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Aug 13, 2011
There isn't much to say about this series. Anyone can pretty much know everything about these special episodes by just seeing the cover art. Since no one wrote any review, I wanted to give it a try.

It's some special episodes of the Black Lagoon series which is totally different from main series. It's about comedy & not about action. Main characters of the series are put into many awkward & funny situations resulting in a good comedy.

Reasons to watch:
It's really funny to see the toughness of the characters gone & they are acting funny & doing childish things.
The artwork & the comedy is spectacularly read more
Aug 9, 2011
In Short:
If you are an action fan & love fighting, shooting & hard talks, this is a good anime for you.

In brief:
Black Lagoon Second barrage continues after the 1st series & has plenty of action & enjoyment just like in the 1st series.
If you liked the 1st season then definitely U"ll like the 2nd season too.

Plot is quite similar to the 1st series.Picking up random missions & completing them. Full of Action, blood & gore. Difference is now Rock(the main protagonist) is considered as a trusty team member & is needed in many jobs.Also this time the focus is more on Rock, Revy, & Balalaika.

The read more
Jun 27, 2011
This is another ending of the main Angel Beats anime.

Its very short & shows the viewers if Otonashi stayed in that world then what his role would be. But this is not the actual ending. Actually he passed away just like the others.

So those who are not contempt with the main anime ending should see this, But if you really liked the original ending then I suggest you don't see it, because it will really mess up with your mind (if u really got into the anime).

Personally I really hate this ending.
Jun 23, 2011
This Special series start after the main anime.Videos are very short.
There is no story or plot just plain comedy & ecchi.
Altogether it's funny, & has huge fan service.
If you liked the main anime or like ecchi or like comedy then this is a very good anime for you.
Jun 21, 2011
This is the worst anime I've ever seen, Though it's educational in a lot of sense.
I wouldn't recommend this to anyone, rather U should stay as far as possible.

It started very well but after watching couple of episodes I figured out where it was heading, and luckily stopped watching it. Read the whole story in Wikipedia.
Man I am lucky I didn't complete it.
It's horrible and the very idea about killing friends creeps me out. The protagonist keeps on cheating on girls and finally deserves the right punishment.
The beautiful and lovely harem anime turns into a real mess.
Finally I want to say
For people who cheat read more