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uninstallthegame Jul 3, 5:42 AM
yeah, mate, i feel you. first i missed the forums too, but as time passed and a lot of spring titles ended, i kinda felt relieved not reading all the bullshit on episode discussions, heh. but still i want to browse the forums again, it's entertaining after all. btw i saw you had monogatari s2 in favs, and i craved to watch it for quite some time. so this month i decided to give it a try and it was fucking amazing, binged the whole franchise and am waiting for owari s3. shaft really hit it with this series
uninstallthegame Jul 2, 11:54 AM
oi, mate! sorry, it's hard to notice comment wall posts with these broken notifications. how have you been this month?
uninstallthegame May 27, 7:29 PM
"You know , Yukinoshita has said these words twice : " We can't be friends" to 8man and although the first time was indeed what she really thought I think the second time has a hidden meaning behind it , she didn't mean she didn't want to be his friend , she referred to the fact that she wants him as sth more than a friend , at the end , I think (and hope) Yukinon will say it again , but this time she'll explain what she trully meant , it'll be interesting to see Hachiman's reaction ."

lol, i actually haven't thought about this. good shit you noticed it, but i kinda think that it's just yukinon (or rather the author) teasing with this hidden meaning. it's not true for sure, but if it is - it will be a blast

yeah, you're right. she was actually a good addition to that moment when the whole situation with yukinon being depressed. a bit of a mood changer, just as that dude with extreme gesticulation. i enjoyed the ova overall, but some parts of her tsunderish character just didn't hit me the right way. whe she was "oh senpai, sorry, sorry. i can never date you" and bow every time i was sighing every time she was doing that

and i agree, it's a great show. probably the best romcom i have ever seen. all it needs now is a conclusion to the story as season 3. i don't know if someone even translated volume 12 to english, and it was released september last year
uninstallthegame May 27, 6:02 PM
i feel the same way about hachiman picking yukinon. haven't read the light novel, but every time the manga or the anime showed how yukinon kinda "melts" being near yui and hachiman, with those glances and stares, i fucking giggled every damn time. it's just too cute, her growing sympathy towards him :з

and hachiman too, his interactions with her and every time she shot him down were hilarious. on the other side, the same interactions with iroha were annoying as fuck
uninstallthegame May 27, 4:36 PM
yeah, i get what you mean about the ln art. hell, even in the manga all the characters look so good visually. i actually too wouldn't mind if yui gets hachiman, but i'm afraid one girl leaving hachiman for another kind of thing. kurisu is fine too, i don't find her as attractive as yukinon though. and yukinon seems colder to others than kurisu, not that it's a good thing :)
uninstallthegame May 24, 3:12 PM
good choice. i would go with yukinon all the way. i mean, yui is such a kind and caring person... but i just love the way yukinon acts and her personality. she's like pure in romantic sense, and opens up this world of romance as she goes
uninstallthegame May 20, 1:53 PM
also that elsa comment was a joke. i haven't watched pixar or disney movies since forever
uninstallthegame May 20, 1:49 PM
yui or yukinon, pick one, mate
Elitist_Hitler May 10, 2:38 PM
Bad taste
alenas Apr 30, 10:56 AM
Hey! Been busy lately, sorry. I'm good overall, moved to another country, looking for a job, discovering new things here, meeting new people etc. xD You?
Y2J Apr 29, 12:36 PM
I agree with Kenny, the only great match of Nakamura that I saw in wwe was against Sami and I didn't watch him ar NXT, so idk how good he was there, but in the MR is being hard to get into his character, he doesn't get much freedom in the ring and it kills a lot of hin.

I wish WWE did count the title defenses like NJPW do, would be cool to see how many Punk did with his 434 days reign and people on the run to beat the record.
Y2J Apr 27, 7:33 PM
Idk, I was happy for him winning the RR, so I could see more of him, but after the Rumble what I saw from him was not enough to make me like of his character.

GRR was weak, I didn't lose much by not watching it, I just caught the Rumble and Cedric vs Kalisto. The Rumble should've worth something better, in the end was just a live event with a royal rumble set only to break records, Braun has eliminated 12 men I guess, Bryan sure did surpass Mysterio's time record.
Y2J Apr 26, 11:48 AM
Yes I am.

Shinsuke don't appeal to me tbh. Btw they killed his entrance, the old song was great, why did they change? D:
Y2J Apr 22, 6:20 PM
I don't think that Nakamura should be the champion, AJ still being to me a better champion.

Bryan can't win the title this soon, he has to struggle to get the gold, this the fun thing about his character, the underdog who fights harder than anybody to achieve his dreams.

From where are you from?

Really a shame what happened with Finn, he should just turn heel, his heel turn at NJPW was great and would be so much better than doing too sweets and smiling, don't make much sense to me that after he faced Seth this many times and being completely ignored from his rematch request (again), that now he is being Seth's partner at RAW.
Illyricus Apr 22, 9:17 AM
Mil gracias, amigo, aprecio mucho el gesto ;)