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Jan 9, 2020
Story:10 Art:10 Character:10 Enjoyment:10 Overall:10

This manga... If you haven't already read this, you should kill yourself. This was so good that i actually cried when it ended because it was such a long and endearing journey(10 pages). The characters were flawless, the story fantastic. The art was so good it looked like someone turned RTX on. I enjoyed it so much that it cured my diarrhea(enjoyment does that to me). Overall, i have never read anything this amazing in my life. Would recommend. This read more
Oct 17, 2019
the other seasons were quite trash but this, this is actually decent. At first i was kinda confused but when i caught on i really really enjoyed it, after the beginning it started being like the other seasons too bad the ending wasn't that original, im talking about the end fight scenes, they felt really unoriginal and i lost interest at some point. Overall it was the best season by far and i enjoyed it.(SPOILERS AHEAD!) I think the thing i hated the most about this season was the main antagonist(or at least one of them), WHY THE FUCK WAS SHE NAKED ALL THE read more