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Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari
Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari
Apr 18, 9:34 AM
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Fruits Basket (2019)
Fruits Basket (2019)
Apr 18, 9:33 AM
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Apr 18, 9:30 AM
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Jumyou wo Kaitotte Moratta. Ichinen ni Tsuki, Ichimanen de.
Jumyou wo Kaitotte Moratta. Ichinen ni Tsuki, Ichimanen de.
Nov 25, 2018 11:58 AM
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20th Century Boys
20th Century Boys
Nov 25, 2018 11:57 AM
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Aug 6, 2018 12:44 PM
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Playcool Yesterday, 4:25 AM
1 - Understandable, while I may make fun of empty profiles, it is just me joking, MAL doesnt really give any good tools to have stuff done fast, and you can spend all the time you want doing something, to later next year feeling like it is getting old, and it is time to waste all your precious free time again doing it... waste of time IMO, I mostly just put a new pictures here and there and lazy out about the rest.
You should always try to be an assertive and self-confident person, BUT not to the point of being arrogant! Otherwise you will have many opportunities in your life, lost or stealed from you cuz you let people get away getting what they wanted or failed in grabbing hold of that change in your life that could have turned for the better if only you had reach out for it.

2 - Yet romance, understanding the heart, is one of the core principals of Umineko, at least for me. Also love has many sides and ways of being expressed, like the love between Batler and Ange, which is so endearing and beautifully sad, LOVE Angeee!
Lucia best tsuntsun ever, 5 years later my appreciation and adoration for her is still as strong... that ship is so strong O.O

3 - They have, Heaven's Feel is a very mature work, and I cant wait for having all movies out in BD to watch it! I would even considering buying a whole trilogy set IF BDs werent region blocked, and shit wasnt that expensive, would glady pay 60€ for those BDs...
Lucia's route later on is the most similiar to what I have seen of HF yet across other series, it is sweet but can also be so cruel, bold and drastic.
I just love, love stories that break the mold and get really dark and different while also being fucking CUTE to read!!
It is funny we are talking about FSN, but you kinda rated it quite lowly, I was expecting to you liking it more than that rating suggests, based on the above.

4 - It is there because it mostly works well, to have a plot starting more light, letting you dig the cast, then shit gets rough, it is not a criticism IMO, also Ryukishi07 does this alot, just like most writters, you gotta have a change to soften towards the characters, to care, to get the emotional investement when things get far harsher.
Also a VN is usually a much longer piece of writting that most other mediums, so it is understandable pacing issues, Umineko AND Higurashi are among those that you could mostly complain about having them.
I do think stuff like FSN are one of the rare examples of a LONG VN that didnt have any pacing problems for me, Rewrite common route also was dope to read.
The longer the work is, the harder it gets to balance that out.

6 - Who told you that is lying or must be ignorant... I havent seen much of that anime but the feedback I have is that is an almost flawless adaptation, page per page, so people can actually watch the anime, and feel free to skip the manga.
I myself choosen to read the manga and leaving the anime to watch many years later, and said year as come, and I will be watching Monster anime soon, since I have forgotten about alot of details of the manga.
Reason why the manga is rated higher is cuz the anime is just a competent adaptation, it didnt go out of its way to do something more, you can say they played safe in fully adaptating the manga.
So it is normal manga fans will give higher regards to the source material in this case.
You can go and watch the anime without a problem.
Playcool Feb 6, 1:02 PM
1 - Np, that said, you dont have much going for your profile, so people cant really get that much impression, also the more you write on the forums, the more probable is to have people approach you, I still have some people that come to me, but most of the times I usually came to their profile and start the first chatting and all.
Never had a problem or was shy in initating converstations, either here or on real life. :3

2 - Rewrite's Lucia works, and for me is a 10 romance route, because the ship there has the most sweet, naive, pure and just damm cute interactions I have ever seen, I have read till EP7 of Umineko, finished that, Beato x Batler is meaningful sure, but Lucia x Kotarou romance is just the most pure and sweet romance I have ever seen.
Sure that can be subjective, but for me it made all the difference, I had rewatched many scenes from that route over the years, played the route at least twice, and still get all those cozy and warms feelings, it just melts my head from all the sweetness, beware you will end with diabetes~~

3 - What sells the true ending for me for HF, is obviously the outcome of everything but also that Illyia is my favorite girl from the series (besides Sakura x Shirou being my favorite ship from it too).
Since I talked about Lucia's route... her route shares some similarities with Sakura's, in term of how much can the heroines succumb to despair and sin to the point of no return (but you still understand, and can look past that).
In a way, the romance between Sakura x Shirou shares many similarities with Lucia x Kotarou, in the hurdles they go through, but Rewrite's the most fucking adorable romance ever, and Lucia is my all time favorite tsun-tsun~~
(my MAL title on the forums aludes to my forum avatar, which is hers)

4 - Nothing can beat the storytelling the best VNs have gave to me, which is why I regard that as my favorite medium, no plot is that regarding in anyother medium.
Some anime adaptations, like Steings Gate and Little Busters Refrain whoever, came close to it.

5 - First step would be for you to create an account on vndb, I could link you to some really really amazing stuff, and also avoid reccomending what you have already have on your vndb list as finished.

6 - My all 3 favorite manga works are Monster, Pandora Hearts, and Relife, I may in the future add more to the list, but these 3 were special to me like nothing else I had ever read on the manga medium.
Playcool Dec 6, 2018 9:33 AM
Take your time, I busy myself with alot of stuff, so my replies usually also take a long time before I decide to write them.

0 could never work as a standalone, it relies far too much on the original for that to happen.

There are alot of people on MAL that have readed even more VNs than I did, it is just that that I have also readed quite my share already.

Ryukishi's route on Rewrite, Lucia's, is far different from what you see either on Umineko or Higurashi, but as a standalone route it is still amazing to read, realize this is my opinion, but this route is my favorite romance plot ever and it is very dark and warm at the same time, it is sweet yet it fills you with despair... it is like showing a person that never loved, what love is, then once he tastes its sweetness, rip it of from him forever... it is that despairing, but also has a very heartfelt conclusion).
I m a BIG fanboy of that route, all things considered I dunno if you should go for Rewrite solely for that, it is a great VN overall, and Lucia's is just a portion of it, and before you get there you have at least 30-35 hours of common route reading (which is filled with lots of great romcom moments).

So can I understand that you have played and finished fate stay night whole VN?
I mean, you cant compare the anime adaptations to the VN. Myself, I always though it was overrrated VN, UNTIL I played it, people need to play UBW and HF routes, before commenting on FSN...

They are?
It maybe interesting, my only comment is that I would like to see something like Ever17, but perfected, the tension of Ever17 better moments far outshadows anything both writters have ever written.

For me, it doesnt work like that, it is all about mood swings, sometimes I m at a point of my life where I m mostly prone to some vs others, it is always temporary, and I never enjoy focusing solely on one too much, for too long.

That sound silly indeed, but head my advice, get a tablet.
Most of my reading, both LN and manga is done using my tablet (use the phone alot also for LN), it is a great device for it, digital manga/LN is best consumed in a portable device that you can carry with you anywhere and read at leisure.

VNs are the full package as storytelling, development and long lasting appeal goes, but it requires alot of time investement, which is why I dont consume as much VNs as I do other mediums, despite VNs being my favorite medium among them.
Playcool Oct 18, 2018 5:48 AM
I finished SG 0 around mid-to-late september, the VN, dont plan to see the airing for 0 this year for now.
All I can say is based on the opinion I have from the VN. It surely has its moments, and the pacing overall is more enjoyable and consistent, whereas the original has that very dragged beggining, anyone reading 0 will have an easier time starting it than the original, then again, you can only reccomend people to read 0 after the original...
The way I did it was, I wanted to finish my run of Steins gate VN (seen anime in 2013) and right at the very end, before true route I gone to 0 and finished the whole thing, what is left for me now is to go back and finish the true route (I got alot more feels from 0 due to this).
0 justifies its existence as a sequel/prequel, isnt has great as the original, but manages to capitalize greatly for original fans, and how its how it does have some really nice writting, plot twists and dialogue between the cast, plus the music is better than the original, the final part was a bit of a disappoint though (more so when you hear people reviewing and praising the conclusion).

Keep in mind the structure of 0 is much more complex and non linear than the original, so White Fox had to compromise and I heard quite some opposite opinions about it from fans that readed the VN.
The anime also had to follow a certain order they found to be right, but during my play I followed one very much different so again, this can take a big impact in the end.
I would say, you may want to give the whole original and 0 VNs a try someday, definitly not so soon.

As for VN reccomendations? My favorite of all time is Muv Luv series... fate stay night is amazing how its own, Rewrite (dont watch the anime), has a route written by Ryukishi07, which was 10/10 material for me, Little Busters, Higurashi (duh)... VNs are so long, I havent experience that many different series yet, but aside those above, I could reccomend you Ever17 or the Zero Escape series too.
Recently been reading Island VN, very enjoyable (anime seem to SUCK ALOT), for next year I m very hyped about Yuno VN, the remaster from the classic VN that tops the charts along with MLA.
Baldr Sky, White Album 2, Eustia, DracoRiot, etc, etc, there are quite alot series I m looking forward to play one day.
Playcool Sep 28, 2018 8:44 AM
Asked that due to your avatar... before playing Umineko series I had heard of the ingenous trolling of her in EP6, so I always expected her to do that alot more or something.

Talking about her appearence and some mannerisms, after all, she is a intelectual rapist, no way that is cute. O.O
My point is that I would expect both Bern and Lambda to get alot more popularity than they get, I know it is subjective, but it seems like Erika is lots more popular than both of those, and I find that rather odd.
Playcool Aug 12, 2018 1:41 PM
So what is the love towards Erika? Half way on EP6 and still dont get it, she was cool at the beggining, she is cute, but far from the best character.
Dustro Jul 1, 2017 2:18 PM
Yok yok okumak cidden hoşuma gidiyo, seride ilerlemeye başladığım zaman kafama bi şey takılırsa sana dönücem , tekrardan çok teşekkürler.
Dustro Jul 1, 2017 1:54 PM
Cidden çok teşekkür ederim evet baya alışığım :D, Higurasjiyi cidden çok sevdim, sonra bu seriyi buldum aynı adam yapmış diye. Güya çok daha iyimiş fln, baya da hardcore sevenleri var. Ben de deniyim dedim.
Dustro Jul 1, 2017 1:47 PM
Yani hani reddit'tir yada başka bir sitedir belki update fln gelmiştir diye demiştim. Ama yoksa np, tekrar'dan çok teşeşkkür ederim. Sadece bu ikisi o zaman daha başka bir şey yok di mi ?
Dustro Jul 1, 2017 1:44 PM
Ah, çok teşekkür ederim. Peki bir şey daha sorucam. Bunları indirdikten sonra extra herhangi bir patch yaptın mı ?

Dustro Jul 1, 2017 1:36 PM bu herhalde ? Tmm o zmn PS3 Vn versiyonu ile giderim başliyacağım zaman seriye.
Dustro Jul 1, 2017 1:34 PM
Bende ps3 yok da sadece pc var, peki steam versiyonu olmayan bu bahsettiğin vn'ı nerden bulabilirim ?
Dustro Jul 1, 2017 1:06 PM
Merhaba, bir şey danışıcaktım, Higurashi'yi izliyorum da bundan sonra da Umineko'ya başlamayı düşünüyorum en iyi medium olarak ne önerirsin ? Steamdeki Visual Novel'da Question arclar (ilk 4 episode) var, Mangaları bitmiş halde ama sanırım.
oyunicin Jun 30, 2017 3:07 PM
Crisiskinq May 27, 2017 2:34 PM
Tam olarak benim gibi düşünüyorsun. Yani film hakkında. Ne çok iyiydi ne çok kötü... Yan karakterlere mangada bile yeterince önem verilmediğini düşünüyorum. Filmde çıkarılan kısımlarla birlikte iyi önemsizleşmişler. Açıkca konuşayım KyoAni ve Hayami Saori olmasa bu kadar beğenmezdim. Hatta kötü olduğunu düşünebilirdim. Ama tamamen kişisel fikrim tabii ki. Yoksa konunun güzel olduğunu ve güzel işlendiğini kabul ediyorum.