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Jul 21, 2016
Before you read this, I recommend reading my original review as I have a much different opinion on that show compared to this OVA. Thank you.

I'm gonna make this review very nice and simple. This OVA is absolute shite. It's literally just fanservice, like literally, it even says so in the description of the show for god sakes.

This is pretty much a poor excuse to get all the female characters into bikinis. Absolutely pathetic.

However, I'm not really giving this a 1 or 2 cause this did have some actual humor to it and I liked the ending.

Otherwise, if you didn't like the show, don't watch read more
Jul 21, 2016
Why do people take this show so seriously?
A lot of the reviews I have read have been taking this show way too seriously. Its zombies and ecchi. I don't really think it was supposed to be serious. This show is just supposed to be really enjoyable, its extremely thoughtless. All it really is, is guns, girls and zombies. What more could you want?

The story is pretty simple, a zombie apocalypse starts and all hell breaks loose afterwards. So, an average bum, a ginger, a fat guy, a bitch who's a bitch, the badass chick who's only purpose is to be badass, the doctor thats practically read more
Feb 19, 2016
The short ass review:
I love this show. 10/10

The actual review:
I love me some 90's anime, its quite good. I could go on for ages on how much I goddamn love this show. I could be a grown ass man by the time I'm done. But instead, I'll give a short 5 paragraph version of why I love this show.

Cowboy Bebop takes place in space with 2 bounty hunters (Spike & Jet) making cash off killing people. Later on they find a bad-ass women (Faye), a person who still after 17 years, nobody has any idea of it's sex (Edward) and a goddamn dog. We're read more
Jun 3, 2015
No one likes death. Death is well, dark. This show discover that idea, how death is well shit. There's probably things you regret or not, some life choices may affect your death. It shows how far human emotions can go.

The story revolves around two people who die at the same time, they both appear in a mysterious bar and are guided by an arbiter named Decim who has a co-partner by the name of Kurokami and fight to the death in a game. Based on what the contestants do, one could go to hell (The Void) or heaven (Reincarnation) and sometimes both could be reincarnated. read more
Apr 9, 2015
Short Version of this review:
This anime is over-looked and pretty underrated but in a good way. Not in the fact that its shit but in the fact that it wasn't really known when airing. This show is worth a watch and heartwarming. The only strong factor may be its story with its simplicity and way of storytelling. The art and animation are good for the most part while the characters lack in potential.

The Review:
The slice of life genre is like an escape goat from all the thrillers and actions out there, its like a fresh breath of air from the blood and maturity and read more
Mar 29, 2015
(This review does not focus on any segment and is more of a reasoning of why I gave ZnT a 5, I do list good points but I mainly point out the bad things, this is still a review and structures like one.)

Shinchiro Watanabe has made some goddamn memroble ass series', in the year of 2014, the first one which aired in Winter was Space Dandy, a fun and enjoyable show which got good response from audience, a second season came out in Summer, during summer, this show also was airing, and it got massive amounts of praise, but in reality, it didn't really need read more
Mar 27, 2015
Dating Sims are usually a joke topic in the anime industry, in anime they're not used that in much, famous in Japan, but not outside of it. We have a show that focuses on that topic. It isn't anything original and dosen't have any tricks up its sleeve. Its just some normal harem thats fun to watch. Saekano at first seems like something filled to the brim with fanservice judging from the prologue (Episode 0), but it isn't really that. The actual show is well, okay. Its really something lighthearted and filled with dialouge'o'plenty.

The story is, normal. I don't really have to go in detail read more
Mar 26, 2015
Parasyte is unlike many horror and Seinens we see today, its both of those done right. I really don't need to review this. To sum up this review, GO FUCKING WATCH THIS SHOW NOW!!!!!!! Now for the people who have time to read this, this show has been praised to the sun, it deserves the praise it gets, a well written plot, some really well developed characters, one of the best OPs like of all time, smart censoring and a goddamn blast to watch. Thats a second summarisation of this review...

Parasyte's story is truly unique from start to finish, it pulls you in with the read more
Mar 25, 2015
By the end of this show, you will love it, its really something worth your time. Out of many shows airing today this show is really something to look forward to each week, now it can be enjoyed in its full glory even though the show does need a second season, dammit. Akatsuki no Yona is definitly a show you won't forget.

At first, this show seems like your average run of the mill shoujo reverse harem, but by the end of the first episode as the story goes on, it seems to be more than that, its really a well written story which focuses on read more
Mar 10, 2015
(These are my impressions of the 9 episodes i've watched of this show, not a full review, pls take a note of that also there are gonna be some spoilers from S1, but it dosent matter cause this is shit anyway.)

Are you fucking kidding me Studio Pierret? After seeing Yona of the Dawn from Fall and how well done it was, I thought this not might be a fuckup. Well the first episode was good, like seriously, it was really good. And with a new director on board, hell the author of the damn manga and being an anime original. I thought this show was read more