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Sep 17, 2015
Now that Chaos Dragon is over I'll be sure to tell the truth about this series.

Chaos Dragon is a very interesting series not because it's good or unique but because it's hard to predict how it could get worse and worse each episode.
But since you could go on for hours about how terrible it was I'll just make a pro's and con's list.

Pro's : The concept itself was interesting and
Some of the less important main characters were fairly good characters.

Con's: Horrible writing, terrible lead character, barely read more
Oct 2, 2013
Pokemon a series that many people have lost faith in which is understandable with the recent years. Pokemon: The Origin however actually was pretty good. Pokemon: The Origin based off of Pokemon Red/Green is 4 episodes which gives a brief summary of the games they were based on.

The reason that Pokemon: The Origin was good was because of the characters
Red: The main character he did what the other guy(Ash/Satoshi) couldn't do and that is dominate, have a clear goal, and actually follows that goal leading him to become a great trainer in the long run.

Green: Even though he was made into a side character read more
Sep 28, 2013
Shingeki no Kyojin is what many people say is the best anime of all time. Well I will disagree. Shingeki no Kyojin also commonly known as Attack on Titans starts out as a potentially strong anime which quickly left an impression. After continuing to watch the series what I released was:

Story: The Story itself was good but it lacked tons of originality. It really had me thinking why is everything too predictable. Then after some researching I found out Shingeki no Kyojin was inspired by Muv Luv. The story itself changed into a more shounen version of Muv Luv but it did have a little read more
Jun 26, 2013
Clannad: After Story how many say this anime influenced and changed their lives I decided to review this anime and point out both the good and bad aspects of the anime.

Art: 8/10 The art is very good nothing bad about it. I've seen better but also has the Key style art theme so I like it.

Sound: 8/10 Great Voice Actors/Actresses and the soundtrack was great but a bit repetitive.

Now for the real part of the review.
Story: 2/10
The story is about Tomoya who is acting like a spoiled brat who cries every few minutes about his dad. Tomoya develops slightly as the show progresses read more
Oct 25, 2012
I decided to write a review on school days just because I noticed how most people tend to hate it so I will point out reasons why school days was actually a very good anime.

Story : was just outstanding for romantic/drama anime. It had lots of originality unlike the average harem. School Days may have one of the most controversial endings in anime. Which is why I personally thought school days deserve more credit.

Art : Art was average.

Sound: Sound was average.

Characters: The things I like and dislike about each of the main characters.

Makoto: One of the most original protags of all read more