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Nov 20, 2014
One Line Summary:
:Reversal is good manga if you want one with a strong female lead and a survival-horror story with an interesting set up.

What is it about?
There is a real world and a secret world which is the "reverse" of the real world. In this world, a survival game is occuring and our girl Ayame has been sucked into it.

It's another survival game with thrown in supernatural horror. It's unique due to the setting (Kyoto) and we get a sneak peek of the lives of geisha. Not many mangas feature geisha and not really in this modern setting or genre. There are not read more
Oct 18, 2012
Soleil (Manga) add (All reviews)
One Line Summary: The predictable ending of this one shot is made up by the headstrong but confused leading lady and her indifferent but loyal butler.

What is it about:
Our story takes place in 18th century France. Misia Bartley’s aristocratic family has been racking up debt for eight generations and it’s up to her to pay it all back. She decides to sell her body for 100 million livres (old French currency) and – despite her butler Jack’s concerns - makes offers to three rich bachelors who would love to have the title of viscount. The three must gather enough money to gain her hand read more
Oct 11, 2012
One line summary: Sono Te wa Atatakai is a one-shot shoujo that isn’t going to reinvent the genre but is still a delightful read.

What is this about:
It’s 1930s Japan. Todo is an expert locksmith nicknamed “God’s Hands” for being able to unlock anything. While walking home from a job, there is a car accident. The driver exits the scene but leaves behind a rattling box. Curiosity gets the best of Todo and he opens the box to discover a girl. Her first words: “Are you my destined person?”

Yes, it’s the “find the mysterious girl, be thrusted immediately into a (potentially dangerous) unknown situation but read more
Oct 9, 2012
One line summary:
Yowaito Nikki is a shounen one-shot that would be better as a two or more volume manga to help with the characterization.

What is this about?
In this world, there are swords with spirits dwelling in them. Hisui bears such a sword which has two downsides:

1) It makes him drunk
2) He cannot kill anyone with it.

It doesn’t help that people are after his life and he doesn’t know why…yet.

Protagonists who do not want to kill, have super special weapons, and are being chased by unknown forces is not new in manga or anime. But a sword that makes you drunk? That’s a read more