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Jul 22, 2015
Well it's 4 in the morning after watching this movie and so ima write a straight to the point review

Story: 4
All it is is Saya trying to kill the man who betrayed and her and fucked her over plenty of times, Fumito. With the help of her bland new friends who add almost nothing to the story itself other than wasted screen time.

Art: 8
I think the Artstyle, animation, and Cgi was done pretty well for this movie, I was impressed with the whole production of this movie to be honest. It was only in the beginning of the movie where the transition from read more
Jun 19, 2015
Ok so, I watched Eureka Seven several days before watching this sequel and as many people may already have guessed, i'm pretty disappointed. I expected the same faimly friendly, coziness, empowering feel that I got from Eureka Seven but that wasn't the case at all.

Story: 5
Now in the beginning it was simliar to Eureka Seven where a regular boy now has to pilot/co-pilot an IFO (Mechas they frequently use in the series) and it felt pretty nice to see that. The next few episodes were used to introduce the main and supporting characters. They were pretty boring and generic at first and the only one read more
Jun 7, 2015
Well this is my first review in a while as well as watching an anime in pretty much 1-2 sittings. I haven't watched anime in a while but the introduction to this series was very gripping and interesting up until later into the show... but we'll talk about that later in review

So the premise of this story begins with a boy named Renton who has joined the group of his dreams the "GekkoState", and how he interacts with everyone on the ship especially a girl named Eureka.

The premise of this anime was a real rollercoaster ride for me. At first I really enjoyed it up read more
Mar 1, 2015
When watching Is this a Zombie? Of The Dead, i was hoping that I would enjoy it as much as the first season. And I wasn't disappointed for the most part. There were quite a few things that erked me about this season that I couldn't look pass, as I did with the 1st season. But, as this review goes on I'll explain more.

Story: 6
After Ayumu and the crew defeat that other Zombie, their life is peaceful for the most part until new and old enemies make their appearances. I found the enemies to be pretty underwhelming and barely filled their roles as enemies as read more
Feb 21, 2015
Is This a Zombie? is an anime I seen pop up on Netflix and I'm glad to say that I gave it a watch! It reminded me of so many different shows such as "My Bride's A Mermaid", "B Gata H Kei", and "Heaven's Lost Property". This is not to say this anime doesn't have a charm of it's own. I went into this show with not knowing what I was getting into really because I had heard nothing about it. Not gonna lie, the 1st episode was a bit over the top for me at first, but you get adjusted to it shortly after. read more
Feb 15, 2015
My First Review ever so bare with me

Well I'm not even going to sugarcoat the fact that Cowboy Bebop was a big letdown for me. I was expecting so much from this series due to everyone hyping it up. But, I was left with underdeveloped characters, beyond idiotic actions from characters, and no one listening to Jet.... EVER. Despite all of this, there were some redeeming factors to this animes such as the music, funny scenarios, and just overall enjoyment.

This shows all about the realtionship of a crew consisting of Spike, Ed, Jet, Faye, and little ole' Ein. Just a couple of "bounty hunters" (and read more