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Dec 10, 2007
I only started reading this manga last night .. So far I have reached up to Volume 06 .. can't seem to find more chapters anywhere else at the moment.

This manga falls into the categories: school life, romance, shoujo, ecchi amd drama ;)

There are two protagonists, one female; Nagakura Seri and male; Hayasaki Tamaki .. they are both childhood friends and attended Tamaki's family owned dojo/karate club since they were young and were reunited several years later. Seri is clumsy, weak at times but like most mangas, she spits fire when she snaps =) Tamaki is the very protective type, extremely seductive and need I read more
Sep 6, 2007
Hana Kimi was overall a good manga! There were parts throughout the series where you'd laugh out loud and think "awww" and other times when you want to shout "stupid!".

However, i felt that there were a few chapters that were quite annoying.. and mostly like fillers~ overall, the story line is quite simple - the protagonist just keeps having different challenges thrown at her.

Furthermore, there are a little ecchi parts ;) but they are more sweet than perverted which gives the manga a good rating!

For those who like this manga i would recommend Koukou Debut - you'd love it =D

enjoy! ^^
Sep 6, 2007
This manga may seem as though it's one of the typical makeover stories but it's not; sure enough, the protagonist wears glasses and turns out to be a really attractive girl, but issues such as family, first time sex experiences, and other issues such as first love experiences all occur in this manga.

I wouldn't call it a short series or long one, but just about readable! I thoroughly enjoyed it. This manga was sentimental, there were funny parts too, but definitely a touching manga for those who are into shojou and romance!


Also, photography plays quite a main role in this manga, but it doesn't read more
Sep 4, 2007
I really enjoyed this manga!
I was captivated from the first chapter~ Koukou Debut will fill you with tears from laughter and warm your hearts!
Haruna is a tomboy, and when told "don't fall in love with me", it's obvious she can't avoid the inevitable right?
Well, Yoh, her coach is a very appealing boy in this manga and gradually softens up due to Haruna's influence, optimistic and clueless personality ^^


I've read all 30 Chapters so far within half a day - you can read it at =)
(I really wish others would post a link as to where we can read all this anime you read more