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Jan 15, 2018
Among the reviews that call this manga a 'masterpiece' there's my review that gives it an 8/10.
You might think 'Why? What's wrong with it?'

First of all, originality. This manga is the same as Orange with a mix of Koi to Uso in my opinion. People compare it to 'Your Lie in April' too, but since I've never read/watched that I can't speak about it.

The characters aren't that interesting. The main character is anonymous and his multiple nicknames change after each chapter. You don't know if you should call him 'glasses-kun', 'mr. friendly' or 'mr. invisible'. He is a beta male and even though he is read more
Dec 22, 2017
Hello there! As always, my review is quite short so if you hate reading long reviews with countless paragraphs and sentences, you're welcome!

I love watching SoL anime and I was hyped for Just Because!. But the first episode was very bad, slow and boring. Still that shouldn't make you drop it, the anime becomes sadder as episodes go by.

I started watching this anime, because the moment I'm writing this, I am in my senior year of high school (or 12th grade). I wanted to get the same feels a high school student experiences when taking an entrance exam and focusing on his/her studies.

There are several read more