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May 25, 2018

I can`t say much about this manga because I`m not that familiar with the romance genre, I only read a few others like GE: Good Ending and some others I forgot the name. What I can say is that the characters are interesting because they do have flaws but aren't unlikable, the plot is kind of original, but these days you'll always be able to find something similar, there are a few Deus Ex moment in the end because said character is basically useless for work since she ditched school.

Now, comparing this manga with similar ones in the same genre category I would say read more
May 8, 2018
A light novel following the LitRPG genre (in a way), the "new" Isekai troupe, the "SAO Copy" troupe but with a twist.

The plot follows these tropes but the twist is that the MC doesn't get sent to another world, he actually gets stuck behind because he was sleeping. The God who sent his entire classroom to another world ends up "accidentally" (there is more to know about how he gets his powers) giving him the power to level up while sleeping and basically create skills. Because of the incident where his entire class disappears but not him, he ends up being questioned by the read more