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Sep 20, 2019
I do admit this is a pretty interesting anime in which it shows us the true beauty of puberty aka the life of being a sexually frustrated teenager... Yes I'm sure most of us relate to this as grownups...

Anyways sure nearly every anime that has the "school" tag makes us look back on our high/secondary school years and a rain of regret goes right through us haha. That's why personally speaking, I find the school genre is competitive in the anime world. Thats the only reason why O Maidens is not really "the ultimate" great school anime series out there. Only good enough if read more
Sep 18, 2019
What a fun ride like omg, I seriously didn't think I would enjoy watching an anime about cute anime girls doing random exercises with a fitness instructor man who has a badly photoshopped body along with a baby face....

The narration, the opening/closing songs, the sub actors, the storyline, the characters and the actual fitness exercises were very well done! It's good to see an anime that would actually motivate you to do the exercises even if you are normally lazy ass like me who is pretty unfit. Also no I didn't try the exercises but that doesn't mean I won't draw the line on going read more
Sep 13, 2019
Papuwa (Anime) add (All reviews)
Before going back to college, I watched this anime to get rid of the dread and suffering I'm gonna face ahead of me. I gotta tell you dudes, this anime was pure stupid.

I mean good stupid in which some of it nearly made me break my jaw and nearly peed my pants from laughing at the jokes on the anime....

Seriously the English Dub cast were top notch in this anime like seriously, things they came out with was just so clever! I think Paul Sidello and Eric Opella who played the fish with the hairy fish net human legs and the snail were one of read more
Sep 10, 2019
This Yaoi was quite a good read to try out, even though it's not my personal favourite because it's like your typical seme and uke love story type of vibe. I'm sure some Yaoi\shounen readers can relate to that feeling when it comes to reading thousands of them out there lol.

I like the fact the uke was a twin and the seme was definitely a tsundere character. It gave the feeling of wanting you as the reader to wanting to understand them better as characters.I would've liked to see the other guys in the story having their own side stories like it would be read more
Sep 8, 2019
So I began watching this anime because I just felt like I needed to laugh at something.

To tell you the truth.....the anime is bizarre af like the amount of things each lad was saying or the pointless tiny scenes included in anime involved "how to play the ukulele". Not once did I laugh at this bizzare anime. I didn't necessarily think it was that funny or entertaining.

Each episodes at 8 minutes were pretty much rushed and the art quality was just horrendous. They could've at least ask the crowd who did Golden Boy to come up with better artists and great actual jokes.

Yeah it's disappointing read more
Sep 1, 2019
Dang.... this anime stops you breathing but still makes you keep watching it at the same time.

As they said, the anime is definitely involves an intense cat and moose game with Saiga being chased by Suitengu and his gang, in order that they are able to keep Kagura (aka the goddess according to Suitengu) for themselves.

I gotta say, Saiga is a badass for having his camera as a weapon on the show. I haven't seen any slick guy like him on any anime I watched. I really liked that the manga artist who created this series, got their thinking cap on!

The whole read more
Aug 28, 2019
Rec (Anime) add (All reviews)
Thanks to Mangareader from their article "15 Romance Anime Series Featuring Adult Relationships" on the Sotaku website, I would never have come across this anime whatsoever.

I thought the whole thing was cute with Matsumaru and Aka getting to know one another, especially with both of them having different careers (voice actress & salesman). As well, we see the challenges that the pair of them face in regards to their work schedules and it is understandable to juggle your double life in order to suit the other persons needs. That seems to be the hardest that the couple have to face.

It's too bad that read more
Aug 28, 2019
Yes some of us had crushes while in school and this anime really relates well in regards to confessing to the one we like since god knows when. Honestly I would advice anyone to wait a while before meeting the right person. Don't bother worrying about dating at a specific age regardless what your mates say , you got that??!!!

Good I guess...

Anyways let's get talking Tsurezure Children! I thought the best couple out of all the couples from the series was Masafumi x Ryouko. I just think both backgrounds with Masafumi acting as the "most flirty hot nerdy school president" and Ryouko being an read more
Aug 26, 2019
Watched this a few months back but didn't manage to make a review so here I am now doing it lol!

Anyways Akira and Shirogane were quite interesting characters. I thought both of them definitely were a match made in heaven as a couple. I liked how Akira has his own dark ego to kick every bad guys ass he manages to get and it's like Shirogane is rooting for him to do his best. Im not gonna say what happened towards the end but damn my tea spilled with tears and anguish lol. I was so annoyed at the ending man, I want more goddammit! read more
Aug 26, 2019
When I first watched Dr Stone, I was absolutely impressed by the views of Japan's regrowth forests thats set around 5000 AD. Literally the animation is great in it as well as the characters Senku, Taiju, Yuzuriha and Tsukasa.

However it all changed when one of the ex best (they were a lot better when they had their good side lol) characters suddenly became evil (trying not to spoil anything here) and a pointless nuisance group of others began to kill the good vibes I got from this anime. That left Taiju and Yuzuriha out of the picture because they want us viewers to fixate read more