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Oct 10, 2016
“You should enjoy the little detours. To the fullest. Because that’s where you’ll find the things more important than what you want”. - Ging

I don't have anything else to say other than this is a masterpiece. As such, I'm highly recommending it. I personally liked the fast-paced manner on how they remade the Hunter Exam and the York New City Arc.

The Chimera arc was brilliant. Story wise, Hunter X Hunter is one of those on top of its league. Brilliant.

The art has improved, adding more vibrant palette compared to the 1999 version. It's also quite notable how the Gon and Killua read more
Aug 28, 2016
The synopsis and good graphics is what encouraged me first to watch the series' 1st season.

What I like:

Graphics and voice acting - I really think the voices and art are well crafted.

Comedic appeal - I expected a serious type of detective story but as it turned out, the script seemed to be more concerned with highlighting the characters' eccentric individuality rather than the complexity of the crimes.

The comedy part is really a fresh breather for your typical mystery/detective story.

Touch of supernatural - Because you don't often get to see good-looking detectives who have supernatural powers. (this kind of reminds me of Hamatora)

What I read more
Aug 28, 2016
The idea was really nice - a wish-granting system that responds to anyone's desires.

I'm fine with the graphics, though its resemblance with Mirai Nikki (Future Diary is unmistakable. The variety of characters was good since it kind of provided balance and tension along the way.

Sadly, since there are only 10 episodes, I feel like some of those interesting side characters were not given enough airtime they deserve.

Story context is kind of disappointing. There is a plot, but I don't think the 10 episodes justified the idea that the anime was trying to convey. I feel like the characters emotions were also inconsistent, read more