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Kotowa Jiten: Hetana Teppou mo Kazu Ucha Ataru!
Kotowa Jiten: Hetana Teppou mo Kazu Ucha Ataru!
14 minutes ago
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16 minutes ago
Completed 1/1 · Scored 5
Joubuna Tire!
Joubuna Tire!
21 minutes ago
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Watashi Igai Jinrui Zenin Yuri
Watashi Igai Jinrui Zenin Yuri
33 minutes ago
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Grand Blue
Grand Blue
2 hours ago
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Secret XXX
Secret XXX
Dec 6, 7:27 PM
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spiritdudegamer Yesterday, 1:50 AM
I liked both kaguya and one piece chapters
AndoCommando Dec 3, 11:59 PM
I've had a couple people ask me about Grand Blue and why I really like the manga while coming across so harsh on the anime. I think it primarily boils down to the execution of both and given how heavily the series leans on comedy, something like the delivery behind quips and gags becomes a lot more important. For example, the pacing is almost a non-issue in the manga; you flick through pages at your own desired speed, and the flow across panels are a breeze to read through (especially for chapters with a monthly release, which tend to have significantly more pages than something from Weekly Shonen Jump). In addition, the designs are far more detailed and comical when it comes to key character expressions and the punchline to a lot of jokes in the series. So even when the content and writing generally stays the same across both versions, it's these kinds of factors that make or break the experience for me.

Also thanks for the friend request. I'm not online as much as I used to be, so apologies for the late response.
AxelM12 Dec 3, 5:30 PM
hello, thank you for accepting the friendR
srry for the late reply, I'm focusing in other things

yeah, both animes are really good

Maki always have been my fav character of jjk, she is a good character

what animes have you seen this months?
HariraHedaru Dec 3, 7:22 AM
Yourr welcomee! and no problem. I've also been using it just to add new anime to the list and rarely use it socially nowadayss.
And yess, i just lovee Cerebral Anime with intelligent protagonist. If youu have any recommendations let mee know ( ◠‿◠ )
Rihaa Dec 1, 2:51 AM
Haha no worries lol . I am a lazy one here too

I am glad to know you like my taste^^ ! But I do sometimes( a lot to be frank) overrate stuffs here because of my personal biases ngl . So I hope you find any to your liking .

I love how nozaki-kun parodies many shoujo manga cliche tropes . And having read many shoujo manga it's a pretty fun read . Oh you are currently reading oyasumi punpun ? On which part are you ? Ah gotta love lain ^^. I watched it as a kid and in the first watch I was pretty confused but after the 2nd watch it really grew on me .

Yes I am a fan of psychological and romcom animangas . So what do you think you favorites genres are now ?
Thanks for the recommendation ! ^^ karekano is in my PTW . I gotta watch it one of these days

I love your tastes too ! I have yet to watch/read some of them tho . Kaguya sama is one of my favorite romcoms too . Being a Iino and ishigami fan , the recent chapters have been a treat .
I loved the koe no Katachi movie . And later read the manga too . What's your opinion on the manga ? If you have read it .
I have only watched a few ep of nichijou but all of the eps are something else lol .I enjoyed it .
Sousou no Frieren was such a good read ! I started reading this randomly without reading the synopsis so was pleasantly surprised by this one.
Read onanie master Kurosawa pretty recently after someone's recommendation and had a fun time . But I did have a few complaints here
i have started reading kusuriya no hitorigoto and I am liking the MC
Blanc was a good BL manga . There's too many BL mangas but too many of them are just made fetishizing the genre so it feels nice when I find a good one .
I have only read only 2 chapters of oshi no ko . And it was one of those "wtf am I reading" experiences... I am gonna continue later tho lol . I heard it gets into many topics later on .
nightshadekait Nov 30, 8:39 PM
15 is only half recap I think
MaDRaDiSH Nov 30, 7:59 PM
Understandable, I have started coming here less frequently too. Also I haven't sat down and thought about what to put in my favourites section, son the show which are my in my favourites rn are whatever ( it's not like I don't like them). BTW I like most of the shows in your favorites.
nightshadekait Nov 30, 12:04 AM
no I am 100% sure that that is yukino. how could I not recognize my own child
nightshadekait Nov 29, 11:58 PM
Alfredo_Elric Nov 29, 11:23 PM
Got some real bushy eyebrows huh

Chizceke Nov 29, 4:43 AM
all chill! in fact, thank you for being based.

Agree with you completely on ur points on My Lesbian Exp and its sequels. It isn't so much a full examination of Nagata's sexual identity as much as it's an examination of her entire identity. In terms of her tunnel vision to the negative aspects of her life, I find that that sort of unreliability in Nagata's narration is one of the most interesting things about it. Nagat's awareness of this tunnel vision is prominent in the 1st volume of exchange experience, in which she acknowledges how cruelly she depicted her parents in Exp with Loneliness and feels ashamed about it.

Thank you for sharing your story about naviagting your own identity. If you're careful about it, media is a great way to get informed on many subjects, such as gender and identity. Your Hourou Musuko story shows how your critical eye, for being able to accept and reject the aspects of a work are valuable and which aren't I've wanted to check out that show for a very long time because of the amount of praise it's given (my younger brother even made a vidoe essay about how much he loved the show) so it's interesting to hear that perhaps there are things about it which are troublesome. Keen to form my own opinion, I think that'll be the anime I watch next. Or I might read the manga adaptation: my favourite comics publisher was actually in charge of distributing it rather than the usual manga publishers so yeah Im just extremely fucking intriguied.

Keen to check out those other stories too, especially blanc. I've heard of its movie adaptation which sounds really promising. I heard something that it had ex-Gainax members working on it apparently.

My favourite meme-saying is "anime is a compromised medium" which is only half-true. I love anime for its lack of shame and pretention, its tweeness, its melodrama and excitement. I've loved drawing since I was young, so seeing people create experiences from the ground up using drawings is something I can appreciate, analyse and understand the amount of craft goes into it. My bias stems for anime stems learning how to understand and analyse what I like about other forms of media through anime itself. So it's part out of habit, part out of genuine appreciation.

What I dislike is the homogenity of the storytelling and the strictness to the same old aesthetics and tropes. I'm repeating myself, but anime creators need more outside influences and life experiences to make exciting work, and the staff need to treat their work like artistic expression and not a product. There's so much morally wrong in the industry, animators are starving. KyoAni were/are the best. Most of their interviews of their key directors explain most of them wanted to be filmmakers first before becoming animators and take that craft into their work. I feel that KyoAni understands the appeal and tropes of anime but uses them to make work which is genuinely meaningful and funny and well-produced. Also they have very good working practices.

The mangasphere seems like a better place to share stories cause of the more refined creative control of just the mangaka. Although I guess editors and publishers and weekly deadlines can muddle that up as well. Sorry if it sounds like I'm ragging on about how crap the industry is, but I guess my main objective is to find the niche things I enjoy at their highest quality from any medium, without having to waste my time on mediocrity, which I feel anime is succumbing to as much as I love it.

hope to hear from you anytime soon about any topic really. this is a lot of fun. uwu
RebelPanda Nov 28, 2:52 PM
Peak fiction!!! Really disgusting but accurate. It gets to something disturbing that many can relate to, but can only be achieved by a perverted writer.
AstelleVey Nov 28, 1:05 PM
did u mean u liked wenge more in the anime?
also ye fair enough, although i do think kazama having a girlfriend added more depth into the whole "what i means to take your sport seriously", she wasnt really his girlfriend, but more someone who loved him but felt ignored, and was more appreciated but someone else. i think if this idea was executed better, maybe not with kazama or a girlfriend, it would have definitely added a lot more to the whole tone of what the story is. I think if it was decreased in screen time a bit and she got some character to her, that would have been a lot better, although I guess the show needed more stuff to add in to give the show more episodes, and it still juggled this extra stuff to make the viewers know who the main characters still are.
I also do like the ping pong opening, as it clearly shows the beauty of what the manga visuals are, and what the show should have really been, but i also get the impression tjhat, eve tho the anime has some pretty abnormal visuals, that doesnt matter, as the story is still beautiful, similar to the manga.
christmas episode was also great for similar reasons to which ive explained above.
I dont get why u put the show a 5 though, i get you have problems with the adaptation side of things, but the core of the manga still remains and you still have a great story just with some extra filler, but maybe this is coming from someone who watched the anime first then the manga.
EdnaFlower Nov 28, 12:00 PM
Don't worry about it! I understand that because I have a lot of studying going on right now myself and I can't seem to find my way around!
Honestly, I love Nanachin but I have a big urge to change my profile to Leorio, lmao.
Because I recently started HxH and just instantly fell in love with this man. (Which isn't that weird at all, because he's a really great character and on top of that I love his interactions with Kurapika, haha)
I'm also glad the mangaka did that!
My heart always rejoices when I see other cultures / orientations or other minorities in their creations!
Yeah, Koe no Katachi is my favorite movie!
Thank you for recommending the manga, I will definitely buy it someday!
Honestly, I'm glad there are more of us on mal too!
I've always wanted to meet people who are a little like me in this aspect because it makes me know that my family is wrong about me. (You know, they don't support me, haha).
I'm extremely glad you accepted my invitation and that we can chat!
AstelleVey Nov 28, 11:39 AM
That's fine xd.
Idk where you are at, but the recent arc that just finished, was still good in my opinion, just the worst the manga has ever been. After that, the chapters have been great, definitely exploring the characters even further and setting up something quite big for what the story actually is.

With Ping Pong, it's not that they really changed anything, but more added extra stuff. I personally put both the manga and anime on the same level and can't decide which I like more. I enjoyed reading the manga more than watching the anime but that's usually the case with everything; I think the manga had a great idea of only focusing on Hoshino and Tsukimoto, but I also do like the additional information we had on Wenge and Kazama, even if it did drift away from the main focus. I thought seeing their struggles and dilemmas, especially Kazama's added more to the story and made them fleshed out characters, to where the years later ending actually had more effect. I also felt like the actual ping pong moments within the manga were quite hard to follow sometimes, and the anime did a fine job, especially in the last 3 episodes, of animating the fluidity of the sport. For the overall visuals, I prefer the manga. The art style used in colour looks too abnormal and ugly at times, and it just suits the black and white palette much better, although the certain coloured pages were handled with care and love, as it felt more correct than the way they made it colour in the anime. And ye, I understand why people may prefer Hoshino more than Smile, which on my first watch I did too, but after my second watch and reading of the manga, I definitely appreciated the crafting of Smile's arc throughout the story, seeing more of me in him than in Hoshino