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Nov 12, 2017
I even reserved a ticket to see this movie in a theater, because I'm a such a big fan of the franchise. I expected it to be similar to the series'. And it was. But it was too similar.

It felt like the main objective was to remind the viewer of as many scenes from the past episodes as possible. And while it achieved that, it almost entirely lacked the things that I liked most about the anime: Every episode felt fresh, there were minor arguments, some character development, sometimes even a plot that made me want to know what happens next. But the movie felt read more
May 23, 2016
Whether you'll like this manga or not mainly depends on the following:
If you like those kinds of romances in which the guy that the girl is in love with keeps making fun of her which in turn makes her really angry, but in serious situations the guy is super nice to her - then this is the perfect manga for you. If not, you should probably read something else ;)

Characters: The (three) main characters are very likable + believable. Junichi, the seemingly egocentric but actually very caring guy, Yuuhi, who is torn between her love and hate for him, and Minato, the reliable and hardworking read more