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Days: 81.1
Mean Score: 7.48
  • Total Entries471
  • Rewatched23
  • Episodes4,918
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Black Clover
Black Clover
Yesterday, 3:57 AM
Watching 105/? · Scored 4
Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon
Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon
Oct 15, 11:33 PM
Watching 1/13 · Scored -
Psycho-Pass: Sinners of the System Case.1 - Tsumi to Bachi
Psycho-Pass: Sinners of the System Case.1 - Tsumi to Bachi
Oct 15, 12:34 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 6
Manga Stats
Days: 14.8
Mean Score: 8.42
  • Total Entries106
  • Reread0
  • Chapters2,235
  • Volumes296
Manga History Last Manga Updates
To LOVE-Ru Darkness: Little Sisters
To LOVE-Ru Darkness: Little Sisters
Oct 9, 10:17 PM
Plan to Read · Scored -
To LOVE-Ru Darkness
To LOVE-Ru Darkness
Oct 9, 10:15 PM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Oct 9, 10:14 PM
Plan to Read · Scored -


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xTheSebbo96 Yesterday, 2:28 PM
Yeah exactly, let's just say it all lies in the eye (!) of the beholder... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
xTheSebbo96 Oct 12, 11:22 AM
When it comes to popularity, I would recommend watching Trinity Seven and of course High School DxD. They both have a great character cast and the real plot isn't that bad for an ecchi show xD

I love the manga artist of To Love-Ru, Kentarou Yabuki. Censorship is nothing to this guy, let's just say you have to read very carefully and eventually you'll find some easter eggs :D
xTheSebbo96 Oct 9, 6:58 AM
Imagine Rito would just be a little bit more lewd... we would reach a whole other level xD

TLR is my favorite guilty pleasure anime. I don't watch many ecchi/harem shows these days, but I enjoy them from time to time, especially when they are well done like in this case (great characters, plot and "plot") Sadly, there are not many ecchi shows airing these days...

I see that you are a man of culture as well, so you definitely have to check out the original TLR manga xD
xTheSebbo96 Oct 7, 7:50 AM
I highly agree with you, Darkness is the best TLR part and I personally prefer Momo over Lala as the main girl and not just because of the obvious reasons... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
All the girls are pretty nice, I also really like Yui and Yami ofc. Please don't forget to watch all the Darkness OVA's, they have even more fanservice (yes, that's possible xD)
xTheSebbo96 Oct 7, 6:52 AM
Thank you very much! I can be pretty picky, when it comes to profile pics xD

Speaking of Yami, how do you like To Love-Ru Darkness so far?
ERMAHGERD1920 Sep 17, 7:22 AM
Hey, nice taste.
abt130 Aug 29, 12:23 PM
YOOOOO, you have 3/4 of my favs. well, i have gintama (2015) while you have the first season
haplomonka Aug 22, 3:30 AM
Thank you! ^^
BOSSco Aug 2, 12:25 AM
yea both slam dunk and vagabond is made by takehiko inoue

yea there's a lot more chapters of BC after that scene in the anime but we're still also in the same arc (yea it's a pretty big arc) and it's pretty lit atm

yooo killer queen is my favorite stand too, but like, is kishibe rohan not one of your favorite jobros? xD
BOSSco Aug 1, 12:10 AM
i dont want to leave a fat chunk for you read again but just know that i read your comment and i thank you for reconsidering your list but you honestly dont have to change anything, it's just my opinion on your opinion xD

still have a few things to say such as

go read slam dunk, the art is unbelievable, story's simple and hilarious, araki's art is jawdropping too ofc, which is why it took them almost 30 years to have a good anime adaption xD

go read grand blue, it's the 1st manga ever that made me laugh as hard as when i was watching gintama, and you know how funny gintama is right? xD

i havent seen yugioh either, but a lot of their OPs and EDs are slappers, and underrated as f*ck

bruh i have gintama eds 8 9 11 12 17 18 23 24 & 26 all in my playlist, i think shura and glorious days are overrated, they arent terrible, but they arent good enough to be on my playlist, thats all

there's waay more initial d eurobeats than just gas gas gas (overrated), deja vu, and running in the 90s (my favorite of the 3), dont want to list them all but here's a few that i like no one sleep in tokyo, night of fire, [url=]dancing[/], and undoubtedly my favorite. crazy little love

just being curious which arc you in rn on black clover? i read the manga so im most likely ahead of the latest episode, but idk
Gehrswan Jul 31, 4:45 AM
Your Golden Wind's tag is incredible. LOL
BOSSco Jul 30, 6:01 PM
ty ty :D your taste in OPs and EDs are great too, i do like all of your favorites except the noragami aragoto opening and AOT season 2 opening, but thats just my opinion, you probably dont like some of my favorites too and that's completely fine :D dont hesitate to lmk

alright this is gonna be long :D

best characters: i think HxH is a good pick, but i just dont think anything can beat gintama in this category, almost every character has a moment to shine and steal the show, whether it's in a comedy style or serious style, and i genuinely like most of them (i cant think of anyone i dislike atm xD), in HxH, there are great characters too, and i cant really say i hate any of them, but i do kinda dislike how gon is the main character, i think he's painfully generic but combined with killua they make a really fun duo, which is dope, but gon by himself is nowhere near as interesting as the likes of leorio and kurapika, imo ofc

but...if you had a category of "best villains", i think without a doubt HxH would win, i mean, you got the chimera ants, meruem and shaiapouf, the phantom troupe, one of the most badass villain groups in anime, up there with the akatsuki (naruto) and the espadas (bleach), and ofc, the one and only, hisoka, so, thats just my take on it

best story: no argument, 100% agree

best OST: havent seen LoGH yet but id say bleach should be up there, samurai champloo should be there, and initial d, despite all the memes, should also be up there

best OPs: no arguement, but yugioh should also definitely be up there, no joke yugioh's got some slappers

best EDs: strongly disagree, only EDs i really liked was just awake and hyori ittai, bleach should be up there, gintama honestly has more good EDs than good OPs so it should definitely be up there as well, yugioh, again, is really underrated when it comes to having good openings and endings, and should definitely also be up there in this category as well

best animation / art: i honestly dont know what to put in here myself and i havent seen fate ot kill la kill so i cant argue here lol

best in enjoyment: i base my ratings off of enjoyment, so everything that i rated 10 should be here, i guess xD

best advanture: idk tbh

best fights: no argument

best pairing: i havent seen/read enough of kaguya sama to disagree, so im not going to, but okabe x kurisu is like...ugghh i cant describe how much i like their relationship

best villain: debatable

best MC: gintoki

best girl: yes

best arcs: nah, yorknew's better imo, soul society (bleach), pain's assault (naruto), courtesan of a nation (gintama) and a lot more, but obviosly you cant really fit all of them here so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

and that's all i have to say :D
BOSSco Jul 30, 12:13 AM
yooo thank you so much for the FR :D

our affinity is high asf and it's honestly one of the highest ive seen so far, but i disagree with a lot your 'general opinions' and id love to talk about them :D
Gehrswan Jul 26, 1:12 PM
Man, it'll definitely be a hit in Europe! Lets form a band?
Gehrswan Jul 25, 6:21 PM
rella rella rella ♪
rella rella rella ♪
rella rella rella ♪
rella rella rella ♪