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Nov 30, 2019
well this was surprisingly a good one-shot.

just to be clear this review doesn't have any spoilers so no need to worry
about that

art 6/10 the problem isn't the art style but the quality of the drawing is weak
and it just looks really old

characters 8/10 both the two MCs are likable and the mix of a smart cool
boy with the funny energetic girl was good.

story 8/10

dialogue 10/10 really engaging and smart dialogue that keeps me thinking
about the mystery and how they could solve it, but it the same time make
me laugh when a character make a funny reaction.

overall it's a read more
Nov 10, 2019
the most underrated anime this season is this one for sure .
i will start with my personal experience with this show , at first i didn't care about this anime at all , i was just ignoring it but one day i felt that i need to see something different, so i started watching this anime , and boy i was surprised with the quality of the show.
story 8/10 : i liked how the story isn't just about one character but 3 character and every episode we see things from the perspective of one of them and sometime they change the perspective in the same read more
Nov 3, 2019
i hate when an anime keep repeating the same joke every episode unfortunately this is the case with this anime.
to start my review i like to mention that i really like isekai genre and some isekai anime are in my favouirte list ( Konosuba ) .
when i heard Kemono michi is by the same person who did Konosuba i was excited for it but i was dissapionted .
the story is going no where, 5 episodes and still no development in the story it feels more like a slice of life than an isekai .
art is good but nothing out of the ordinary
the read more