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MaxfighterXD Jun 26, 12:59 AM

Long time no see how are ya doing :D??
About that friend (girl) jep she's still my friend till today We met eachother because we worked in the same kitchen
I think it'even 6 years ago for 5 years an ecological kitchen.

What are u planning to do in the summer holiday/Vacation and what anime's are u planning to watch then.
Myself I'm almost finished with Medarot damashii I'm at ep 30 of off the 39 so pretty close.
The airing spring animes I'm almost done with so in about 3 weeks I complete 6 or 7 animes.

On the side I'm watching some new anime code geass first season and The king's avatar I'm watching them there great.
I actaully started watching The king's avatar because there's a second season coming and it looked appealing the first season.

There are I think coming some great summer animes Besides The king's avatar season 2
and Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon 2nd season that I know gonna be great.
On my list are:

Vinland Saga ,
Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest
Lord El-Melloi II Case Files: Rail Zeppelin Grace Note
Bem it's horror don't know if I'm gonna survive it
Nakanohito Genome [Jikkyouchuu]
Astra Lost in Space
Isekai Cheat Magician
Do You Like Your Mom? Her Normal Attack is Two Attacks at Full Power, Okaasan online

so that's about it a pretty long list :O just a the spring list.
I'm currently expanding my pokemon card collection it's kinda getting a hobby and a pretty expensive
one but I stopped gaming and have lots money left in the month .
I was waiting for my kitchen It was about to take 6 weeks we call the shop
after 6 weeks and they had a delay of 4 weeks so now 10 weeks of waiting for my kitchen :/

I'm very glad I live next to my parents xD so cooking over there.
I had weekend for myself because my mom and dad went on a weekend holiday.
So i eat some pizza self made except the pizza bodem with salami, champignons
and onion the next day I had brocolli cheese saus and potatoes, and meatballs.
The last day I had some macaroni mac n cheese.
Nice to eat stuff u all really like :D!

The weekend was pretty relaxing we have a open door policy here but when my parents weren't here nobody
came so pretty nice weekend.

What are u planning to do this week and weekend myself today I'm giong to the pub with some friends.
I think I drink a soda or a cola because it's in the middle of the week.
On friday were giong to the beach don't know where still do and maybe in the night or saturday
to the pub and then I'm deffinetly gonna drink some beer xD.
What do u study btw myself I study webdesign :D!

Anyhow speak to u later :).

Melody2222 Jun 22, 8:40 AM
Ohhhh merci beaucoup ! :D J'espère que tu as passé une bonne semaine. J'étais malade et il fait très chaud. Mais ça va mieux heureusement. Et toi ca va ?

So many people say that the Danganronpa games are way better but I must admit that I still wish there was a second season. (=u__u=) Some anime adaptations from games are really interesting like Steins;gate, Fate or Higurashi no naku koro ni since there are so many possibilities with the different stories available. I like how they're going all out and not just adapting one story only haha.

Exactly! Since I was sick those last few days I didn't watch that much anime and didn't force myself even if I'm a little late on some airing anime right now. Sometimes you're not in the mood for that and it's okay, you can always watch it later.

Well I remember a dog-cat in a cartoon I was watching when I was a kid and I don't like it that much. (;_;)

One of my favorite quotes of all time. I wish I knew who said that.

Bunnies are awesome. I will try to post a picture of my little rabbit one day.
I bought a toy for him and now he's playing with the shipping carton, completely ignoring the toy that I gave him. Of course.

Damn people should have listened because even if the other kids don't mean it if the target is sad then it should just stop.
When I confronted him about the bullying he could not recall why I was mad at him or would actively evade him.
Wow okay that's messed up... He should realise he's lucky that you didn't press charges or something.
Sorry I know it won't erase the past but here is a story I just remembered reading years ago and it always made me laugh because of how weird but awesome it was. I really hope it's not fake.
Karma is a pineapple. D:

If a person lies to me or says something mean to me, I am reluctant to give them a second chance.
To be honest that's not necessarily a bad thing sometimes since it will help you not waste your time with bad people! Life is too short for that.

Haha thank you. I feel so sad when I read about tourists having a bad time in France because of some people. Paris syndrome is also a little sad to read.

I just imagined your fort made of blankets like those magic tents in Harry Potter. It looks like a normal little tent but when you enter it looks like this.

I can't make sense of his behaviour yet.
Same. lol
I kinda like when characters are unpredictable since it makes things interesting.

Yandere characters are always a win in my eyes. :3 Do you have a favorite Dere type? I also kinda like Kuudere because I find them so cool.

Of course, my bad. She has a new name now and it would impolite of me to forget!
I hope those books will come soon. Maybe I will read the books now. It looks so different from the show. The lore is so fascinating. I love reading about an universe like it's really another breathing world with all those details and story. Apparently the main ideas of the ending in the show will be there but I guess it will be still very different in the final books. The last season was a little rushed it seems...

Steins;Gates - You're right about the timetraveling!
Jojo - Yep the "oh no" is so funny and you don't expect it the first time you hear it. The song is well made in my opinion.
I love when OPs or EDs like the one from Kakegurui in my list have all those characters singing together. Maybe because it makes the song more intense? :o
It's really hard for me to listen seriously to Higurashi's ED when some lyrics come now since someone in the comments pointed out that at some point it sounds like the singer is saying "I wanted to fart". RIP.
A lot of battle songs on youtube are the 'Greatest Battle Music OF All Time' apparently. :'3

Some songs that I added: Oh nostalgia, here I come.

I hope this new season will have many great OPs and EDs that I will add to my list. I can't wait to see all those new anime.
Melody2222 Jun 10, 8:59 AM
I'm watching Danganronpa right now. Should I be worried if we both end up in the same game? X)

Homework or something else, when the things you have or want to do start to piles up it's always stressful unfortunately. I wonder if this is why some fans start treating anime as a chore at somepoint?

No consequences as far as I know. But I'm a believer in karma. I think that If someone does something really bad then they will get what they deserve soon or later. My friend didn't really care and we laughed about it sometimes. Sometimes when she showed a picture of her cute little dog we would tell her that her "cat" looked weird and asked if he was okay haha. I'm sure she's fine now! I don't remember if I already asked you but do you have any pets by the way?
Classmates bullied you? Damn I'm sorry. Teachers didn't do anything? I hope it wasn't too bad like physical assaults or something. But even without that it's still awful I bet. Are you okay now? :'s

Your french teacher sounds awesome! Does he tell jokes about the french by any chance? I know it's really weird but even if I'm french I think some of them can be hilarious.

You can always make a blanket fort in your room and watch anime inside. I'm sure your family won't be suspicious at all. :'p

In Kimetsu no Yaiba we finally saw Zenitsu again. I was surprised to see him like this. He seemed desesperate to marry! He seems a little cowardly but he managed to pass the test just like Tanjiro some episodes ago so he must be really good at what he does right? Maybe he fights well but don't like it... but I can't wait to see him in action!

Now I can't help but being a little paranoid when I watch Shield hero when I see nice people in an episode. I thought Myne was nice too at first... but the show that made me feel the most betrayed was still Game of throne with Ramsay haha. I didn't saw it coming at all.

You're not wrong about Mob Psycho's OP haha. At least it's motivating too!
It's not rare to find german characters or words in anime. Japan really love this country. France and Italy have a special place in their heart too apparently. Sometimes it's fun to try to guess if a foreign blonde character in an anime is going to be either italian, german or french. But Mukokuseki is a thing so it can be complicated haha.

Everything in Black Lagoon is menacing and I love the anime for that. You really feel how the city and the characters are dangerous, even broken inside. I watched everything in a few days I think because the atmosphere and the action scenes were so great, the cast is also fun. It made me think a little about Sin City in some aspects. I really liked the movies so it was a good thing for me.
Melody2222 Jun 6, 3:42 PM
The happy birthday picture is from the monogatari series.
Je suis contente que tu aimes ! :D

Don't worry it's okay, I take my sweet time too sometimes when it comes to answers on MAL haha.

You're going to kill me but at first I thought you were going to say "which further stressed me out because I had lost four days I could have spend watching anime." It's probably because I'm tired.
So yeah, I had no choice but to write them the day before the deadline.
Damn, yes that must be stressful. I remember hating homeworks and that kind of stuff so much when I was in school that I was only doing it in advance just to be done with it and move on.
I hope you will have nice gifts! And find a new summer job. I'm sure you'll eventually find something since in summer a lot of people go on vacation so a lot of places want some replacements or at least someone to help a little, right? :o

No it's okay as long as you keep posting pics of Nezuko. I'm joking, of course. XD You can rant it's okay!

Wow some teachers can be so mean. I had a lot of them, thankfully I learned a lot of things on my own. Well, with books and online stuff but still. I always wonder why they end up doing that job since they don't seem to want to help students learning. :( I remember a teacher in school yelling at a friend because of a wrong answer and saying something like "you'll end up alone with only cats loving you". What the hell. At least everybody in class just laughed at her because it was so absurd to yell that at a kid. I still think she's very lucky parents didn't got involved.
Your situation reminds me of this picture. It's a little exagerated but there's some truth in it haha.

My math teacher liked to talk about disney movies and his last vacation during class. True story.

What do you think about cliches/tropes in anime? Sometimes it can be annoying but most of the time I don't mind if it's used well. Also there's so many now that I don't even pay attention to them anymore. lol

Same, it happens rarely because I can read fast but sometimes I miss some short subtitles and understand what the character just said and I'm like:
I must know like ten words or something but it's still nice!

Gotta say, I find it disturbing how 'sexy' and 'pinup-like' some of Nezukos depictions look, given that she is still so young. It makes me want to vomit.
Yeah it's always like that. I just try to imagine the character is older in the pic and close the picture fast when I see that. lol

Do you watch when they're not at home or on your cellphone? Imagine if this happens to you. D:

Kimetsu no Yaiba is still awesome! Tanjiro is smart and I think his oponants often underestimate him, sadly for them. I like how he manage to fight whatever the situation he's in. He can adapts himself pretty well! I was afraid for Nezuko and the yandere guy at first. They're playing with my emotions. Again.

I still hope that the other heroes in Tate no Yussha will redeem themselves. They did, a little at least, during those last episodes. But they have a long way to go haha. I'm happy whenever the 4 heroes can fight together. All they need is a common enemy. >:) I really like the two new characters in the last episode. They seem really nice. Naofumi and his friends need more nice people in their life.

Here is my playlist. (*_*) Do you have any recommendations? I'd like to add even more songs in it.
Melody2222 Jun 4, 4:30 PM
Melody2222 May 31, 8:01 AM
I know right? I couldn't resist making this cute picture my profile pic.

So not trying to be rude or anything but is your math teacher bad at his job maybe? But maybe I'm wrong of course! I remember that in middle school I had awful grades in english then in high school I was very good, but the fact that I started learning on my own might have helped... Thanks movies and tv shows with subs. :D
Now I remember my math teachers always telling us that we won't have a calculator in our pocket all the time to help us. Then iphones happened. lol

I know that ED is so soothing it's awesome. :3 I remember when I didn't want to watch Seishun Buta Yarou Wa Bunny Girl Senpai because I thought it would be another fanservice harem anime without an interesting cast and story... How wrong I was. Never judge an book anime by its cover. :p It also happened to me with Higurashi no naku koro ni. When I looked at the cover I was like mh what is that is this another Cute girls doing cute things then a friend made me watch it. I had no idea that it was a creepy anime with an intriguing plot. No regrets. I will watch season 2 because it's so entertaining and mysterious.

I wonder how people making the subs do it sometimes. There's a lot of things to take into account. Japanese can be complicated when it comes to politeness, social ranks, etc.

Then show me cute pics of Nezuko. >:3

Nooo why aren't you allowed to watch that? Do you have to secretly watch anime? Hentai isn't all anime. :'( It's sad because anime is so diverse but people either think that' s in only for children or that it's too sexy or violent. In my country a minister wanted to ban anime because she thought it was too violent. Thank god nothing came out from that.

I like when the villains have goons with personality. I loved them in Golden Kamuy season 2, they're so crazy and hilarious.

Yeah it must be that, it's passed down from generation to generation. I bet if those earrings could talk they would tell some amazing stories. :D

I hope we will see the MC talking to the villain about this because it should be interesting to listen about what happened from the villain point of view. :o

I'm currently watching Oreimo. Why did I even start this anime? X) It was popular before and it's funny but the story is so strange. The main characters and their family are so messed up so it's kind of fascinating to watch. But I prefer brother/sister relationships like Tanjiro and Nezuko, no incest ones like in Oreimo. XD
MaxfighterXD May 28, 7:29 AM

How r ya :)??
I friend (A girl) off mine introduced me to it about 5 years I first tought I didn't tought I was that interested in it then I started watching senyuu.
In my opinion not such a great anime and was still not interested in it then we watched together still one off the best animes I watched Death Parade.

After that I tought maybe it's pretty cool but still not that interested in it and that it was weird to watch cartoons that was my opinion by then.
Now I know that's not true was about 3 years then I tried to quit gaming (now quit for about 7 months very proud off myself) and just sad it good it goodbye by watching swordt art online that was 2 years ago and after that I started watching dragon ball z kai and dragon ball that was 1.5 years ago and after that I was hooked I started watching DBZ in no time.

And started watching more smaller animes my first smaller one i think was Megalo Box and now I watched in 1.5 years about 1800 eps.
I'm currently watching more airing animes then other ones and some on the side I'm about 2.5 months active on the forums and really like that aswell I have a social anxiety and tought I wouldn't like i at all but in my opinion people that watch anime are more shyer people and I like that aout them.

What story on the same question how did u start anime watching??
I'm actually kinda renewing stuff in my house but I'm diong most off the stuff with my dad he's kinda the handyman I just tag along xD.

If u like pokemon Pokemon origin is one off the best pokemon animes I watched and it's very small 4 eps long but real great :D If u want some recommedations feel free to ask me I'm always happy to help ya out. :)

I kinda bought somenew more expensive cards this week and my mom dad and i switched mobiles my dad got my mobile my mom got a new one and I got the faster telephone off them all but my mom tought the size was to big.

The type of telephones are :
Samsung galaxy S7 (mom's phone)
Samsung galaxy A7 (my phone)
My old phone but now my dad's phone Huwaei honor 7X

I like the tech stuff and webdesign stuf espicailly with helping with problems mobile and tablet and Webdesign ofc Pc.
I'm free for now about tuesday till next monday so happy about chilla some watch some anime and giong to the fun fair here in my village
maybe win some cuddles or something don't know yet what I wana do.

Both of my wisdom teeth got pulled now all four happy I'm done with that :D
What's so stressfull about your life if i may know and do you study anything??

Anyhow speak to u later :D!
Melody2222 May 26, 4:38 AM
Don't worry I reply late sometimes too, as you can see... U.U'

To be honest I suck at math. It's really not my thing haha. I'm always amazed when I see people answering very complicated math problems. It seems so simple when they do it. I hope it went well for you!

I've heard that some teachers used the anime Cells at Work to help students learn things about the human body. It's so cute. A lot of people might be against this but I think that if it works why not? :D

I think it's amazing how writers or others are able to create a whole world where you can lost yourself. Imagination is a hell of a thing.

You know what? You motivated me to create an anime music playlist. I'm going to do it. >:3 Those songs deserve love.

I like that kind of videos. I think they're hilarious because there's some truth in them.

I watched a lot of anime like Pokemon when I was a child and it was on TV. I had no idea what anime was. They even changed the japanese names with french names in french dubs for some anime so it didn't help. :')

Ohh ok. :o I remember when there was so many things I didn't know about MAL. Sometimes you have to search in the forums just to know what to do if you want to use the bbcode. X(

I often see people asking on the forums what the hell is going on in Boogiepop haha. Even today there's a new thread about that, again. :D

I agree with you!
I need to watch the new episode of Kimetsu no Yaiba but in the last one I really like how the MC met the villain. He looks so creepy and everybody and his family are blind to it, yeah. There's something really wrong going on. X) I like how he turned that guy next to him without anyone noticing so it will probably create a diversion. Clever.
Oh my god I thought the same thing I'm not kidding. It's Michael Jackson! He's back! I saw people saying the same thing on the MAL forums and the internet it's hilarious.

Ha I didn't look at it like that but you're probably right. So he's asserting his dominance? I wonder what Tanjiro is going to do. I just know that he's not going or at least don't want innocent people getting hurt...

MaxfighterXD May 19, 11:40 AM

My name is Max and I'm 26 years old and live in the Netherlands Nice to meet ya! :D
How r u diong??

My hobby's besides watching animes Ofc XD are collecting first gen Pokemon card Collecting pokemon first gen but already thinking about other gens playing darts in my spare time used to it 3 or 4 hours now about 30 mins till an hour and also watching (normal series) I'm currently watching Game of Thrones (ofc XD) Just finished Counterpart and watching the second season of Mr. Mercedes I also read now and then currently busy with Lord Of The Rings.

Do you have any hobby's beside watching animes??

I'm with refreshing my new house that's an extansion off my mom and that's house.
I finished the kitchen and it will be in about 5 weeks and soon giong to be busy with the Wooden floor.

The animes I'm currently watching are:

I just finished Sword art online 2 that was two weeks or so on-hold just finished it about an hour ago
Dororo (still airing)
Karakuri Circus (still airing)
Black Clover (still airing)
The rising Shield Hero (still airing)
Fairy Gone (still airing)
Demon Slayer (still airing)
One punch man 2nd season (still airing)
Fate/Zero 2nd season
Medarot Damashii
Attack on titan 3rd season

I watch max 2eps off a airing serie and mix the other ones around the one I want to watch that day
What animes ae u currently watching??
If u want some recommedations just say so I can maybe help ya out if u say which genre u like ofc :)

Anyhow speak to u later :D!
Melody2222 May 15, 3:46 PM
Aw but I think the Roman Empire was kind of cool. :3 I understand why it collapsed though. The bigger they are, the harder they fall, right?

Just say that you're a man of culture if people ask you!

I saw people on the forums saying that they watch anime in class because their teachers just doesn't care. I don't know if that's funny or sad haha.

A lot of people say that escapism is bad but it's nice to watch some anime and forget about your problems after a long day. I don't care, it's very relaxing. >:p I'm so used to watch anime everyday now, am I doomed?

How many songs do you have in your playlist? I bet you have a lot now!
I'm listening to this on repeat at the moment. I love it so much! It sounds both desperate and heroic at the same time. It captures the atmosphere of the anime pretty well.
This one too. I forgot how good it was. They have such cute and beautiful voices.

I remember when I was young and there was parodies of the Soul Eater OP everywhere on the internet. It was fun. There was even one with South Park and it was done very well! Do you watch anime parodies? I liked some abridged series a lot. It's so stupid but so funny!

No but he says that a lot yeah. It's hilarious when he's so dramatic. Sometimes if I remember correctly it's over nothing. lol
Do you like it when characters in anime have catch phrases or do you find it annoying? :D

Oh don't worry I was just saying. :3 But like I said I have a feeling that I will watch some anime that don't interest me right now but when it will be airing it will catch my yes haha. It's not that I'm easily influenced but when everyone post about an anime with great videos or gifs, well... Fans do a better work that marketing teams sometimes when it comes to advertising, I swear!
But what do you mean when you say that you thought that you could only see the graph? :'o

Boogiepop is really intriguing. It was amazing to watch but also very frustrating because there's so much mystery and for me it was hard to follow the plot sometimes because the episodes weren't in chronological order. I'm not a big fan of this kind of storytelling to be honest but at the same time it was nice to watch a story like that since I'm not used to it, it's a change. I've heard that this version was an adaptation of the light novels contrary to the old one, which is interesting. They did a great job with the creepy atmosphere. I liked to watch it in the dark with earphones. The most eerie thing is that they kept cutting the music when you expected it the least; the music is going then it just stops right in the middle like it's not finished. I don't know if I explain it well sorry. x)
I thought that the OST was awesome. <3
Melody2222 May 12, 4:27 AM
Yes, latin is a dead meme. RIP. I'm joking of course. :p

You can yell NANI?! in every situation ever and it will work.

In the Fate series I like when Rin use german words for her magic. Apparently some of it is total gibberish haha. I love when they use french words in anime too because it's so over the top most of the time.

Speaking of Fate I met someone named Saber at work. I was amazed, to say the least.

To think that some people at work watch short anime in one night. Can you even imagine? X) But I did that too sometimes at home. It feels weird when you finish an anime in a few hours like that. It's kind of intense. But I think some anime aren't that great to binge watch and that it's nice to see an episode each week too.

If it weren't for MAL I wouldn't have known how to watch Fate or Monogatari. And I still messed up for Monogatari at some point. I only know because someone warned me. lol

The openings of SNK are so motivating. I should listen to them in the morning. :p Do you listen to a lot of anime soundtrack? I listen to Angel Beats OP and ED at the moment because nostalgia, and I'm still listening to Made in abyss OST too. It's so awesome.

Not a lot of people watch Gunjou no Magmel. I don't know if the fact that it's a chinese anime play a role in that or not. X)

Jojo is love, Jojo is life.

I find it hilarious how in every episode of Kenja no Mago there's at least one scene where the MC does something crazy and everyone in the room is like Wow amazing so cool how did you did that :o

I think Norman is awesome too. I like Emma too despite a lot of people disliking her because she's so naive. But I think it's nice that she give other characters some hope and purpose. I can't wait for season 2. Each episode there's some answers but also a whole bunch of new questions appearing. Damn.

Oh you can see the anime I'm waiting on my ptw list, it's already there. But every season I end up watching anime that I wasn't planing to. :D Either because I'm curious or because everyone and their mom is talking about how great it is.
My favorite characters from last season? I guess it was Reigen from Mob Psycho 100. He's so entertaining and a good character as a whole. I liked him since episode 1 of the first season to be honest. I hope there's going to be a season 3.
Most of the cast from Slime and Kakegurui are awesome. Jin Asukai from Boogiepop was intriguing. Well, like a lot of the other characters. That anime is really strange but I liked it. And of course Eugeo from Sword art online: Alicization. He's way too good and I wished we got to see him more...
Melody2222 May 11, 4:35 PM
Ça fait plaisir de lire ça. :D

So you're going to become the Master of languages. :o Do you plan on learning japanese too one day? What a beautiful language but it's not easy unfortunatly. Now I can recognize some common words but I'm still clueless for the most part haha. By the way don't you think it's cute when characters in anime speak english? I love when it happen because I never expect it.

I'm a receptionist. It's pretty busy most of the time where I work. I'm kinda jealous of night receptionists who can watch Netflix at work. X)

I'm happy because a lot of anime that I really like will get a second season from the announcements I've read lately, like Oregairu or Cells at work. There's also a lot of anime movies sequels coming soon but I don't why, I prefer when it's just an anime and not a movie...

Yep Filo is a little angel. I just want her to be happy damnit. ;_;

I love those segments too haha. It's sad that aparently a lot of people miss those kind of things at the end of an episode of most anime simply because they don't watch after the credits. And sometimes it's important stuff in the story. :s

Oh my, I have so many... The thing is that I easily get attached to characters in anime I watch. Yes, 99% of anime I watch. lol

My list is:
Tanjiro, you already know why. :3
Kyo from Fruits Basket. I always liked him when I've read the manga and watched the first anime. He's a big tsundere but it's hard to blame him because his life isn't easy... If you don't already know his whole story prepare yourself for the feels. It's coming. :'(
Levi from Shingeki no Kyojin has always been one of my favorite characters ever! And Mikasa is still a badass. I don't always agree with her but it's impossible for me to dislike her. :p
The main character from Gunjou no Magmel is mysterious and badass too. He's really interesting.
Most of the cast from Jojo, like always. They're that awesome.
My guilty pleasure for this season is Kenja no Mago. Aug is a bro. But most of the characters are kinda endearing in their own ways even if they can be somewhat flat. X)
Melody2222 May 11, 11:37 AM
Wow you're learning a lot of different languages. That's interesting. I only know french and english haha. Do you have a language that you prefer? The thing that I like with english other than the fact that I can speak to so many people online is that it's so concise.

Good luck for your test. What do you want to do after graduation?

Slime is something else! I'm so happy that there's going to be another season. I was afraid that it would stop so people buy the source material like it happens so often. Also that last episode was a damn recap that later on MAL became an OVA. I'm still salty about that. X)

I love Filo and was surprised to find many people on the forums saying that the moment she appeared they thought it became boring. D: I find every episode intense. I want to find more about the story so bad. The other only anime that make me feel like that is Jojo with those damn cliffhangers. lol

I think Tanjiro is a really good main character. Wish more MCs would be like that. Caring but badass. :3 It's amazing how his sister is great even if she doesn't even talk. They managed to do that haha.

Oh I don't really read manga since I love watching anime so much and want to discover the story each time. Sometimes it's a bad thing since some amazing anime never get sequels. Oh well...

Do you mean favorite characters from this season? :3 What about you?

I think the same as you for manga. lol
_9_ May 11, 11:34 AM
Touhou isn't an anime, it's a series of games 'u'
It does have a fan-made anime but that's it, otherwise it has a manga too.
cluclu May 11, 11:09 AM
i will force myself to check out the manga.
YES CODE GEASS IS MY FAVORITE ANIME,,, A NEW MOVIE FOR IT JUST CAME OUT 10 YEARS AFTER SEASON 2 ENDED AND I THINK THEY PLAN TO DO MORE. CC IS MY WAIFU. PLEASE U HAVE TO WATCH IT IM CRYING. I LOVE CODE GEASS. it has its flaws but overall its very worthwhile u have good friends since they mentioned the best anime ever