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Jan 3, 2018
Another (Anime) add (All reviews)
If you're looking for an anime with cheap horror thrills, watch this anime.
If you enjoyed Final Destination, watch this anime.
If you're looking for something more, the continue reading this review.

I start watching Another because I kept seeing it in forms of recommendations and gifs. I thought it would be something that I misjudged and won't appreciate until I watch it. I thought it could be something worth watching.
I was wrong.
It started out just fine, it had a good setting and made you believe everything that the story immediately tells you, but without spoiling anything, it seems read more
Feb 3, 2017
It's very hard for me to recommend this to anyone that has their standard set by other sports anime like Haikyuu!! or Hajime no Ippo. This anime showed what everyone wanted to see in the trailer and the first 2 episodes, then took a nosedive so far that I have decided to stop watching it.

Warning, there are slight spoilers. It doesn't have much impact to the story, but if you wish to watch the anime with 0 knowledge, I suggest you stop reading this now.

Before I start ripping into it, I do want to point out that Rugby League is a 13 read more