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Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru?
Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru?
Jul 10, 2:48 PM
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Vinland Saga
Vinland Saga
Jul 7, 2:47 PM
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JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 5: Ougon no Kaze
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 5: Ougon no Kaze
Jul 5, 4:00 PM
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Chainsaw Man
Chainsaw Man
Jul 5, 4:00 PM
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Kouya ni Kemono Doukokusu
Kouya ni Kemono Doukokusu
Jul 1, 9:59 PM
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Jun 24, 4:34 PM
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NamakoTeam Jul 15, 6:42 PM
¿Qué tal la serie de las chicas fitness?
DonDask Jul 2, 2:49 PM
Muchas gracias por aceptar mi solicitud
Chinocultivarroz Jun 19, 8:13 PM
Las cosas como son, aunque el 60% que lo lee es por los orgasmos culinarios y nada mas, al otro 35% le interesara el desarrollo de la historia y al otro 5% la cocina japonesa (a mi parecer)
EnigmaLXXXVIII Jun 7, 8:13 PM
I'm not gonna go THAT deep if I do make a review, but I just needed to vent to the dude I was talking to about it. I'm defiantly using some of this material for critical analysis, but I'm not going to write nearly as much. Then again, capturing the exact fervor I had when writing this will be difficult, but I sense that representation for this critical outlook on this show will likely be sparse, and I'd like to represent the people who hold my similar outlook, if not for the people I might meet if I write it.

Also, to clarify, I'm not necessarily writing this to create a stink-piece about AoT, nor am I doing it for attention (well, kinda). I'm doing it to give a voice to/attract people (such as yourself) who genuinely appreciate my views on the medium, and those who can sense my fledgling critical state, and possibly help me improve my writing.
EnigmaLXXXVIII Jun 7, 6:54 PM
Reiner's psychology is just plot convenience and used for drama. There is not psycho-analyzed reason he didn't go for the horses, and deliberated on his bullshit. If this were a "masterpiece" like all those fans claim it is, it would address such problems with psycho-analyzed realism. The problem from my view is that these characters still don't feel like people. People don't hold onto their wills for this long, and the different plot holes and conveniences that run rampant in this series reflect this. Anyway, I'll send you this little thread I wrote a little while back on my opinions on the Reiner ass-pull. It's not the greatest written piece I've produced, but it still get the point across.

"Also, don't even get me started when they were trying to get back the outer walls of the main's old home town. Fucking ROCKET SPEAR PSEUDO SCIENCE!!! Fuck, they just drop this shit on us out of nowhere! How could they even mold that stuff then, let lone amass enough force to propel them. Also, even if they DID get the power to do that, then it would have sent those fuckers FLYING. They're suspended in mid-air for fucks sake, they wouldn't even be able to shoot in a strait line. Also, how do the 3D maneuver gears even hold that much weight, not to mention one soldier keeping balance with that thing. Maybe I'm reading too deep into this, but it's stupid they even tried to justify it's existence by plopping it right in our faces. Also, lets end this criticism-turned-rant (I'm sorry) to the attention of the next dumbest thing: Reiner's decision to go after Eren on episode 2. If Reiner were all the decision-making-level-head genius they made him out to be, then he would have killed the fuckin' horses. The beast titan already spanked Reiner's ass, as we saw earlier, yet he's still worried about Eren attacking the beast titan. First of all, the beast titan already has a harem of titans surrounding the walls Renier thinks Eren will jump to attack the beast titan, and the beast titan has already proven that he is more than capable in combat. I Reiner were t cripple the Scouts by killing their horses, then they wouldn't be able to escape, and would get crushed by the titan harem that beast titan leads. After they massacred all the scouts, and Eren had a huge showdown and lost to: A) many titans at once, B) Beast titan spankin' Eren's ass, and C) Reiner and Bertolt if needed. Overall, Renier's desc-ion is not only contradictory of what they built the character up to be, but has cost the Titan-shifters yet another victory. Also, why did Reiner just stare at Erwin, when he could've just killed him right there?"
EnigmaLXXXVIII Jun 7, 5:09 PM
I dunno about that...

When I watched the animu, I witnessed the Reiner ass-pull, Erwin standing around not dying, and today, fucking Armin surviving. That's shit I can definitely bitch about, but making it seem like a legitimate and based arrangement is going to be such an uphill battle for fans that only care that the adaptation looks and sounds good. Anyway, it's not as though it's visuals have been worth what they've been earlier, because there's been a HARD reliance on CG as of late, and I can't really say it fits in completely (when does it ever).

Anyway, the characters have literally just been deliberating bullshit as of the last ep that could have all been avoided if Reiner just kill Erwin when he had the chance, and Armin having thicker plot armor than him.
EnigmaLXXXVIII Jun 7, 4:50 PM
I hope that's the case. Now that it's the summer, I plan on reading the mango to get a better understanding of the story as a whole.

People have called it a masterpiece more times than I can count, and I can only hope it delivers. I'm not to sure about how the author is a "master of foreshadowing", as the latest plot points that keep tying Marko to everyone's trauma comes across as lazy.

I'm going to check it out anyway, and I'll see if I can crank out a review by the time the mango finishes.
EnigmaLXXXVIII Jun 7, 4:26 PM
I see. Going in the 5s then? Or maybe higher?
EnigmaLXXXVIII Jun 7, 9:41 AM
Hey dude, just wondering what you've though of AoT thus far.
Albert_Palencia Jun 2, 3:23 PM
Se agradece
Albert_Palencia Jun 2, 2:21 PM
Para leer Full Metal Panic! Sigma me imagino que debo haber visto la primera serie o la novela?¿
MizunoWaveRider May 14, 12:09 PM
Ah, I see. The "most boring taste in anime" Digibro thing basically.

Let me explain: I've been on MAL for 5 years now. When I first noticed the 3x3 meme a few years ago, I was afraid that I might get labelled as one of those elitist wannabes based on my favorites. So I deliberately didn't put certain anime on there even though they were my favorites. I put stuff like Time of Eve, Mob Psycho, The Big O and even a Pokemon movie onto my favorite list so I could distinguish myself from these elitists.
But then I realised that, by trying to not LOOK like a dishonest elitist wannabe, that I became a dishonest hipster who just puts obscure or "not-seen-as-cool-by-the-majority" stuff on my list just to be different and because I was afraid of my image or whatever. So after I realized that, I erased my favorites and went with having no favorite lists at all for a while, still being afraid that I might get stereotyped by some if I were honest.
But after some time passed, I realised that there's no point to be afraid of getting stereotyped. After all, why should I be afraid of what people who judge others based on their favorites think about me? So I decided to ignore the meme and put the anime I like the most onto my list.

tl;dr: I know about the meme for a few years now, but I decided to be honest about my favorites anway and don't care if others stereotype me because of it.
MizunoWaveRider May 14, 10:52 AM
-Ereya- May 6, 5:43 PM
Hey. I don't know if you noticed but in your Kimetsu no Yaiba manga review you kept calling Nezuko a "he". Maybe you should correct that misspelling.
EnigmaLXXXVIII May 2, 5:57 PM
Should I watch the series that preceded that one? It is a sequel after all.