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tascamvillain Feb 2, 2017 7:00 AM
Couldn't agree more with your NGE rant. It's always disheartening to me when people complain about what makes that cast so interesting.
ilhoon Jan 19, 2011 6:17 PM
That's understandable~ Hope to hear from you soon. :3
ilhoon Jan 9, 2011 7:02 PM
I am actually in cosmetology school. So I'm majoring in Making People Look Sexy, I guess. Mostly doing it to have a job, and I plan to go back to college in a few years to study film. How about you?

Aha yeah, I notice that the smell of cigarette smoke is def less noticeable to me than it is to most people because I'm so used to it...

Er, okay. Hockey, unlike, say, baseball, has what's called a salary cap. At it's simplest, it's basically an allotted amount that each team can spend on their players each season. The Blackhawks ended up going over that, and had to trade off most of their players. Most people agree that, while they were a good team that won the Cup, the fact that they weren't able to keep their players and be a contender this season means that their way of winning was kind of a one-hit wonder, aka a shit way of winning. ...I have a lot of feelings. And no, not Boston, the Red Wings are Detroit.

You better bet I'm a troper, although I try to keep the tropes to a minimum, haha. Um well, I actually have really fucked up headcanon for Arthur, I could go on for days, but I guess it's less him being asexual and more him having a general aversion to sex. Buh idk haha.

Who knows, honestly, Sturgeon's Law, I guess, 90% of everything is utter shit. I should warn you, my fic list has some dubious content on it, and I don't mean that it verges into NC-17 territory (though it totally does). I've had that account for a few years, so some stuff that I thought was AWESOME two years ago is on there, and it's...less than awesome.

Oh British tv recs? I can do that. I don't know what you've seen, but you have to check out Misfits if you haven't already, I love it. Also: Sherlock and Being Human, which people have told me I'd like, but which I'm too lazy to check out.

Dude, totally agreed. I love the Criss, and I've listened to that Teenage Dream cover an embarrassing number of times. And Glee is totally gayer than the worst yaoi series on its worst day, but that's...kind of why I like it? Heh.

And alright, added it to my plan to watch list. We'll see if that means anything, ha.
ilhoon Jan 8, 2011 11:15 AM
Well the whole bit where you won't end up being a giant loser who lives with his parents in his 40s is nice. Gotta look on the plus side.

Eh, yeah, I'm not a crazy advocate of banning it or anything, I actually like the smell of cigarette smoke, and I think second-hand smoking is kind of bs. To each their own, really.

The Blackhawks? Ha. They won the Stanley Cup last year (aka the be all end all when it comes to hockey), but they did it in a shit way, and had to get rid of half their players after the season ended, so they're pretty awful this year. Then again I'm a Red Wings fan, so I hate the Hawks, so...bias.

Ah, no, totally agreed. I actually chose to interpret Eames as being ambiguously gay, and Arthur as asexual. Heh, there has to be a fic out there where Eames is all, "I'm not gay, I'm just British!"

My ffnet account is right here, bro. I haven't been writing much, honestly, I should write something original, I just don't have the time.

I'm...yeah, pretty into the Inception and Supernatural fandoms right now. The Inception fandom scares the shit out of me as well. I actually think JGL was best in Mysterious Skin, if you've ever seen that (and if you haven't...well, you should). I...liked Tom Hardy in Rocknrolla, shit movie though it was? Aha.

Oh and also Glee because I love having a guilty pleasure.

As for anime: nothing. I haven't had the time. I might possibly get something out from the library the next time I go, it's been a while~
ilhoon Jan 7, 2011 10:36 PM
Man, that's rough, but it's good that you'll be starting college and whatnot next year! I know way too many people who don't even think about going to college, so, hey, you've got that going for you, in any case.
Ah yeah, I don't think I'll ever pick up smoking, as attractive as I find it. It seems like people in my family are prone to lung cancer, so, uh, I'm not really peachy keen jelly bean on assisting that in killing me, ha.
Very true about Russia. Once they improve their relations around the world (because, admittedly, they're kind of shit, right now) I don't doubt that they could be a superpower again. And there are definitely some pretty Russians out there, no doubt.
You really should. Hockey rules aren't that hard to understand, and this is coming from a girl who still doesn't get downs in football, or whatever they're called.
Don't we all ship Arthur/Eames? I think it's, like, a requirement these days. I don't really see any of the ~subtext~ that some people insist was there, but I like them together, so it's all good.
Yes, I am still writing them fanfics. Sort of. About as often as I can, which isn't very often, basically, but yes.
ilhoon Jan 7, 2011 2:38 PM
Yo, dude! I always wondered why you stopped talking to me. I'm glad that you thought I was cool enough to still talk to, haha. :')
Um, not much, honestly, just in school and doing whatever, yanno the norm. How about you?
I'm not a smoker, actually, I find the whole thing gross...but it's really hot when I see someone with a cigarette, and totally pretty when it's in movies or tv shows, or anime. A lot of the characters I like are smokers, idk why exactly.
Hell yeah, I love Russia! I'm already trying to plan a trip to the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, I'd love to go there. I even cheered on Russia in a lot of the events last year lol, I'm a bad American, although I love Team USA too!
Man, you have to watch hockey in order to get it. A lot of people don't give it a chance. It's a fast, tough game, there's always action going on, including fights which can lead to much blood (which I approve of). It's probably the toughest sport out there, not counting boxing, I guess. Plus, uh, a lot of the players are sexy or European or both, so.
Anyway, it's nice to hear from you again! :3
Kannei Sep 1, 2010 4:10 PM
bl obsession

vote here
for the couple of the month october
ilhoon Sep 12, 2009 8:35 AM
Dude, what are you on? I adore Mello. Leather and chocolate fetish aside, he's still one badass mothafucka. Any guy who can rock a scar like his is awesome in my book, man. And while I do like Near, it's just because he looks like a little kid and plays with toys, it's cute...other than that he's a bastard who went against Light, which, uh, no one should do. But yeah. I really like Matt in fic, because he's a pretty unexplored character canon-wise, so he's fun to play with. Er, in writing. I mean. Ahem.

Well, dude, I get your point. Fan subs can be horrible. A lot of the times the grammar is so bad I'll check out the subbers site...only to find they're Romanian or French or something, which is fine, but then why are you doing a sub in English? The fact is, I don't have the money to buy official dubs, anyway. I have three anime DVDs, if you don't count my Pokemon ones (I adore the Pokemon dub by the way...haha...I fail). So a lot of times fan subs are the only way I can even see a series, since you rarely find dubs online. Every dub I've seen on television has been subpar. Code Geass made me cringe, the few episodes I've seen of Naruto and Bleach have made me go 'Why, seriously, why?' and I watched all of Death Note's dub, then saw fan subs and found that, regardless of how off the fan subs might have been, I enjoyed the Japanese voice overs tenfold. I know a lot is lost in translation, especially when it's some anime nerd who's taking high school Japanese classes doing the translating. Honestly, part of me wants to learn Japanese just so I can actually watch anime and get it. But, alas, I'm not that nerdy. So I'll stick with my fan subs, wrong as they may or may not be. :3

But yeah, I hear what you're saying. The Cowboy Bebop dub is way better than the original Japanese version. There are exceptions, I guess I just haven't seen a lot of them.

I think that's all one can say about necrophilia. Besides maybe '...ew.' Dude, Christian Bale has a...whoa, did not know that, man. He's really fucking good at hiding it then. Especially if he was able to get a part as the epitome of an 80's American professional.

Oh yeah, that happens to me too! Recently I've been able to find a lot of good the library. Haha, nerdy I know. But my library has a huge collection, and if I don't have to pay, well, I'm not complaining. Also MegaVideo needs to be...I don't know. But it's terrible. I can watch more than 72 minutes of streming video if I want to, jesus.

Christine Aguilera, Pink, Eve and Lil Kim, you mean. I...uh, really like Lady Marmalade, sorry. But yeah. Uma Thurman is just not hot to me, she looks okay in Pulp Fiction, but otherwise I just really don't like her looks-wise. Great actress, but, eh on the hotness factor, maybe I'm just weird though, I like girls like Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman. Well, sure he gets into his characters, and that's great, woo, he's doing his job as an actor. But I've simply never personally found myself going 'Wow, Christian Bale, he did awesome!' except for in American Psycho. Otherwise he's been somewhere between 'that was awful, can I stab my eyes out' (Batman) to 'Eh he was alright, but not as good as the other dude' (The Prestige). You're an actor? 0:

Hakuna Matata! The Lion King is my favorite Disney movie, lol. >:

It is the shit, it's a black comedy so there's death and lulz. It's amazing. Mr. Green is to die for. But there's three different endings, so there's...a good chance the butler did it? :D

Awesome! Some people watch it and tell me it sucked, which does not make me a very happy maykipz. But yeah. Yeah, it's a great movie. I mean, seeing Sean and Norman shirtless is good times. Willem Defoe is amazing as a gay FBI agent (I mean, come on, that needed to happen in some movie, some time). And the Christian themes are epic...even though I'm atheist. I can't believe the first time I saw that movie I was in elementary school, rofl.

Oh, really? DCFC is really hate them or love them. To be honest, I can't really get into their new stuff. Anything from Plans or Transatlanticism, I love, though. It depends on what songs you listened to. Their one of those bands that does a lot of weird things instrumentally so it's hard to get a real feel for their music as a whole without listening to a lot of their stuff, you know? Whoops, DCFC ramble, sorry. xD

Ah, I see. I do fanfiction mainly to try and become a better writer, since it allows me to get feedback on my writing. Plus, although I have original work, I'm a total wuss, it's much easier for people to be critical about characters who aren't mine, I guess. Oh, yeah, Mary Sues, ugh, kill me now. No one wants to read your stupid wish-fulfillment shit...I don't understand how or why people can't get that through their head. |:
ilhoon Sep 10, 2009 7:02 PM
Christina Aguilera, rather...ahaha...whoops. x3
ilhoon Sep 10, 2009 7:00 PM
Death Note does think it's awesome. The manga is far superior to the anime though, in virtually every aspect, especially the art, as far as I'm concerned though. Oh Matt. Matt, Matt, Matt. See, if he was a real person, I'd want the hell out of him. But he has no purpose, canon-wise. He's less important than every other character, his role could be interchanged with one of Mello's random mafia members. But...he's so cute...fuck me. D:

God, I know right! The problem I have with dubs is simply this: the majority of them are terrible, especially when they Americanize. When I watch foreign movies, I watch the original versions. It's the same thing with anime. I tend to want to see things how they were meant to be, rather than how a dub company made them be. I don't follow the whole 'dubs are evil' thing, I simply perfer to see the original version. :3

Hahaha, oh. Oh I forgot about that. On my MySpace I have a picture from the movie, when Patrick picks up the nail gun and points it at her head, while she's talking about something. That scene made me die laughing.

Aha, I love his music trivia obsession! Especially since he likes really shitty, commercial artists, like Genesis and what have you. It's such a statement about how obsessed he is with fitting in. And the fact that he'll spout off all this music knowledge and then ask two girls to get it on in the middle is priceless. Necrophilia? Nah, didn't really bother me. In real life, ew god it's fucking creepy. But in a book/movie it's...not real, so I'm okay with it.

I almost always watch movies online, I don't have money to buy them, so if I get a chance I'll check it out there. Especially since it's Canadian. Canadian people are cool, eh? Me too! My mom thinks Tarantino is, and I quote, 'a sick, sick bastard.' That's why I love him! :D The Breakfast Club is probably one of the best comedies out there. Better than anything that I've seen that's come out recently at least. :/

I liked...the Moulin Rouge song with Christian Aguilera? It was hot. >: But yeah, the movie was good, I just didn't really get into it. I'm a tough sell on musicals. I like Sweeney Todd and RHPS and that's about it, unless you're counting Disney/Nightmare Before Christmas. Moulin Rouge was just...yeah, too much, too fast, and I didn't get very attached to any of the characters, and I'm a character person, so... D:

I watched RHPS every day for a week and it became a running monologue in my head, it was crazy as hell. Isn't he though? The first time I watched it I died, because one of my favorite movies is Clue (based on the boardgame, I'll be betting you haven't seen it, no one has) and Tim Curry plays this totally straight laced butler. So seeing him as Frank is absolutely fucking hilarious, when compared to that role. Have you heard MTV wants to remake Rocky Horror? It's disgusting.

Hey, you're welcome. 8D

It's on the YouTube, or at least it was last time I checked. It's extraordinarily hard to find at stores/video stores, because while it has a huge cult following, it isn't a commercially successful movie. But seriously, I could watch that movie on mute, the boys alone are worth watching it for.

I like pretty much every type of music, as long as it's done well. My favorites are acoustic/soft rock, electronica and Celtic rock, but yeah, I can go for absolutely anything, even country if it isn't just about chicks and horses and getting drunk or whatever. How about you? 0:

Yessss, I'm a writer. I mean, not officially. But I've been writing since elementary school, it's pretty much the only thing I'm halfway decent at. Why do you ask? o:
ilhoon Sep 10, 2009 3:41 PM
0: Considering I love character-driven types of things, I'll probably enjoy it then!

I think the only thing that ever made me lay on my bed in shock for 30 minutes after I watched it was, like, Death Note. But that was just because I was like 'WHY DOES MY FAVORITE CHARACTER ALWAYS HAVE TO DIE?' Because I'm cursed with that. D:

Oh Spike. I wish I could meet a person just like Spike. I seriously grew up with that fucker, since the show was on Cartoon Network. So good.

I'd be the secretary who's in love with him. He never kills Jean either, you know. Oh really? None of that stuff bothered me in the least. I adore gore, and the sex was mostly amusing (I mean, who the hell points at themself in the mirror while doing someone? (Patrick, that's who.) I love the movie, it's the only role Christian Bale has ever done justice (worst Batman ever, if I may), but nothing in it bothered me in the least. I wanted more gore, to be perfectly honest. D:

Oh so do mine. Never heard of that first one. Pulp Fiction is naturally fantastic, it's Quentin Tarantino, he's a god when it comes to film, I just always find myself wishing Uma Thurman was a little more, uh, hot? The best 80s movie is, for me, The Breakfast Club. Cliché as hell, but that's the point, the 80s were cliché, it's perfect. Moulin Rouge is, eh, okay. RHPS is godly, honestly there's nothing better than sitting in a movie theater and yelling at it without getting in trouble, and plus, Tim Curry.<3 Sin City is amazing, it's not over-stylized, if you consider that it's just following the comic it's based on. Man, my favorite movie, by far, is the Boondock Saints. Irish twins, vigilantism, funny as fuck. It's not the best movie ever, lord knows it was a total flop, but it's brilliant nonetheless. :3

Oh, true. It's just that it's still a rather religious song, whether pro or con, and that's not something I would usually even consider listening to.

Right? Because usually it's just some fantastically awesome dude and the girls who fawn. Nah, Clannad's about a rather average guy, who's cool as far as I'm concerned...and the girls who fawn. But the plot is far more intricate than you can even imagine in the beginning. Go for it dude. O:<
ilhoon Sep 9, 2009 5:13 PM
Indeed, my good sir, indeed.
Yeah, Gundam...probably not going to ever be on my list.
Hmm, well now you're making more interested in all of them. TTGL has philosophy you say? ...yeah, I'll give that one a second chance. And, yes, Evangelion is a classic, that's the main reason I went for it. It's one of those series that you kind of have to watch, in a way, like Cowboy Bebop, heh.
Yes! I love winning. 8D
O rly nao? Patrick Bateman is like...whoa my gods. I adore him and all his completely fucked up actions. Bret Easton Ellis is my favorite writer, omgz. I don't usually say 'omgz,' but...Bret is good enough that I will.
Must ask: what's your favorite movie/tv show, then? I love discussing shit like that. :3
Oh yeah! Brand New is great. I'm not even religious (quite the opposite, really) but that song still reaches me. Good stuff, dude.
Ah, really? Clannad has really pretty art, even if the eyes are a bit awkwardly...big. It's excessively shojo though. But I don't usually like shojo anime, girl characters tend to annoy the living hell out of me, so the fact that I like Clannad is saying something, I suppose. It's terribly funny at times, as well as really sad at others. I'm not a very emotional person, especially when it comes to anime, but Clannad got to me. It pretty much pwns every other romance anime I've ever seen. 0:
ilhoon Sep 9, 2009 1:52 PM
I can go on the internet on my phone, it's a hiptop. :3
Hmm, alright, I Plan To Watch'd it. It sounds interesting. But it's mecha...I'm not the biggest mecha fan in the world, to tell you the truth. But I'll give it a chance...when I have a chance to do so.
Ah, well, maybe I will. It's partly due to the fact that all of the characters made me want to kill someone. Even in the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzuwhatsit I at least had Kyon to love. In TTGL I was like 'Good lord, you all are so boring/annoying!' I plan on continuing it, it just didn't make a huge impression on me, I honestly didn't even laugh at it once, so...yeah. :/
I watched on episode of Evangelion, yeah! 0: It seemed pretty interesting, but it's mecha-ness sort of bored me, so I kind of didn't pursue it, even though I know it gets really psychological and all, I just had other things I wanted to watch more. But like TTGL, I plan to go back and watch it eventually.'s something I would do. I'm weird. When people write '8' they do it WRONG, that's why the top circle ends up smaller. It's criminal, making 8 look so horrid. People just need to learn to make it as beautiful as it truly is, is all. |:
ilhoon Sep 7, 2009 4:18 PM
My laptop burned out from overuse, and I don't have the money to get a new one. D:
...yeah, anime doesn't really go for the whole 'realism' thing all too often. I see you like TTGL. I watched like one episode and found myself epicly bored. -__-
Yes, but if add 1 + 0 it = 1, which is an odd number, which is just...ew. And 8 is perfectly symmetrical. So it automatically wins. Because it's perfect. Advantage, Maykipz. ;D
ilhoon Sep 7, 2009 10:46 AM
Oh my god, hey there, dude!
I have, unfortunately, been without computer since about April. D:
So, yes, communication is working, sorry that it totally wasn't before.
Sup wit choo? :3
And dude, 10 is so not better than 8. Where's the beauty in double digits? It may be suggestive, but it just ain't beautiful. At least it's even, though, if it was an odd number I'd be ranting. |: