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Gaikotsu Kishi-sama, Tadaima Isekai e Odekakechuu
Jul 28, 8:19 AM
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AmataxD Jun 29, 9:42 AM
I didn't like counting it and having to chastise some class members to bring money xd
Sometimes had to kick in some money if there wasn't enough cuz some class members didn't bring money and it wasn't enough.
although people weren’t that mean to me

We lived in a small village so everyone knew each other. I was a single child for many years also the fact that in the area I lived there lived no kids my age (or even close) so we could play I always stuck with adults, elders, animals or myself so I sometimes acted more like an adult in school. When my classmates were in the phase of "yeaaah cigarettes, alcohol and sex are cool!" I was more like " how stupid". I was definitely different so it was harder to befriend. The fact I was a bit socially awkward and chubby, later also with strong acne (which I can't get rid of till today...) made things even worse. I got a bit isolated and laughed off... So yeah. Socially awkward till today xd

Hm... Lately? Not really. finished some seasonal and a few movies but mostly was busy with exams. I have to retake one in September so the holidays will be probably awful. Oh, I know many ppl treat it with nostalgia but I never even heard about it till last year ahahahaha xD

It was not thrown for measurement xD
It's just one of my "others" pins hahah xD
I was on a convention last week and bought two more hahah One with Bojack from Bojack Horseman and other one with Scar from Lion King xd
AmataxD Jun 13, 10:21 AM
So here are the pins I promised to show you. Some of them look weirdly out of place but it's because I realized not all of them are in the same place so I had to photoshop use GIMP to put the missing ones into the photo xD

AmataxD Jun 6, 1:40 PM
I was the treasurer in the council so I didn't have much to do besides counting the money and collecting it from others xD At this time I said to myself that I won't agree on becoming the part of the student council.
It's funny because I was chubby while playing soccer so I was thinking the same about myself hahah :D
Yeah... Kinda. We were also mostly in the same class at school so it never helped. There was a time I hated going to school. They were also laughing at me cuz as I said I was chubby and a bit socially awkward. And I had to live with them for 10 years... (10 years of being in the same class)
I'm glad that now I don't have to look at them. I have only one friend from Primary and middle school.
Thankfully in high school, there was much better cuz got to a different school than them.

Hm... More like anime characters xd
I'm going this week to visit my parents at home so I can show you hahah

Are you watching any anime last time?

btw, I may be not replying for a while now cuz my exams are starting soon so I may be inactive even till 25th June
AmataxD May 31, 12:49 PM
I read somewhere (but don't know if it's true - never trust the internet in 100% xD) that in real life student council isn't as important as shown in anime but don't know how much true this info is. I once was in the student council but it was in primary school and... Never ever more hahaha

I'm kind of tall, so I took up more space in the goal

That made my day dude XD XD XD

Yeah, cool but never really liked my team. They usually blamed me for the goals so later I became stressed before all matches due to the pression and in the end had to resign due to them cuz I had enough and in the end even couldn't try my best. I just gave up on it.

I don't really have many pins. I had to stop myself from buying them cuz I love to buy them but later never use so it's kinda wasting money to buy pins just to have them and don't wear don't you think ^^'
AmataxD May 30, 1:52 PM
Sorry for a super late reply but I was super busy with my university last time. The exams will start soon.

Oh, that sounds amazing. At my high school, we didn't have any clubs. The same with middle school so I always felt so jealous about all the clubs and their importance in anime schools. I thought it must be cool to practice stuff, now I think they would bother me for the extra hours you have to spend at school hahaha

I was a goalkeeper ^^' And now I became scared of balls xD
What a shame ^^'

Hahaha I probably won't even bother that ahaha :D
I hope that it will be already warm so I can wear a t-shirt and a skirt and MAYBE I'll pin some pins on my backpack. But maybe XD
I don't really like to wear my pins anywhere. I'm scared they will get scratched or get lost ^^'
AmataxD May 16, 11:42 AM
My family lives in a village so welp. We don't have anything more than a church, library, school, football stadium and maybe 3 shops which are grocery for the whole area. International Club? What is it?
It was a tournament so we had to advance in the ranking to get as the state representative and go to the Capital where were 14 teams occurred I think. It was in 2010 so don't remember too much now.
It's in the city I'm currently studying so I'm not going to travel anywhere. And I'm not going to cosplay. Never did cosplay but looks like fun.
I see. It's fine as long as you don't mind it.
AmataxD May 10, 1:48 PM
Thanky you ! ^.-
AmataxD May 6, 10:42 AM
Well. I meant more as my family lives in a small village so in the capital (as a big city) they can get some clothes shopping etc.
Really? Haven't heard anything about Greece politic tense for a while now. I know they're kinda broken but I think that makes them more open for tourists. I think currently it is much worse in France. Poland is a political crap at the moment too so well... The government will ruin this country in the future with what they do now... Nevermind.
Yeah. A girl at my University was in Thailand last year and she made some meeting where she was talking about her journey and also treated us with Thailand tea she bought there. It was really good.

Yeah. We were pretty good at it with my team. We won some tournaments so I have gold medals hanging in my room.
Unfortunately this one at the capital we didn't win. We finished at the 7th place BUT I think that 7ts place for the whole country isn't a bad score.

Nope. Crunchyroll isn't available so that's why I was so happy to find out they're planning to start streaming in Poland.
Idk what's the problem because they can do a good dubbing to cartoons but when it comes about anime it sounds like crap.
I was once on an anime convention before but it was a small one but this year, in June I'm planning to go to another one, this time a much bigger. I hope it's gonna be fun.

I see. So you have a schedule as lectors?
AmataxD Apr 28, 11:36 AM
Well... Being European isn't fixing the problem of me having any money for it :')
And no company to do it. My family doesn't really like travelling. If not my aunt (dads sister) who is more worldwide than my parents whose big achievement is to go shopping in the state capital (we don't really have states in Poland but it's much easier to call it like that than explaining polish territorial division) I wouldn't even see the sea in my life. My friends aren't into travelling/can't or just don't want to either.
Hm... There are many places I would like to see. I was once in Greece thanks to the same aunt and I would love to go there again one day.
Also no doubt I would like to see an Asian country. Mostly Japan but for example, Thailand would be nice too.
Not mentioning the places in Poland I would love to see like for example the capital, where I was only once and only to sleep during a soccer tournament. (Yeah. In middle school I played soccer a lot, now I don't).

Oh, it would be fun to have anime on tv lol
In Poland anime somehow stopped being released on tv a long time ago. There are a few for children that still air but not many.
I know there is maybe 2 channels that started releasing anime but... Anime with polish dub or lector is the worst thing.
That's why I'm super happy because yesterday on one of the biggest polish anime conventions called Pyrkon a Crunchyroll representative said they're planning to start streaming in Poland in the not that long future.
Hahah, I know that pain. That's why I started going to church at 5pm so I can have enough sleep on Sunday xD
AmataxD Apr 21, 4:59 AM
I must say I'm fucking jealous. I always loved to travel and sightsee new places but unfortunately, it is not given to me. I wish I could go on some vacation somewhere far away and see some new places. Mostly abroad. I was only two times in my life abroad where once it doesn't even count as vacation or anything.
Not really with a bird feather but there are pens that look like normal pens but you don't insert ink cartages but you have to sink the end in ink so... Mostly it works like a quill but it's not a feather. I don't have any idea if you get what I tried to say. Sounds chaotic to me but maybe you'll get it xD

Thanks :)
Currently I'm chilling a bit at home due to Easter but tomorrow I have to go back cuz starting uni on Tuesday again.
Watching anything interesting last time ?
Charlotte1412 Apr 17, 6:58 AM
Thank you!
Charlotte1412 Apr 17, 12:08 AM
It will be over the weekend with cousins. :)
Charlotte1412 Apr 16, 10:28 AM
Cool...I am going on one soon!
Charlotte1412 Apr 15, 11:04 PM
Nothing much, you?
Charlotte1412 Apr 14, 7:54 PM
Hey! I'm fine. How do you do??