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Sep 27, 2017
The Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice (or Gyakuten Saiban 6) prologue is a really good introduction to the sixth main series Ace Attorney game. It does a solid job of setting up what needs to be known, for both returning fans, and first timers as well. It's also the first proper reintroduction of fan favorite Maya Fey, now all grown up into a adult, although first timers will likely be a little confused if they hop in completely blind, as to a lot of who she is and what her and certain characters are talking about, since it's based on already long established lore. read more
Sep 26, 2017
"Why does it exist" is really the only way I can think to describe this anime. For a simplistic slice of life anime about a group of friends trying to start their own band, it's perfectly fine. Not anything special, and incredibly inoffensive. But fine. You can sit down, watch it, and you don't feel like it's a chore to do so. But at the same time, it's not going to blow you away. It's obvious that this anime's primary purpose is to be one element in a multimedia project, spawning an idol group, the game, ect, and that's really all it is. It does read more
Sep 26, 2017
I really wanted to love this manga, which is why I stuck around for so long. It started off solid enough, with an interesting (if cliched) set up. The best thing this manga has going for it is it's message. Because, contrary to what you may initially believe, or what you may see people assume after having read a chapter or so, the manga does not take an entirely one-sided stance on whether "online bonds" are real bonds or not. It dissects what it truly means to have an honest, personal relationship, both with people you know in the real world, and also those you read more