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Hellsing Ultimate
Hellsing Ultimate
May 5, 1:56 AM
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Shoujo Kakumei Utena
Shoujo Kakumei Utena
Apr 30, 7:50 PM
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Tetsuwan Birdy Decode
Apr 29, 11:15 PM
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Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan
Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan
7 hours ago
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Midori no Hibi
Midori no Hibi
Jun 9, 12:42 PM
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Hikaru no Go
Hikaru no Go
Jun 4, 10:22 AM
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marbletub Jun 6, 7:35 PM
Propose to his girlfriend??! In China??!! Congrats to him, that sounds exciting. And YES!!! I LOVE Wong Kar-Wai, and my friend actually got a tattoo of a scene from "in the mood for love" tattooed onto her back. Definitely going to spend some time rewatching his films, they've got a very strong summer-night vibe for me..

Tbh it's not the mooost flavorful, but i think its bc its so light that i dont ever get sick of it?? I want to try making my own yogurt soon, seems easier than i thought after watching a video of priya krishna and brad hall do it.

speaking of frivolous way to spend my energy... i just bought a $15 sewing machine so im excited to practice making things!! Going to start simple but im hoping to maybe make my own cosplay from (mostly) scratch and design/alter my own clothes. Nothing elaborate, but i saw cow print fabric on sale at michaels and i really want to make cow print pants (??!) Trying to make myself be productive and creative on a budget this summer. What r ur summer plans?
marbletub May 28, 4:22 PM
My family's mostly from Guangdong, we all speak Cantonese at home. Teaching in Beijing sounds fun! I used to dream about teaching English abroad but I don't think my foreign language skills are good enough to explain how English grammar, especially since I picked up Cantonese just by speaking and dont actually know how it works ahaha. Then again, most people in Hong Kong have a good grasp of English fundamentals, so maybe I could just teach advanced English while I'm there?

I think I'm over my anti-oil phase, I used to be paranoid about all the oil bc it makes me feel greasy. But if i go light on it it's not too bad lol. I've been cooking more or less every day and I stick to making simple stir fry every day. Get just a lil oil sizzling in a pan, toss in some baby bok choy, carrots, bell peppers, potatoes, a scrambled egg. Once i plate it i just dress it in green dragon hot sauce from trader joes. Light on the calories but still has flavor and a lil spice. For additional protein I eat yogurt and fancy cereal and etc. Basically a vegeterian but not by choice lol. My university doesn't know how to cook meat well, but neither do i, so i really haven't eaten much meat in the past year.

I've been slacking on the exercise for sure.. Been job hunting and it's been exhauuuusting. But im definitely going to go back to working out, gotta get those endorphins lol.
marbletub May 14, 9:17 PM
i ended up getting a 49/50, so i'd say i'm happy with my grade! ahaha rapping is fun but god knows i sound awful LMAO

Yea? I'll check palepoli out soon and get back to you once im done. I think i'll also find some time to watch some of the heavier series you've mentioned before like kara no kyoukai and monster now that im free to truly settle down and marathon them lol

been taking it easy now that im back home, but im basically living alone here since my family left for china to deal with family stuff. Tried cooking for the first time yesterday and id have to say taste wise my cacio e pepe was a solid 6/10 lol. I think it's saved by virtue of the fact that i tossed in some asparagus and added more cheese once plated. Was definitely a hectic process. Not bad for a first try tho, i think. Also tried to make anmitsu but 1) my kanten was a lost cause bc i didnt have a measuring cup and tried to eyeball the ingredients, 2) i didnt have black sugar for the syrup, and 3) accidentally used salt instead of sugar for my shiratama dango. I'll stick to buying any desserts that require more than mixing everything in a bowl and throwing it in an oven from now on lol. As for my meals, i think i'll stick to plain rice and steamed veggies, and switch up the veggies and seasonings every now and then. Maybe congee w/ century egg for the days im realllly lazy. Absolutely no oil. Too sizzly!!
marbletub May 1, 6:44 PM
Are you driving all the way?

Sounds awful, i'm glad you're feeling better now though :=(

I'm almost done with final season! I finally got my final mandarin presentation over with today.. Did a cover of Jay Chou's Ting Mama de Hua (listen to ur mother) except i changed the lyrics to be about listening to our professor and how we've learned a lot etc etc. Was really fun but kind of stressful trying to basically rap in chinese. Or to be more accurate, yell as loudly and quickly as i can lol. I'm going to spend tomorrow cramming for econ this friday, and then im basically done (besides my final chinese philosophy paper, which isnt too bad tbh). I've taken most shifts off this week, but to make up for it im working extra hours on saturday. And then im leaving sunday!!! This year really went by in a flash

I also finished No Longer Human a while back (i have the date recorded in my book log but im too lazy to dig for it lol) and it was a good read, i can definitely see why osamu dazai has a cult following. Also looked Usamaru up, and woah!! So he's the mangaka behind Litchi Hikaru Club... Shwild guy. ill have to check out his other works later.
miscreation Apr 26, 8:50 PM
karkki_ Apr 25, 1:32 PM
I love your Youtube channel so much
miscreation Apr 19, 9:40 AM
Look at this absolute pleb below me
AestheticOnion Apr 19, 1:21 AM
How in the love of God do Tatami Galaxy and Lain reference Breaking Bad?
miscreation Apr 18, 2:58 PM
hi dad
marbletub Apr 8, 8:31 AM
!!!! woohoo, let me know how it goes!! One of my roommates actually lives in dallas so i might just go to AX next year and crash at her place for the nights that i'm there.

What have you been up to in my two-three-ish week long absence? School's almost over for me, but this last stretch has been super hectic lol.

Also, I've been reading No Longer Human!! I'm a big fan of it so far, I'm thankful you recommended it. :=)
marbletub Mar 19, 6:07 PM
How was the CIA book?

It was a nice read, i knew the obamas came from more humble backgrounds compared to other presidents but i had no idea michelle was actually from a low income family. Kind of crazy how far she's come. Pretty inspiring, too. Like being a low income poc myself, im aware that i can certainly work my way up, but all the way up to the white house? Guess the sky's really the limit. Also pretty interesting seeing what it's like being the wife of someone who's campaigning and raising children in those circumstances.

Oh man, really puts me in a cosplaying mood but anime nyc's not til november...

Yay!! Empty movie theatres are always depressing to me lol. How was it (Heaven's Feel #2)??
marbletub Mar 13, 7:15 PM
Hmm, i just checked and my uni's library has both those books. I'm currently reading short stories by tolstoy but once im done with that i'll give those a go!!

Americas all about the side hustles indeed...I wonder if we'll get to vote for the software engineers who program the president lol. And yeah, i havent read many biographies but i like the idea of getting to peek into somebodys life so completely (with their implicit permission, of course)

i think id get sick of someone powering up for episodes on end too. And you're right, filler eps right after a cliffhanger would probably be kind of irritating.

Ahaha is that so? all the better for me
marbletub Mar 7, 4:25 PM
I think my favorite will always have to be Marquez's one hundred years of solitude. Apparently they're going to make a show for it on Netflix, so ive got my finger crossed... I really loved the Cloud Atlas book by Mitchell, but the movie for that was god awful, and i have a feeling these are the sorts of books that are really hard to translate into film just because of their unconventional literary style

Yeah, if i was made president of this country i think the first thing i would do is improve public transportation and make it accessible even to the most remotest corn fields of ohio. But alas i think those are the exact kind of ideas that'll prevent me from ever being president lol. not that id want to be, honestly. way too much stress for just $500k/year or whatever it is they make. at least as a corporate sell out i dont have to worry about someone trying to bomb my house. but speaking of presidents... i started reading michelle obama's biography and it's so well-written!! Like all politics aside, as a piece of literature, i actually really enjoy it. Not that i expected any less from her but its just really impressive to get to see it for myself.

And yeah!! I just dont think its safe for me to drive a motorcycle in new york, especially not if the whole reason i wanted one is to go hella fast lol. I am 1000% sure i will crash or somebody will crash into me.

Perfect, i think ill start watching it as my while-im-doing-something-else show. Ahaha yeah, but im not the type to mind filler because, and this is going to sound so fake deep but, anime is kind of just filler and im not here to discover the ~truth~ of what happens in some fake reality. like it really doesnt matter to me whether A or B dies, if anything i probably already know how its going to go given how much anime ive already seen. i just like seeing new things and getting attached to characters, my hearts got a lot of love and im here to give it!! i especially love it when super dark and/or heavy series get extra chapters or filler episodes where the characters just get to have fun and not worry about some traumatizing event or whatever. i mean understandably if i waited a whole week for an episode after a painful cliffhanger and it turns out that the episode's just them at the beach playing volleyball, okay my heart would break a little, but if i cared that much about the series anyway, i think id be happy to see the characters being happy, if that makes any sense.

I would love it so much if i met somebody cosplaying ippo as i cosplayed natsuo, lol. I think we might just have to fight on the spot
marbletub Mar 5, 7:44 PM
Magical realism happens to be one of the genres I really enjoy reading when I'm not being a weeb, so maybe that's why all my dreams are like that lol. And I don't, but I think I just don't dream super often so when I do they stand out. I'm not particularly superstitious but i like thinking about my dreams and what they mean etc etc.

Ahaha, that's definitely a much more useful skill. i dont think i'll ever learn to drive or own a car (dont really need to in new york, at least), but id really like to ride a kawasaki motorcycle or something like that one day.

Honestly, is hajime no ippo any good? It's so popular i really want to give it a go one day but it's just so...long... but then again i also did spend one summer watching several hundred episodes of One Piece before deciding i didnt like it, so i guess it doesnt matter much. Lol, we'll see! I'll let you know when i start working on / finish cosplaying natsuo. :=p
marbletub Mar 1, 7:52 PM
Not jump-scare type scary, but the last few dreams i remember are definitely on the not so happy side:
- i was back in nyc for the break and there was a zombie attack all of a sudden but besides the zombies everything was just the same as real life and i was freaking out about what to do and this is going to sound so morbid but my family got eaten and i was looking for advil to off myself but i rmbred my advil was in my dorm on campus and i was just like god fuck it what am i going to do and then i woke up
- i woke up in bed (in my dream) in the middle of the night and found a weird dumbbell shaped creature with like lots of wiggly short little arms running around my dorm room and i was just like ???? and it was the day of my calculus final but i was scared to move so i couldnt go take my test...not as bad as zombies eating my family i guess??
- was at home (but not my real home, some weird dream home with an in-door swimming pool) but there was a break in and sexual assault attempts by a big old dude and while that was happening some swimmer kid was getting yelled at by their teacher for improper form or something at the in-door swimming pool... i only took swimming classes for a year in middle school so i truly do not know why that even came up in my dream but alas

wish those science people could invent wings amirite :=p i actually think one of my top 3 superpowers is flight, id really like to just fly around in the sky and stuff lol

Yep! I go to NYCC every year, although im thinking this year i might try Anime NYC instead of NYCC, since its solely focused on anime + its a lot less expensive, depsite being held at the same location. NYCC is also getting weaker every year so its not as fun as it used to be :=/

I always saw volumes of Full Metal Panic at the library as a kid, maybe its time i finally pick it up..!

Agreed!! Wish there was more about her brother. Haha yes, i cant wait to get the biceps of my dreams. I've already bulked a bit, and I know this because i literally cant wear my old interview blazer without it feeling like its about to rip lol. Maybe if i wear boxing gloves or hang them around my waist and embroider "TEPPUU" on them, it'll be a lil signal to those who have read teppuu that yes, this is indeed exactly what you think it is, and no it's not just a random sexy boxer costume