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Mar 21, 2010
Let me just say this about Oresama Teacher - don't read it if you're in a library. Don't read it at one am when you're supposed to be in bed. Don't read it in the computer lab during class.

No. If you're going to read Oresama Teacher, do it somewhere secluded where you can laugh your ass off like an idiot without getting in trouble.

Although the plot can sometimes feel just a wee bit confused and you sometimes want to hit yourself at how dense the characters (really just one) can be, this is definitely not a manga you want to miss reading. read more
Mar 21, 2010
Many times in my life, someone has asked me, "What's your favorite manga?"

It's a difficult question, isn't it? There are so many stories and pieces of art, each one different from the last. There are lots of manga that I have enjoyed, yet none in particular ever seemed to come to mind. I found myself wondering, at the end of each series, "Why isn't this good enough to be my favorite?"

Coelacanth is the answer.

Reading this manga, you begin to realize how artful and complex a story can be -- and, in turn, how life can be this way too. Although the read more