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Recynon Nov 18, 2022 4:06 PM
I'm doing ok, thanks for asking. Hope you're doing well too and not too overwhelmed with busyness. Here's the link to the document:
Recynon Nov 17, 2022 1:12 PM
Haven't heard from you in a while. Even though I don't agree with all of it, I welcome your criticism because it challenges my ideas. I'd be interested to discuss any particular series you have in mind.
Recynon Nov 4, 2022 1:13 PM
It still fits even after death of the author. Look I've actually talked to Madoka Magica fans who have that analysis, and as I said, peruse through some of the reviews to see for yourself. The show IS built around such a topic; any magical girl who's ever wished for something good has always faced some sort of downfall and despite them starting out as heroes who fight witches, they all inevitably become witches. The attacks of idealism and heroism are pretty clear in these two plot points, respectively. How did I talk about something else altogether?

EDIT: In truth, we're kind of making a fuss about nothing. A story like Madoka Magica is so broad, its characters so simple, yet invoking such grand ideas as fate, that it becomes an open field for various different interpretations. Hell, if you go onto douban and reach the chinese reviews, you'll find people talking about how the show is actually about class struggle and Marxism. Just a few weeks ago I conversed with someone on the MAL forums who claimed that it was a Christian story about redemption. If you search in my comments section, my discussion with MidnightSerpent invoked the idea that it was about karmic retribution. The thing is, because the story is so broad and the characters are so simple, you can't really outright deny any of these interpretations. But this does not mean thematic depth or artistic merit. Anything that's open to interpretation can be treated this way. The downside is that anything that's that open to interpretation will not actually illuminate any of the concepts that the show is supposedly alluding to, because by nature, it doesn't have anything specific enough to reveal any insight. The "depth" starts and stops with the broad comparison being made. And the point I was ultimately making in my review could be applied to dispel claims of depth to the show for ANY interpretation, because the characters/plot is contrived, and thus cannot be used to demonstrate any concept in particular.

I think I should clarify that what I meant was that if the show is executed well but the ideas are flawed, then I don't care about the good execution; it's still a bad show to me. Obviously if a show has good ideas and the execution is bad it's still a bad show.

"The value of an idea is subjective, as opposed to the execution of said idea." Yeah, that's true to an extent. And it's precisely the reason why I said what I said. Because ironically, some shows are bulletproof to most criticism because they're executed well with respect to the idea. Or rather, any blemishes on the execution can be easily chalked up to, "that was the point". So then I want to be able to say, "well I don't like the point" or "ok, so you've succeeded in what you're trying to do, but to what ends? Is what you're trying to do really that good in the first place?" Then that moves the discussion to an argument about whether or not the values represented by the work are good, which you can say is subjective, but yet we have a few centuries of philosophy trying to objectively find out truth. Of course, it's still very hard to make an argument concerning the values, but at least at that point I can say that I have a relatively good basis for saying I don't like the show, since I'm unable to criticize its execution.

Now as for Batman: Under the Red Hood and Monster, no, clearly, the Batman movie posits a better IDEOLOGICAL reason. I suppose you mean that it's a better execution of the general thing about the morality of killing people. But perhaps we have two different conceptions of execution here. Though I would say that Under the Red Hood is clearly executed better in that it doesn't waste 74 episodes doing nothing, makes its point more succinctly, has a far cooler protagonist, has a morally nuanced, sympathetic antagonist, doesn't have contrived events, and has some of the best fight scenes in animation.

For instance, I would actually argue that SEL and Eva are hard to criticize for their execution because everything is in service of the ideas of the creators. Oh SEL is confusing, incoherent, plotless, and lacks proper characterization? Well fans will just say that that was THE POINT. It's confusing because it immerses you in the inconsistent viewpoint of the protagonist which makes you question what's real or not and inspires philosophical inquiry. It replicates the experience of a mentally ill, isolated individual. It lacks proper characterization? That's intentional because the protagonist may or may not be God and everyone else may or may not exist, and this sets up the part where Alice helps her. It's incoherent? Well, it's not supposed to spoonfeed you the answers, they say.

For Eva, if the idea is to just showcase how various people are psychologically damaged, then yeah, its execution achieved that, and the fact that the plot fell off a cliff in the latter half doesn't matter because it's all about the personal lives of the characters anyway. And don't get me wrong, I do have criticisms toward its execution, like how the characters are solely defined by their traumas and how it lacks subtlety, but the primary reason I'm disgusted has a lot to do with the foundation, unspoken but implied beliefs that the show is built on. Is my evaluation of these beliefs subjective? Maybe. But I do believe I have the right to criticize a show if I don't agree with its principles. I mean, if you take this idea to the extreme, a racist movie can be very well executed, but it's still obviously a bad work because it's racist. The only difference is that with most works, their principles aren't so blatantly wrong that we can objectively say that they're wrong principles. With most works, their principles are up for debate, and I think we should debate them.

Regarding Shinsekai Yori and Shiki, this further exemplifies how the line between execution and the ideas is muddy, because I can make an argument for why the ideas of one show are better than the other, depending on how I personally this line. It becomes a matter of semantics sometimes. Maybe I should delete that quote, because it's essentially meaningless in general, and must be applied on a case by case basis. The point is, sometimes if a work is shielded from criticism because fans chalk up everything to, "that was the point, it was intentional, just because you don't like it doesn't mean it's bad" then I want to be able to say, "no, if that was the point then the point is bad". But it seems you're trying to say something similar concerning how fans defend SEL and Eva, only you're framing it as them using the ideas to excuse the poor execution, whereas it seems to me like they're defining how good the execution is relative to the ideas.

Furthermore, it's also another way of saying that I believe a wholistic, synergistic view of a work gets to the heart of the work better than an evaluation of strict individual categories like plot, setting, character, pacing, etc. I'm still going to look at those things in detail but my evaluation is guided by the overall sum of the parts. Because a lot of the criticism can go either way, depending on how good you are at arguing or even how you're feeling on that day. The deciding factor then, whether or not I give that particular part the benefit of the doubt, is my sense of the overall character of the work.

If you're interested, I have a doc full of "egregious writing mistakes" that shows how I critique shows in practice as a result of my underlying methodology. It doesn't capture my general viewpoint but it's more like examples. You can go and argue with me about it.
Recynon Nov 3, 2022 7:04 PM
I'm fine with saying it should be corrected to "subversion".

Gen Urobuchi as a writer has a pattern of attacking idealism and heroism and he comes close to blatantly discussing these topics in Fate. Yes, he's infamous for his shock value, but it's not accurate to say that his shock value is isolated. Rather his shock value is a consequence of him trying to promote his own ideology as opposed to just trying to entertain viewers with horror movie tactics. Given the way the story is written and the fact that a lot of the discourse praising Madoka Magica talks about how the girls were actually selfish and/or naive for their wishes, I think it's relevant insofar as the show is trying to talk about idealism and heroism. Just because a show has themes does not necessarily mean that it has artistic merit. I think my argument against the show being good is strengthened by preparing this counter argument in which I show that I already understand what it's trying to do and that's why I have the basis to say that it fails. I think if you read some of the long reviews praising Madoka Magica's depth, you'll find similar analyses to the ones I'm trying to invalidate.

Yes, Monster is kind of aimless and the biggest issue with that is that there's no compelling plot point to make you keep watching if you don't care about the mystery around Johan. Which I don't, because given the extremity of Johan's actions and his almost pure evil characterization, learning about his background/motivations/psychologies is inconsequential. This guy needs to die, that's it.

In terms of style, every show has a style. You can say Monster doesn't innovate directorily but its muted colors, character design, setting, and grounded tone constitute its style.

Look, you may not like a show but you don't have to deny it all credit by saying extreme things like X show has no artistic merit or X show has no style. Like you can say, it has style, but the style sucks; an argument like "devoid of style" is extremely easy to counter. I think that criticism of a show is more formidable and harder to attack if it has some built in flexibility. If you make absolute statements, they're hard to defend. Instead of saying something like, "there's no character development" I prefer to say "there's little character development".

Furthermore, I'm personally comfortable with saying that while a show can do other things well and may have artistic merit in those aspects, the flaws I've identified in it are fundamental and underpin the entire series, and thus, those other things are relatively inconsequential in the face of what it does wrong.

In the world of SOL anime, Fuujin Monogatari is probably the only one that portrays the lives of schoolgirls with authenticity. It doesn't present the girls as overly cute, it doesn't glorify high school, and it doesn't sugarcoat things. It portrays things as is, which also results in half the episodes being mundane and arguably boring. There is little deeper meaning to the stories; they're just portraits of everyday life. On the plus side, the gorgeous soundtrack by Kenji Kawaii and the unique visual style at least alleviates the mundanity at worst, and at best it enhances the experience of childhood that the show is trying to convey--- transient, pure in its simplicity, and carefree, just like the wind.

Red Garden is about four high school girls faced with a doomed fate where they're forced to fight zombies every night. You will be disappointed if you go in expecting an action show. The focus is less on the role the girls play in the zombie conflict and more about how their plight affects their personal lives. So more like a drama where the zombie part simply provides an impetus for the drama. What little "main" plot there is concerning the lore surrounding the conflict is not well fleshed out and might those looking for a resolution to the main plot disappointed.
Treated as a drama, the show has some awkward direction and scenes early on, and arguably overblows the drama such that the girls can seem like they're overreacting to their situation. At the same time, the show puts in the work. Whatever you like it or not, the sheer amount of time the show dedicates to each of the girls ensures that nothing is rushed, melodrama is relatively low, and relationships are developed naturally. In particular, the bond between the four girls, driven by their shared pain, is a shining achievement of the show. But that's looking at it optimistically. A more critical viewer might acknowledge the show's earnest desire to tell the girls stories and find not that they're told badly, but simply that they don't care for the stories, and that the storylines get drawn out. Which, I think is also a valid viewpoint. I'm actually rewatching the show to reevaluate my opinion of it, and as of the first few episodes I'm already thinking of editing them to make the beginning more compelling and less awkward.
Recynon Nov 3, 2022 11:31 AM
"On the other hand, your line of reasoning is unclear. Rather than pointing to a specific instance (in the anime) of bad writing, you repeatedly make use of overused terms that lack a definite meaning like, 𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐨𝐢𝐬𝐦, 𝐝𝐞𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐬𝐭𝐫𝐮𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧, 𝐢𝐝𝐞𝐚𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐦. So that you and the reader are on the same page, you should define these kinds of words or not bother using them at all."

Those terms have well-defined, well-known meanings and I gave a few examples of how they're used in the context of the show:
"-Is the sacrifice required to be a hero really worth it?
-Am I doing heroic acts for selfish reasons?
-Is good destined to be negated by bad?
-Is tragedy inevitable or can fate be changed?"

"Both of us seem to be in agreement that calling Madoka Magica a 𝐝𝐞𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐬𝐭𝐫𝐮𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 of the magical girl genre is meritless, therefore, it is not essential to mention 𝐝𝐞𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐬𝐭𝐫𝐮𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 when talking about Madoka Magica."

That's like saying both of us are in agreement that the show is bad, and therefore I don't need to write the review. I found it necessary to clear up and dispel widely parroted ideas that Madoka Magica should get any credit for being a supposed deconstruction of the genre, or if you prefer, being a subversion of the genre.

I brought up these terms and talking points in order to describe what the show is trying to do and what people widely credit it with doing, so I can later talk about why it doesn't succeed at it. If you want specific instances of bad writing, then that gets into spoiler territory, and it would just be me listing out how each character arc doesn't make a lick of sense. But suffice it to say, they each don't make a lick of sense because they're contrived, which I think is a pretty big knock on the writing.

"When it comes to anime that we dislike, we share a lot in common. However, I get the impression that our reasons for disliking certain anime are different. In your reviews, you focus on a general idea that the anime is trying to convey, in other words, a recurring theme. I, on the other hand, firmly believe that anime should not aim to teach and that watchers should not merely empathize with characters but that a higher aesthetic enjoyment should be attained by paying great attention to details of style and structure. This is most evident in my review of 𝐦𝐨𝐧𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫, I highly suggest you read it if you don't mind spoilers."

Well if we're talking technicalities here your review didn't go into style nor structure. Style would be the atmosphere, tone, and scene direction. Structure would be episodic vs serialized, how the different arcs and characters tied together. It seems the practical difference you're trying to point out here is that I didn't get into specific examples in my Madoka Magica review, but that's more because I didn't want to do a spoiler review in that particular show. I have other reviews that do get into specific examples because I didn't care about spoilers.

As for the contents of your review, yeah, I agree, and I can't believe you're the only other guy that's pointed out such blatantly obvious flaws in its moral reasoning. I found it so obvious that I didn't even bother writing a review on it, but I did make some posts on it detailing the stupidity of the moral reasoning:

DorianPompa Aug 16, 2022 1:54 AM
yo, sorry for the long reply but only now I am back home and the MAL UI on phone is dogshit and I didnt wanna write long stuff on with it.

ah I meant like to play the game on phone since its not that big anyway, cool to know that there is a full ep2 on yt tho, I actually tried at 1st to watch a ep 1 full play on yt with ps3 patch cuz I was too lazy to install it myself but didnt rlly find any or if I did it was with commentary of some random dude so I did it myself and it was an absolute banger.

Yeah I noticed, the things you say rlly makes me want to know what happens next more.

Ik too little stuff to form a theory that I can even a little think of it as plausible, and honestly it burnt my dumbass brain what you said it in your 3rd paragraph lmao. I think there are more than 1 for sure but def not any human lets be real here, from my view obv its beatrice but eh I am sure it isnt just her or the games makes you in ch1 believe its her and then to fuck you over later. Maria was one of the best characters if not the best after beatrice for me, how tf can someone find her a nuance, it stole every scene she was in as a crazy little bitch. wow eva F? I actually kinda liked her ngl, tbh most of characters in ep 1 are just "irrelevant tier" for me cuz 1/3 of them just died after doing nothing and the rest for ex the granny servant was just scared that was all she did. The doctor as well didnt do much shit and jessica or whatever was her name was just...there lmfao.

Well I gotta admit I dont remember much monster details, been a while since I watched it. I wasnt so critic with it ofc, just enjoyed the ride and the mysteries were done very well imo. Prob if I will rewatch it and pay attention to all the details I will def be more critic with it, thing is I am too lazy to rewatch stuff, I only rewatch 2 titles re0 s1 like 3 times(it was even better than I tought it was) and s2 2 times and some eps for a3rd time, liked it even more. The 2nd one was cote and god damm it was pretty shit(went from a 9 to like a 4), also dropped the 2nd season thats airing rn its awful. I never reread anything cuz it takes a long time but I plan to reread zeroth maria whenever I will get all vols on paper(prob when I dead this shit is so hard to find wtf) and pandora hearts, mostly cuz I dont rlly remember what I liked THAT much about em, well for zeroth ik that the final vol was beyond amazing and the 1st good thats about it. Sorry going way off track here, but I can see your reasons why you didnt liked monster, I plan to read its manga sometime instead of rewatching it tho.

ep 3 was the last that I got to watch before I had no wifi for a while, it was good yes and it only gets better in the manga at least, its great adaptation so far, also I dropped tokyo mew mew new cuz even if it was pretty good I was mostly forcing myself to watch it and didnt rlly enjoy it that much, I am def not the target for this kind of shows, I think that enjoyment it the most important factor when it comes to any media cuz it supposed to be a more entertaing way to pass your free time, so thats why I drop everything in where I am like "damm how many mins till this ep end", lol if I had this mindset ever since I started watching anime half of my completed would have made it in the dropped probably.

Oh and some stuff about re0, I read ch 55-60 recently cuz they had a lot of al screen time when we get to know 2 new important things about him, arc 7 its still not close to and end despite being exactly as long as arc 4 rn( last ch of the 6th vol of arc 7 just dropped) but I read these ch since I stopped at 54 and Al its the most interesting thing in this mediocre arc, the ch were absolute shit actually, but the Al lines were nice.
And WCT stopped doing manual cuz "MTL" is more efficient and doesnt create drama as with arc 6 ch that got transalted poorly and the transalator doesnt want anyone else to translate em cuz of some weird ego. I used "MTL" cuz its actually a big process and multiple ppl work on them, they dont just copy paste the deepl trans they edit it and reword it to be a good read (well trans wise cuz arc 7 is...), WCT was only able to somewhat get caught up with Tappei for the sole reason that arc 6 took 5 years to be finished, now with humans trans will be at ch 30 at most instead of the 70+ that are available to read in good quality now and they will always be able to be up to date with the WN not that long after tappei enters in the usual hiatus to read the next LN. idk if ya still find re0 interesting but I think you should give it a go, I remember ya liked AL and its his time to shine more or less later on after ya stopped reading it, also the gladiator island miniarc its way better than I expected, Todd is back at it again and Subaru did some crazy shit last ch from what I heard.
DorianPompa Jul 26, 2022 6:49 AM
wow you rlly like umineko dont you. are you sure you dont play 5D chess with me with these replies lmao. prob the guy meant "night and day" not in that ch 1 is not good but prob how in ch 1 the focus is some sol then some detective shit rather than all the supernatural stuff with witches, at least thats I think as of ch 1 finished. I am rlly rlly curios about maria, shes the most interesting character after beato imo. I will keep you updated with my umineko journey, altrought it will have to be on hold for about 2 weeks, couldnt they have made these VNs for phones too :(
Oh and I didnt noticed that battler sister, ig she will appear later on, rosa was kinda cool too ig but she was killed pretty quick with just slaping her child before it. Eva and Natsushi or whatever was her name grew on me, George and Battler(this guy a lot) too ofc, idk if she will ever be more "main" but I couldnt be able to give a fuck about Jessica, shes boring design wise and personality too for me. About the servants Kanon was vert cool but others eh, not that much I can say about them. "Grandpa" is also pretty interesting, I wonder how he ties in all of these witches stuff and his relationship with Beatrice.Ah I see so they really are alternate universes, and no I am not familiar with "death of author"

I read ya monster review, I think ya focused too much on the conflict between mc and johan, the show wasnt only that. Monster has an open ending, everyone can interpret it as they want, I like to belive that "reality" was only till Johan was shot in the head, after its some weird dream of the mc thats mixed with reality like idk the twins mom who I never saw as the "true" villan and that twist or whatever. I think ya can also interpret if you want even the whole surgery part as reality and have Johan in the bed awake as an illusion from ptsd or idk, they guy mus have been traumatized somehow by all this, even if he doesnt noticed. I think Johan not being handcuffed, completely fine and awake, and dipping out like that implies that he in fact, was never there cuz hes dead. I dont think it will make you change your opinion about the series in the slightest, what I said its how I view the final moments of monster based on my own ideals. Hah our roles are reversed from "Millenium Actress".
DorianPompa Jul 25, 2022 3:28 AM
yeah I heard that ep 1 compared to ep 2 is like night and day, btw whats your fav umineko eps? I heard that ep 3-5 are rlly good. And alr I will get around higu ch 3 if you say its so good(and 1ch its not THAT much), idk when but I will. Oh so that means the manga is bad, well it is what it is. I wasnt that invested into higu anyway.

Wait so higu and umineko are related?? I mean obv they were somehow but I tought it was some alternate universe or sum shit, I called Frederica Emo Rika as joke, lmao I never expected her to actually be so related(tought the guys got lazy with the design or sum). Ye ye ik those 2, Eua a lot more, are gou/sotsu cannon or sum anime orginal? I never rlly got that aside from the fact they are sequels from OG higu.

Yeah Beatrice is my fav character so far, she is very attractive both voice and design wise and idk, she has been a total mystery for the whole thing that I read so far so finally seing her appear was idk..very satisfaying. And so far yes, I just like the plain evil character that fucks around with the "mere" humans. Maria is very interesting too, I am curios whats actually the deal with her. Battler its prob the best human character so far, altrought he is "dumb" to not belive in beako considering the situation he got in, he is still a cool character. And I am curious about Beatrice background.

Hmm ye you are right, they can share the spotlight for arc 8, anyway whats wierd its that arc 7 is supposed to be "Prisccila camp" but bot her and Al appear less time than some side characters and arc 7 even if we have a "deadline" for it to finish in vol 32-33 it still feels like its going absolutely nowhere and its slow asf. seriously this arc feels like it will last forever even considering its somwhat proper release schedule, unlike arc 6 that took years sometimes to publish chs. Louis wont die, she got lots of spotlights and character "redeption" this arc, I even forgot bout the other dude lmao, I think killing uhhhh shit forgot the name, Ley I think was enough for being able to cut the gluttony factor off the list.But ye it should be possible to reverse crush state with it.

Ye ping pong aint the average SOL for sure, thats why I have been enjoying it, its rlly an unique watch.

Temna being Johan?? How and why damm you rlly have interesting interpretations. What ya didnt like about Monster? I think its a very "realist" anime, like rlly this could easily be a tv show and ppl worldwide instead of analyzing Walts character from breaking bad they would talk about Johan and Tenma. Thats why I liked it so much, it was a breath of fresh air from all the colorful and flashy stuff. As I mentioned on my last post, the only other anime that I think its also "down to earth" while not being SOL or romance is "Kaiji the ultimate gambler", I like both monster and this one for showing a more deep human thinking and nature.
DorianPompa Jul 24, 2022 4:39 AM
oh shit in all of that I forgot to say that I have noticed how much they use "truth" in umineko, hell the whole ch2(otherwise from the info I got so far they would have all happy lived in the golden land...that might not even be the "truth" but just an illusion0) is prob happening cuz mc doesnt want to belive in the "truth" that Beatrice exists and killed all of em.
DorianPompa Jul 24, 2022 4:28 AM
yo I just finished umineko ch 1 with all the extra stuff included, thats why it took me a little long to reply.

Yes I have installed the 7th mod a few days ago for all chapters, that includes voices, better art, actual backrounds, better text formating all the good stuff, it made the whole thing x999 times better and I had a rlly great time with this VN so far after installing it, before it was very boring and almost impossible to get invested into it, but I am glad that I didnt drop it even if it took me almost 4 months to finish just the 1st arc! the 2 new characters are Beatrice and uhhh idk Emo Rika lmao forgot her name, idk Beatrice man...I have waited so much to finally actually see her and I wasnt disappointed, I like her voice and so far she is easily my fav character, just pretty much shit talking Battler lmfao(idk if Beato is who you were reffering to, so far it didnt annoy me at all). As for Emo Rika she is hella interesting, I knew there had to me more witches, seems she wants us/battler to actually stand a chance against Beatrice, prob cuz her powers cant do shit against her from what I got. Anyway I read the full manga for ch 1 just now too, I am surprise they even put the ??? stuff, seems they at least so far wanted to include everything. I will use the manga entries for a rating of the respective arc from now on, cuz if I would to rate the manga itself its pretty average compared to the VN. Also the music was just next level holy shit, ik this is probably nothing compared to whats to come but this ep would have been a 10/10 if not for the very very slow start, so 9/10. really good stuff, but the rest of the series will have to wait a little.

Yess I agree Emilias 3rd trial is one the best scenes in the entire series for me too! I think the royal selection will happen later on after every candidate got an arc where they shine more, I like to think that arc 4 was "Emilia camp" since it centered a lot on her and the characters that at the end of it will form it, arc 6 has a lot of themes but in my book it can go as "Anastasia camp" since it focused a lot on Julius and altrough not really her, Echidna was in her body when she got most of the lines in the story so far, arc 7 its def "Prisccila arc"....this arc sucks balls but Al and her are def one of the good things about it, I think it will be kind of a bad move from tappei to still leave Al in a complete mystery by the end of it tho. (but we got a glimpse of his domain in the 10s loop, ppl theorize RBD fucked off cuz Als powers were still there, and in the context it makes the most sense). Anyway I think it makes sense for arc 8 to be "Felt camp" and maybe as I said prev we will get some stuff about the Lugunicas since if Felt is involved, I bet Capella will too and it will make the arc theme "Lust" as arc 6 was "Greed" 3 "Sloth" etc and that would mean we will be able to get a real "Lust if" based on a decision of Subaru in this arc, thats what I list think. and finally arc 9 could be "Crush camp" (well you could argue she had her moments in arc 3, but arc 3 was def not that much focused on her). Soo after that I think arc 10 will be the royal selection shit with a drastic change in subaru and arc 11 the big climax will all the witches and mysteries and shit, obv reveal some stuff down the line but I dont think that more than hmm lets say 1/3 of the questions will be answered in any arc aside from the final arc imo. I think he hasnt changed that much since arc 1-6 was a full character from playing the hero--->self hatered-->accepting himself--->loving himself in arc 6 after his named chapter, he as the normal subaru that we know was reached his potential imo, and it will be a matter of time till we see some big changes, I mean arc 7 as shit as it is the guy now lost count to his deaths and doesnt rlly give a fuck anymore.

Well yes, I dont like SOL since what I seek in fiction is something with a narrative and to pass my free time without getting bored like hell that I fortunately still have a lot. But I have seen 2eps of Ping Pong so far and I am loving it! the art style is very unique and idk what exactly I like so much about it but I tell ya, those 40mins felt like 4 for some reason, I have always enjoyed sports animes to some degree, I think the main theme is that the mc that tries to be an empty shell to finally behave like a real human with emotions.

Yeah you are def right, it wasnt the movie for that kind of stuff but it was still a decent watch for both of us. Well thats a really unique way to interpret it indeed, I admit I tought of it as the "average anime watcher" that you mentioned. Its normal for ppl to have different views on things we read/watched and thats why I like to talk with others bout em, shame that in the anime community thats pretty much impossible to do in a civilized manner, it all comes to "L mid, my opinion is fact, you are an idiot for thinking otherwise, OP clears all fiction" ya know the rest. And yes, you didnt made me change my mind about the movie, its still a 6/10 for me "pretty good", but still I appreciate the fact that you shared your view on it with me.

Damm if these are the "simple" replies you made me curious about how a deep analysis from you would sound lol. What about monster thats not usual? pretty much everyone I encounter(myself included) thinks that its a masterpiece and goes pretty deep in the human nature part, but I think that the anime/manga "kaiji" does this better in that regard but overall I think of monster as a better show, kaiji drags on a lot in the games and gets a little repetive at some point in those said games.

Unrelated but what do you think of the higurashi manga? I watched all of the anime OVAS whatever and it was pretty good for the 2006-07 entires, I plan to read it at some point since I heard its more detailed and ik prob the VN is the way to go here too but man imma be honest, the reason why I like umineko is cuz its a 100% new story for me, I dont wanna go till dozens/hundres of hours of something that I am pretty familiar already and not THAT invested into it(hell even with re0 I have trouble to read arc 1-4 LN cuz I have watched the anime, and I plan to read the arc 4 WN(heard its was pretty different) at some point too damm).
DorianPompa Jul 22, 2022 2:31 PM
oh so the umineko manga changes stuff later on, damm. well my plan is to read the manga counterpart AFTER I read the same thing in the VN just for a fun quick comparation. the ch where I stopped at the manga(16) covers till exactly where I read in the Vn, and damm even when the manga doesnt change stuff the VN is x10000 times better cuz of the music and voices, I can see now why you told me to go for the VN. also this whole "truth" they way you worded it sounds very very interesting, damm when I finally get into umineko, soon I have to be away from the pc for weeks, well I hope I will at least finish ch 1 and ?? stuff till then.

From what ik arc 8 its still supposed to be centered around felt, I have some hopes for it cuz if felt is involved prob cappela will too and we will learn a little more bout the royal family and shit and maybe have the witchcult (at least the known one) defeated for once. or idk some say it will be a war with the empire and lugunica but after experiencing how tappei handles a civil war or whatever arc 7 is I dont rlly look forward to that, I mostly look forward to something that isnt arc 7, I lost interest in it long time ago.

well tbh I think I will watch ping pong rn, I havent seen an anime that isnt seasonal since I watched steins gate 1 month ago and its a pretty short one, someone told me it was very good so I am pretty excited.

also I just watched that movie with my gf that you have in your favs, millenium actress, I found it pretty decent but nothing that special, the concept of it was very good but it got every boring, ig it just wasnt for me. but I would love to hear your thoughts about it and why do you like it, you are honestly the only person on this site that I look forward to a reply since you always give complex insights about the stuff you watch/read.
DorianPompa Jul 22, 2022 4:40 AM
yeah I kinda figured that the game implies for the reader to have it solved and thats what I like about it, I herd that the riddle(witch epitath) has shit ton of clues but it has to do something with jap symbols, and I heard some ppl managed to solve the whole game by ch5 crazy, oh and iirc pretty much everything its answered in ch 7? and ch 8 is more like an epilouge and a conclusion the whole thing idk I might be wrong. I also plan to skim trough each ch mangas adapatation after I complete each chapter, just for a fun quick comparation since manga is my fav medium. (I admit the VA and the music make umineko much better so I can see why you told me to go for the Vn tho).

nah he didnt change at all, bros more like an NPC now ffs, the thing is that rn he is a kid both as body and mind, so situations are way harder for him than usual but its kinda dumb when he died 1000 times to defeat the old man(he turned him into a kid) and him not to reverse the act. By my statement regarding the characters not being killed I mean plot armor, they are in situations that are fatal and tappei writtes em like "look man this girl its dead..SIKE she survived" and does this with multiple characters in back to back chapters and it was just dumb. also character were teleported without any explained reason so far just to forward the plot, that why he is on the island that, yes Al has been trapped 8years in. And wow I didnt noticed this, nice observation there regarding arcs in a place isolated from other ppl being better, ig he tried something new but failed in my eyes with arc 7. My main problem is that everything thats happening just doesnt have any weight in the big picture. But yes I still have hopes for future arc, tappei has written arc 3-6 which were amazing for me, its hard to keep a series this long constantly good, even oda with one piece has some pretty bad arcs between the great ones. And somehow I still have faith in the man that arc 11 will be one of the best fictions I will read, all the mysteries are so interesting.

Yeah I just saw it, it was pretty good but the romance was pretty bad/cringe idk, not my type of stuff in animes. I see that you like the magical girl genre, interesting, the only magical girl show I watched was Nanoha(only s1) and its was decent but def not my thing(took me months to watch those 12ep).

Btw have you seen this anime "Ping Pong the animation"? it looks very interesting and I heard its about human growth and becoming mature.

DorianPompa Jul 21, 2022 1:44 AM
oh nice, then yeah I should enjoy it, but for example I love monster and then I read a manga made by the same dude and I didnt enjoy it at all.
and I agree that the metacritic score is more trustworthy than mal, but there red dead redeption 2 has a 97 one, and that game was one of the most boring stuff I have ever played ngl. but good to know these 2 are considered good.

as of now the game makes it even mysterious if the 19th person even exist in the 1st place so I rlly have no clue, I think there has to be some subordonates of the witch or whatever, ik there are a fuck ton of characters that I cant wait to see cuz they look hella interesting and I have no idea how tf they coould introduce em when there are only 18 normal humans so far.

ah shit they stopped? I tought they just did mtl for the ppl that cant wait and want to be up to date, well pretty much subaru becomes a woman for an entire volume when the purpouse of it was met in ch 24 but whatever, then ABSOLUTELY NOITHING HAPPENS FOR MOST OF VOL 28 aside from the fact that his character is back to like arc 1-3 or stupidity, makes no sense. then he becomes a child for vol 29 and dies like 1000 times to some old geezer cuz Satella decided to fuck off and let the dude respawn 10s after his death. I havent read vol 30 but subaru doesnt even appear in it, instead emilia comes out of nowhere and fights a dragon loli, oh and characters that are supposed to die dont cuz subaru isnt there to rbd. from what I heard the ongoing vol 31 (ch 61+) is him being trapped in a battle royale island as a kid(still) and just dieing and dieing, rbd has lost any meaning and this series has gone to shit, I hope that arc 8 will be better and not filler, pll that still say "but wait re0 arcs are good at the end, dont hate on arc 7" are delusional, arc 7 is already 6 vols(and expected to be 8-9) in and its shit, whole arc 4 was 6vols.
DorianPompa Jul 19, 2022 3:53 AM
oh I see, well imagination is always better than what these guys can produce i suppose, its the main reason why I think LN/books are superior to their visual counterparts imo. I never expect the adaptation to be as good as the source material cuz I imagined something different and suited for my taste when I read it. But its still fun to see the "official" visualization of those LNs, thats why I am watching classroom of the elite s2 in the 1st place even tho its barely decent compared to the LN counterpart, and will prob be the case for arc 6 of re0 whenever they will animate it (easily my fav arc in all fiction).

Eh cant rlly say much after only 2ep with nothing rlly special happening in em...ig is fine? idk I havent read the Ln but its enjoyable, overlord has been one of my 1st ever anime back in 2019 and sice then I have always wandered if they will make a sequel, back then I considered it soemthing rlly good but eh, its just a little above the average isekai tbh. Still I heard they will be some fights this season so I look forward to that, and def the loud minority of always complaining is not the target, bet 95% of these guys read the Ln of an pdf/epub from jnovels and watched the anime on some random ass website without paying for it anyway (well thats what I do too but yeah, its just some entertainment for me, I am not entitled to any good quality). And idk I think Albedo VAs is alright, not great but not bad either, for me personally she as a character is pretty annoying but thats it.

Btw I have also got these VNs, song of saya and fata morgana or smth, have ya read em? are they good? I downloaded em cuz they looked interesting but the ofc the main focus is umineko (also it rlly picked up when the crimes started, good shit).

Oh and one more thing, do you keep up with re0 arc 7? if yes what ya think of it? imo it feels like just some random bs happening and its boring asf, I stopped reading it after c54, waiting for it to finish so I can speedread it.
DorianPompa Jul 17, 2022 2:00 AM
wow you rlly like delving into the hidden animes dont you? tbh I said the same when I saw this season "wow cote s2, overlord s4, MIA s2, peak season fr" and here I am bored to death out of these lmao, but next and winter/spring 2023 rlly looks bright with the mainstream stuff, the one that I am waiting the most is vinland s2, it will adapt the arc that truly starts the series and its main themes. Oh and the chainsaw man anime too, its def one of my fav mangas and I read it when nobody knew about it, pretty sad that the fandom is now just a bunch of horny edgelords.

music anime and stuff never been my thing but the last 2 you mentioned seem very interesting, and about the asano inio, nah that guy aint for me. I dropped punpun at around ch 100, I didnt enjoyed it at all, well his other work adaptation might end up good and its unfair to judge by just his most popular one but I am the opposite of "yoooo asano inio peak fiction".

and about jigorkuraku I always wanted to read the manga but it just didnt clicked with me for some reason, ig I will just wait for the anime, being anime only for the popular stuff sometimes ends up as a very good watch.