cars is demoralizing for someone like me. Electric vehicles are cool as a niche, but as a mainstream or the norm? Forget that! Yeah, who knows where you would be now if you get into an accident. I should be thinking about that myself regarding motorcycling, but I'm too far detached from people and too far set on my own path to change course now.

Maybe someday there will be a shift in the anime meta, but we'll have to make due with what's coming about now. For the GitS mention, I mainly wanted something along the lines of the SAC series and not the regular movies or the Arise stuff.

You keep all the stuff you get, but with each event different (and new) items have the Nitro Point boosts attached to them so you have to switch things up to be efficient with acquiring Points. Still, when I don't need Points it's great to have a vast arsenal of paints, decals, karts, and such to mix and match with. And FLEX with too! haha

Practice ain't making me perfect. Competitive maybe, but I don't have the talent to keep pace with some of these gods and goddesses out there. Anyway, lmk if you ever do come online to play the game since we can race privately too.
Muse Aug 1, 2019 3:04 PM
Hey mate, it's been a while! Funny timing, I haven't used this site in what feels like forever.

Arsenal seem to be going down the route of buying every good attacker available and worry about defence later, which I suppose worked out for us in the end. :) You still need a defender or two but I reckon you're not going to do too badly this year.

Oh man wayyyy too many Marvel and DC movies. To be honest I don't think I've even seen any of the new DC ones but I think I've seen all of the Marvel ones except the new Spider-Man. I feel like there's too many to get excited about now although I really loved Ragnarok (Taika Waititi is my hero) and Endgame was pretty good. Are you up to date with the movies?

I've barely watched any anime in the longest time but I actually started watching again recently just to watch Part 5 of JoJo. To be honest I haven't watched enough of it to have an opinion yet but I really like the setting. Not sure how I feel about Giorno yet though.

Not gonna lie life has been pretty good lately. I got a decent job doing what I actually want to do, got a relationship, been super busy going to gigs, football matches and on holidays, so yeah I can't really complain. How about you, how are things?

Low_Ki Jul 31, 2019 5:28 AM
Jojolion is going to be a long way off and looks amazing based on the brief outline I've read. Not familiar with the Vinland manga so I'm going in blind, how does it look compared to that?

Less said about FIFA the better. People says weak foot matters, but lets face it, when the game wants a 99 finishing player will hit nothing but crossbars and posts from bread and butter shots. Forums have gone downhill, the off topic stuff has really dried up and is nowhere near as active as it was back in the day. And the FIFA talk is depressing just seeing how badly EA is running anything not microtransaction driven into the ground. If I didn't love the sport to death I'd have bailed on it.

I went with Popplio as a starter after googling. Seemed solid. Switch is definitely the future though, every time I see someone use it on the train it just looks sweet. Shield and Sword on top of Zelda, Mario, new Metroid, fire Emblem, Xenoblade.....Nintendo absolutely nailed the portable market in an era when mobile gaming totally missed the mark.

Ha, speaking of Bethesda they went from bad to worse with Wolfenstein. And the 1992 Doom rerelease using online functionality DRM was an absolute fail. Elder Scrolls could be the best thing ever and they'll have lost so much goodwill after all these missteps. Never seen a studio fall from such a huge high to such a low.

RPG's feel in a weird spot where they're trying to be more casual friendly with action game or multiplayer mechanics to make more money and it alienates those looking for a true RPG experience. FFXV felt like that in particular. Turn based by AAA studio's feels dead.
StyleF1re Jul 30, 2019 11:29 PM
Harden gripes aside, I personally dislike the modern-day Rockets because of the analytical style they play. The antics that Harden and Paul were pulling off over the years were one thing, but it's just boring to watch a team that literally just shoots threes or scores from the paint area. The reason I loved GS was because they moved the damn ball and it was an artistic showcase when they were on top of their game. Another boring team I can remember was the Lakers team coached by Mike Brown. It was literally a clock-burning offense that relied heavily on bigs to post-up, and then either shoot a short jump shot or pass to an open wingman. Anyway, I'll think about watching Space Jam 2 if the movie isn't littered with that kind of crap. Society sucks nowadays for being so soft to what were fun jokes, cliches, and tropes back in the day. Still, I'm pretty sure I can answer to ANYTHING I've posted on social media since I've always been rather keen and cautious about what I say or where I say things.

Well, that was better than the usual Mercedes 1-2 and Williams 19-20 snorefest. Still don't believe this to be anything but a fluke though, but it does make things more interesting for Max especially. That one turn with all that water was just merciless this past weekend! It must've been responsible for almost all the retirements haha. Your cousin is a smart man to take your smart advice! Other than the sounds and liveries of the era of Ferrari dominance, I think people like that time because I heard random cars/teams could take pole on random qualifying days.

Only the peaks of the Hawaii island are subject to snow. Where I live on the island of Oahu has virtually no chance of that happening. I've only seen snow once in my life back in early 2007 when I went to the East Coast USA for a high-school robotics trip. All I can say is that your government is a piece of trash! If that kind of legislation makes its way here in full-force, I fear for how much more desensitized to life I will become because I'm already pretty apathetic as of now. Combustion engines in cars and motorcycles are really my life! Yeah, snow is much better confronted with a 4WD machine. At least you didn't crash and suffer injury or major damages though!

Other than SoL, I would like to see a renaissance of the true action-seinen anime from the 90s and 00s. Stuff like Monster and GitS. I'm not buying what Vinland Saga has tried to sell me so far, and apparently I'm out on that anime. Maybe I'll watch it next year if someone causes me to reconsider, but I'm good with Cop Craft, Machikado Mazoku, Aikatsu Friends, and whatever else I have on my plate.

The events run for a month each and you need to amass a great deal of Wumpa Coins and Nitro Points to unlock all the skins, karts, paint jobs, etc. that are available within the event time periods. This last event had all these pretty Bandicoot ladies and some cool karts so you best know I was all in with my efforts there! Nonetheless, it does take quite an investment, but I'm pretty set going into the next event having bought out or unlocked pretty much all the good karts, wheels, decals, and paint jobs available. You should see how quick things go up in smoke in CTR when you get chain-bombed by a barrage of missiles, bombs, and whatnot! Sometimes it's impossible to catch when a beaker is thrown right in front of you, when a missile will hit you, or the actual trajectory of a bowling bomb because of the game's input lag or whatnot. That all said, some people are simply too talented and too skilled with driving and weaponry for all this nonsense. Unfortunately I'm not one of those elite folks!
Low_Ki Jul 28, 2019 4:07 PM
Yeah Vinland looks decent. That, Kimetsu no Yaiba, Jojo and Ace of Diamond II are probably the only things I've liked in this lot. Jojo is really something special, Stardust Crusaders had a fair few dips in quality due to being super long, but it really went out strong in part's just so absurd and fun. Can't wait for what comes next.

FB Ibra was the big card that carried me for months. He can still perform, but since TOTS he struggles vs the mega teams now when every defender has 90 pace and 90+ defending. I played Rivaldo behind him at the start so I got used to the weak foot (which he avoids 90% of the time) but he can still drive them in with it, finesses were the only letdown on it. TOTS Goretkza is damn good, hell of a card. TOTS Aouar is definitely my star though, can do anything.

When I do these SBC's and make teams I'm careful with how I build them and think I've got the right formula to give me bang for my buck, only to see teams with CDM Eriksen and David Silva play like defensive demons and dominate the midfield through the AI. So demoralising and it finally drove me away for half a year. I could never get along with that packed Messi or Best for some reason, all rounder wide guys like Rui Costa were more my thing. Seems so weird thinking about FIFA, was so long ago since all of us from back in the day found our way here through FIFA of all things.

Destiny Shadowkeep looks interesting on paper. Looks like they're finally delivering on all the promises they made about Destiny 1 3-4 years later. I think Activision was holding them back a lot given how drastic the retooling looks. I've still got the original Moon game that I haven't touched since I don't have many change to enjoy my 3DS lol.

Could be worse than Fallout 4, could be 76. The Outer Worlds game the devs of New Vegas made looks cool and I'll definitely check out. And of course Cyberpunk next year :)
StyleF1re Jul 27, 2019 10:52 PM
Whatever it is, I want to see something more like basketball and not cheap circus-level stuff. He's too talented to be doing nonsense as he's done over these years. If only Space Jam 2 had Kobe, but it's quite interesting to see what LeBron and company will come up with. That said, it better not be infested with the current political and diversity-pandering crap that I've been hearing about in modern movies. Wasn't a fan of Wade, but I suppose I'll appreciate him a lot more getting to look back on his career and artistry as a legendary guard.

I'm so desensitized to them that I don't know what to say. I just really hope LeClerc's career will still thrive in the long-run because this has just been an eyesore and like a bunch of screeching or metal-grinding to the ears. Anyway, hopefully Max will help to put on a show. I may sound like I'm hating on or disregarding Lewis, but F1's been far from competitive or interesting overall these past five years.

I wonder how I'd deal with snow, since here in Hawaii the concept is as foreign as a European language is here. Not looking forward to a world full of autonomous and quiet electric vehicles. Did you get to drift or have any close calls with your BMW?

I actually do like watching the shows from this season, which is a welcome sight compared to the previous two seasons of this year. As much as I like how Mix looks and it being rather easy to digest, that one and C&T are frustrating to sit through so happy trails to both!
Serendipity Jul 27, 2019 4:49 PM
Thanks! Long time no talk. I wasn't in Canada when we won actually. I was on vacation in Brazil watching to Copa America, so I missed those celebrations haha. What's new with you? Hope all is well.
Low_Ki Jul 23, 2019 12:54 AM
Yeah I log on about once or twice a month to do mass updates to my lists and to check out if anything decent is out.

This is what I've got in FIFA off SBC's and objectives:

I was ready to quit but then I packed TOTS Messi and ended up with enough to do a top tier Icon and a bit more. Torn between R9, Gullit, Eusebio or Ronaldinho. But man, the autodefending meta drained me hard. Feel like I'm punished for playing smart. Ended up back in Destiny which has really turned the corner after D2 base game nearly destroyed it.

You're missing out on Persona then. From production to gameplay mechanics to visuals it was a perfect RPG. Only bad thing about it is the life sim stuff between dungeons, but I guess that's common with Persona. I've got Pokemon Ultra Moon that I'm saving for a holiday though. And that sums up the Fist game perfectly except they even went light on the minigames. The few there were were pretty button mashy. The world was as barren as the wastelands in the series....but man the combat was creative.

Hell yeah, I think I remember you telling me Golden Experience was the weakest arc but I've been enjoying it. Diamond is 100% top tier though. 2 seasons out from the Cannonball Run one!
StyleF1re Jul 20, 2019 11:33 PM
Harden says he has a new move for next season that isn't a travel. I wonder what exactly that's going to be. Still, it's a shame that he offsets his talent with what are essentially cheap tricks that stretch and strain the rulebook. Nonetheless, he'll be having fun with Westbrook again so we'll see if it works out for these ball-dominant stars. Had no idea Westbrook wasn't that great at the line, but that still ain't as bad as damned LeBron! Freakin guy better have worked on that in the offseason. Always have to laugh when I see D-Wade's post about the players he swapped jerseys with.

Won't matter who Ferrari gets unless they can show up their technical shortcomings and strategic gaffes. It still is both hilarious and sad to me that they let LeClerc get eliminated in Q1 in one of the more recent races. At least F1 may be heading in the right direction again with the idea of ground effects returning, as well as saying farewell to those degradation tires.

Tales of Berseria wasn't like that, so maybe it was the older games from the 2000s then. I know I was bad at both of those music games you mentioned. Actually, I'm bad at all of them! But the music still rocks and games like DDR and Beat Saber were pretty good for the body.

Good! I'm not too big a fan of front-wheel drive for performance vehicles. Same goes for electric cars, but I bet the sheer power and torque of those cars would still put a grin on my face. Yeah, it's amazing how compromised these track specials are for actual road and everyday use. Rough ride. Lack of luggage and passenger space. Eat up gas. Still more practical than any sportbike out there though!

This season has a few bizarre and rather interesting, or at least entertaining shows. I think Cop Craft and Machikado Mazoku are emerging as my personal favorites, whereas I can rely on Symphogear to be an action showcase and that other show about sex to be insightful. I'll be honest in that I'm actually not sold on Vinland Saga yet just because of the animation style and colors. Mix and Carole & Tuesday I no longer expect anything from, but I find myself too far in to just drop them now.

We'll work something out! Get into the Grand Prix event stuff if you can though. Hopefully the Nitro Squad characters can be unlocked after the event is over and the next one begins. I did my deeds though and am just stacking Wumpa Coins to be able to buy things early on with the next event. This game seems rather cruel with time investment just like that MapleStory game I kept pace with temporarily back in the day!
Low_Ki Jul 19, 2019 9:47 PM
Wow, yeah been a while. Didn't expect this notification when I logged on :P

I've been the same with you regarding FIFA...came back since January for TOTS to grind objectives and WL and it was a massive pain. I don't think I'm bad since I can comfortably get gold 3 every time, but I get no enjoyment out of it.

Persona was epic, easily the best JRPG I've played in years. Not enough of that turn based stuff still around. Recent games......finally got to God of War in December, amazing game that felt perfect. Sony exclusives have been top notch between that, Spider-Man, Kingdom Hearts III, and Judgment. Also obviously did DMC5 and Yakuza Kiwami 2.

Fist of the North Star was a massive letdown for me compared to the Yakuza games though. Kamurocho in those ones is full of characters, side quests and minigames. This one did have a good combat system, but the world was very bland and I spent way too much time grinding XP in the wastelands that exploring the underwhelming city. It's a shame since the linear experience was decent but there was not much to keep the there for endgame content.
StyleF1re Jul 15, 2019 2:03 PM
Hockey and football are similar in that aspect. It especially shows in playoff and championship games where scoring and opportunity as at a much greater premium. As for James Harden, the dude can score. It's just that he always has some knock to him. Back in the day he played next to zero defense. And nowadays his game can be so dependent on foul calls that he's even resorting to stupid stuff like leaning forward to draw contact on a STEPBACK three. That's just absurd, but it does make for quality YT clips and entertainment! With LeBron, I've no idea why he's so tremendously mediocre at the free throw line. I thought we were past the days of what was a Lakers free throw circus with Dwight Howard, but watching LeBron shoot at the line is so exasperating! Nah, but for Dallas none of their squad had any rings before that season. And there certainly weren't much expectations with them not really having mega-stars aside from Dirk. They had some of the unlikeliest heroes in that Finals too with DeShawn Stevenson and Shawn Marion to name a few. Anyway, this next NBA season needs to start soon because holy smokes at the storylines and intrigue! I've never seen an offseason so tumultuous.

Look at my guy Vettel doing more dumb things! But hey, I respect him for owning up to it and Max being classy in return. Vettel is probably past his prime and showing wear and tear psychologically, but hopefully the LeClerc-Verstappen clash during the race was a sign of things to come for F1's future and maybe Ferrari's as well. Now if only F1 can get these battles to happen at the very front, since it still looks as if Hamilton is on pace to record a season as dominant as Schumacher's was back in 2004. Monaco is trash as a circuit for modern standards. I bet it was amazing back in the day with the old F1 cars, but there's just too little room for overtakes and passes with today's machinery.

Yup. That may or may not hurt your perspective on Tales games. I didn't do a second playthrough of Vesperia though because there were things I couldn't check off to start the second playthrough regarding keeping the skills, getting 10x exp, and so forth. To do all that you need to acquire a ton of grade from battles and such. And that's a damn pain to start! Back in the 2000s and early 2010s DDR was all the rage. And yes, I saw a lot of people playing Guitar Hero and my close friends exposed me to Beatmania IIDX. Plus you may sometimes hear the tracks mashed up with anime videos and such.

Darn. It was a nice platform for a compact performance vehicle for sure, but usually front-wheel drive isn't as emotional or playful to drive as is rear. And AWD is just stupid fast out of corners if you can work around the understeer! But yes, anything RWD and/or traditional manual will be sought out by some enthusiast of sorts. I suppose there's a price for performance. At least they aren't as impractical as those track-only cars that are made road-legal like an Aston Martin Vulcan or McLaren P1 GTR!

Yup. It really is an exaggeration of what newcomers could be concerned with walking into the gym for the first time or so. As for anime airing this season, you'll know what's up with me over this next month. I already gave up on a few shows after seeing some or all of their second episodes. As always with adulthood, time is at a damn premium!

Hope to see you playing CTR soon! I didn't see the game registered when I added you.
StyleF1re Jul 12, 2019 1:31 PM
Hold up, man! I'll have to get to all this in a bit. I'm getting backed up by all sorts of stupid stuff, including bad excuses like CTR! My apologies...
StyleF1re Jul 9, 2019 12:39 AM
That's damn crazy to think about for how many matches they play and for how long the games and season are. I wanted to watch the final, but that fell on the first Saturday of the month which is when our local Bikes & Coffee group motorcycle rides are held. Yeah, it's a tough call but maybe in this case Moura needed to be out there because he was on a roll and Kane hadn't been on the field for awhile. We'll see! That's a fun fact to know about Son! Maybe I should do the jersey thing as a Halloween costume or something since it's easier to dress up as a football player compared to other sports. Hockey especially ain't happening if I'm going for an authentic look with gears and all! Same with basketball because I'd need to hit the gym and get my arms more definition to make a player jersey fit and look decent.

No idea. I support whomever the heck I feel like supporting, regardless of country, ethnicity, history, etc.

Not sure if I mentioned previously, but I rooted against LeBron every finals he was in except maybe the 07 one where they got run over by the Spurs. Also, Dallas is my second favorite and the 2011 team might even be my favorite in recent memory over the Lakers teams that won their last two championships or the Warriors teams with Durant that obliterated most of their opposition. That all said, this has been the most exciting season to look forward to with the tandems of James-Davis and Doncic-Porzingis being very intriguing. LeBron better at least get this group a few rounds into the playoffs or I'm going to joke of him as the worst Laker ever and coming to the Lakers just to run them as a franchise into the ground. Nah, but I have a lot of respect for him and his body of work.

Add me on PS4 (StyleF1re). Would be nice to have a CTR partner in crime too.

By far Max is reckless, though in a more controlled and calculated fashion compared to previous seasons. That, coupled with his explosive personality is what I love about the guy. I know Charles was threading the needle at Monaco, but that didn't end too well there. Wait, so I have two good Indian friends on MAL? I like that! Anyway, F1 needs to be addressed so that the action is all at the front and not just in the midfield. I'll need to check on the history of FI (or RP as they're called nowadays), but sucks to hear that.

Actually, I left out the fact that the NFS racing games from the 2000s featured UK artists like Wiley (Bow E3) and Sway (Hype Boys). Maybe that's where things originated from, having looked into those two artists in particular earlier this decade. The internet is quite the damn gateway! I'd like to get into other genres, but there's so much out there musically.

Tales does require a good time investment to complete though. I invested triple-digit hours into both Vesperia and Berseria, though mainly because the narrative is long and with many fun skits and content. HZD was a fine piece on gameplay alone, though I wasn't too interested in the story and the Western vibes. It also just seemed to end for me once I ground up to Lvl 60, completed the game, and breezed through the DLC. Feels like there's more to be had with the story there, so hopefull a proper sequel is already in the works. For VR, it works especially great for racing games and really elevated the status of a game like Wipeout. And then there's Beat Saber which is just stellar as a rhythm-music game. Too bad the PS4 version is limited in song options, as I would play it more often if there was more variety and not just this recent song pack featuring only a single artist. PC version seems killer with the custom charts and crossovers with other music games like Beatmania IIDX to name one example.

Not sure. Don't know much about the cars from a real-world or practicality standpoint. I'm sure the 1 or 2 series is a good piece of kit though with its size and, in the case of the M-version, power and looks. Nice! I'll be looking for a second motorcycle maybe.

YES! The damned dumbbell anime was just ridiculous, yet catchy all at once. Even though I'm a pervert in some aspects I may just have to stay true to myself and drop the thing out of respect to the humor, as most of it just goes over my head or even frustrates me. I don't find the main trainer's muscular body or the other girl's obsession with muscles to be all that pleasant. And then there's that other show with the literature club and their interests in sex and whatnot. Quite bold to actually feature a masturbation scene with tissues and suggestive content on the dude's computer screen! Anyway, I'm just going to keep looking and see how much weirder things get. Symphogear as always with an explosive premiere and great transformation sequences, and then this other anime with a little devil girl named Latina. Just my type if we're talking women types, though maybe Asians may still be atop my preferences list. But forget that! I'll leave such rubbish talk for another day.

Guarantee I left some stuff I wanted to say out. This is where the voice calls need to be done! haha